Run Race 3D — Fun Parkour Game Reviews

Run Race 3D — Fun Parkour Game Reviews

Published by on 2023-10-18

About: Best Free Running game. Compete with others and get the real parkour experience.

About Run Race 3D Fun Parkour Game

Jump from wall to wall, climb ropes, slide to get faster, flip to jump higher , grab to swing, use monkey bars to not fall.

Compete with others and get the real parkour experience.

There are dozens of maps and all require different set of skills.

Increase your ranking by beating your opponents.


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Key Benefits of Run Race 3D Fun Parkour Game

- Fun gameplay with the ability to race against other players

- Option to change skins and names

- Low pressure social aspect with no need to talk to other players

- Scoreboard to track progress and see who is in the lead

- Ability to buy different skins and sizes of bodies

20 Run Race 3D Fun Parkour Game Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Potentially Problematic

So here’s the thing—this is a great game!! It is so addicting and fun. But the only problematic situation: it glitches NON-STOP. Non-stop! So then it’s harder to play the game and it makes me sooooo unhappy. Not only does the glitches do something to the game; it does something to the iPad, and then ALL of my apps start glitching, in which I have never seen them do so before. Then—don’t even get me started on the RIDICULOUS ads. A few are really inappropriate for other viewers that may be younger. I really have higher expectations than that, Good Job Games. And I know ads are your way to make money, but you make a ton of money already with all your other AWESOME games (which do not glitch, if I do say so myself). Please—do everyone a favor and fix these problems. If you do that I will change my rating to 5 STARS. YES, 5 STARS! This game is potentially problematic to my other games, I suspect it may have a virus. How do I know? Well for starters when I’m playing your game the screen suddenly goes black when I had JUST checked the battery (100) and then when I plugged it back in it said 0. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? HOW IS IT HAPPENING?? Not mad I’m just so confused. Just so you know. Thank you for making these great games and keep up the good work.


Kinda fun BUT Bad controls, too many ads.

This game is pretty fun. I like that you can race other people. But my biggest fail with this game is that the controls are confusing. I don’t know if it is that I’m coming from playing fun race 3D (a newer game from this company) but I find myself hitting the pass level button way to often. I also find the constant ads unnecessary. Especially when you find out that most of the games advertised are THEIR OWN GAMES! It would be fine to just have a 5 second add every like 5 runs. But you get a 30 second UNSKIPABLE add EVERY SINGLE RUN. Also I recently found out that all the victory dances are from a different game not owned by good job called ROBLOX and I’m pretty sure that they are copyrighted. My last complaint is that you have to play the same level 2 to 3 times to go to the next. This is very annoying especially when it took you HOURS to complete a level. In conclusion, the game is a little fun until the controls don’t work and a add pops up. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone and I most likely will be deleting it.



Well, first of all— the numerous amount of ads.. is quit ridiculous, and is a complete take away from the game. I can’t even get through one game, without another ad popping up randomly. Also, May I mention that ALL of the ads are also ONLY about YOUR games developers, that YOU created. Kinda self centered in that aspect of the game. Anyways, other than the ridiculous ads, you have a lot of other improvements that are needed as we’ll. Like the graphics. I’m a huge person when it comes graphics, if there are not eye catching graphics that grab my attention then I will refuse to get the game, normally. The graphics in your game are with all do respect, terrible. The game itself is ok... great! But the graphics are kinda boring, and simple. I guess that’s the look you were going for when it comes to your games, but either way you need to probably improve the graphics if you want better reviews. Other than that the games fine, and gives you something to do when your sitting in your bedroom bored out of your mind, in the dark. Which is a little specific— but hey, it works. Though, You still have a lot of things you can develop to make the game tons more fascinating.

