Paint by Number:Coloring Game Reviews

Paint by Number:Coloring Game Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-06

Feeling stressed? No need to! Choose from a variety of super fun images, paint
just by following the numbers and watch them come to life! Rediscover the joy of
painting. Key features: - Easy painting anywhere: carry your coloring book in
your pocket - Themes for all tastes: florals, an...

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Paint by Number:Coloring Game Reviews

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    Not really worth it

    So I’ll just start off at the good parts. The game is very relaxing to just sit down and color the pictures, and I think its fun to win the achievements. Now the bad parts (a lot). The amount of ads in this game is super annoying, it makes you watch a bunch of ads WHILE your in the middle of painting a picture, which just ruins the relaxation. It makes me angry because you have to watch 3-5 ads plus more if you want hints. Another bad thing is that this game is very laggy for me, and it kicks me off the game a ton. It may just be my phone, but it’s definitely annoying when it does. I find it totally stupid to pay almost $10 a WEEK for premium. I don’t want to pay $100 a year for something like that. In the ad I saw for this app, it said that you can take a selfie on it and paint it. I got very excited when I saw this, but when I downloaded the app and went to go take a selfie to paint it, it said I needed pAinT pReMiuM. Like tf. All I wanted to do in this game was to have fun and it seems like I can’t have fun when i’m playing it. I was very disappointed when I figured out it wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. Definitely isn’t worth buying it. (sorry for any spelling errors I may have made, I made this out of frustration lol)

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    No way!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe this. People don’t just go around paying 40$ a month to tap some numbers and brag that you made it. I want to be able to be creative. Honestly all this is is a pre colored portable coloring book. I am not impressed. I would definitely say this is an awesome game to start. But I am taking the time to write this review hoping that the creators of this game can read this and make a better revised version. The first thing is that I CAN NOT STAND how many ADDS this game has. Every time I try to color something or exit from coloring there is an ADD. I know adds can help give money to make the game better, but there are TO MUCH. The other thing is I know the main point of the game is to color by numbers but I think it should also be an option to be more creative with my coloring. I also want this game to give the ability to see other people’s work to get ideas and get inspiration for our own work. I took a lot of time out of my busy, busy, busy day to write this review so I hope someone will take the time to write and read this. I also apologize for how long this was but I had a lot of ideas. Thank you for reading this.

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    Needs Improvement

    I LOVE color by numbers! But I refuse to pay for a subscription so it’s nice to have so many free pics. I also love the filters you can give the pics because they look like actual artwork. My issue with this game though is the filling in of the colors. Sometimes touch doesn’t respond so there are ones I can’t finish and lots of times areas are left blank in the middle of a colored area so it doesn’t look right. The most annoying part though is that the image doesn’t move. Sure you can zoom in & out but when there are areas to color on the sides like in bottom corners or other hard to access areas, it’s hard to touch there n fill it in or even see it to begin with. I have many pics I can’t finish due to not seeing where the color goes n the times I’ve used the hint button n seen where it was supposed to go, I was flabbergasted that anyone would even think to look there! So this app needs a few tweaks n then it would be my favorite.

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    Give us more photos😡😡😡

    This game is so unfairIt was so fun I just downloaded this yesterday but it’s already become a nightmare I like taking photos of myself and coloring them but for some reason you can only take three pictures or something like that and color them why do you have to have so much money and really a free trial for are year is 100 bucks are you that stupid and filthy and you are just dirty golddiggers you want money that’s all you care about like make the game fun let us take more photos and color them we don’t have to choose from your boring library of pictures you’re just mean and selfish people and all you care about is yourself and your stupid money it’s supposed to be a fun game where kids can have fun and be creative I don’t have fun and be creative with this game I hope that you change the game so it will be more fun and we don’t have to pay you mean millions of dollars for us to have fun

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    Great app!!

    Best one out here not just the best images but with filters to make them even more out standing! An exceptional app to have time that relaxes the mind. One miner issue going on with mine. I would do an attempt to save the finished product, and unfortunately it wouldn’t be saved colored in consistently. All that time put into the image to not be saved filled in is really disappointing. I have strong connection to the Wi-Fi, so I would like to know what can be done, and it would be really appreciated if this could be fixed. It would be helpful if we were to be asked to create an account, that way we can have access to our process that would be saved.

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    I guess it’s a good app

    I mean yes! It’s a good app to use-but there are 2 things that I don’t feel comfortable about. Number 1. Sometimes images have spaces that need to be colored that are so small and tiny. I could barely see them. And Number 2. For hints, u need to see an ad to get 1 chance for a hint. Also a reminder pops up so u can see an ad for 2 chances for hints. A thin blue line goes around the reminder for 2 chances and when it goes all the way around, the reminder goes away. And u’ll probably miss the reminder. So that’s a huge concern because u’ll probably usually need hints-even for the small spaces. And customer(s)-I don’t know about u- but if u buy the app, u’re going to have to watch ads to get chances for hints which is probably super annoying.

