Heria Pro Bewertungen

Heria Pro Bewertungen

Veröffentlicht von on 2020-12-30

Heria Pro app creates, customises, and schedules workouts & programs in the
style that renowned calisthenics and fitness athlete, Chris Heria uses to build
muscle, lose fat, and develop technique. Heria Pro creates workouts catered
specifically to you and your fitness needs, utilising an...

Heria Pro Bewertungen

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    Thanks Chris, very handy app, first one i actually use in a gym. All apps before were not that convinient and they didn't last long on my phone. I especially like that there is a little video for each exercise and that i can customize myself training the way i want. The search for exercise is also really convinient( by body part or level). Tips to improve: i miss button share. I wanted to share workout with my friend, but couldn't find how to do it. Also, if would be possible to load that videos to smartphone(to offline), would be nice, as mobile internet or connection in the gym is not always good. Otherwise great job! Thank you, keep inspiring! =D Lucy

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    good if it would work

    Unfortunately, the app does not work properly. If you select and load a workout in the rider program, you can start it, but you will not see the exercises. The timer is running, but the screen stays white. The support does not answer.

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    Best Workout App

    I‘m from Germany and I‘m really like this App so far. Yes there are some Improvments to make but all in all it‘s a really good app for pros and beginners. This App pushes me so much to get to my maximume. The only thing i would change are the muscle groups which sometimes don‘t fit with the groups you choose. Besides that 5 Stars 👍

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    Nothing left to say, I think Chris didn’t throw it out was like “Ok it’s done, won’t touch that app ever again” Well see some improvements, I’m sure about that and some are really needed but for now it’s really good. Even whould donate some money for it!

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    Too hard for beginners!!

    I think the Idea of the App is very good, but its too hard for beginners. I train since two years, but when i choose the beginner exercises, i did not expect that the warm up exercises are 3 times 8 muscle Ups. I dont can do one Muscle Up and i think many other can not do 8 muscle up for warm up. Please fix that, so that people without much skills can use this App.

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    Good idea with more potential

    The concept as a whole is awesome but it would be great if the exercises are split into exercises you need rings or other gears for and exercises you dont need gears for. Also maybe alternatives to those gears would be great for when you dont have rings for example.

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    Great Idea but...

    Hey Chris, I’m following your channel and you’re doing a great Job! Keep doing so! It’s would be great if your app allows a filter with the different equipments you may need for every workout... than I would give 5 Stars Thanks dude! Keep going!

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    Heria App

    In my opinion this app is such a good app. You have the ability to make your own schedule of workout. You can also save your favorite workouts... love this app ❤️

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    Super App

    The app does exactly what it's supposed to do, nothing unnecessary. But I would have one wish already: the videos should also be available offline.

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    Best workout app

    Definitely the best workout fitness application in the world even thought it is still in its beginnings... Great things are yet to come Respect to the calisthenics god and his Thenx crew💚

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    Since the update i can‘t start my workouts, there is just a message with „Response is not parsable“. Pls help, I love your app

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    good app

    top app for everybody who wants to max out the body for calisthenics. Love this App! And Thx Chris Heria for motivating me so much to start Calisthenics👍 Negative: i do many triceps workouts, dips etc. but the app dont track it as a triceps workout.

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    Timer Bug

    By accidentally clicking finish and dismiss, the timer bugs and counts extra +1 sec for every second.

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    Videos dont work.

    Hi Guys pls fix the App. There is no video showing up. Its always saying: Video not found.

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    To Many Bugs

    When I start my Training, there are some exercises which did not show up and that’s very confusing for me and my training

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Ja. Heria Pro ist sehr sicher zu bedienen. Dies basiert auf unserer NLP-Analyse (Verarbeitung natürlicher Sprache) von über 194 Benutzerbewertungen aus dem Appstore und der kumulativen Bewertung des Appstores von 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Sicherheit sergebnis für Heria Pro Ist 52.1/100.

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Ja. Heria Pro ist eine absolut legitime App. Zu dieser Schlussfolgerung wurde gelangt, indem 194 Heria Pro Benutzerbewertungen durch unseren maschinellen NLP-Lernprozess geleitet wurden, um festzustellen, ob Benutzer glauben, dass die App legitim ist oder nicht. Basierend darauf beträgt, Justuseapp Legitimitäts Wertung für Heria Pro Ist 52.1/100.

Ist Heria Pro funktioniert nicht?

Heria Pro funktioniert die meiste Zeit. Wenn es bei Ihnen nicht funktioniert, empfehlen wir Ihnen, etwas Geduld zu üben und es später erneut zu versuchen. Kontakt Unterstützung.

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