stoic. mental health journal Reviews

stoic. mental health journal Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-03

stoic can help you live a happier and more tranquil life. you will learn
stoicism philosophy and how to cope with stress. get your daily mental health
tracker companion for mood tracking, journaling, meditations, and reflection. it
analyzes your emotive influences and gives you insights...

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stoic. mental health journal Reviews

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    Try This App

    As a philosophy student and a productivity nerd, I’ve probably tried somewhere over 20 different journaling apps over the years and nothing has ever felt complete enough to make it worth the time. Within my first sit down with this app however, I actually found myself crying in some moments and smiling at others, ultimately feeling like I had done something truly productive. This app is incredibly in-depth and really delivers a guided experience that is tailored for your personal goals. It is structured enough to feel like you know what to do in order to benefit from it, and it is open-ended enough to feel like you don’t need any other app to accompany it, which makes it feel very complete and satisfying to have everything in one place. The customizable options, philosophical quotes and questions, and the array of mental exercises to choose from make this app an excellent tool to heal and grow. I have no doubt that this will continue to be a valued part of my daily routine, and I urge anyone reading this to try this for yourself!

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    Organized, straightforward reflection

    I have journaled for many years, and many times due to not having proper questions set up, I go around in circles or there is no continuity to gleam insight from in my notes. With this app asking you the same questions with variability mixed in, it provides structure with challenges to make sure you dont repeat your entries. I have been able to gleam insight about my goals and whether or not i pursue them out of fear of rejection or ego, that i havent spent enough time with my family, that i have had much anger i hadnt dealt with, etc. This app also has great practices such as fear setting to guide you along complicated thought processes you have. Imagine having a great and caring interviewer ask you about yourself in depth every morning and evening. That is what this app is. It boosts your faith in yourself, allows you to see your own fallacies in your thoughts, and probably gives you the power of flight though i havent reached that badge yet

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    I’ve always strived to set my goals and intentions for the day and reflect on them in the evening but have always struggled to keep up with it. There is something about Stoic that makes me feel a sense of peace and motivation when I open it. Every aspect of it is incredible, from the daily quotes from Stoic philosophers and the Buddha (my philosophies of choice) to answering the questions I set each morning & night, doing a visualization or meditation within the exercises, and even to the minimalistic UI and animations. Everything fits and everything makes me want to use the app more and more, which in this case is actually a good thing. Stoic is as far from pseudo-psychology as you can get. It’s pretty simple: If you setup your daily questions and just do what the app was built for. Twice a day. If you use it and apply it it will change your life. No question. The app is perfect, so it’s up to you if you want to follow it. If you do, good luck! I’ll be right there with you.

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    Solid way to mobilize

    Sometimes it’s good to make time to really see what it is you’re doing and why you’re doing it and what you’d like to do differently. A lot of the time though it’s difficult to take a good look at it all and find a way to ask the right questions and be impartial in helping ourselves to feel resolved and capable to take on whatever it is that we are presented with. This app is a tool to ask yourself good questions about what’s important to you to and hear what it is you have to say about how and why you live the way you do. This app makes it easy to record and review your answers to the challenges you face and what your answers to them were. A lot of people would like to journal and find it difficult to make time for and I enjoy that this app provides the benefits of journaling in a way that is easy and effective. It also is pleasant visually and easy to interact with. Good stuff.

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    Lovely... but personal info red flag?

    The concept for this app is really wonderful, and it has good writing prompts, thought-provoking quotes, and asks it’s users questions that facilitate insight. And, it also asks yes/no questions that - it seems the only possible thing that Stoic could do with user answers would be to collect and sell data sets about their users. These questions have included things mostly related to lifestyle, like “Do you drink alcohol?” or “Do you exercise?”, specific questions are not related to the app’s functionality, and are very market-driven questions. I’m well aware that most apps collet user data and sell it - that is our current context of targeted advertising and capitalism - but for an app about mental health, this phenomenon might be addressed with a little more transparency? As in, I’m ok with you collecting my info and selling it, but I feel a little conned when it under the auspices of therapeutic support :). I’ve decided to stop using it for that reason, but with more transparency would consider it again... But, kudos on the rest of the app!

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    Fantastic App for Journaling!

    A lot of other people have already done an excellent job at highlighting the great uses of this app, so I’m not going to spend many words addressing the amazing qualities of this app. I will say, however, that this app has dramatically changed my life by making me more introspective, open to growth, and willing to change to the way in which I interact with the world. It has helped me curb my worst habits and improve my virtuous qualities, and I’m greatly appreciative of that. I just have some suggestions for the developers that I would love to see implemented into the app. 1. Writing your own questions: Don’t get me wrong, the reflection questions that Stoic provides are wonderful, but they’re also very broad. Obviously, the default questions must be broad to be accessible for people of all demographics, but I would like to have questions that are more tailored to my own specific experiences. I think the best way to do this is by letting users create their own custom questions that they can respond to each day. In my case, at least, this change would make the questions even more meaningful and effective. 2. Darkmode: The evening time reflection page is great, but I wish there was an option to make black the dominant color for all the other screen options (even the morning reflection page). 3. Naming morning and evening reflection pages

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    This app is very helpful, I enjoy the reminders & try to apply the quotes & questions to everyday life. I am 46 year old MWF & consider myself on the path to becoming a “stoic” myself, I hope & pray that my life, & the way I live it,even though I know I am far from perfect, will encourage others or help others overcome their fears, anxieties, & insecurities & realize that we do make our own destiny because we have options & the abilities to choose them. Life can be difficult, if we think it is & if we change our own thoughts we change our own world. The key word is believe & our small minds sometimes don’t understand the depth of that word. Again, I hope my “beliefs”& “philosophies” help & encourage in the least my family & friends, how great it must be to be remembered & still helping people 500+/- years after life lived!!

