Cooklist: Pantry To Recipes Reviews

Cooklist: Pantry To Recipes Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-30

Cooklist is your all in one solution for meal planning, grocery lists, pantry
inventory and cooking recipes! MEAL PLANNER • Dozens of pre-made meal
plans • Support for healthy diets and Keto, Low Carb & more! • Make your own
custom meal plans FREE GROCERY DELIVERY • Same day grocery d...

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Cooklist: Pantry To Recipes Reviews

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    Amazing Free App

    As a new mom and wife, managing the home is the most important yet difficult thing on the planet. i have tried multiple apps but they never mount to this one. It’s as if this app was designed specifically for me. it has great recipes categorized by type or by effort, it shows me in the recipe what items i already have and what substitutions i can use, which saves me money $$. my favorite part is the fact that in the shopping cart, it tells me what i’m going to spend at the grocery store! this is huge! because, I know how much to budget for. never before could groceries really be exactly budgeted in my household, until now! still learning all the new things but love this app!!! moms definitely worth checking into!

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    All Encompassing- This. Fixes. Everything.

    I'm a picky eater. I forget all the time about what's in my pantry/fridge/freezer and throw away rotten food all the time. One week my kids love grapes, so I buy more and then they don't eat them. What do I do with all these random-about-to-expire foods? And after giving up on worrying about it and just throwing food away, I spend 2 hours meal planning on pinterest. I lay it out on paper and online pick-up shop just to get home with 3 or 4 things I already have and didn't know it! It's exasperating! This. App. Fixes. EVERYTHING. For. FREE. No ads. It's easy and clean. No glitches so far. They even have a chatbot THAT'S NOT A ROBOT. Crazy right? Try it. You need it. Go already!

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    Awesome app, attentive devs!

    Edit: The devs listened to my issue and applied an update that now makes the app work great on my XS Max! Awesome app with a great team behind it, keep up the amazing work guys! Old review: Have to tap multiple times (10-20) to get upper left and right screen controls to respond (back button, share, save recipe, etc). The app works well otherwise, but this is a major issue and should be checked out. I’ve reset and reloaded the app and my phone, with no change. Rating low for now, but will gladly crank up the stars if they can fix this.

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    Cooklist is amazing!

    The devs seem to have thought of everything when designing this app. I have no complaints at all, and I’m quite a picky person! I love that I can scan all my groceries into the app by their barcode and that the app generates thousands of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, and drinks based on what I already have. It makes finding good recipes much easier and eliminates the need to go to the store to get a missing ingredient. I also think the expiration feature is pretty useful! Really love the app. Thanks Cooklist! 🙂

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    Nonsensical Approach

    I bake a lot both wheat and gluten free. I had hoped this woyld would help track my large inventory of ingredients. It doesn’t. While it will scan a large percentage of your stock on hand using the phone, it doesnt scan duplicates. So, no tracking if you have 8oz or 10 lbs. Theres limited support for ingredients used in gluten free baking, including well known names like Bob’s Red Mill and Judee’s. I also want to track my own mixes and ingredients as they have a limited shelf life. No luck here. The recipes idea is cute but pointless in the context of inventory management. Put that into a separate app. As a baker, I really need to know what I have on hand, and as I use ingredients- it helps me track the impact to inventory. Thats where an external recipe feature that I can add my own recipes to would help. If I use 3 cups of flour, 2tsp of yeast and 1/3 cup of olive oil, decrement my inventory. If I’m running low, put it on my shopping list. Some of the recipes I looked at link to blogs that skip the instructions. Instead you get reminiscing about TV shows from the ‘80s.

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    Absolute Game Changer

    From ingredients and pantry list, recipes based on ingredients you have, planning meals, planning shopping trips, comparing prices at nearby stores, buying your groceries in the app, expiration reminders, complete customization and organization! I’m in love and recommend it to every single one of my clients. As a health coach this is such a great way to easily compact a complete plan for their goals and ease their mind. My clients have love this app, love learning and are trying out new things. They have fun with their nutrition and this app has set the bar high. Amazing app, Thank you.

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    Not simple or complete enough.

