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Contact Wordscapes

Published by on 2022-09-22

Playing Wordscapes 10 mins a day sharpens your mind and prepares you for your
daily life and challenges! This text twist of a word game is tremendous brain
challenging fun. Enjoy modern word puzzles with the best of word searching,

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Common Wordscapes Issues

  • By Sharibaby714

    Beware of missing features!

    The developers of his app give some features (adventure game within the game for example) to some users, but not all. They also give "random mid-week tournaments" to some, not all; however, in my team of fifty players, we found that the same people got the tournament week after week, so it's not incredibly random. If your mates get all the extra tourneys, they get to advance through the game at a much faster rate with 'crowns' that can only be obtained in the tourney play - and THAT'S why it's not fair to others of us. Bottom line, if you don't mind others being given blatant unfair advantages by the game, you'll have fun. And contacting them to ask why results in a 'sorry, not sorry' reply. One star given for my inferior game experience caused entirely by the app developers themselves. Others bestowed with the bonus features will probably rate higher. *My reply to Developer: then your TEST shouldn't allow people to unfairly advance faster in the game. If you win your individual tourney, you are eligible for max 50 crowns/wk. Extra TEST tourney, gives access to 25 extra/wk. UNFAIR GAME ADVANCEMENT!!!! Then take the test crowns away. Test all you want and hallelujah for you, but you should not let people advance in your game and others do not have equal access. I don't expect to get 50 crowns per week unless I EARN them, but I don't expect others to have access to 100 game advancing crowns per month, when I do not!

  • By Passnthru

    Fun game

    Great game challenging, fun and addictive. I would give it more stars but feel it’s not evenly played. My wife has been playing for months and her hints are 50 coins, I’ve been playing a couple months and enjoy the game but the hints on mine are 100 coins,the target hints 200 and rocket blast 300 totally bogus pricing. Before you say she’s at higher score(she is) I have a daughter, granddaughter and soninlaw that all signed up after I did and 2 of them at my recommendation and wait for it...... their hints are 50,100,150 coins. I’m not the only one this has happened to in the support section there are other complaints of the same thing. I sent an email to them with questions about this and I will say they answered rather quickly but with a crazy response of “we’re trying different pricing to see which we decide on.” What I got out of the answer was we think we can gouge some folks on the pricing so when they buy coins they get less benefit for the money they pay. I started with 2 stars but as I wrote this I down graded it go 1. Get your act together and I’ll revisit this review!!!!! Have talked to them thru emails 3 different times and each time it’s the same, ”we’re trying different pricing to see where it levels out, hmmm I wonder if they’ll refund the folks that bought hints and removed ads at the higher prices when they level out, hmmm NOT!!!!!

  • By Multiple Device Playing

    Don’t play this game using multiple devices!

    I’m just so fed up with the errors in this game! Why can’t they figure out how to keep the coins and helps consistent across devices like other games are able to do? It’s been so frustrating since I had to delete the game from my iPad and reinstall it. Support was actually very good initially in helping me get my stuff back, but when they tried to correct it for me, that’s when it went haywire on me. They gave me too much, so I was being nice and honest by asking them to correct it, but then they ended up deducting from the wrong device, leaving me with a measly 17 coins while the other device had over 2M coins! Does that even make sense?!? I’ve been asking them to fix it, even shutting off my phone every night, but now suddenly, they’ve gone all silent on me and not responded to a single one of my requests! The guy Kenny told me he had to hurry up and fix it for me since he could only do a minimum amount of adjustments, but is it my fault he messed it up so badly? It’s so frustrating, so I don’t even want to play anymore, except to help out my team because they’re a great group of people. I would highly recommend NOT PLAYING THIS GAME ON MULTIPLE DEVICES AND DEFINITELY DON’T DELETE IT WITHOUT TAKING A PIC OF WHAT YOU HAD. So frustrating!

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Reported Issues: 46 Comments

By Erin Richard
Nov 01 2022

Don’t want wildlife or any other game. I’m a 60 year old grown woman. I dont watch cartoons.

By Patricia Hager
Jul 16 2022

I am on level 758 super hard and have all the puzzle words except the 5 word bonus and have been at it for 4 hours and have had no luck how can I solve this work in order to go on.

By Ruth Pople
Jul 08 2022

I cannot find the answer for Level 909 (hard) because the spaces do not match what the answer shows me. It shows on the game that there are 5 spaces, the first space blank and the 2nd space i... The answer is idle...4 spaces. I cannot go on to he next game. What am I doing wrong?

