RL Trading Post Reviews

RL Trading Post Reviews

Published by on 2021-02-13

RL Trading Post is the best fan-made mobile application for finding traders in
Rocket League! Browsing, submitting, and searching for trades couldn't be
easier. Are you tired of using slow web sites to find people to trade with in
Rocket League? If so, RL Trading Post is right for you...

Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

RL Trading Post Reviews

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    BEST platform for RL trading

    Literally the greatest app in the world. They listen to user feedback (I recommended a feature and it got added!), always improving the app, and the UI is amazing. They recently added an option to price check items on rocket league insider and it works seamlessly, it’s a little slow to load (10-20 seconds), so be patient if you’re met with a blue screen when trying it out, but it is an awesome feature! The UI is amazing, super easy to search for items, post a trade, save a trade for later, look up prices on items, message sellers/buyers, etc. they also have a cool feature to keep items in your “garage” pretty much your inventory but in the app, and it updates as you trade things away with the app so you don’t have to manually do it every time! Pretty much the greatest thing ever if you like trading, or just want to search for rocket league items, this is the app!!! It’s perfect and it keeps getting better.

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    I recommend, but there was a problem.

    I have had the app for about 1-2 weeks and in that time I have loved it! I was finding good, fair trades at a faster rate then anywhere else. The problem however is the banning system. It may sound weird but, I had a sibling think it would be funny to sell all my items for a far too small price tag. Dud to this the moderators of the app caught on and thought that I was a scammer. My account was soon banned without warning or a message saying stop please don’t mess up our app and if it continues then we have the right to ban you. All in all I wish my account would have been given some sort of a warning so I could explain the situation and hopefully you would understand. I hope you all will be able to see this and I hope I can get some sort of explanation so I can understand why and what happened fully. Thank You.

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    I love this app but I wish I could get unbanned

    So I used this app for a good 5 days and I’m gonna be honest. I loved it so much and it was my go to app/website for trading rocket league items. Once I was with a friend and we were messing around doing some dumb things. We ended up getting band for in appropriate language in the chats. And I’m gonna be honest. I really regret it because now it makes it really hard for rocket league trading. If you are about to download this app then you really should. And don’t do anything dumb like me. It really is an amazing app and easy to use. My ban is not permanent and I really hope the developers read this and know that if I can get unbanned, I would never do anything like that again. Hopefully I can get back on that trading grind again soon. But honestly, AMAZING APP

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    Great overall, except...

    Best trading app for rocket league in my personal opinion. Easy to navigate after minimal learning, easy to track prices, and being able to upload your own items to a garage and keep track of your inventory offline, or on the go. Absolutely love the app! The only downside would be the “report” feature. Someone gets upset because you don’t want to sell YOUR item for what THEY want to trade/pay for, you get reported. Needs to be more of a procedure of checking what accounts are just spam reporting because they didn’t agree with YOUR trade terms/prices for your own items. Being friendly doesn’t work. Especially with a lot of kids buying and trading and not fully understanding the point... Just makes things that much worse. It’s ridiculous. If the reporting procedure was more thorough, would be a 5 star no brainer.

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    Extra Feature To Be Able To Flag Messages

    Dear app creators, I was thinking about use this app and how to make it more easy going and simple. I as being a big trader, I have a lot of people to tend to, and with multiple deals being made at the same time, I never can find which people I wanted to trade with in my messages, and both of us as sellers and buyers forget about the deal. I was thinking of adding a flagging option next to the delete sign when you slide from the right side of the screen when deleting a message. It would help immensely if you would think about adding something like this and I believe people have had the same struggles as me. Thanks, hope you take this into consideration.

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    Banned for another persons crime

    Don’t make yourselves toxic little brats and make a banning look like a certificate, especially when it bans me for false reports because the guy freaking deleted the chat. You need to fix this and stop being annoying little trolls. AND what’s even stupider is I read your whole rules and there was nothing about filing fake reports! So I got banned for something I someone else did, and something that’s not even in the rules! I’d like you to get an actually working banning system. And once again, get rid of the cringy fake certificate and just say “We have evidence that you have broken the rules in some way. You can view the rules *here* and the rule we have evidence to think you broke *this rule* but if you think otherwise you can contact our moderators *here* but in the meantime, your ban lasts until *time when ban ends*.” Please at least have the dignity to reply to this review.

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    Definitely would recommend, but slight issue

    I believe this is one of the best apps there is for finding players to trade with. It’s fast, simple, and ingenious. However, every single time I try to put something up for trade for others to see, it’s doesn’t load in correctly and is never registered. I have tried everything I can to try to fix this, but have come to nothing. Still, despite this issue, which I am sure will get fixed, I find this to be a great app.

