Among Us! Reviews

Among Us! Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-01

Play online or over local WiFi with 4-10 players as you attempt to prep your
spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing
everyone! Crewmates can win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting
the impostor off the ship. The Impostor can use sab...

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Among Us! Reviews

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    Great game guys but...

    Honestly I can’t really say anything bad about this game except for some of the bugs. This game is really fun and can sometimes be exciting for the player. I have already recommended this game to someone and they loved it but I do have some suggestions. First you should add at least one or two more classes that should change in numbers depending on the number of players and map size, one example is doctor the other is guard. You guys could also add 2 more maps, the original map can be considered as small and the second as medium and the third as big, a few map suggestions is a space station, or a mining outpost on an asteroid, also the size of maps add the number of players that can play such as 20 for big maps. A thing u can do to balance this is force the host to have 2 or more imposters on big or medium maps so u can balance the power. Finally can u guys please add a few more different tasks to crew mate and can u add a jail room to map cause I hate it when I get voted out even thought theirs a few of us left and we loss the game cause of me being voted out. so here’s how it could work if we think it’s someone but we not sure then we can send them to the jail cell where they have to wait until they are released in a certain time frame. I know u guys are very busy but I hope u guys can read this. Hope u guys take my suggestions and also Great game. Keep up the great work

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    Great game, awesome concept

    I love these kinds of games. If you are looking for something to play with your friends, among us is for you. A murder mystery game where one person on your ship is an alien in disguise, trying to kill the other crew mates. The crew must solve simple and cool puzzles to get the ship back in working order. While reacting to the “imposters” sabotages. And Trying not to become the imposters next meal. If a body is found or a player is suspicious of someone they can activate a meeting. (This is where a lot of the game takes place). They will talk and vote on the person they think the killer is. (Ps if you want to spam meetings or wait out the vote clock or be toxic in general you will usually be kicked). If the crew is right they win. If their wrong the game keeps going until only the imposter and one other unlucky person remain. You can still do tasks as a ghost and can go thru this to see the whole game unfold. This is very local multiplayer friendly with room codes to get your friends in and you can set the game to public after they join. It’s very active at the moment (you will get in a sever almost instantly). And as easy with online as it is with friends. Only problems I would say are that their are pay2play aspects as a another map costs money. That could make it repetitive. Overall great game and I highly recommend you get the bois online to try it. good luck❤️🗂🧡📝💚🔍💙🧮💜📐 💛‼️🔒🖤🔪💔⁉️

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    Great game! Just some issues...

    This game is very fun to play with friends or even by yourself with random players! I’ve only had it downloaded for a few hours now but it seems really great so far. It’s even free! I love games like this. The only issue I’ve had with the game is that it will sometimes crash at the beginning of a round and or match or at the end of a round and or match. I know it isn’t my device, as my device is pretty new and has had no issues or problems. It also sometimes crashes in the middle of a match, which is annoying. There are ads in this game, but they are very short and small ads that usually take less than 10 seconds, hell, even less than 5 seconds. Plus, you can pay a very reasonable amount, $2, to remove ads! Good job, developers, you made an incredible game. Just fix the crashes, because they are a bit annoying. It isn’t too annoying though, because you can just load into another match so fast! 5 stars, because the gameplay makes up for the crashes. A suggestion I have: Add a friends system please! It will make it much easier to party with your friends, so they can just join you through their friends list. I also want a friends list so I can add people I meet that I think are nice, funny, who I want to play with again, etc.

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    Every other reviews are wrong.

    Hello, lately I’ve been seeing horrible reviews for this fantastic game. People saying this game is overloaded with ads are wrong. When it does give you an ad you can skip it the second it starts! If anything that is an amazing plus to the game. People that say it’s lagging are probably playing on an older phone. There is no lag in this game. There are plenty of different matches to join with many settings to choose from to matchmake a kind of match you want. There is a speech censor which make the interactions make the game seem more appropriate for everyone! The people saying I played 30 matches and still haven’t been imposters are lying. I calculated the chances to be an imposter with 1 imposter in a game. It is a 10 percent chance. So every 10 games you are definitely going to be it. But you can still be imposter before that. And if the chances are too small then customize a match to 2 imposters or 3! There isn’t anything wrong with this game! I don’t see anything wrong. A few purchases are in the game but isn’t pay to win so that’s a big plus. In the end this is an amazing and is is worthy of anywhere from a 4.8 to a 5.0 game! I’m sorry this review is so long. Keep up the good work.