    I’m looking for the perfect pantry inventory app. I haven’t found it yet. Certainly not for free anyway. This one looks promising. But didn’t appear to let me choose my own categories or assign my products to the set category I preferred. Also didn’t seem to let me scan two of the same product or increase the quantity of the first one scanned. Also tried the recipe finder and it never stopped spinning. It’s kind of a busy presentation as well. I don’t really need a lot of shopping hints so didn’t live all the extra ads and suggestions if similar items. I just want a straightforward, easy to use, unlimited capacity app!

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    This takes shopping list to a whole new level

    The shopping list on Cooklist seems simple and easy to use but it packs a whole lot of cool abilities. For one, you can browse over a million recipes and add any of them to your shopping list. It auto-sums ingredient amounts across recipes if you add multiple and then it will even show the price and availability for the items on my list at my local grocer. This has quickly become one of my go-to apps.

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    So much promise...

    This app has so much promise but the stability is not there. I was able to scan my pantry inventory in using UPC codes, which was easy and awesome, and I could then get a general list of recipe suggestions, complete with nutrition facts, based on what I have on hand, but I was unable to apply filters to or search the recipes without the app crashing. I will keep checking back on this app because it aims high and could, when the bugginess is worked out, meet my need to avoid agonizing over what to throw together when I’m strapped for time and starving already.

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    My wife and I needed this!

    We grocery shop quite a bit so keeping a synced shopping list is key for us, especially since we sometime shop at 3-4 stores on any given week. On Cooklist we are part of the same ‘household’ which allows us to share the same shopping list that updates in real-time. It also keeps track of what we buy and shows us recipes we can actually cook. This is a game changer for us!

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    Best food app I’ve used

    The app is not perfect, will crash sometimes but not a regular occurrence. The way I can scan my pantry is brilliant, and use my pantry to search for recipes is a total game changer that I have yet to see in other apps that are free. Use this app to come up with ideas and to try ingredients that i wouldn’t otherwise use due to not knowing how to. Definitely would recommend 110%. Cook list, you guys rock!!

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    So close yet so far

    Not a very good experience for a first time user. I cannot get the app to transfer my list to Kroger. The store is on my preferred list too and shows that it accepted my login info. -The feature that is missing on this app is the ability to save my own custom recipes. Right now all my personal family recipes are in my notes app. - Also the ability to alter or edit a recipe. Sometimes I make the recipe my own and customize it and I can’t save what to repeat when I go to cook it again. At least leave a notes option if you aren’t going to let me customize the ingredients and save the new recipe. - Linking to a site for directions isn’t safe. I’d like them imported. That way if the site shuts down I still have my recipe. I hope to see some of these improvements so I can begin to use this app.

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    Recipe All-in-one timesaver!

    I discovered Cooklist a few months ago and use it on a regular basis now. My favorite part is having one location to do all of my recipe searching. I can easily save recipes and go back to them later. Plus, when I’m tired and forget to broaden my cooking by looking for recipes, I love the weekly email of dinner ideas to re/spark my creative cooking. Fabulous app!

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    Best List App! Hands down

    Having a shared shopping list that updates in real time with my roommates is crucial and this app does it better than anyone else. I can see who added things to the list and when and even add entire recipes with the ingredients automatically added to the list. It’s simple yet super advanced. Definitely the best list app I’ve tried.

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    A must for the At-Home Foodie

    I was absolutely tired of googling different recipes and trying to make a grocery list from 100 different websites, just hoping I don't forget something. I use Cooklist on a daily basis, from planning meals, shopping, and cooking. Everything is there and Cooklist has changed the way I plan my weekly menu. 10/10. Just download it.

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Is Cooklist: Pantry To Recipes Safe?

Yes. Cooklist: Pantry To Recipes is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,083 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Cooklist: Pantry To Recipes Is 51.0/100.

Is Cooklist: Pantry To Recipes Legit?

Yes. Cooklist: Pantry To Recipes is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,083 Cooklist: Pantry To Recipes User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Cooklist: Pantry To Recipes Is 51.0/100.

Is Cooklist: Pantry To Recipes not working?

Cooklist: Pantry To Recipes works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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