Bye for now, ✌️


glitches 🙄

so i rly like this game it’s very fun and not to hard but not to easy. i like the tournaments and stuff and the characters and all that, but whats really annoying is the glitches. Especially on level 69, when i jump off the rope and i go over the finish line in the air, it doesn’t process it and instead of me being in the lead it assumes i’m way behind everyone else so that’s VERY annoying and another thing is when the other “two players” are rly computers do the exact same thing and are flawless which is unreal obviously, and unfair. I also wish there were more tournaments. I like this game a lot but there are things that rly NEED to be fixed that are really irritating especially when that type of thing happens during a tournament and i lose all the coins i spent on it. Also they’re are way to many ads! before every single level. what i do is turn on airplane mode and i get no ads but the problem w that is sometimes i forget to turn it off so i don’t get any messages. also sometimes it just stops like i try to hit next level but it won’t let me. and one time my control froze and it wouldn’t let me jump and i just stood there while the other “players” passed me.


Good game just some not good things

Okay yes it can get very annoying sometimes because it glitches a lot well not a lot but sometimes but Here are good reasons about the game the game is very fun and everything plus most of the coustumes are very cheap if you think there a lot we’ll you get there fast plus wanna get a game that’s expensive but get to the point of racing okay change this every time I come in a racing game YOU ALWAYS START AT THE BACK I mean come on change it sometimes be at the front and trust about this one and I know we’re not on bad facts but I’ll tell you any ways sometimes the people cheat which when you see it it can be very annoying but not always cause sometimes it’s your fault but when your in last and you were up in 1st you might scream because I do it is pretty fast with the people but sometimes if there are like no people playing they might give you robots and I’m not exactly sure I’m just guessing about that but one good fact there are bonus rounds but the thing is when your in a race/bonus round you will sometimes go backwards and forwards but it’s good for bonuses rounds cause you can get the extra coins but ya dat my review enjoy!


Love this game!!

Ok so I love this game a lot. It’s so fun that you can race other people and you don’t have to talk to anyone. I think that protects your privacy and also my mom doesn’t let me get any games that you can talk to people with. So thanks for that. The only problem is is this. When I used to play it you would have to play the same level and beat it 2 or 3 times but now it only lets me play one level and if I win ( or lose ) it doesn’t let me play the same level again. Until like 10 levels later. I liked the way it was when I first got it. And another thing that I would have is a score board. Like on a lot of other games. Personally I enjoy the challenge. Ok two more things. One is that you should be able to add friends on so that you can race each other but not a public thing. Now the last thing is that ( not trying to brag ) but it’s gotten to easy for me. The only thing I’m working towards is buying everything. And I’m glad you can see what your getting. And not a surprise or random. Keep doing what your doing but please consider what I’ve said. Thanks for reading!!


Run Race 3D

I love this game so much! And if you join this game do you have a lots of fun too! I think there should be teams or adding friends because he could team up and have a good time I would say for the teams that it would it shouldn’t be for people it should be like two or whatever. I think this because it would be more fun just to battle against your friends maybe your enemies it will just be way more fun if we could have teams instead of just one against two other people. But the good thing about it is that there’s a scoreboard and it tells you he was going to be out and he was like the leader and I Think that you were playing against real people if you’re not if you’re if we’re playing against ai’sCan you play against real people please please. I hope you like this paragraph that I wrote and I hope the founders of this game will follow up on ideas maybe, and even agree with me!

Signed, Bella DeLisio


I totes love the game but BUGSSSS

I totes love the game like LOVE the game I would marry it if I could, but there r problems that could lead to a divorce… Well first when I first started the game with was like last year, it was really fun bc I downloaded it before. But when I started getting farther in the game, it started springing the same courses over and over again like I wish there was more courses to the game, u know? The next and thank god the LAST problem with the game. Like on level 319 but this is not the only level this happened on bc this is the same course and like I said the same courses come up over and over again. Now the problem, on this course specifically, it will eliminate me when I was actually the first one to cross the finish line ,and the rounds of the course go over and OVER again and no one gets eliminated. But when it stops doing that, guess what, yep I guessed it I got eliminated!!! And yes it is driving me nuts! So plz fix these problems so I could go back to completely loving the game again.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


It’s okay, yet...

