Galaxy Shooter - Falcon Squad Reviews

Galaxy Shooter - Falcon Squad Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-01

About: THE BEST CLASSIC SHOOT 'EM UP GAME Gorgeous Pixel graphic reminds old school
games like Galaga, Galaxian. This Alien Shooter game has classic pixel style.

About Galaxy Shooter

What is Galaxy Shooter? The Best Classic Shoot 'Em Up Game is an arcade shooting game with pixel graphics that reminds players of old school games like Galaga and Galaxian. The game is set in a near future where humans have conquered all planets in the Solar System and are now facing a potential threat from other races who want to destroy them. Players take on the role of a hero who returns to ride their own fighter aircraft in the battle against evil Alien Forces.



- Gorgeous Pixel graphic that reminds players of old school games

- Super-easy control that doesn't require a tutorial

- Strong and varying enemies

- Tough and fierce Boss battles

- Various ways for power upgrades

- True space battle experience

- PvP Challenge with friends

- Fanpage on Facebook

- Term of Use and Privacy Policy available on the website.

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Key Benefits of Galaxy Shooter

• Solid action

• Fantastic business model

• Love the style and graphics

• Pretty straight-forward space shooter game

• Can rack up coins easily

21 Galaxy Shooter Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Game Quite Fun, Buuuuuut.....

Ok, so I'm a fairly new player (about a month or 3 now😁), &I've totally enjoyed the gameplay of this space shooter! My reason for only 3⭐️'s, is I've come across a few glitches you might say. For instance when I've tried to play this Halloween mode, it cut me off when I still had 2 chances left in that go round! I went from trying to start w/still 2 chances left, to accidentally backing out 1 too far, coming right back in, &seeing 2 changed to 0! I couldn't get back in! Not even w/a change of Ships! So, I'm not sure what happened there! Stuff like that keeps happening too! Also I agree w/the thing the other reviewer said about not being able to keep up w/ships after you get into upper levels anymore w/out "purchasing" upgrades! After the 1st few levels it gets too hard to get past the ships, &you just keep losing! No way to bypass them! Not w/out $, that is! I agree w/their recommendation of allowing users to watch ads for upgrade rewards! That'd really help, &help your Ratings! But Please try to fix these little system glitches.✌🏾️😔


Just Realized!!!

I’ve played this game many many times, and watched more ads than I can count. On many occasions I noticed that the advertisement videos would not work after playing the game several times on any particular day. It would just say n/a. At the same, I also noticed at the end of each level I completed I would never get offered an ad video to collect more rewards. I never clicked on the n/a icon until today, so I did just to see what would happen, and after clicking the n/a where the video icon is supposed to be, and then clicking on watch, it notifies me that there will be no more rewards until tomorrow. May I just say... how stupid that is!!! So let me just ask, what is the point in defeating a level (or playing at all), if I don’t get offered an extra reward for completing it, so I can upgrade my arsenal, and why in the h** is an app that is based solely on ads, because it sure isn’t solely based on my entertainment, only allow me to watch a certain number of ads before it cuts me off??? From a business standpoint this is sooo stupid!!! Hello!!! If I don’t play or I do play, and I don’t watch ads which is how you make a profit, then what’s the point?? Someone didn’t think that one through!!


Fun Shooter

This game is fun and challenging and you can upgrade and progress without the need for in-game purchases. There are plenty of coin multiplier ads and thats how I support you guys. However, there are way too many random ads. The ads at the beginning of levels start when the level begins so the game is going on while the ad plays. What are you trying to do? Make us loose lives to get us to watch the extra life ads? Typical greedy developers. Even worse are the prices to unlock the 3rd drone, the chainsaw, and the 2 best ships. The game is still fun with 3 ships, 2 drones, and 1 ultimate but their is no option to unlock the remaining ships, drone, and chainsaw with currency. The drone is $10, the chainsaw is $10, and the 2 ships are a total of $50. That is unbelievably sickening. That is more than an entire PC game. Why be so greedy? There aren't many ships and drones anyway so why have these insane prices? I really would like to unlock everything so please find it in your heart to have the option to unlock them with hard work and currency.


Dont bother watching ads

So, its boring at first. It takes awhile to get to opponents worth your time. Which is fine cause you need to save up your coins to upgrade to larger ships.

One way to get more coins is after you complete a map, hit that button that is flashing to double or x4 your coons you earned. THIS WILL NEVER WORK, DON’T BOTHER.

Now the videos you do want to watch are located in the upper LH corner of the screen. Should loom like a little play sign. You can earn extra stuff this way about 80% of the time. The other %, nothing will happen. Also, nothing will happen if you watch the video for an extra life if you die. Don’t watch that one either.