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    Rip off

    I use to love this app, once I colored all the free pictures I decided to do the purchase of 9.99 a week (crazy amount to pay for coloring) of course I cancelled it. Everyday they would have a new free picture along with a picture if you had the subscription. Then it eventually went to one picture a day sometimes a free picture sometimes a subscription picture. What I don’t understand is how for almost 2 months now it’s all subscription pictures where I can’t color anything unless I purchase. I will not pay 9.99 a week or $24 a month to color 30 pictures. It is an absolute rip off to make people pay to color a picture plus have ads you have to watch all the time. I don’t think it’s fair to only put out subscription pictures to color and not throw in a free picture. Bad app!!! Will be using a free coloring app that is the exact same with more options to color.

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    Great coloring app

    This is probably the best coloring app out there. I’ve tried many of the color by number titles and this definitely stands out. It combines the simplicity and relaxing experience of coloring by numbers and the pleasure of creating incredibly beautiful images that the more traditional coloring apps provide. The interface is intuitive and elegant, which makes me feel that the developers are really into art. Very different from the other apps in the market with a polluted and sometimes amateurish interface. But for the best part are the images that are extraordinarily beautiful and make me feel proud of my work afterwards (even though I know that a choice of colors was made by a real artist). There different types of images to color, from animals and flowers to mandalas and more psychedelic drawings. I particularly enjoyed the “famous” where I could paint the work of great masters like Da Vinci and Munch. If you are looking for a relaxing stress free experience, Paint by Number is the best game/app out there. And it is free! I’ve completed 10 images and haven’t spent a single dime.

  • By


    I love this app so much it makes me feel like I’m going back to sleep again but even if it’s not my problem with that then every one iSync has happened in the first week of our year on a month and we are trying more than anything else about them now very happy for us who have yet been together since you know how they your best friends make sure just don’t let go or ask yourself what Twitter world would be better not be there at all when god was going even though he said GG day job opportunity us typically get a little something

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    Get rid of color premium and ads

    I completely agree with the last reviewer on the fact that there are WAY too many ads in this game; EVERY SINGLE TIME that you try to do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING in the game you get an ad; not to mention that it lags WAY too much. I also would love an option to create my own images and post them on the app, not just color the same old pictures that I don’t even like, which brings me to my next point get rid of color premium; all of the images that I actually like are color premium and I’m not going to pay $100 per year just to color in some picture, plus I’m not even allowed to pick the colors that I get to use. This game is really really bad, and (for lack of a better word) crappy. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!!!

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    This app is really good, just one tweak

    Ok so I did this drawing and one of the first colors there was no number for it and so I used the hint button and it was INSIDE the nostril! The other one was already done for you but the other one you had to color in! I also think this app would be a lot more fun if you got to take a pic and color that in. I don’t know if that’s a feature yet cause I’m just working out the basics but if this isn’t a feature I believe this app would be a lot more fun this way. I also think that you should get more hints. But other than this it’s a fantastic game.😁 I love how many pics you get for free cause I don’t have all that extra money just lying around.

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    Good app! but later is very hard

    For example in lifestyle some pictures are not allowed for example there was this one picture in the lifestyle category that you couldn’t get on including other different kinds of paintings in lifestyle I don’t know if this is supposed to be a alert is something inappropriate but whatever it is I want to now. Some paintings you’re not allowed to complete it for example Vincent van Gogh painting does not allow you to finish it on the color 22 when you complete all of it that you think there still a part that is behind the actual paining that you need to color in this also happens with other paintings to still be careful.

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    Awesome app well worth it

    I absolutely love this app. The pictures are beautiful and it’s relaxing and sometimes difficult to finish because of some extremely small spots can be hard to find but I still love it. It does have some glitches like I would finish one and once you go back that picture isn’t colored so you gotta do it again, the ads will continue to run in the background after you exit them, the ads also cause the app to freeze and you have to exit and shut down and reopen. I understand that all that can be avoided by upgrading the by purchasing but to me the price is really expensive

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    This app need some fixes and help

    Ok I love this app but it needs some fixing. Every time a want to do a new fantasy one it always tries to make me pay for it. But with other new ones it would let me color it and not have to try and make me pay. And don’t even get me started with all of the adds it is ridiculously annoying and ridiculous. There should not be this many adds. This is probably the only game that I have owned that has this many adds. If you would just cut back the adds that would be fine

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    Amazing coloring successful good focus

    Thanks so much! In my childhood I never had something successful that made my child very smart she went much better she been learning and this is good coloring and good training in mind my child said she loves this app if I did not had this app I would be doomed without you guys thanks so much I prefer a 5star and rate this as 5 star and Avakin life has sent me do this and requested it and thanks Avakin life for suggestions you guys have been a. Good part of me thank you and have a very good luck being successful 😇😘😛😜😁😉😃😀

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Is Paint by Number:Coloring Game Safe?

Yes. Paint by Number:Coloring Game is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 94,771 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Paint by Number:Coloring Game Is 47.5/100.

Is Paint by Number:Coloring Game Legit?

Yes. Paint by Number:Coloring Game is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 94,771 Paint by Number:Coloring Game User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Paint by Number:Coloring Game Is 47.5/100.

Is Paint by Number:Coloring Game not working?

Paint by Number:Coloring Game works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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