By Jan
May 06 2022

Several weeks ago an extra game called Wildlife was added to my Wordscape game. I don't like it and I don't want it. It eats all my coins. How do I remove it and go back to the regular game?

Thank you

By Seth Burgin
Apr 08 2022

What is your major malfunction with not knowing words in the English language for bonus words? "Ort", "Lehr", "Sone", "Palp" are but four examples. Ort is crumbs of remains. A lehr is an oven for annealing glass. A Sone is an antiquated measurement for sound pressure levels. A palps is one of the which are the things flies use to touch things with. Learn the language your game is in. palp
Learn to pronounce
each of a pair of elongated segmented appendages near the moth of arthropods.

Learn to pronounce
a unit of subjective loudness, equal to 40 phons.

Learn to pronounce
a furnace used for the annealing of glass.

a scrap or remainder of food from a meal.

By Keith Wrighti
Mar 25 2022

I recently bought a new cellphone and it stared me at level 3. I was at 1444 when my phone came apart.

By MontanaDay
Mar 14 2022

I played in a tournament this weekend. The first three tournament finishers all progressed at the same rate throughout the weekend, about 10 minutes per level, until 19 hours left and the other two finishers seemingly quit, but I continued. When I achieved over 3k points ahead, I then discontinued playing and watched the tally board. The board never changed until 42 minutes left in the game, when all of a sudden 3.3k thousand, yes, thousand, points were added to the "winners" tally all at once, not in consecutive progression. Needless to say, not only was that progression impossible in that time period, I question the legitimacy of the person that won, or whether that person is even real. Regardless, I am done with their tournaments and their app.

By Nanni
Dec 19 2021

All my coins saved are disappearing with each game i complete

By Pamela Cassidy
Dec 15 2021

Hi. I’lli love Wordscapes and used to get the weekend tournament- but now it has disappeared. How can I get it back? Also - I hate Star Rush - how can I get rid of it?
Thanks 😊

By Agnieszka M. Adamkiewicz
Nov 22 2021

I paid for having no adds. It worked for few weeks but now adds returned. How to take them Away? I paid for the feature and have the proof of my payment

By Maple
Nov 15 2021

StarRush is not beneficial. Need to get rid of this feature.

By Steven Chang
Nov 02 2021

StarRush has stolen all my coins that I accumulated over the years of playing Wordscapes. That is close 20,000 of them! Is there anyway to get them back? If not, I am so done with Wordscapes and I am going to boycott any game made by PeopleFun from now on.

By Barb b
Oct 30 2021

StarRush has RUINED WORDSCAPES! As a team lead I encourage people NOT to use their 💯 tokens and just forfeit their position in Indy tourney. Boycott it as there’s no way to reach developer directly only uncaring idiots in India that are useless and just copy/paste replies from scripts! A horrible greedy corporation that ignores our pleas and this has caused me to loose THOUSANDS of points and now my bonus words font count 🤯

By Dee Mac
Oct 27 2021

Have enjoyed Wordscapes for years but now have that annoying Star Rush invading all the time. How do I delete Star Rush?

By By margaret
Oct 19 2021

This game has frozen on me since yesterday. Please help. Thank you.

By Dollie West
Oct 15 2021

How to delete a chat I posted on Wordscapes?

By Mimi
Sep 27 2021


By Susan Waldon
Sep 19 2021

A new concept started on Wordscape, star rush so I added it. All of a sudden I noticed my gold coins had all but disappeared, thousands gone

By B
Aug 30 2021

The system is frozen on a stupid ad for hold em or fold em, so I was not able to play today

By karen Burgh
Aug 09 2021

I used to get offers with deals to buy coins - I dont get those anymore. any idea why?

By Virginia
Aug 04 2021

I understand ads between games (even though they are irritating and irrelevant) but putting ads for a movie that interrupts a game is RUDE. That stupid ad appears over and over and over again. STOP IT.

By Narf
Jul 17 2021

Frozen orange screen for the 6th time. I need this to work and want back on my team. I narf and narf2 and narf3. I was playing narf3 and it froze. My team is hanging counting on me. I have been in contact with you thru the app but now won't work! Fix me up!!!

By Judy Djurdjevic
Jul 06 2021

I have reached around the 2000 mark and suddenly my game went back to 1. Would someone please reinstate my game to my last level. Thank you

By Linda
Jun 19 2021

My game seems to be frozen. Won’t leave the advertisement.

