Word Collect: Word Games Reviews

Word Collect: Word Games Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-31

Play 2500+ Levels & Get 500 Bonus Coins! DOWNLOAD the best word puzzle
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Word Collect: Word Games Reviews

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    Best word game out there!

    I am still playing this game even after I’ve threatened to quit a time or two (lol). On level 2300 now and I never expected to get beyond 1000, certainly not 2000. If you like word games, this is one of the best. The fact that the words are alphabetized is key...this gives you a fighting chance. It’s great for expanding your vocabulary, sharpening your spelling skills, and just keeping your mind sharp. I don’t participate in team play, just by myself and that is sufficiently fun. I buy hints occasionally, and while I’m probably addicted, I’ve gotten good enough that I’m just having fun, but not feeling stressed out or ripped off. At one point I criticized the starred word bonuses, because I thought they were impossible to get and they were words no one had ever heard of (besides having to use a lot of hints on). But I’m finding at this level the bonus words are often words that are known, just not as frequently used. I no longer do the challenges because they’ve gotten too difficult for me, but that doesn’t bother me. Very fun game, well designed not too easy not too hard, and bonuses and perks are offered from time to time to keep you motivated and interested. My granddaughter and I even play when we’re together. Good job, developers!

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    Love Word Collect

    I love finding words as quickly as I can and then comes the real challenge. There’s often one or two left that aren’t obvious. Some of the words are not commonly used but for the most part, you can analyze and solve them. Hints are necessary at times. Love the game. A few complaints below that if addressed would improve the game. You get extra points for successive words and often it misses a word you have connected with your finger. Then I have to slow down and retrace the word I just used, it goes through but you didn’t get the extra points. When I am going fast before words I see slip my mind - the words I’ve already tried once are shown at the top if you try them twice. That’s clunky to use and once you open it, it stays on the screen way too long. Separately, I cannot figure out what is going on with team play. Way too complicated and not well explained in my opinion. The game doesn’t sync on your devices. I started on my iPad and it made my hand ache from too much playing 😬. So started playing on phone - better with less real estate to cover. Points acquired on my iPad are just sitting there. Wish they synced.

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    I have been playing this game for quite a while. This is my favorite word game ever. I play every day several times a day and while I watch tv at night. I never do updates unless the game won’t let me play without the update. I was updating another game and saw the update for Word Collect and thought why not. Biggest mistake of my life, now I can’t play, when I went back to play the daily challenge it froze after I joined a group or whatever the new thing is. I don’t usually do these because I never connect with Facebook I don’t like Facebook games. It came up to get my daily reward and it won’ close out of that. There is no x to close that screen or anything. Now I am devastated that I can’t play, what do I do this is the only word I play it is the best one I have ever seen. Now I am lost. I have never written a review but I am going to be lost. Sad to lose such a great game, I should never have updated because I didn’t have to. Sadly I guess I will have to delete and try to find another word game I enjoy so much (I know I won’t I have tried them all. : < ( ,,, I don’t know how to rate now, I would give it 5 stars up to the update but now I can’t play at all.

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    The dev allows time to try before delivering 90+ second ads

    I like the game and like that the developer gave me 60 some levels before getting onerous with ads. But then i started gettimg ads of 90 seconds or longer ever game or two. Its cheap to killthe ads. 2.99 kills them forever according to the offer. I haven’t decided yet so the other option is watch 5 ads and it turns them off for a day. The developer has put alot of thought into balancing the need for monetization, they have to make a living, and time to get into the game so you want to pay them a bit. The game itself is easy enough to be fast and addictive and hard enough to keep interesting. The ad i answered for it showed a timed game with a set of letters and challenged you to make as many words as possible. The game so far has presented differently with a set of boxes you fill in with tiles by making words, no timer. I,m guessing the further i get in to it the more variations will be presented.

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    Where is the game I downloaded?

