Nurx - Healthcare from Home Reviews

Nurx - Healthcare from Home Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-18

The Nurx app is the one of the most convenient and affordable ways to take care
of your personal healthcare needs. We prescribe and deliver birth control,
migraine care, herpes treatment, PrEP for HIV prevention, home testing for STIs
and HPV, and emergency contraception—safely, discree...

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Nurx - Healthcare from Home Reviews

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    I don’t usually review but

    Okay so I’ve like, never reviewed an app, but this app made my life SO MUCH BETTER. I take BC for extremely painful periods, I take a certain kind (I tried a few different kinds previously), they had my kind, when they run out of stock they send me an appropriate off brand with the same active ingredient so really I’ve yet to notice the difference. I live very rural and it’s a pain to get prescriptions at the pharmacy but with this it comes right to my house and I don’t even have to remember it. The bad reviews seem to be from people who have no idea what they’re doing on the app. And yes, it auto renews (I saw bad reviews about that? For me it’s nice bc I don’t have to think about it anymore). Also, customer service has always answered me in a timely fashion and been super awesome (I saw reviews about that too so thought I’d share my experience). The only time I’ve had issues with this app is when I myself did something wrong (changed cards and forgot to update my billing info; then it took a while to get my new shipment. Which makes sense if you aren’t entitled.) Every month they also send me a card that explains I have a right to speak to a dr about my birth control which I like. I dunno, I just really like the app. 10/10 recommend.

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    Terrible- do not use this service

    I typically don’t write reviews however I would like to share my experience with this to ensure this doesn’t happen to anyone else. I (like most people) heard of this service being the “Uber of birth controls” and thought the idea of having my birth control delivered right to my home sounded great. Upon registering I was able to choose the birth control I’ve been taking. This saves me a trip to my physician and paying copays just to have an RX refilled. I selected a generic I’ve used previously and works well with my body. Selecting a generic name you wouldn’t think you would get a generic for a generic right? Well this is incorrect, they sent me a completely different RX than what I ordered. I have tried calling numerous times however I wait on hold for over 30 minutes only to be told I need to leave a voice message. I’ve sent numerous messages on the app to ensure the correct RX will be sent to me and received no response. I finally received a response and was told moving forward they would ensure I receive the correct RX. It’s great they are rectifying the issue moving forward however that doesn’t help me in the predicament I am in with the incorrect birth control. Avoid this app at all costs if possible. There are much better alternatives especially ones that will ensure you get the right RX or assist you in the event you get the wrong one. This business is not accredited with the BBB, I understand why now.

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    I was skeptical in trying this app because I didn't know if it would be convenient or beneficial for me but boy was I right to feel as such. I did the whole thing where I placed my order and pick the birth control I wanted. One thing I should mention is that I did want a specific brand that my doctor had originally prescribed me before and I really didn't feel like changing BC because of how I may or may not react to it. Anyways I placed my order in advanced and was processed within 2 days but now I was awaiting for delivery. Well I waited and waited, and it had been over a week before I finally messaged them asking what was taking so long. Apparently, the pharmacy has been out of stock with the specific brand I requested and they failed to inform me that they wouldn't have it in stock for another 2 then they suggest that they could have my prescription sent to my local pharmacy... Are you kidding me?! If I had wanted that, I would've never bothered with trying to get it delivered from you guys ?! Ugh what got me was the lack of communication from them about not letting me know that my B.C. Is out of stock and o wouldn't be receiving it anytime soon. That is something I would have liked to know ASAP so I can anticipate not taking my B.C. You guys are screwing people over by not communicating and your inability to actually deliver BC like your whole app is meant to do is such a failure. I would not recommend to anyone.

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    Convenient and easy, I can just forget about it!

    This app is a lifesaver and I mean that almost literally! I have PTSD resulting from a medical malpractice issue after my OBGYN nearly killed me during a minimally invasive surgery a few years ago. The reason I had that surgery in the first place was to investigate causes of debilitatingly painful periods. It’s hard for me to go to the doctor now, even for something as simple as getting birth control to lessen the pain of my periods. Nurx has changed my life by allowing me to get medicine without reliving my near death experience. I’m able to go to work, see my students, and have a much higher quality of life because they were willing to work with me to allow me to skip my periods (which usually have me down for the count for a whole week or longer each month). They bill automatically and just send the medication to my door once a month, so I don’t ever have to worry about it. If there’s ever an issue, they’re easy to contact and quick to get it fixed. Nurx has honestly improved my quality of life so much and I recommend it to anyone and everyone who wants birth control from the privacy of their own homes.