By Pauline Ball
Jun 11 2021

Game won’t load, froze on orange screen

By Renee
Jun 08 2021

Game won't load. Froze on orange screen.

By Annmarie
Jun 06 2021

Game won't load. Froze on orange screen

By Tara
May 20 2021

I've been doing the daily puzzles for a very long time, and I've realized they recycle the monthly animal pictures every two years. They give out 4 pictures a month, they really could find new pictures! I don't want to keep doing the daily puzzles just to receive pictures that I already have! Please get new animal pictures.

By Keith Bond
May 08 2021

So, I’ve got 34,423 points, most earned, some paid for, and now because IPhone isn’t allowing companies and apps grab our info to sell! Your app is trying to make me allow it, to so called give me personalized Advertising, in return, it will ALLOW ME TO CONTINUE PLAYING!! WTF! So, I need to know, if I don’t allow you to do this, I can no longer play your game that I’ve earned and spent money on?

By Priscilla Foushee
Apr 30 2021

I have always played this game on Facebook, played yesterday and today it no longer works. Has it been discontinued for Facebook?

By cindy
Apr 01 2021

Snow Pack.... no matter how many levels I complete, it now just gives me doubles of animals I already have, and then those doubles add up to... more doubles! I understand that they want ppl to keep playing, but I'm giving up on this bonus feature.

By Natalia Viana
Mar 27 2021

Wordscapes is my only way to relax in Brazil during the pandemic. Now the Ipad is broken and I need to transfer my points + level (close to 80,000) to another device. If I have to star from zero I will just stop using ir for good. PLEASE HELP!!!!

By J A Maantay
Mar 25 2021

Wordscapes won't open no matter what I do. I've noticed it's been getting very glitchy for the past few weeks, freezing, crashing, and difficulties with touch screen forming words from the letters, but then it would go back to normal. The worst was during the Adventure game with the binoculars, and the best was during the Daily game. The weekend tournament was mixed and unpredictable. Now it won't open at all. HELP!

By Betty
Mar 21 2021

My Wordscapes game suddenly won’t work. Like other comments here, it flashes on screen and then disappears. What is up? I was really far along, don’t want to delete. Any fix for this?

By Celia
Mar 21 2021

Wordscapes flashes on, then off immediately!
Was my favorite game, now I cannot play!

By Hildred
Mar 21 2021

My Wordscapes app flashes on the main screen but then closes immediately. Sounds like others experiencing this also. I shut down my device twice & experiences the same problem when I restarted. Anybody have a resolution? In the middle of a tournament ... kind of the entire point, right?

By Lauren
Mar 20 2021

My Wordscapes app flashes on the main screen but then closes immediately. Sounds like others experiencing this also. Anybody have a fix? Don’t want to lose my history!

By Helen C.
Mar 20 2021

My Wordscapes App won’t open. It worked fine an hour ago. I restarted my device but that didn’t help.

By Greg
Mar 20 2021

I reset my apple password and my Wordscapes will not open. Orange screen flashes and closes immediately.

By Nancy Shamberger
Mar 20 2021

Noted lately difficult to navigate your collection with your finger to make a word. I clean my glass so it has no smug and it happens again. Has this been a problem? New to me!🤔

By Lesley Stobie
Mar 06 2021

It’s tournament day & my screen keeps freezing! Frustrating

By Joanna Walsh
Feb 28 2021

Many legitimate words (not obscure words either) are not accepted. In addition there are many bogus word. One that comes to mind that I got recently is "nope". That is NOT a word! Also in tournament play it is unlikely real players could amass over 500,000 point (as of writing this with 7 hours to go) so I am sure there are bots or some such thing playing these games. No matter how fast you are and how many hours you put in I don't think you could get 10,000 point which would amount to over 200 an hour playing non-stop for all 50 players.

By Diane
Feb 27 2021

Why are the boxes so small now? I have a vision problem so it is very difficult to see some of the boxes now.
It appears this has started.

By Susan Pryor
Feb 06 2021

My screen went totally white during an ad and I can’t get back to my game! It’s tournament time, and I need back in!

Feb 06 2021

How cancel my subscription No Ads???

By Nancy Simpson
Jan 15 2021

This is the second time this game has frozen on me. Love playing it, please advise how to fix the problem. Peoplefun page pops up when I click on the app but then it disappears to my home screen. God bless.

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