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    Amazing app that will honestly get you successful

    I used to have this game and it made me successful in RocketLeague! I then made some poor choices and couldn’t trade on here anymore. Don’t make dumb decisions like me and get successful! You WILL regret it if you do... like I do. It’s taken a long time to get where I am now without this app and I want to be able to get back in it. I’m a new person! I’ve changed. Do whatever makes you guys happy. But in all this app is great! All my friends use it. That’s why this app is a 5 star! This app not like others actually will do things to people who change the experience of other and I agree! :) :(

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    Worst Banning System

    I loved this app a lot. I used it so I could trade and gain items I couldn’t have never bought. I recommend this app to people wanting to trade. However, the banning system is ridiculous. You can get banned for basically “no reason” and you can never use the app again. A person could get banned for doing a giveaway on the app. I got banned for trading a item for crates to another person<— We both got what we wanted, no one was scammed, we were fine with the system we did to trade but I get banned for what? Trading? This is a huge disappointment to have such a amazing trading app with so much potential to end up being a mess and a disgrace to its own Rocket League Players. This system deserves 1 star. Contact me if you want to talk about this system developers, because you won’t let your banned players even talk to you about your own mistakes

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    Horrendous ban system

    I recently got a lifetime ban from the app for offering an underpay for an item i wanted. Without exaggeration, this app has one of the harshest and plain dumbest ban systems i have literally ever seen. Sure, the app has many pros and brings many things to the table that wouldn’t occur otherwise, but the terrible ban system just kills all of that. Lots of people have the same stories of getting banned for stupid reasons, but i think the main problem with this is that there are no warnings when it comes to bans. I went from just having got this app 3 days ago to not being able to open it ever again. The rules are also painfully vague and the “RLTP Mods” are, to put it simply, braindead. I cant even make a new account or delete my old one; i have to straight up buy a new phone to be able to trade again.

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    Absolutely great app one issue

    So I love this app, it’s very easy to use and lets you easily find and communicate with other traders. I have had one issue though, about a week into it I tried make a post and it had an infinite loading screen. I deleted the app and downloaded it again, but when I signed in it kick me out of the app. When I went back in, it made me sign in again. This process kept on happening until another loading screen followed by an error message saying that if this problem kept on occurring contact you on Twitter l. Which I don’t have, can anyone help me.

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    Bans/mods and players

    The bans me and many other have gotten are stupid and are not needed. If you try and do anything other than sell an item for its mid price you will get banned. Use a curse word? Banned, try and do giveaways? Banned. The mods These people have no decency or even game knowledge at that, they ban players willingly cause they have the power to do so. When trading with others you have to make sure you follow the tos exactly or you will be banned in little to no time putting up a cheesy yet unfunny ban certificate that they call “funny” Players The trading and player base combats scammers on pc, ps4 and xbox. You will never het a fair trade or deal and almost will always have people trying to underpay even if you put “only x” players will report others for simply telling them no and the mods will listen and ban them. They’re toxic and ungrateful. As some players get frustrated they may call them out and guess what? They get banned for nothing. In conclusion This app is hot garbage and shouldn’t be downloaded, you should use other areas such as the rl insider discord or rl garage instead of this. You can continue to use this but as the days go by your chances of being harassed by players and mods grow. Thank you Dillon

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    Garage idea is awesome

    However app crashes a lot. Garage takes forever to load. The messaging system sometimes acts real dodgy. Sometimes it won’t load or you hit send and nothing happens. You hit send again and same thing nothing. You go to back out only to see you just spammed the person you’re trying to trade with. I think the more people downloading app and storing items in garage is over working your servers. Maybe time for an upgrade or charge premium service for full use of application. Freeloaders can still use app but only for trading. Storing item in garage would be the premium use. Just a thought.

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    This app is terrible for those who are trying to be respectable and honest in this trading app... the creators like to reward spam and proceed to ban others for reporting it. Makes sense when its a fan made app, just goes to show how people act when they have control, unfair and disrespectful and would love you talk to someone about this. Was banned for “spamming reports of another player” okay guy that makes so much sense please collaborate and explain how that’s even an actual issue and not the actual spamming or the begging for free items... smh this place will go down fast, how about you warn people of all your preposterous rules first before banning them... ban system is 100% terrible and they need to start thinking clearly, bunch of rookies.

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    I somehow was banned by doing nothing. I have no idea what I was doing wrong. I was looking for overpays obviously, and people may have thought it to be a scam. But, when I had the app to play on, it was the best thing ever. Trades were easy to find. The app clearly shows that it took time to make it and it is well detailed. I just wish that the RLTP would at least listen to my appeal and/or tell me what I did wrong. And maybe even if I did, not a second chance as I love this app so much!!

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact RL Trading Post customer service directly
via Email using our new site - AppContacter.com

Contact RL Trading Post directly

Is RL Trading Post Safe?

Yes. RL Trading Post is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,226 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for RL Trading Post Is 36.4/100.

Is RL Trading Post Legit?

Yes. RL Trading Post is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,226 RL Trading Post User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for RL Trading Post Is 36.4/100.

Is RL Trading Post not working?

RL Trading Post works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Heywood Jablomi
Feb 21 2021

I sold cobalt mainframe and other items and it never seems to show the prices sold in its recent sales page. Prices are usually correct but sometimes sooo far off it creates a lot of drama. Kids think the prices are the gospel when people can really ask any price and if you don’t want to pay it then don’t buy it. It’s called capitalism. Has lots of rules yet trolls are abundant

By Dylan
Feb 03 2021

I got banned permanently for supposevly asking people for free items but i wasn’t asking them for the items free i was asking if they had any uncommon, rare or very rares that they would give me and i would give them credits or smth they wanted so can u unban my account and i will never say smth like that again.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of RL Trading Post to your problem using the strength of crowds.
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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a RL Trading Post customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using RL Trading Post.

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