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    Don’t ever use this service unless you don’t care about getting you birth control in months of time

    Waste of money! I decided to use this app thinking that it would be way faster then getting an appointment at my local doctors office. I was so wrong! It has been over a week and all I got is messaging back and forth and “sorry we will respond to you in 2-5 business days”. It’s actually so stupid. I decided to pick up at a local pharmacy to make things faster, but nope, they completely messed up the prescription. I had to change multiple pharmacies because the first one didn’t have the medication, and the second one said that the prescription was just written wrong and they couldn’t reach Nurx by phone. This stupid service doesn’t even have a phone number. It just sends you a voice message telling you that they don’t do calls. At this point I would way rather just go to my doctor, and in the end that’s would’ve taken way under a week! Maybe 4 days at most, but nurx, advertising themselves as a fast service that approves your medication in 24 hours, is taking ages! Don’t use this if you value your time. I wish I could just go to my doctor, but I’ve already payed the consultation fee and stuff so I’ll just have to wait it out and struggle in the meantime without a current prescribed pack of birth control.

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    Doesn’t really make anything easier which I thought was the point

    So, my care provider is a hostage care provider who refused to refill my bc prescription unless I paid for a bunch of unnecessary services. I had to cancel the appointment to start with because I couldn’t afford to go. I have an ovarian cyst and pmdd so I really need my birth control. It keeps me from bleeding constantly(I bled for a solid 2 months prior to being put on birth control because of the cyst) and it helps my emotions be manageable. Well, after she refused to refill my prescription, I tried this hoping it would help. It took them a week to even have customer service review it and now they’re telling me it’s going to take another 2-3 weeks to even receive my bc and that’s if they approve it. I feel so stressed and honestly abandoned by the healthcare system. This app is not helping me. It’s not timely or efficient. It’s great that they want to provide a service for women but honestly they have a long long way to go. It feels like I’m dealing with a trial version on an app instead of a fully developed service. At this point I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. So I guess thanks for being just as difficult as the hostage care providers you claim you’re better than.

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    I do not recommend this app to anyone unless u definitely and will continue to have the money to pay for monthly subscriptions of birth control pills. I had to find out the hard way that you are automatically subscribed to a monthly subscription and will automatically be charged every time they ship it to you. I was under the assumption that I could just buy one package for the month and that was it, maybe if I desired more the next month or if I wanted to actually subscribe to continuous shipments myself, I could just do that on my own within the app. A lot goes into the messaging system inside the app and it’s that immense communication that is very inconvenient at times. When you buy your first package, you are automatically given 3 packs of birth control without the option of just buying one...then there’s that risk that you don’t realize this and end up being charged for it in the have to go and message them directly about changing pretty much anything about your order and have to wait however long it takes to get a reply back. The complete inefficiency of this app is what makes me too scared to continue using it....I’d rather just talk to my doctor about birth control because of the just much easier process...

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    Go to a real clinic

    I was so excited about this app. I thought it would be a convenient way to get prep and avoid doctors visits. It was definitely convenient, but that came at a cost. There is NO transparency on pricing or cost until you’re already billed. First off, the home test kit. I have overall great health insurance with a pretty big network, and yet My lab tests were conducted by an out of network provider. There’s no option to find an in-network lab, you don’t get to choose or find an affordable lab. I was slapped with a $980 medical bill from the at home testing, when I know I could have EASILY gone to planned parenthood or a local clinic and gotten all these tests done for exponentially less money. Be weary of that. My prep also costs $75 per refill, even after my insurance. You’ll get a nice little message in NURX telling you that your total was 0.00 for the refill, but that’s because it’ll be on your medical bill instead. Just go to a real clinic instead. It might feel like more of a hassle and you might have an uncomfortable conversation with your doctor, but at the end of the day, doctors are there for your health and your conversations are confidential. I really wanted to love this app, but the lack of transparency on cost is a deal breaker for me.

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    Not consistent

    I had a pretty good experience for the first few months until my specific brand of BC was randomly unobtainable. In lieu, they sent a generic which I was hesitant to take (history: I tried many before finding one that didn’t make me depressed/sick). So in an effort to try to keep what I was comfortable with, I reached out and asked for my prescription to stay only the specific brand. What they failed to mention was their inability to get it at all. I even tried doing the whole “go to your local pharmacy” when my local pharmacy called to tell me they couldn’t get it either (12 dollar ‘service fee’ for nothing). In a desperate to just get some kind of BC, I requested my prescription allow generics again. This is where everything went downhill. This was maybe two months ago and I’m STILL having issues (not automatically sending each month, saying my insurance won’t cover it even tho my insurance hasn’t changed at all, etc). Also, the chat feature is great... IF you can get someone to respond. If it’s an urgent issue, I’d definitely recommend finding their number online. Otherwise you’ll be waiting 3 days for a response.

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    Skeptical at first, then blown away!

    I came across an online ad for Nurx roughly 6 months ago, read every online source regarding it along with reviews and decided to see for myself what the hype was. Needless to say, it has been better than when I would go to my OBGYN! The online medical staff really paid close attention to what I was searching for, since the pills were on were only good for regulating my flow (which is why I was put on)— the cramps were unbelievable, the acne- terrible, and don’t get me started with the mood swings/depression! They took the time to evaluate my concerns and were very understanding to my situation as well as being open to other brand/options if one didn’t seem suitable for me. If I could give them 10 stars, I would. I thought I was going to have to take myself off BCP for good and just live with 2-3 periods a month— this team is just fantastic and I will continue to do business with them as long as they keep up the phenomenal job they’re doing!

