Heria Pro Reviews

Heria Pro Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-30

Heria Pro app creates, customises, and schedules workouts & programs in the
style that renowned calisthenics and fitness athlete, Chris Heria uses to build
muscle, lose fat, and develop technique. Heria Pro creates workouts catered
specifically to you and your fitness needs, utilising an...

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Heria Pro Reviews

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    Needs bug updates ASAP

    Was in love with this app when it first came out. At this point I keep uninstalling and coming back to this app hoping for an update because this really is one of the best apps to have, free or paid. 2.1 is full of bugs for my phone and I currently have the iPhone X. I am unable to remove programs that are created and if I make an attempt my only option says “dismiss” and then crashes if I click anywhere after that. If I try to run “start workout” the workout loads, but my rounds and videos are no where to be found. If I create a workout through collections I can get it to run fine most of the time. And if I could make a suggestion to have scheduling be relevant, I would like to have a notification pop up when it’s time for me to do my scheduled workout. If it’s already supposed to do that it’s not. Again, great idea and I would love to use this app as my go to, but I’m having a hard time with it right now.

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    Overall Good App But Needs Improvements

    Love the new sleek look of the app. The constant updates for the workout section and a notification for them is a really nice touch. The way to record the number of reps much more intuitive too. There are some ways to improve on the app. Since the newest update, a “video not found” error appears when trying to play an exercise clip. Trying to press the X on the message will select whatever option is directly beneath the message instead of closing the window. There was also a glitch that rarely appears after generating a workout where no exercises will appear. A message like “insufficient exercises” appears. And other suggestions: Since you’ll keep adding to your pre-made workouts and programs, it would be beneficial to have a way to filter through them for users depending on what muscle groups they want to use or how difficult it is. Scrolling to find what they want can be tedious. After selecting a workout it seems like it needs to be scheduled before you can do it. Why not also allow an option to just do it like the old app then have the workout show up on the calendar when it’s complete? It will cut off a few extra steps for those who want to immediately work out. Overall, I like a lot of your updates. Things just need to be fine tuned to really make your app shine.

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    Great app but a few improvements are still needed

    This app is amazing. I really like it but there should be a way to submit feedback through the app. The workout gets reset if you slide back to the scheduled workouts menu (happened by mistake). There is nothing else to customize personally other than your name and your picture. A customizable timer should be added. Just a few improvements and a better way to view account info and being able to contribute to improve the app. Maybe adding links to Heria’s other content and maybe the store would help him and his team generate more revenue so that they can continue to provide great content. For a free app though I don’t think anyone could ask for better something more so I’m giving it 5 stars.

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    Love the app...few small tweaks

    I love everything about this app I can’t wait to start a new workout everyday. The only little issues it has are when you start a workout in the preview it will say do an exercise for 20 secs but in the actual workout mode they all say reps. So you have to try to remember which one wanted reps or timed moves. Also in the programs section when you start a day program you click on start and you can’t see the workout anymore. I still give this app 4 outta 5 stars because it gives you everything you need to move forward in training and feel great about what you’re doing. I race motocross and use this workout everyday and can’t get enough it hits on exactly what you need for any tip of training you need or just for normal everyday staying in shape and looking good.

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    Suggested Tweaks-Please Update to make app GREAT

    App is great. Better than 90% out there, but I feel its missing a few key features that would be very very useful: 1. Ability to add notes to a set (e.g. so i can track how much weight was on the bar, perceived exertion, how the reps were tempo’d) 2. Ability to create custom exercises in the library. Granted, these wouldnt come with a video, but theres many exercises I do (e.g. band work, cable machines, shadow boxing, medicine balls) that layer extremely well into a Herian-style workout but I have no way of building in. I think this would be an easy to add feature, and each users phone could store their own custom library. 3. Ability to export workouts via .csv or .xls in a tabular format. 4. Linking workout meta data to other apps like training peaks, etc - exports duration, workout name, date, time started.

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    Great potential, needs a few tweaks

    As somebody who has used various lifting apps and has been an avid weight lifter for the past 12 years, I see great promise in this app. I am currently working on bettering myself in the realm of calisthenics and Heria’s expertise in this field of fitness led me to check out his app. I love being able to mix up my workouts with the provided movements and the ability to pick what I want to work that day and a workout is generated for me. There are however, a few things I would like to see in the future: 1. Ability to manipulate the rep range past the set point in the app for the specific exercise. 2. Ability to input weight used for weighted movements. 3. Ability to edit a rep range that was put in after hitting the check mark for that set. 4. Sometimes the app restarts and my timer resets. I’d like to see a way for the app to remain running so I can track my workout length in the app. I think if these issues were addressed this app has the potential to be one of the best all around fitness apps on the market. The videos are stellar and the ability to adjust difficulty, time, and muscle groups is hands down an amazing feature.