The game is very fun on it’s own, but if you play it too long it just gets annoying after a while. I don’t get it, every round you have to watch an ad? That doesn’t make any sense especially when you’re about to play the exact same round 3 times all over again. I don’t get why e have to repeat the round just to level up. That’s probably because you guys didn’t create enough rounds so you make us repeat them. Double tapping to jump rarely works, I double tapped to jump higher and landed in the water. Here’s something else I don’t get, if it’s water we should be able to swim through it if we fall in it, not walk super slow in it. Same with sand you don’t walk that slow in sand in real life, and since it is 3D it should relate to real life in some sort of way. The game is definitely unfair in ways, you make two paths to go to one is slower and one’s faster yet somehow the idiot who went the slow way drops down in front of you and crosses the finish line? The game barely makes sense, not much positive stuff to say about it.


Love It

I love this game so much. I love that you can change your skin so that way if you get bored of the skin that you kept having, you can change your skin. Oh and same thing with the name I also like that you can change it too and I always get in first place a lot. YAY! It is just so cool. How I got the game was from my friend. I saw her playing It and I just could not stop watching her because of how cool the game was. And then I saw the game on an add on my phone and I remembered that my friend had the game and that I liked It so I downloaded it but right before I was about to play the game my phone died so then I got the charger and I charged my phone. So then after it charged I got on the game and I got in fourth place once. I know. fourth place, right. But then after that I started to get the hang of it and get in first place. For the creators of RunRace3DFunParkourGame , I just wanted to tell you all thank you for creating RunRace3DFunParkourGame and I love it so much I just cannot stop playing it! 😊👌🏻


It’s okay.

This game is good if you are waiting on something like your pizza rolls to finish. From a game standpoint it’s not very good. The animations are obviously imported from motion tracking so they look uncanny on the cartoonish proportions of the characters. The level design is okay and you can tell some thought was put into it. The controls are really simple: tap the screen to jump. Obviously the game isn’t too competitive or anything because of this. There aren’t a lot of subtle things you need to learn or pick up on to get better at the game except for timing of the jumps. The game is boring if you play it for too long, as goes with most games, but for this one it’s a little faster because of how cookie cutter the game is. And while I didn’t see RunRace3DFunParkourGame ever claiming to have multiplayer, it seems that there might be multiplayer based on the actual gameplay and I assumed there was, but there is not in fact any multiplayer functionality in this game. Sure, it doesn’t really matter because this game will really not change at all if you add multiplayer but if you were hoping to play with your friends then you might be disappointed. Overall, it was okay.


A great game that can be better

This is a great game for waiting or just having fun it’s simple to learn and easy to play which are really important in playing a game also it’s a very fun game with good colors that suit the game Nicely. The AI is good and bad at the same time sometimes it’s very unfair and sometimes it’s so easy so I wish that you could add a difficulty meter and get better rewards as the difficulty goes up another cool this game could have is online multiplayer which would be fun and maybe you could bet coins skins or dances. If you do add online multiplayer you should add a friends feature allowing for you to invite your friends to a race. Another feature I would love to see is building levels just think about all the possibilities you could have arrows directing where the AI and player should go and I know this is a stretch but maybe having something test there difficulty and have players add custom levels to the actual game! I know this most likely won’t be read therefore done but if it is thank you


Great game but...

This game has a great concept and is overall pretty fun! The graphics glitch a little but I think it’s my IPad so I won’t blame the game. Before we talk about ads I would like to note something very disappointing. I received a message on this game and turns out it was a virus. I didn’t delete the game but the virus may have caused the glitching I talked about earlier. I would not recommend deleting the game because of the virus but the creators should find out unless they already know. Now onto the ads. I know that the ads are just trying to advertise other games and make you pay for no ads but this is just ridiculous. After pretty much every single round, there’s an ad! Voodoo should know better because it is very annoying and could probably cause the company to loose some players. please fix the ads! Not only on run race 3D, but on all voodoo games! I’ve experienced constant ads on voodoo games and they drive people nuts! As I said, overall this is a good game but please; Stop the ads and don’t spread a virus!