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    inconsistent and underdeveloped

    I want to love this app/service because it should be a net good for society, but my experience has been less than great. as others have said, the chat feature seems like a good idea, but sometimes i get responses almost immediately and other times it takes several business days without warning for issues that are time sensitive. i’ve also tried calling and gotten no response, which leads me to believe this team is severely understaffed and ill-equipped to handle demand. my prescription ran into a bug where my automatic refills were paused and nobody communicated this to me, causing me to receive my birth control late (!). there was a national shortage of my specific kind of birth control for several months and i was told each time i was due for a refill that i would need to pay a service fee to have a replacement sent to my local pharmacy - effectively asking me to pay a copay for a prescription that is supposed to be free with my insurance. the app is also confusing and hard to navigate. i really hope this team takes these comments seriously and works to improve the customer experience.

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    Awesome and convenient!!!

    I LOVE this app! Total lifesaver. I used to have insurance under my school so I would always pick up BC from my campus. However as soon as I graduated it was no longer covered so I had to change my insurance, however I didn’t have a general gynecologist anymore since the one I saw was on campus. I didn’t really want to pay a high copay for doctors visits just for a prescription BC, so I turned to this app and I’m so happy I did. My original doctor prescribed me a kind that I didn’t see on the list here, but I messaged A nurx physician and they gladly gave me the birth control I’ve been taking. They are so quick to respond to my messages and I always receive my packs on time! I was going out of town for a while and wanted to make sure I had enough BC on me, so they even sent me my next refill a little early to ensure it would get to me on time. This app is honestly very convenient and I am yet to have any bad experiences with it (I’ve had for about a year now)!

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    A life saver!

    Can't give enough stars. I few weeks ago I attempted to get emergency birth control. I have both health insurance and a flex spending account through my job. But because emergency bc is over the counter my insurance/FSA wouldn't cover it and NO where in my town would let me see a physician to get a prescription so that I could be reimbursed. I even went to Planned Parenthood and was told I couldn't get a prescription. I was in tears that both my insurance and FSA would rather pay for me to have a baby than pay $40 for birth control. Which to many struggling people like me is a lot of money. Then I heard about Nurx on NPR as I was driving home. I signed on and got emergency bc asap 100% covered through my insurance and they delivered 3 months of bc pills (also 100% covered) to my house! They took care of everything! The nurses and doctors of Nurx kept me in the loop and were sensitive, kind, and quick to respond to questions. This app is revolutionary and I am so impressed and thankful.

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    there’s cheaper options.

    I lost my insurance in March of this year so I started looking for alternatives for birth control and quickly found nurx. The first month was fantastic, I thought it was amazing that I just clicked a few buttons and pills showed up in my box a few days later. Woo! The month after that the BS started. Packages getting lost, stuff coming to me THREE FULL MONTHS LATE. Customer support is extremely unhelpful and rude. I was bounced from USPS to nurx back and forth and neither one of them were helpful, neither one of them would take responsibility, but at least USPS was pleasant to deal with and apologized instead of antagonizing me for not asking the other service first. I have never had a package stolen, or lost in transport before nurx and I run a home business that relies on shipping internationally as well. Not once was a refund offered on Nurx’s part, just more unsent and missing packages month after month. It’s almost like they want people to get pregnant. I’m convinced this app is a pro-life anti-birth control conglomerate with an agenda to force low income women into unplanned pregnancies. Can’t believe nurx was this awful. They should all die.

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    Convenient & No Hassle for Generic Brands

    I’ve been using Nurx for about a year now as I just completed the survey to renew my prescription. Since it’s a Sunday, I didn’t expect anyone to respond, much less process my renewal application, but they did and now I’m all set for this year! 🙌 For me, this app and its team has been a great experience 😊 as I’m fine with receiving the generic brand of my preferred birth control pill brand since previous doctors actually prescribed it that way for me and it didn’t have an impact on me. I didn’t want to make additional doctor appointments by having to make time to leave work or take a personal day just to get a birth control prescription, which really helps lessen the severity of my cramps. So, this app is a great solution for that! They always remind me and send me text and email messages/notifications on when a new 3-month supply is being sent and then a tracking order when it is shipped out. The messaging app is also really easy to use if I have any questions. I’ve never called them, so I’m not sure what that experience is like. I’ve read some of the negative reviews where communication seemed to fail, but I’ve not had those issues. Also, some of the negative reviews seem to be about when people request specific brands, and so maybe there are still issues working with that? But if you’re fine with generic, you should be able to get the product on time 👍.

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No. Nurx - Healthcare from Home does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,980 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Nurx - Healthcare from Home Is 14.3/100.

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No. Nurx - Healthcare from Home does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,980 Nurx - Healthcare from Home User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Nurx - Healthcare from Home Is 14.3/100.

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Nurx - Healthcare from Home works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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