Its clear from the start the only way to get better ships and drones is to spend real money, which they are thirsty for from the start. They havn’t earned your patronage yet, but they will want it just the same, which is the way of the gaming world now. For the next ship above the starter ship, its $10 of your hard earned money.

But for some reason if you manage to get the coins for the next ship without spending it on upgrading your current ship to get through those higher levels, you will eventually spend your money on the gems, because “shocker” they are harder to earn, but if def a requirement in upgrading your ship.

All in all, fun game, will get boring without real money, be prepared to bring a blank check.


Fun but a Waste of Time

This game is modeled like the other fun arcade shooters but in order to gain the competitive edge and reach the final boss you must upgrade your ship by paying with gold and gems. Gold is not rare but the gems are extremely rare. You need to pay an exorbitant amount of gems that can be required in 2 ways: Playing the game/participating in the trial mode or paying with you hard earned cash or credit. Players are incentivized to choose the latter because it may take years (many years over here) to upgrade your ship to the X rank which is not even the highest peak one can reach. This game is designed to last for infinity (Infinite bosses, infinite ship ranking, infinite players buying into the illusion of progress).

I hope the devs are proud because this is a fantastic business model. They’re probably in the tens of millions.


Don't fix something what isn't broken

I don't know about you guys but....I REALLY loved the old version it was much more simpler, the bomb power ups where instantaneous and more effective, the upgrades in the level where a lot of help and made it easier to get passed really hard levels. But now that's all gone the upgrades you get in the levels are REALLY temporary they don't even last for the full level and their actually limited to how much you can get. Which really takes away more than HALF of the enjoyment we usually got when playing Falcon Squad. Not to mention that when we had those temporary upgrades for our ships in the levels everyone kinda gets a glimpse into how far our ships fire power and potential can get. As well as giving the players in a way a slight illusion that the power and upgrades can go on forever in the game.


Agonizingly slow progress but okay game

Not having any problems playing this game on an iPhone X but here are several issues I have with this game. The process of upgrading your ships and drones and such are offensively high compared to the amounts of in game [money] for making those upgrades. So the game offers you plenty of opportunities to buy new items for upwards of $20 which seems like a rip off to me. Especially with people staying home and looking for some outlets to pass time at home during the pandemic. I can think of much better things to spend 20 bucks on instead of a new spaceship for one simple game.
Also the ads you have to watch in order to amass gems (for upgrading) last as long as 35 seconds and dole out a pittance of what you need makes the game agonizingly slow to progress without paying real money.
Lastly the latest ad content has been the nail in the coffin for me. I’m done with this game.


Don’t waste your time

This game started out as satisfying fun but as I rose through the levels, I found myself frustrated over trying to figure it out. There is no explanation or help. I am told I need certain things but can not locate the item, or I already have the required aircraft but still get the error message that I cannot play the level without said aircraft. Another example, the level states I cannot play without “wings of destruction” but there is no option to get it without completing level 35 (I think?), so I’m at level 35, the holy grail unlock level, and after about 15 little aircraft, no other enemies enter the screen and I fly forward endlessly unassaulted - I have to close the whole app and restart just to exit level 35. I am frustrated by all the rules and requirements with very little direction of how to progress in this game. The upgrades cost astronomical amounts of coins and gems - you’re not getting anywhere in this game without paying up... perhaps the instructions come with a fee as well?


Broken Reward System

UPDATE: There have been at least three updates to the game since my review. “Video rewards” is among the patch notes but there are still issues with it.
I have been enjoying a fair bit, it’s a solid bullet-hell. You can advance comfortably without having to spend money too. I would give the game more stars but my issue with it is the reward system regarding ads. Like most mobile games these days, there are several opportunities to earn a bonus for watching an ad. However, I would estimate that the reward fails at least a third of the time. At first, I thought I must not be watching long enough but I will deliberately wait ~10 seconds past the ad timer and still receive nothing. I wanted to submit a support ticket regarding this rather than include it in a review but I could not find an option to do so among the games menus.


New update is terrible

This game exploits all the tricks to get some people hooked/addicted then start ramping up the fees. Many people in this game have invested thousands of dollars (no joke) and have nothing to show for it but a few pathetic upgrades in a game. On top of that, the developers keep releasing updates that are clearly designed to squeeze more money out of addicted players without adding any new content. In the most recent release, there was NO new playable content, but they reduced the daily amount of gems and gold that players can obtain without paying by over half!! You were never able to farm for a lot of these resources, but to take away the pathetic amount that was already available, just to try to force people to pay even more is a bad move. Many existing players have dropped out and many others have boycotted new purchases. I for one am not willing to contribute to this scam any further.


Too many bugs; too many broken ads

Like most people, I absolutely hate the micro transaction movement that plagues the casual mobile game market now. In my opinion, it is ruining both the quality and entertainment of all apps. Having said that, I don’t mind watching a few minimal ads here and there to help these devs pay the bills.