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    Clean & simple design, with a lot of great features

    I have been looking so far and wide for something like this, and this has it all!!! As someone who has been in therapy for many years, let me tell you, most therapists will recommend these very tools (the meditation, breathing, and journaling our problems in a manner that is outlined in the app itself) to help with one’s own mental health improvement. I just downloaded this and checked it out, and already know I will use it often. The only app I would actually consider buying a yearly subscription, ha! Seriously, love this app so much, thank you so much to the creator: you have no idea how much I’ve wanted something just like this!!! Def recommend to anyone looking to work through their thoughts or improve their mental health :)

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    It helps a lot.

    Long story short, get the app, it’s pretty useful. ↓my whole review So, I struggle a lot with stress and my emotions get a little crazy sometimes. It’s hard for me to find people, I’m very reclusive and I don’t have a lot of “friends” to vent to. So it all gets bottled up inside. The app is like a journal. I wanted to get into it sooner, I’m just more tech-y. So I’m not too fond of paper and pencil or people being able to find my journal and read my personal thoughts, notebooks don’t have passwords... This app was exactly what I was looking for. Minimalistic, Useful, and it wasn’t cheesy. It was just for me. Like no community I had to see, no worrying about people being able to see my history and getting asked something different every day helps me learn bits of myself and feel like a huge weight has been lifted of my shoulders. I love the black and white aesthetic, never change it please. And just the quotes, I’m a poetry person and just the feeling of finding what you’ve been needing to hear for a long time is so relieving. I hope this app never dies. Thank you for everything. -𝓳𝓾𝓼𝓽 𝓹𝓮𝓪𝓬𝓱𝔂✍︎

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    Saved my life!!?! 😍

    I just finished meditating for the first time with this app and it felt so personalized, I came into the practice with ease. The choosing of sounds (or no sounds), the personal time limit, the chime’s all amazing. The journal is simple, the questions deep/thoughtful. The only con I have is the Q&A sections. The limit on words you can type in the answers section is unnecessary. Our answers may require a longer sentence than 5 words or maybe even 2 sentences. I don’t know if this is something that is a bug on my phone or not, but it’s pretty irritating. EDIT: I think it was a glitch because now I can have longer answers. :) However, can we have the option to start a new journal entry? I journal morning and night and would love a separate section for each.

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    Best app I've found so far

    I'm going through a difficult time. In my search for apps to aid mental health, I found Stoic and fell in love with it. I recently had to transfer colleges and left one of my favorite professors. I took several of his classes and before every one, he'd have us read Epictetus. It was always a calming exercise and this app reminds me so much of those good times in class. It's good to see that so many others are benefiting from the philosophy. There's one bug I've noticed. Sometimes the app itself glitches and the icon goes blank. No biggie, I just go to move the app and then it comes back and I can open it. Additionally, it'd be cool to be able to edit the list (if you can already, I haven't found it) of things to focus on and things enjoyed.

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    Not a waste of time

    I like you and have enjoyed using you this past 2-3 weeks. We can choose where we want to go each day. There might not be a dark mode, in some areas, but for now, I like the quotes, just one can really make my day. I’ve used the thoughtful and other sections, I like how it doesn’t promise a lot and does what it says it does. I’m an overthinker. For the most part, I would just stick with the breathe section when I started, though now I don’t go as much and instead go to the quotes section. I like all the specific labeled icons and it actually helps being black and white, it just seems like a good idea. No colors to bother your eyes. Well, thanks for making this.

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    Humble, breathtaking, perfect

    This app combines everything crucial to a stable healthy mind in one humble, well designed experience. I am awed by the depth and carefulness with which this was crafted. It is an app that I wish I would have designed. I am floored that it exists and is not known by everyone. Specifically, I use it to get motivated upon rising with its stoic quotes, to write morning pages, which is a technique enumerated in the famous book, “The Artist’s Way”, to set and disarm my fears for the day, and then use the timer for my own self guided meditation. I am beginning to develop an evening routine it, as well. Thank you for developing this application. It compliments my beliefs and other routines so sweetly.

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    App gets worse with every update

    Why change the layout of the routine? Before I could just scroll through all of it. I could see the quote as I was writing about it. Now I have my whole 6 inch screen dedicated to one question? How does that make sense? And now the (already pointless) “what is your focus today?” question has like 30 options. Why is that necessary? Do you really think every person is going to be able to predict how their day will go? Maybe some can, but I certainly can’t. Adding on to this, when I installed the recent update, my routine from yesterday got deleted. Please just go back to the layout that’s in the App Store preview video. You can integrate the journal button in the bottom right, I like that. And also I’d remove the trends tab and mood questions, I don’t see the point.

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    Thank you. 🙏

    This has helped me tremendously- and not in the way I thought it would. It’s worth it to try! I want to thank you for this app, from the bottom of my heart. I haven’t said that in quite some time. It’s only been 3 days and honestly, I didn’t know if I’d keep the app- I was depressed and didn’t want to look inward or even put in the work to improve my life. BUT THE QUOTES... that’s what got me! And the only the work is what you want to put in!! Long story short, I have been in deep thought about myself. I realize I CAN change myself and for the first time in ages, I feel like I am ready to fight for my happiness. ❤️

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Is stoic. mental health journal Safe?

Yes. stoic. mental health journal is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,392 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for stoic. mental health journal Is 64.9/100.

Is stoic. mental health journal Legit?

Yes. stoic. mental health journal is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,392 stoic. mental health journal User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for stoic. mental health journal Is 64.9/100.

Is stoic. mental health journal not working?

stoic. mental health journal works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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