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    Report Button

    I really like playing among us. One thing I don’t like, is playing with people who make me not like playing the game. This one time, I was playing with these people, and somone reported a body. Then, two of the players said it was black. But I defended black by saying that we were together, and that he/she was safe. But they both said one thing, that the imposter is black, because he’s black. I was shocked. I told them that it wasn’t black, but they voted black out. Then, one of them called an emergency meeting and said that I should get voted off because I was friends with black. They were using racist slurs, and saying racist things like: the imposter is always black or brown, black was trying to rob me. Stuff like that. I left the game before they could vote me off. It’s horrible that I can’t even enjoy a simple game, because these two people were being racist. I just want there to be an option to report people, and if there is, I would like to know how to use it. I play among us everyday and I think it’s really fun. It’s just sad that there are people out there who choose to play games instead of educating themselves about serious matters.

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    I LOVE this game

    it’s so much fun to play with friends! it’s better that you can customize the game and change it to be what you want. i just have one complaint. the single game mode can be boring sometimes. i would love to see other game modes like hide and seek or a death match mode. i’m going to assume you guys are probably working on this already but i do want more maps to explore and play. i really love this game and would recommend it to everyone! (Edit) so there is a new map but it’s not fair that you have to pay to play it. you shouldn’t have to pay to play a map it’s not fair for those who can’t afford or can’t buy the bundle. letting only people who pay play the new map isn’t fair for the rest because we want to experience it too. i didn’t wait for a new map just to find out i can’t play it. the pay thing really brings the quality of the game down too. you don’t see good games like Breath of the Wild making you pay to access a part of the map. it’s a really scummy way to make money like i get you need to make a profit but don’t just ruin the game for the majority. please change this. it really isn’t fair.

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    Great game! But needs more content

    This game is great, and would definitely recommend to anybody who is interested. But there are some things that I think should be added just to improve the experience. 1. We need more maps. The map that is currently in the game is great, but there is no variety. It gets kind of stale when you are playing on the same map for an hour or two. 2. Add more jobs or stuff for the crew mates to do. The jobs are fine the way they are, but as a crewmate there seems to be nothing to do while playing. I would recommend added more jobs, making the jobs seem more minigame like, or adding something else for the crew mates to do. 3. Add more cosmetics. It seems a bit weird to be asking for more cosmetics, but the cosmetics we have now don’t excite me. I want to see more fun and creative costumes in the game just to spice up the experience. 4. There should also be a friend system so you know when your friends are on and can join there game. 5. There needs to be a separate imposter chat so both imposters can communicate with each other. But anyways this game is great, and would definitely recommend :)

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    Its slowly deteriorated but its not too late to fix it.

    Before the past 2 weeks, the game had always been great and I never found any problems with it. Sadly with the way the lobbies recently been operating have made the game pretty frustrating. First off, It is very hard to communicate with other people in the lobbies when most of them are in a different language. I don’t know if its filipino or some other language but, Part of the reason why the game works is because we can discuss in the meetings about the events occurring in the game and hopefully find out the imposter(s) or try and hide the fact that YOU may be (one of) the imposter(s). The language barrier is pretty frustrating. Second, It’s also been pretty hard to even get inside ONE lobby. I don’t know if the reason is because they are so full right now but lobbies should be available all time. I know the Developers are working on Among us 2 which I'm pretty excited for, but it would be nice to see these problems get fixed before we can move on to a sequel game thats gonna cost money. Lets not abandon this game and aspects that made it so much fun in the first place.

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    LOVE this game I have ideas u have to read is maybe useful!!!

    Is game is very freaking cool and awesome me and the classroom play 4 thing I think it should be added to the game 1/4: there should be a perks for killers and survivors only 2 perks for both 2/4: there should be a tracker so we can found the killer but very hard challenges 3/4: vote for jail time so if they think it him but do not want to kill him or her they can send him to space or jail but remember if he have lock pick perk then he can escape or other escape way’s for killer and also someone can open the door for them like one of survivor think he good they can open it or if you have some ideas for killer to escape. as survivors they can die how if the killer open the then kill the person in jail well he screwed and last 4/4: Hide mode so your name tag will not showed and your skin will be red/black 15s cooldown 30s to be fair and that all thanks for reading make the great work!!! Me and my class are hoping that u make this come to the game p.s make Maps lager and put 20 people in game....