    I downloaded this game because of an ad that popped up during another game that I was playing. It looked really interesting to pick out words out of a puzzle of letters. Where is the game that I downloaded? This is a totally different game. I started play hoping that I would get to the level that included the game I wanted. I am now on level 150 and still no. So let me review this game. First of all it is addicting. That’s it said it is also very frustrating. What is the use of collecting piggyback coins if you have to ultimately pay for them? Also the music is mind numbing! You have to go totally out of the app into settings to shut it off. Lastly amount of ads is crazy. I get you’re trying to sell other games but showing two and three ads at a time it’s totally distracting and counterintuitive to the mind sharpness that this game is supposed to promote. At least show different ads! Of course we have to pay money to remove the ads. I lost interest in the game because of these negative aspects. Playing is supposed to be fun not annoying. Developers please make some changes. Update: I received an answer from the developer. They should develop a game called Word Salad because that’s what the answer was. No issues were addressed. No reason why I got a totally different game than advertised. No problems were solved. I deleted the game.

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    The simple thing you do is wrong

    The tons of pop ups are unbearable in the free version to the point of seeming more harassment than friendly offers. I turned off notifications for this app and yet they keep coming. This is a bit aggressive for my liking or for a word game. I feel like uninstalling and may do so at this rate. The gameplay is okay but is geared toward generating income more than fun. Note that it isn’t being ad supported that is annoying and I certainly know how businesses generate funds for having handled billing for ours, but it’s how frequent and obtrusive they are. To stop ALL notifications I had to do so by sliding the last notification to find the setting to finally get them to stop. Why was this option tucked away from all the rest of the notification toggle switches? It’s not that a company conducts business to make money as much as how they go about it. Assaulting our senses isn’t my idea of the best business practices. To get me to pay you must be considerate and see my side of things too. Make the ads smaller, make them close as easily as they open, and do not ruin our fun by running an ad at every opportunity in the game. This game feels as if the actual game is closing all the ads as they come at you like a pack of ninjas.

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    Misspells basic words and doesn’t recognize others as words at all.

    This game is ok in concept, I suppose, but it’s extremely slow and easy and there are so many mistakes that it becomes more frustrating than fun. There are a ridiculous amount of words that it just doesn’t recognize, even as bonus words, some of which are just the plural form of words it does recognize. (Some of which were even recognized in previous levels) Even worse, some of the words it is your object to find are misspelled, so unless you think to spell a perfectly normal, easy word incorrectly, you may get stuck on a level. (And just so you don’t think I’m the idiot misspelling words and then blaming the game, I’ll give you one of the examples I remember: tatoo. That was a difficult one to figure out, bc the only ACTUAL 5 letter word spelled with the letters given was not recognized by the game, again even as a bonus word, and I didn’t think to simply misspell a very common and simple 6 letter word in order to make it 5 letters.) The fact that it professes to calculate iq is very obviously a gimmick as well. For one thing, one must wonder how accurately a game could gage one’s iq that cannot even correctly spell tattoo. Once I had encountered misspelled words a couple times, I quit the game and found an alternative, of which there are too many to waste time with this.

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    The good and the not-so-good

    I’ve been playing for a long time and play everyday as I listen to a book on tape or watch tv and I keep coming back to play, but there are some things that really bug me. 1. After you win so many games, you “win” the opportunity to buy coins. That’s not a win. 2. So many made up words! When I accidentally find one because it’s the only letters that fit and then click on it to find the meeting, I get the message, “we can’t find that definition right now”, as if they are ever going to find it. It’s frustrating to get to one last word only to find it’s not really a word. 3. Word collection award. You never win! I’ve played the game over a year and never won. Supposedly, when you collect 5 of the designated letters, they are added to the word collection, but in fact, they only replace a letter already there. I took a screenshot of my last two games and there is literally no difference in the puzzle, just more points, which means nothing as far as I can tell. If I could insert that screenshot here, I would. So, in summary, for a free app it keeps your mind working and is fun to complete levels, but there’s no impetus to buy more coins or win at anything.