Best game ever

This game is so much fun you get to do so many different things you get to buy different skins different sizes of bodies and even different styles of your skin like Power Rangers I pacifically love the pink one but there’s so many different colors you can get black red blue oh my gosh so many anyways I’m writing this review because it is one of the best app ever and you can pick different skills to which is a really amazing about RunRace3DFunParkourGame app actually if you don’t know I pacifically chose this game to play because I was kind of getting stressed but then I remembered this game and it calmed me down really well well sometimes a rage about losing but that really doesn’t matter but this review might be really long and you might not want to read anything so I will send a different one here but this is to let you guys know how much does this game means to me I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did


Like where this is going

Add another star.. Time for an update to my review.. thanks for adding girls. Now the only bug is that in the competition I win the first round then there is no button to play the semi finals.. so I have to close out RunRace3DFunParkourGame and I lose my coins 🙄

I really like this game. I have been playing for a bit and ran out of new levels. With this last update I got excited hoping to see some new ones like it says. However I haven’t seen any of them.. also with your next update It would be awesome if I could race against a friend. Or even real people. Oh and some different outfits would be nice. I am a girl and I don’t care for pink.🤢 so maybe make some other girl outfits... since most of them are for boys, and maybe make so you can pick a girl or boy body. Not asking for much 😁 just a few suggestions and maybe find my new “lost” levels... cause I haven’t seen them yet.. and maybe have all the levels available, that way you can always go practice. Thanks 🙏🏼 keep up the good work.


Frustrating as heck! 😡

It was fun at first, but then it got to the point where I wanted to yeet my ipad across the room and wanted to scream. I would be on a level about to win, and then I’d lose which I was okay with until all my progress was gone! I would spend literal hours trying to beat a single level to the point when I won.I felt literally emotionless. One bug I don’t like that bugs me the most is:
I HATE WHEN YOU MISS THE BARS YOU CLIMB ON AND THEN YOU START GOING BACKWARDS BACK TO THE STARTING LINE WITHOUT ANY WAY TO STOP IT!!! UGH! It’s the reason why I can’t beat most levels I play! It’s very stupid. Another thing is that there are WAYY to many ads. There’s literally an ad after every round except the bonus rounds. Lastly, it would be more fair and fun if you were playing with actual people! I actually threw my Ipad across the room is how frustrating this game is!!! I would appreciate if you fix those three things! Sorry if I’m rambling... I was just trying to say to fix when you walk backwards, when you lose your progress, the amount of ads, and the ai s. I’m stuck on 27 and I can’t beat those stupid ais. :/ I beg of you to fix this!


Game review

I think this game is so cool. It is really fun to play and although I haven’t had it for awhile I’m pretty good at it not gonna lie💁🏼‍♀️ Anyways there is one thing that really gets me mad. I know the makers wanna get money and all from sponsors and stuff but... THERE ARE SO MANY ADS! This annoys me so much because right when I’m done with a level I get a stupid ad every time. I feel like I would play the game so much more and I also would enjoy it much more. When I get annoyed because of the ads I honestly just stop playing and leave the game. No like seeing ads pop up every 2 seconds and I know it isn’t just me who gets annoyed about it. They are #1 on the ranking for arcade games and I feel like they can do better because by having that ranking they should really fix this and make the players more happy. But anyways other then that one problem the game is really fun and without the ads I would probably be obsessed with the game overall and wouldn’t be able to get off my phone. 👍🏼🙂😛🎮