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    Best game ever 5 stars

    I like this game so so much i play this game all of the day i spend all my day with this game especially the best thing that you can play with you’re friend cosiens an family aome time we play with the family team and really even I really like to be the imposter haha ok this game better than any game online from 2018 i play this game but also the worst thing when the game banned you but no proplem ghis is the rules so ok and even you can play private and the new maps even mysters it’s so nice chicking the imposter Victory but even the worst thing is you and have to play play 10 games until you are the imposter but no problem like Among us win than any game online i love this game so much.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Among us i like when i be the imposter you kill but the timing this is the worst thing in among us i hate it and i kill go in the vent and the sound when you see the person that you kill him and when you see the dead body this game nice and funny.❤️best game ever online i see it in my life

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    Really solid game!

    This is a really solid game, it is not overloaded with ads and is an entertaining game in general, for me it never gets boring . However, I have 2 big concerns about this game, 1 being that there is no friends list included. Through this game I’ve met many really nice people that I am friends with in-game, but it’s really hard to play with them because I don’t know when they are online. This game should include a friends list that you can add people to, it should also include when they are online and a personal chat. Another huge concern that I have is the non child friendly aspect of it. There are very inappropriate people that have inappropriate names that I come across while finding servers. I understand that this is not the games fault but it would be nice if the developers could include to more features to ensure that this is a child friendly game while not changing the gameplay.

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    Suggestions for this game and review.

    The game is fun and easy to play with. It uses our brain and attentiveness to know which is which. You can play the game with your friends and family to spend time with each other if they prefer doing mobile games. BUT the server keeps crashing. Whenever a player tries to join in a game, it’s possible that they are gonna get kicked out just before the game starts because of some bugs. It also keeps saying that it has been disconnected and when the person repeats it again and again, it still says the same thing that frustrates the player especially on the online server. Suggestions for this game is to make a TAGALOG SERVER. Yes, a tagalog server. Why? Because most people who play this game are Tagalog speakers. They dominate the English Server since that’s their second language but yet people find it hard to find an English group. Do make a Tagalog Server and fix the bugs.

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    Overall this is a great game but some updates are needed. (1) more maps, I know for new players the map seems huge and maze like, but I know where to go to do a task by heart. (2) more tasks, not only do I know where to go for the tasks, but I know what to do in the tasks and how long it will take. I know every task by heart and I know which tasks will take the longest. (3&4) killing range and game mode, I know that there is a setting to control kill range but sometimes it breaks. For example one time me and my friends were playing a game mode that we created called hide and seek. Where there is one imposter with trash vision and a short kill range and the crew mates have top vision. Every one knows who the imposter is and there is no reporting dead bodies or emergency meetings, and when I was running around doing my tasks and he killed me from electrical, I was in oxygen. So fix those bugs and add more maps and game mods and tasks and the game would be amazing.

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    It’s a good game but..

    I love this game! It is very great where 1 to 3 people are the imposter or murder and kill off the crew to win, then the crew mates have to complete tasks in order to win! 😊 But there is one bug I saw. I played the game then I left because I had to go eat, but when I came back, It said,” You must wait 5 minutes after disconnecting.” Even though I didn’t disconnect. So I thought it was a little bug so I exited and came back in. But it still said that same old message,” You must wait 5 minutes after disconnecting.” I don’t know if it’s apart of the game, (Even though I didn’t disconnect at all.) But if you can, please fix this bug, it caused a problem where if I leave at the start of the game then it will add 5+ minutes of waiting and may go up to 60 minutes or more. And it became a big of a problem to where I will have to delete the app and open it back again. Please fix the problem, thank you. ♥️🙂

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    WOW, Amazing. Wish there was something though...

    I love this game. Can’t get enough of it. Barely any ads, and when there is an ad, it’s super quick. I do wish there was a report system. One round, someone reported a body. There was someone who immediately said it was me, so I asked why. They said “50% of murderers are black (I was the color black), and that’s saying something since there’s only 13% black people in America, so you’re most likely imposter.” I’m not even black irl, but to say something like that, especially during these times, was like a slap on the face. Left the game immediately afterwards. Also, people like to spam words like (**WARNING**) d word, f word, s word, etc. Finding ways to get around the censor obviously. My younger sister was in that server with me. Told her to get out and I’ll host one so I can kick people (which is an ability only the host can do, but a good one).

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