GUU: Debate Politics & Shop Reviews

GUU: Debate Politics & Shop Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-25

Americans inadvertently donate 3X more to politicians and PACs through their
purchases than they donate on purpose. Let's change that! Goods Unite Us is a
women-led, Madison-Wisconsin based company with a well-established track-record
of providing accurate data. Enter a company or br...

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GUU: Debate Politics & Shop Reviews

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    Everything I needed that I didn’t know I needed!

    This app is so well done! I found myself in a rabbit hole constantly online trying to figure out who and what companies fund specific candidates and policies. I’m so happy that someone has developed this app. It’s so well organized and also so eye opening. I like how it caters to all parties, and mostly the quiz that gives you an overall sighting of where your spending your money. And then it gets even better when they breakdown alternatives to get you on track to putting money in the companies that contribute to the candidates and polices you believe in.

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    Love this app!

    Just learned about how this app lets you know how the companies we do business with support Political Parties & People running for office. We have found that a lot of businesses we have purchased from for years are VERY OFTEN supporting interests that are NOT the same as our own. Unfortunately it’s like we have been giving $$ to companies to go against, what or who, we would vote for. But no more! With the help of this app we will NO LONGER be contributing to this. Thank you for creating this app to give us the information & knowledge to choose.

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    This seems to be a left-leaning app. It ranks most Republicans-leaning companies negatively no matter how much donations they give, and mislabel many Democrat-giving companies as Republican, even though if you look at the “Political” tab you see that these companies clearly gave to Democrat politicians. Don’t believe me? Look at CNN and NBC, clearly left-leaning Democrat organizations, yet they are marked initially with a red elephant (Republican), but when you look at who they gave to...All Democrats. Still, I gave the app two stars because it does help me decide which companies I don’t want to spend money or time using...I don’t use their deceptive rank, but instead I go straight to the list of people the company in question made donations to.

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    Revolutionary Awareness!!!

    Thanks so much for this wonderful gift & outstanding service for educating me and my family on where we are spending our hard earned CASH! This really makes a huge difference as we can definitely vote for businesses which support our commitment to social justice issues and community service... We must make sure that our dollars impact equality equity and a level playing field for everyone across the board! Rich politicians must be held accountable and embrace paying their fair share!!!

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    It’s funny.

    The review I wrote previously is gone. I wonder what happened. I thanked the maker of this app for giving me/us a tool to help us shop at conservative companies. I have noticed though that the way this app rates is a bit misleading. For instance, any business that rates a negative score is a business that donates more to the Republican Party, any business with a green number Democrat. But the score on the list often times does not reflect the percentage donated, for instance, a company that gets a minus 41 actually donates 100%. Or that scores a 60 donates 90+%. My point here is don’t go by the score in the column. Select the company and look at the percentages. The company you are looking at may actually be more or less generous to your party of choice than the score would seem to indicate.

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    Smart Choices for a Liberal

    As a life long Democrat I want to spend my money to advance the ideas that I think will empower my belief that we can all live in peace. As such, I was delighted to get this app and make conscious choices about how a company stand about issues. I won’t buy anything anymore that comes from a company that supports the Republican agenda. I don’t want to live in the America that they want to live in so I don’t want to throw them my money.

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    Early adopter didn’t get credit

    This is a great app. I love how it bring transparency to what companies are doing with your money and political campaigns. My only complaint is that I referred a ton of people before they started charging money. I didn’t get credit for any of it when after that they were giving away subscriptions. I don’t mind the ads they just should have started tracking referrals from the beginning if they wanted to use them as an incentive.

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    Great app!

    It’s nice to be aware of who donates to what party the most. It seems that other reviewers like it so they can avoid purchasing products supporting Republicans. I feel the same but about the ones supporting the Democrats. Its interesting to know that most of the big cell phone companies donate more than 50% to the Republican party. I’d like to see how many people will give up their phones or stop shopping at Walmart. Very interesting.

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    Seems to still be in beta

    There is very little transparency in your ratings. For example, I have no clue how CVS Pharmacy shows as “Leans Democrat” while others sites indicate (and back up with numbers) that they lean Republican, especially in the past few years. Also, your in-app help menu is just a repeat of the intro tutorial, the option to Give Feedback via FB doesn’t even connect us to the appropriate FB account page, and the option to give feedback via Twitter doesn’t work on current iOS app

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    Can you fix this?

    So disappointed. Can you fix this app so that the print can be made larger and bolder? There are many of us with less than perfect vision. I can adjust the font on many apps and on my cell Phone but not on this app. So disappointed! Was so looking forward to checking out companies, retailers and individuals who don’t always “put their money where their mouth is”!!!😆😆 Would love to be able to use app if this issue can be addressed. It is a great concept. Now you are telling me my nickname has already been taken so try another one. Buy the system seems licked up abd won’t let me. Will try again. Nope.

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    Grades based on bias - Not just $$$

    Sure, everyone has a bias, but when speaking on the cronyism in D.C., it seems as though this would be a more fair to grade solely on dollars spent in Washington D.C.. For instance, a company that donates $(X) to a progressive agenda should be graded equally to those companies that donate $(X) to conservative agendas. ( I.e. $(PX)=$(CX) ) It is intellectually dishonest to suggest that one company that practices in the same manner that another does, is any better or worse than the other, based on bias. I am neither a liberal nor conservative, but I fully believe that cronyism, no matter what side, is the root of many American problems that are currently being faced.

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    Locks you into chosen brands for your score

    I completed the test about brands I use, which hit some major areas. However, it doesn’t let you alter your stores/brands after your score is set. I went through every screen of the app and found nothing to help modify the list of brands. It would be nice to also have a favorite list for politicians to save searching every time. I’ll change this review for a higher score if the update is provided for user modification to personal list of brands/politicians.

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    I’m voting with my dollar

    I love Goods. It’s never been so Important to me that I’m not funding companies who choose to fund corporations or call me names behind my back. I think Home Depot was a great example for me. When because I was in the party that believes in equality, environmental concerns (regulations) climate change, and most of all honesty get called a libtard by the CEO, I walked away. Getting used to Lowe’s, but would like to see more blue companies found.

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    Thank you

    The voice of purchase power is important! This app is terrific in providing just the information I need to purchase or not purchase products.. so I can be more ethical and true to my progressive and democratic values. Thank you. I also love it that women are a force in this company and you hale from Wisconsin. The male / female balance in your company hopefully makes you a collaborative company.. as a mother of two sons -this is so important.

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    How can I help spread the word. I love this app

    I’ve changed where I shop, the brands I purchase and little by little I will only spend my dollars where the brand supports my politics. I believe this, more than anything will reshape America. Most of us support companies that don’t support us and we should empower those that do. I will make sure my friends and clients have and use this app. Thank you.

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Is GUU: Debate Politics & Shop Safe?

Yes. GUU: Debate Politics & Shop is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 15,893 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for GUU: Debate Politics & Shop Is 65.6/100.

Is GUU: Debate Politics & Shop Legit?

Yes. GUU: Debate Politics & Shop is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 15,893 GUU: Debate Politics & Shop User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for GUU: Debate Politics & Shop Is 65.6/100.

Is GUU: Debate Politics & Shop not working?

GUU: Debate Politics & Shop works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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