However, for this application, the ads and bugs ruined the experience, and ensured another quickly deleted and forgotten app. I won’t go into long details about the ads — read some of the recent reviews, and they are spot on regarding their frequency and the relative uselessness of associated rewards in overall progress. Additionally, I found that Facebook never stayed connected longer than about 5 seconds, and I never was able to experience tournament or pvp play due to the server error that everyone has reported. Furthermore, many of the ads would just ‘break’, leaving GalaxyShooter unresponsive after sitting through the entire thing instead of releasing back to the game.

I was surprised to see how many of these problems had been reported more than 1 update prior. Meaning, greed vs quality, and as a consumer I will not accept that.

All in all nice idea, but too greedy, too many unresolved bugs, and no reason to spend any money or additional time.


Only for people who want to pay $

Save your time and save your money. Plus the game is extra glitchy at least every couple weeks.

I’m a grinder and I’ve played this game for a couple years. I don’t mind grinding out games instead of paying, but this game is different. I’ve slowly built parts of my ship up to max out power with the plan of moving on to another part and slowly maxing it out, but it never works. The game admins simply add another level to the end and force players to build up or buy back to max power again over and over.

There is no way to be successful at this game without paying. Great space invaders concept, but there’s not much fun in simply paying money to win a game and that’s exactly what this game is. I’m slowly playing less and less and already know I’ll eventually delete it all together.


I refused to pay got shut off

Downloaded this game over a year and a half ago, and refused to pay for a “free” game. After what seemed forever, I got good ships, and defeated bosses, and won many levels. My ranking was in the mid 500s in the US. Woke up one morning and they shut my account down. I sent an inquiry through Facebook and after 2 weeks they responded. Said I must be cheating because I had too much gold and too many ships! Then they said my account was only created within the last month! I sent a screenshot from my apple account showing my download date. Asked them to check the dates of the requests I’d received to join teams. Nothing. They never responded again. Wasted all that time only to find I’m dealing with incompetence/arrogance pretending to be God. Don’t waste your time. All they want is your money.


Addicting but pricey if you really want to advance

I was a big Skyforce player until recently since the new version is super blah...downloaded this game instead and I can’t stop playing it. It’s fun gameplay with a variety of side games to play (tournament, pvp, endless, team goals, etc).
THAT BEING SAID, once you reach a certain level you basically HAVE to spend money upgrading your ships or you just can’t beat the level. And when it comes to the cards needed to evolve your ship take forever to get and you need a crapload of them. 320 cards needed when the most you can get per day is like 10 or 20 tops? I mean, I guess when I type that out it doesn’t seem so severe, but it feels like forever when playing. Maybe I’m just impatient.


Great Game - But be warned regarding purchases

Solid action, but, know that you will have to buy gems and packs to move at a tolerable speed and even then, you can sink some coin into this over a lot of time. No worse than dumping 20 dollars in quarters into your favorite classic - weekly, but **CAUTION** you may not get your purchases even after payment and disputes. (Known issue for players). Their “luxury quest” get you real world products for online resources, but it’s massive gamble. I’ve got enough Olay and Crest whitening strips for 3 Christmases, 2 post-adolescent tours of coffee stunted puberty, and still no response from a nearly non-existent support team. So - be warned.


Just boring

I can’t speak for everyone when they play this game but after a few levels I found myself bored and not having a lot of fun with it. The style of the game wasn’t bad and how it preformed was decent.

Definitely not something I’d personally keep on my phone for long but there weren’t ads constantly popping up on my phone which was a plus. My only issue is how expensive some of the things in the game are. In order to get some ships you have to pay up to 20$ and then there is the 9.99$ + tax weekly payment you can do for basically nothing worth 520$ a year.

It was fun for a bit, but it didn’t have much going on to keep me engaged.


Very good but critical issues

The game itself is very good but it has a couple of critical issues.

The massive bug that I’ve never seen in any other game is that I only receive the rewards for watching ads about 10% of the time. The game seems designed to pretty much require you to watch ads to get decent rewards - I’m perfectly fine with that if it works (but it usually doesn’t). No other game I’ve ever played has this problem and it is inexcusable.

The other issue is pvp. You can kill every target and sometimes still lose. Another thing that makes no sense is I can win bronze 1 almost every time but I’ve only won silver 5 twice - what, the worst players in silver are 10x better than the best players in bronze? I don’t think so - there’s something fishy.


Great game....but then...

I love scrolling shooter games, it invokes my inner child in some weird way. This game totally fills that void! Awesome pixelated graphics, ever challenging levels, and simple game play. It’s all great! BUT...
I hit the cash wall.
It’s that unfortunate point in just about ALL “free games” where you can barely advance without breaking out your wallet and forking over real money.
I understand the fact that game developers need to make money but isn’t it bad enough to suffer through endless (and terrible quality) ads? Isn’t it bad enough to play level after level on all three difficulty modes to upgrade, only to find the upgrade is merely a fancy new paint job?
In all, great game, but prepare to be on level 40 with the same basic ships you started with unless you pay to play.