Good game but TOO MANY ADDS

Ok so I was really excited to play this game when I got it it’s really fun but you ruined the game why you ask BECAUSE OF THE ADDS seriously it’s so annoying you play one really short game and what do you get adds EVERY SINGLE TIME the us is an add I’m tired of it yes I realize you need to put adds in here but there is way to many adds basically this is just a game to watch adds so say your like hey I want to watchfulness so adds just get RunRace3DFunParkourGame cause basically all it is is ADS this is why I gave this a two star rating cause of the adds and also something’s it lags hmmmm wonder why oh wait maybe BECAUSE OF ThE ADDS look I’m sorry if Im getting a little out of hand here sorry I’m just really annoyed by these adds I think you would get better reviews if you had like a lot less adds tbh (to be honest) I think if you had a lot less adds a lot of people would be more happy and it would help you business because people like games that are fun and this game is fun and they also like games that don’t have a lot of adds this game has way too many adds this is a great game just too many adds


Do I have rto right at your first I need y’all for

I can y’all get the money for you to work on your vacation time please call us e RunRace3DFunParkourGame and the store and I are on the other route and it has to be one more time and it is not a big deal If was the first morning with the two girls who have a lot of fun our was too rut day you know how you are and what do we need you for y’all and you have a lot of room on the way to the house I hope your family have fun you y to me and the other day is that y to be ableist to be in there and the next week I would call him or text me back if you have time I call y’all if I have time right now thanks again I have used the other day u the morning please let us have some more time and we have some time you need for me and you have time tor thanks for the heads of morning is the best day is a good day is your way for me a call to get


I wish there were a 3 1/2 stars

It’s a good game in all and the levels are fun. Trust me it’s a really fun games. But I think their are a couple small problems. First, the coins. I don’t really like any of the skins/clothing for the characters and you have to buy them with your coins. Also in my opinion there are dances and different body types, those are just a waste of coins. I think that RunRace3DFunParkourGame should have other uses for coins. Including power ups. For example when you have power ups they will appear in the top corners of your screen. Some power ups might include, spiderweb (to slow down opponents), speed (to be faster for a short amount of time), and other things like that. My second problem is that sometimes when I am going back and forth on a jump, it slows me down and other players speed up. I think that if you are tapping on your screen one after the other (pattern) then you should be going the same speed as everyone else. No I don’t just mean tapping really slow. I mean tapping a lot. Sorry if this was long.


REALLY FUN, but have a question

Ok, so this game is super fun & addicting!!! I think that if there were less adds tho that would be great, bc when I play it, I usually turn off my WiFi so that there are no adds when I’m playing, bc there are a ridiculous amount of adds. My question is that when I play it, I’m only going against 3 ppl, but on RunRace3DFunParkourGame Store, it shows that ur competing against 5. I thought that competing against 5 ppl would be more fun, so I went to this game and looked if there was anywhere that I could change it. I did not see anything so ig that I’ll just keep having to play with 3. Maybe I haven’t gotten to a high enough level or something, but I’m level 75 or something so I would think that would be high enough but maybe not. The other thing is that when you first start playing, you have to play on the same course multiple times, and you have to win twice in order to unlock a new course. I actually liked that because then it gives you a chance to do better on the same course and get a second chance (or more if ur not doing to great:). So what I’m saying is that when u move up a certain amount of levels, they don’t have any different courses, they make you play on the same courses u already have played on, but the thing is, that you only get one chance no matter what, & then move on to a different course that you have already played on. Overall tho I think this a rlly great creative game!!!


Fix this game!!

. I am only here to write this report because of issues.I have been playing this game since last year. But things get VERY annoying and frustrating! Every time you start a new game it shows a advertisement. It’s annoying like can it stop for once in a while?! It repeats the same ads over and over ! I know you guys are showing “COOL” ads to games but this ain’t it. ALL THE TIME when your person hits something it turns around ! Like omg! It gets me VERY mad because , Especially when you almost win! And yes, I’m pretty sure people complain/hate that you have to do the same level 3,5, or 8 times! It’s really sad doing that levels that many times! Like why. Fix it! But there’s one more thing I have to say and a question. So basically I realized that the victory dances are from ROBLOX. I’ve been realizing it since the 1st time I’ve been playing.? But was that copyrighted?