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    Change the ads to make it look like your actual game

    I rate the game itself as a 3 star because although it’s a good game and good concept, there are so many other games just like it now-a-days, seeing the same thing over and over again gets boring but overall, it is still a good concept. However if I was to rate the ads y’all make for this, it would be a -5 star because I originally downloaded this game because I thought (from seeing from the ad) that this was a word unscrambler game, like there was gonna be an X amount of letters, scrambled up at the top of the screen and I had to see how many words I could get from those scrambled letters. Your ad made it look like it wasn’t one of those typical “drag your finger from letter to letter”, it made it look different and original, which made me happy, so I downloaded it, less than 5 seconds of opening the game, I deleted because I realized that y’all made the ad look better than the actually game, one thing I absolutely CAN NOT stand is when game developers make a game and the ads for that game, are nothing like the game itself, and btw, last time I checked, false advertising is against the law... fix the ads pls🤷🏼‍♀️

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    I want to like it more

    I really wanted to give this game five stars, but I can’t. The game is fun and addictive, but here are some issues. First of all, the darn tiles are too close together, so if you don’t go slow enough, you may leave a letter off, or, as in most cases, add a letter you do not want. It’s a real pain. When I go slow to make sure I am spelling the word correctly, I often lose a letter or even get an extra letter added. Give us more space, please! Second, you can get points for extra words, but only if all the words that length are not already filled in. For instance, say you have filled all your four letter words in but would like extra points for another four letter word you thought of. Tough luck, no dice! Third, the developers offer no way out of an accidental game you are playing. For instance, I, personally, do not want to play against an opponent, but I somehow tapped a button that put me into a competition. No way out, and I don’t like that. If you want competition, great, but you ought to be able to decide if you want to compete or not. It’s a game that is fun and challenging, but it definitely needs some tweaking.

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    Not Good

    For format and responsivity this app is excellent. Unfortunately, it is a ‘game’ based in language and in this respect it fails miserably. This is not a crossword so that the words chosen are particular to the words they must spell through. No, these words are all independent of be another and therefore any word of the required length should suffice. They do not. Further, it must be a rather peculiar dictionary that as a secondary issue identifies only certain words as legitimate (and therefore ‘bonus’ words, whatever that means!). There are words accepted that are not words in my dictionary or thesaurus. And there is of course the issue of unacceptable words, deemed not-words and dismissed out of hand. Next to last, the nonregistering of some entries causes problems when, at wit’s end, a hint is asked for and it turns out to be a word thought to have been rejected. Last, and simply annoying, are the peremptory instructions offered when, for instance, a ‘bonus’ word is duplicated in a attempt to see if perhaps it really might work. (See previous critique for source of this action.). As much as I have loved some aspects of this app I have today deleted it because I find no fun in playing it as a guessing game. TYVM

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    The ads are really too much!

    Here’s yet another person complaining about too many ads on a game, but it’s much more than that. Remember when it was clear where you had to click the ‘X”, and only had to click it once? Now we’re getting insulted by “X”’s that you have to click multiple times to get to work, and the click area is sometimes so small that you almost always find yourself in the App Store? Or the “X” being a couple shades off from the background colour, making then hard to find, and now I’m seeing ads that when you finally see the “X” and click it, it displays another version of the same ad where you have to do navigate through everything a second time. And the latest is the “X” not appearing at all. (IE Best Fiends & Toon Blast ads) When will developers learn that irritating people that are using their app’s isn’t how you get people to try other apps? All it ever makes me want to do is uninstall your app. This style of game now is a dime a dozen, so there’s really nothing special enough about this app to warrant having to deal with these types of ads. Personally, there isn’t an app on the planet that is.

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    Word Collect 2,500 + Levels

    I really love this game. I read other reviews and decided to try it out. I have not been disappointed. You can make it as calming or challenging as you like. You can play and take your time or you can choose to play against others. You can join a league and work with your team mates to help your league improve and move up on the leader board. You can earn coins to help with hints in the game and only if you want to - you can tap a free button to watch ads and earn more coins. You can tap on a gift box every day and earn free coins. And only if you want to you can watch an ad and open each of the other two gift boxes offered as a choice to open. All in all I have really enjoyed playing this game since I downloaded it. A great way to pass the time if you love word games. I am finding that I am not playing my other word games now that I have this one. Definitely recommend! 😊

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    Soooo many ads.