Great game, but the glitches just make me want to delete it

I love this game, but the glitches lately just are too much to bear. It’s simple things too like daily rewards that work for some, but not others. They recently made a huge mistake and gave out 20,050 gems, but realized their mistake and tried taking it back. But unfairly, some players realized the bonanza before it got removed and spent it. This unfairly impacted the game for those who were asleep or otherwise unaware. The latest event they have is just window dressing on another event that didn’t work properly to begin with. It is maddening how depressingly unplayable the game has gotten. Oh, and I’m a captain of a team and a recent glitch removed several members of my team and the headaches getting everyone back in are not worth it.


Pretty addicting!

Pretty straight-forward space shooter game! Love the style and the graphics, the animations, all of that. Really pretty game! Like a lot of apps, it is rather dependent on ads for revenue(unless you want to shell out real world currency for the in-game stuff!), and the ads are super repetitive. I feel like you need an exhaustingly large amount of coins or gems or puzzle pieces to unlock some of the cooler ships, but you know, you can rack up coins easily if you just keep mashing that “play video” button to increase your coinage. Anyway, it’s still a great game, but at the end of the day, the developers want to make some sort of profit, so keep that in mind!


Stay away

Game seems fun at first but quickly becomes impossible without spending > a thousand dollars. I’m not exaggerating. Game is designed to be addictive and waste your time so you just spend money. I’ve beaten the campaign now and it’s deeply unsatisfying. A year ago it was difficult to farm resources to level up ships without paying. Since then they’ve decreased the daily resources you can get by a factor of twenty!! Game glitches are common and each update creates more bugs than it solves. I’ve lost hundreds of dollars worth of resources to these glitches and the developers do nothing. This game charges my credit card all the time without providing the resources so I bought it again bc I thought the purchase didn’t work. I get charged twice but only wanted one. This is extremely common. Items available for purchase are often very different from how they are advertised and many ships / parts don’t do what they claim. Like half of them. I spent lots of money and time upgrading a particular part only for the game to remove that part! No refund of my money. This stuff is literally illegal but Apple won’t do anything about it so do yourself a favor and stay far away. Multiplayer modes are completely unrelated to skill and super frustrating. They’ve added Ed one new campaign world (now 14 total) in the last year, and modes/features have been “coming soon’ for over a year.


Don’t waste your time

I have been playing this game for over a year , at first it was fun and competitive. Now with each update it becomes more expensive and less rewarding as Onesoft greed is taking all the fun out of playing! You could use to purchase a 6 pack of gold engines level 10 now for that same price you only get 3 engines!
The PVP is so jacked up that you can have a fully upgraded maxed out ship but a player with lesser upgrades either beats you or you barely squeak out a win against these lesser ships! I have expressed concern over this disparity and questioned “what’s the point of upgrading if I’m getting beat by lesser ships ?” Support Response “kill the enemies faster” 😂😂 If that is the case what’s the point of upgrading and why wouldn’t my fire rate for my upgraded ship be higher which in turn should mean I should be “killing the waves faster than my opponent one would think !
Don’t waste your time, energy and definitely not your money on this game until the developers decide to listen to the people playing it !

Deborah A Sheppard   1 year ago

What a bunch of moron dude told me to check settings on the app which only controlled the actual in-app game movement such as music or vibration this person told me to uninstall it on my old phone because I knew the old phone was going down and to put it on my new phone do not do this I lost 2 years a small fortune playing this game it cannot be moved they straight lie to me because here I sit now with 2 years gone on the game I really enjoyed playing I hope they enjoy my money because they're not getting anymore of it Google was no help they still think covid-19 can keep them from working on a telephone the whole thing makes me sick what a bunch of rip-off artists unless you got a phone that's going to last and never need replacing then that's the game for you but the game cannot and I repeat cannot be moved to spot no matter what they said and they have plenty to say as to how to do it and I could not do it the way they said because there was no settings on the game to transfer then they told me to go to Facebook who doesn't even have that in their game roster beware of playing with this game rip off

Is Galaxy Shooter Safe?

Yes. Galaxy Shooter - Falcon Squad is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 24,502 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Galaxy Shooter Is 38.2/100.

Is Galaxy Shooter Legit?

Yes. Galaxy Shooter - Falcon Squad is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 24,502 Galaxy Shooter - Falcon Squad User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Galaxy Shooter Is 53.9/100..

Is Galaxy Shooter - Falcon Squad not working?

Galaxy Shooter - Falcon Squad works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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Duration Amount (USD)
Billed Once $79.99
Weekly Subscription $9.99

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