Contact Likee - Short Video Community

Contact Likee - Short Video Community

Published by on 2022-09-22

Likee is a free original short video maker and sharing platform worldwide with
excellent live streams. Likee brings short videos, video effects and live stream
into one easy-to-use application. With the powerful personalized feed and video

How to Contact Likee - Short Video Community

Likee - Short Video Community Contact Information

Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with Likee - Short Video Community. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact Likee - Short Video Community. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
The following contact options are available: Pricing Information, Support, General Help, and Press Information/New Coverage (to guage reputation).

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Developer: LIKEME PTE.LTD.

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Likee Website

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Developer: LIKEME PTE.LTD.

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit LIKEME PTE.LTD. Website

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Common Likee - Short Video Community Issues

  • By crownedmusical.lymuser

    Be carful of this app read this

    I am a famous social media influencer that was invited to this app was verified for a long time things seemed to be going well. this app decided to make changes that down graded all certified creators on this platform. They told us all that it was just changes they’re were making no worries said our agents. After a month of this this app decided a to ask for more they wanted certified creators to prove themselves all over again as if your doing audacity on all over again in this process they made promises that everyone will get the new verification badge. This was not the case instead they took that away from so many creators including my self. I have been a influencer for Avery long time and verified on many platforms. I have never seen anything like this when this happens many left this app including myself as they are not great to do business with they ask for a lot with fake promises to make you shine. Beware everyone going on this platform of a agent contacts you and says they’re I’ll get your verified watch out as this abs been already proven as a scam. I will not ever use this platform again since it truly is a bunch of scammers running this platform. Your better off staying on other platforms where this type of thing won’t happen.

  • By kahinat sangar

    I don’t know

    This app is overall good but it has a lot of problems first of all they have made thousands of bots making it seem like they are real humans I know that because the put real human pictures and they all have one job make people think they are humans and make them like this app more by saying nice things in their comments plz don’t scam us like this and on more you can’t search for any song I mean people come from different religion and cultures and they want different kind of songs like Farsi songs so plz fix that and one more thing happens to me all the time I posted a lyrics of a song that was very innocent it was a song the name of the song was “driver license” it didn’t even have one photo in it. It was just the lyrics of the song with a black background and they took my video down and send me a message saying the video was inappropriate so I deleted it and put another video that was two best friends doing hand shake and then hug each other TWO Girls and the took it down so plz stop being so sensitive it really makes users frustrated and it’s really annoying and one more thing it doesn’t let you block people so please fix that and other then that it’s a good app with lots of great filters.

  • By lilly corson

    Terrible app

    It’s terrible if I can give it 0 review I will love that my cousin downloaded it bruh she posted some vids the next day she got weird like bruh grown men followed her and old people she tried to block the but then more creeps followed her agian agian agian and agian bruh she always comes to my house to sleep with me bc she had no siblings she always had terrible dreams and I have 6 siblings so that is why she come here we sleeps in the same room but bruh she is scared as heck bruh she is so scared and the creeps comments (hey baby girl can I have your number)bruh there word as heck it’s a terrible app my cousin is shaking rn like bruh I feel so bad for her this is a terrible app it’s terrible she had shaking a lot like bruhhhhhhhhhh I hate it tik tok is much safer she downloaded it I follow her but it’s a privet acc on this app u can even make a privet acc I just hate it😡😡😡😡🙄🙄🙄she is gonna erase it after this I just hate it to many creeps they repost her vids on her acc like ugh🙄🙄🙄hate this app 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄hate it so much like bruhhhhhhhh I hate it =_=(-_-) hate it and I hate who ever made this app 🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡💀💀she is shaking rn and she asked me one time you wait for her to go to the bathroom outside the door💀💀 like bruhhhhhhhh u have gave creeps to her world hate the app🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡

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Reported Issues: 32 Comments

By Amin Odah
Sep 26 2022

Hello, I have a problem with Likee. Previously, I connected the VK platform, but today it tells me that the vk login has expired. I hope you delete the vk account so that I can add a new VK account, thank you.