Anyways my question is ... are the people your playing with real or computer? Because, you will see the same people usernames every day. But there causal. I didn’t think people around the world have that BASIC usernames like cmon now I now this game can be that simple. But anyways this games freaks me out of weird noises and glitches! Be careful! Don’t recommend playing at 3am!


Good but😥😡

I love the 3D style and how great you made it! Pretty addicting I love to play it ( I win all the time) great game for when your bored or just want a challenge to win EEEEEEHH!!!!
The bad news is....(drumroll) when I jump sometimes I go backwards I mean WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!! And then I loose like😱😱😱 plus when you go on those fan thingies you get stuck on the fan same with the black and yellow stop things like WTH!! Last thing is when you double tap sometimes it doesn’t let you!!! And the screen gets frozen! Tell me if this was helpful.😏😒 soo this is creepy when I started playing I thought it was multiplayer but found out they were bots!!! Here are some glitches first things first the bots such as “ Don’t Push Me” and “ Vannesa ” suuupper creeeeepppyy!!! They do everything perfectly and never change there avatar and send random glitches to your device 😱😲😳😳😳 I think this game is just a money-making glitch sending stupid addicting semi-fun game!!!!! If i was to say the scariest game... it would be yours... creepy robot built in characters and one more creepy thing there was a button on the side and pressed it fun then exited me out never saw it again!!!
The End😪


Good, but frustrating.

This game showed up to me by an ad. It grabbed my attention and seemed to be kind of fun looking. However, when I played the game, things were different. I didn’t notice at first, but I soon realized that you had to play the same level of the game three times in order to win completely and pass on to the next level. This was fine with me, until I realized you had to win it three times IN A ROW. I am not usually a frustrated person when it comes to games but this, THIS got me. I would play the same level over and over and never pass or win. I won’t lie, I’m not very good at gaming but it shouldn’t be THAT hard to get past a level. This games caused me to be frustrated which made me realize that many others are also very frustrated which may result in many people deleting this game. Something that could fix this problem is having someway to skip a particular level OR when someone wins and then loses, you should keep their win accounted for instead of deleting all their progress after one loss. Overall, the game was great but I would suggest those few little changes to help make this game a lot better.


Needs to be actual online connections

The game is great when you first start. I love online competitive with others but this game isn’t actually playing online. It’s just bots with names either by taking others names or having their own pre-made in the coding. I’ve seen,” don’t push me” like 80 times and other names several times. If it was against real players I would enjoy it way more. Plus how you can tell if it’s boys and not real is if you turn on airplane mode it still allows you to play. That means it’s just bots because you aren’t connected to any internet and if your not connected to internet or data you shouldn’t be able to even play. Plus when you exit RunRace3DFunParkourGame (without closing it completely) you are paused. In online games there are no pausing. When you come back to RunRace3DFunParkourGame you are back where you left off. Again, shouldn’t happen if it was with REAL players. I’m tired of games like these. And stop with the ads. At least don’t have a minute long as without being skippable.

Is Run Race 3D Fun Parkour Game Safe?

Yes. Run Race 3D — Fun Parkour Game is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 509,291 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Run Race 3D Fun Parkour Game Is 76.8/100.

Is Run Race 3D Fun Parkour Game Legit?

Yes. Run Race 3D — Fun Parkour Game is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 509,291 Run Race 3D — Fun Parkour Game User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Run Race 3D Fun Parkour Game Is 89.7/100..

Is Run Race 3D — Fun Parkour Game not working?

Run Race 3D — Fun Parkour Game works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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