    Play 2 rounds see a video add. Play one round. Ad. Play 3 rounds, ads. The ads are longer than the rounds. Uninstalling after 15 minutes of playing. Response from app developers: Hello Tay, Thank you for taking the time to post a review. Ads support our game and ensure that we can offer it for free, but it's completely understandable that they can be distracting. You can disable ads from appearing by making any purchase. Send us a message through the app if you have any questions. Thank you!" My response: I understand ads, but If you just started playing the rounds take seconds to complete. The ads run longer than the rounds. The ads don’t let you exit out until a certain amount of time passes. That’s NOT including the pop-up ads for in game add-on! Other complain about the amount of ads. I played a round in 5 seconds had a 20 second round. Finished the next round just as quickly. A 20 second ad again. I spent more time watching ads vs playing. That’s the complaint. I don’t even know if I’ll like the game enough to want to buy because it was super easy in the beginning. The ad I saw for this game looked more interesting than the game I played.

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    Ad after every level

    I love this game and have played it in the past. When I reopened it, I quickly realized that not only are there ads after EVERY single level, you cannot click off the ads until the developer makes you wait for what seems like an eternity. I don’t mind waiting for an ads on most games-I understand the developers desire to make money. However, not only are the number of ads ridiculous but also the fact that when you get the first “X” to close ad, instead of closing the ad, it brings you to the App Store for that ad THREE times. And then, when it finally stops bringing you to the App Store, it makes you watch another 10 to 15 second ad. I love this game and would enjoy playing it. And I am not averse to paying for ad free if it’s reasonable. But this game literally seems to want to make you so frustrated that you feel like you have NO OPTION but to pay. I’m sorry but I don’t like to be forced to pay bc the sheer number of ads, the trickery involved in bringing you back to App Store multiple times and the amount of time you must wait just to go to the next set of words. Too frustrating and deceitful for my purposes..

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Is Word Collect: Word Games Safe?

Yes. Word Collect: Word Games is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 435,103 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Word Collect: Word Games Is 42.6/100.

Is Word Collect: Word Games Legit?

Yes. Word Collect: Word Games is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 435,103 Word Collect: Word Games User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Word Collect: Word Games Is 42.6/100.

Is Word Collect: Word Games not working?

Word Collect: Word Games works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 8 Comments

By Larry
Sep 13 2021

On level 1289 the final answer is “goggles”, however that answer will not be accepted and therefore I am stuck on this level for 9 hours until free coins are available again..... frustrating to say the least .

By Mae Moore
Aug 30 2021

I've been playing Word Collect for two months. I finally got down to needing one cent ($0.01) this past Friday, August 27, 2021. As of today, I still need just one cent ($0.01). Whenever I played 20 puzzles the game was paying. Now, all it is doing is giving coins. I'm at Level 2221. Do this game pay the $150.00 like they say?

By Ann Marshall
Jun 24 2021

My IQ score has suddenly appeared as "NaN" ??
How do I adjust it back to a score?

By Anna West
Jun 12 2021

I can't change the difficulty level. Please leave exact instructions. I've requested help with this before but never received any reponses.This is my favorite word game. Thank you.

By Megan dunnicliff
Jun 07 2021

Hi, my Nan plays word collect it’s her favourite game, she’s on level 3,000 and odd. She’s now having a problem and really does not want to delete the game. The game is taking up 20GB of data from her iPad, she only has 30GB on the iPad and now can’t get on most of her other apps, is there anything we can do?

By Arlene Crowley-Chagnon
Jun 06 2021

I have been enjoying this game: however on level properly spelled words will no register! Is there a solution?

By Deanna Davis
Mar 26 2021

I have been playing word collect for 2 years. Now I am now unable to open it. Is it no longer available?

By Jenny Norman
Mar 06 2021

I am currently on level 2585. The word is Hosting. And I am stuck on a word between ghost and hoist. I typed hints but to no avail. What is the answer.

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