By Ayesha Khan
Apr 01 2022

Dear likee team the linked number is no longer useable please change my link number account.1)Dear User likee id name is ALI_786__.
2)the date i signed in 1994_04_22.
3)the original linked phone number is +966594785465.
4)the new number i want to link is +923194295446.
5)the device model which one i use model is Infinix X695.
6)the new phone number i want to link +923194295446.My country name is Pakistan & Pakistan country code is +92##

By Jonnie majadas
Nov 13 2021

Unlock my iD

By Collin Kruleski
Oct 29 2021

Ok first of all likee got me pissed off everytime i post a picture of my girlfriend they take it down, second of all likee should not be doing that because its nothing bad. Second thing I want u likee to unban my girlfriends account her account name is leah morest please unban her and disable her parental controls right now u got me fucking pissed off its not even funny.

By Angela Dennis
Oct 07 2021

This company toke $200 from my cash app account, I don’t know nothing about this company and want my $200 back, like wtf do I need with it. Please help me get my money back because it is my money

By waqarsultan
Aug 25 2021

my account is bannd is done please unbannd my account

Aug 11 2021

I want to delete my likee account but I can't seen my account management and delete account, please help me

By Danish
Aug 09 2021

I have 3 likee id all are freeze please make it unfreez

By Elie Marcel
Aug 05 2021

Likee ID: 259807719
Likee name: Elie Marcel
Hi, I need you help please
I really need help from you plz
I used likee before, but you know kids mind
I used to post some weird videos of myself
And this it becomes big trouble where I live.
Some people download them and show them in public, it been so terrible for me
My friends Laugh at me.
Please help me, this is issue
I just need you to remove the videos
I’ve forgot username and password
Likee ID: 259807719
Likee name: ELIE MARCEL

By Arian
Jul 10 2021

Hello, my user ID is Arian4030. For some odd reason on my account I can no longer view massages. I get a notification saying parental controls are enabled. I have sent you a picture copy of my birth certificate which states my date of birth 08/04/2003. I am 17 years old and will be 18 years old next month. Why is there parental controls needed in my case? I am over the 16 year mark stated in your policies to have an active account. Please help me resolve this issue. Also is there a phone number where I can call if this issue .continues? Thank you

By I am Official Agent Rakibul
May 19 2021

Anyone any problem direct WhatsApp sms and Email

By Carmen Fleming
May 19 2021

Can’t go live no more can Plase give me a phone call at 601 720-3860

By Erika
Apr 23 2021

I need my old account deleted .
I can’t have my old account being out there with my info on where I live and shit . Please delete my old account .

By jasmine cooper :)
Apr 21 2021

lol hi im jasmine. i got banned for no reason...and um...i cried alot. like ALOT. Because i had 100k followers and i was so happy. i never had that much. then boomed im banned. please give my account back this isnt funny. my likee ID is EliteDaily. thanks :/

By Miss Becomzy
Jan 29 2021

I lost my likee account

By LIly Sharne
Jan 28 2021

My Likee name is - lily_is_amazing - ID :674154970,, this is my proper account
I have another account in the name of lily_thing no ID number. which i cannot delete as i need my contact number for
my proper account, i was wondering is there anyway you could delete this account lily_thing as i cannot delete it and
I don't know what to do anymore>> i cant even withdraw my diamonds when it it time.. i please need your help,
I hope to hear from you soon.

By Timothy alvey
Jan 22 2021

I am official broadcaster through likee and my telephone number had to be changed because of some personal problems now I cannot switch my telephone number my email address for the new one I need your help switching up can you please switch my telephone number and email address to the new one please here is my new telephone number area code 812 774-8118 here is my new email address [email protected] that I need you to put in please and take out the old one here's my old email address and telephone number my old telephone number is this 812 431 9643 and here is my old email address [email protected] can you please remove them too and put the new ones in my name is Timothy Alvey my account name is Young Elton John but I go by Gypsy Prince I'm with team Madhouse if that helps are you contact me back and let me know on the new email address thank you are what you send me a text my telephone number I really appreciate it from Mr Alvey

By Anastacia Zander
Dec 20 2020

I want to add another phone number so I can log in and talk to old friends, I would also like to post a video for my friends that are online to let them know im ok, but its not letting me log in.. I would also like the change my password.