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    It’s one thing for the average person(male or female) to have beginner to intermediate knowledge of health and exercising regularly, however I don’t feel this app is truly meant for any neophyte or anyone who is extremely out of shape with no knowledge of how to approach remedying their situation. I’m in the military so I only downloaded to satisfy my curiosity and the first thing I see is a instant requirement to pay either monthly or yearly for beginner routines . This requirement seems both unfair and untrustworthy, an untrained person is likely to achieve greater benefit from a personal trainer than this virtual guidance with videos that show intimidating movements and positions most untrained individuals will find difficult to assign to muscle memory without first hand assistance from a veteran of health & exercise science. Rating low because from a professional viewpoint beginner exercises & routines shouldn’t be monopolized

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    Great workouts but app need improvement

    So far loving the workouts and programs really feeing it and feel accomplished each time I finish one. Wish the app would 1) let you delete a program or workout if you decide not to do it. My program feed looks cluttered. It’s more annoying to the eye than anything but should be an easy fix. Same thing in calendar if I never did a workout and want to delete it it won’t let me and just clogs everything up 2) weight tracking even if solely done by manual input. I use fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and my fitindex scale all together without an issue and it helps but keeping all my information for my health and weight together vi each app which all connect 3) bugs with the timer and closing workouts when you switch apps to change music or anything. Even if I pause the workout to do so when I come back it starts my timer at zero which is a bummer. And my timer will sometimes go up by 2 second increments. Over all minor bugs but so far a great start. As someone whose worked out most his life and finally trying this method of training I’m truly enjoying it.

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    Needs a lot of work

    I truly was excited to use this app and bought 1 month of Heria Pro. However there is no way to cancel the subscription. I emailed support about it and they happen to cancel my subscription. They did refund me but I do feel that all this could have been avoided if there was an option to cancel auto renewal myself. Another thing with the app is that when I would start a work out or program the exercises would not pop up in order for me to keep track of my progress. When I close the app the workout stops and I have to search for it and start it again which I find quite tedious. This app has great potential but has many small issues which made the experience for me unpleasant.

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    What an amazing app. I’ve always been against apps that help you exercise. This is because I hate having to look at my tiny screen while simultaneously focusing on my form. With Heria Pro, all you have to do is play a short clip where Chris demonstrates what it should look like and then put your phone down/away and focus on it for yourself. This is oddly a huge win over for me. This app is straight forward, effective, and easy for the days you simply don’t want to head to the gym but still want to feel good about yourself.

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    Due to several sports and accident related injuries I have been attempting to transition from weightlifting to calisthenics for over a year now. I always found myself going back to the weights because it was very difficult to find a calisthenics workout program that I could scale as I grow and that is easy to use. This app has changed the game for me and I wouldn’t even dare to say that this past week I have had the best gym experience of my life doing nothing but calisthenics. Thank you so much to the Heria team!!

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    But its missing something

    I just finished my first workout. The app is great and everything but it lacks the ability to edit/undo things. For example, after pressing the (X) button on a customized workout I didn’t know that it automatically updates my progress I thought the (X) was to cancel the sets I accidentally pressed. So now my record/progress is not accurate cause I can’t remove the exercises&sets that I accidentally pressed and didn’t do. Other than that, the app is amazing.

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    Easy navigation, effective

    This app is well made. I like that you can customize your workout to whatever your level of fitness is. The clips of Chris Heria showing you what each move should look like is extremely helpful especially for a beginner like myself. Another feature I enjoy is that it tracks which muscle groups you worked out that day & what percentage of each. Whatever your goals are or level of fitness, everyone can benefit from this app.

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    It’s a Good Workout app

    This app is amazing for the people that either want to gain muscle mass, lose weight or if you want to do Chris’s daily workouts then you are on the right app. The only problem is that if you want to do a pro workout you have to be a pro member and you have to pay to be a member. But I think you should do the pro workouts for free that’s the only problem have with the app. But everything else is great. I love this app I’m still gonna use it. But that’s the only thing I would change for the program.

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    Great App! - Needs some tweaks

    I love this App, the only issue is not being able to delete programs. It would definitely help when trying to declutter. Also I have had some issues where the program workouts will show but when I hit “start” the workouts disappear except for the timer (I have deleted the app, signed back in, still a problem). I would love to recommend this App to more people, just needs some usability tweaks and to fix the occasional glitches.

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Is Heria Pro Safe?

Yes. Heria Pro is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,775 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Heria Pro Is 52.1/100.

Is Heria Pro Legit?

Yes. Heria Pro is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,775 Heria Pro User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Heria Pro Is 52.1/100.

Is Heria Pro not working?

Heria Pro works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Jeff Garrett
Mar 08 2021

The app is good. But zero customer support. I tried email, facebook and instagram messaging multiple times. But they renewed the app no problem. Completely ignored as a customer however.

By Reece Turner
Jan 28 2021

I’ve just spent $119 on a year of pro and none of the workouts are on it. It’s just an empty box saying request failed. How do I fix this?

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