By Joana
Dec 01 2020

Hi, please we received a message that Likee has left Africa behind in terms of crowning of badges and Payment of having the badge, especially ( The country Ghana)
And this is really a sad News
Please We Need an Agency from This country (Ghana)
To help promote Likeers who are on the App
Please Reply with A Good News.
For agency in Ghana
You can have this user
likeeID (Frenchchoco14)

Nov 26 2020

If likee again hiring those city agent which is already a friend of agent selection or k3 team so why likee waste her time and other to

By Yktv Cj🥴
Nov 24 2020

I got banned for no reason on likee. I was just watching videos and I got banned😔

By Leafi
Nov 07 2020

I used like 10 months ago. and I go in to check things out. I was messing with settings because the app has been updated since then, and I dropped my phone which clicked age and changed it to 2011. NOW IM STUCK, CANT EDIT MY ACC, CANT POST, CANT SAY HI TO OLD FRIENDS, OR A N Y T H I N G. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! YOU CANT KEEP ME IN FOR 4 YEARS UNTIL MY "AGE" BECOMES 13. I AM 15 DUDE

By Md Nazrul Islam
Nov 02 2020

I use likee since 2019 , and had banned more then 100 times without reason . Now I can't login my account, please can anyone help to talk with authorities.

By QueenNylah_123
Oct 25 2020

Can you make my Likee account public again please because I wanna like videos and comment on them

By Peggy ohenewaa
Oct 09 2020

U no dis morning as soon as a got up I went to check if my appel has been check and yet still they haven't cos they think am underage...but I have one question....before we created our page on likee we submitted our age and other stuff so how can u came hear after that and tell me Am underage...I also sent u guys a pic of my id card and I pic of me...and up till now I haven't heard anything from u guys....Am beginning to think u guys a fraud....cos I dnt understand...u said u will reveal my appel after 3working day and it been a week..Am loosingfun and frnd cos of dis...Am fed up if I dnt hear any thing soon and going to rate dis app bad and i will delete it...Am so fed up

By Peggy ohenewaa
Oct 08 2020

Am just getting bored day in and day out how can u banned me for being underage wells am 22 years and I send my apple and up till now no answer is dis some kind of joke or what

By Jose
Oct 07 2020

Am Sayed to be underage but am a grown up person,,,,,am blocked from live events,,,,,I can't go live,,,,whyyyy

By AlyIssa
Oct 01 2020

Tengo muchos videos que me lo estais bloqueando porbque supuestamente incumplo las normas?Quiero saber que korma incumplo en bailar en un parque con una cacion que la tuve que buscar en likee y no puedo crear video proprio cin la cancuon propria o la q me gusta,o la parte de un cancion?Me gustaria saber los motivos .Por que la verdad no me parece mejor que el tik tok.Y que no puedo contactar con vosotros en revisar mis videos y demonstrar o demonstrarme claramente donde e incumolido la norma.Que pasa?POR GRABAR EN UN PARQUE SIN MASCARILLA ES UN NORMA DE INCUMOLIMENTO?

By ronald jacobsen
Sep 14 2020

my account got banned i dont even post onthis i like funny vids please reconsider my account

By James Wilson
Sep 13 2020

my daughter got banned and I would like to know why. Especially since it is saying she was banned because of pornographic material.

By Lilo Hidalgo
Sep 02 2020

I’m missing the (Follows, Popular and Live) tabs on the top next to my profile picture.
How can I bring them back?
Thank you.

By emarri
Sep 01 2020

i cant even log in on my 2 devices without the messing up my account after i told them that the person is me! likee needs to understand that i can do what i want with my account i can log in on both of my devices and i believe they banned my account like what?!?!?!

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