ThriftBooks: New & Used Books Reviews

ThriftBooks: New & Used Books Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-13

Shop 13 million new and used books at up to 90% off list price. The
ThriftBooks app lets book lovers quickly and easily search, browse, get book
details, and buy millions of books, textbooks, and graphic novels. Scan bar
codes to compare prices and check availability to make sure you g...

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ThriftBooks: New & Used Books Reviews

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    Great low prices, just two things

    I would like to start off by saying that this app is absolutely amazing! I love how low priced the books are and that you can choose from new, like new, very good, good, and acceptable, choosing the price and quality. I will say, when it says good, I was expecting better, but everyone is different so be careful when choosing. Just a suggestion to make the app better, you should have a category for recommend, like how there’s romance, fiction, young adult, sci-fi, and many more, you should add a recommended for you based off previous purchases and your wish list. Once again, just a suggestion. The only other thing I have noticed is that the app loads a lot slower than the website, so it’s not my WiFi, but the app. Just these minor adjustments would make this app 100% better.

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    Disgusted & horrified

    I used to love this website & app. I’ve purchased countless books for myself and my 3 year old daughter. However, after the most recent purchase, I’ve decided I would never order again. They clearly don’t check quality or even look at the book for that matter. I ordered a holiday book for my little one, and it was supposedly in “good” condition. When my order arrived, that particular book was not in good condition at all, but I didn’t mind; I know I’m ordering used. The issue that changed my mind completely was when I flipped through the book and found a dirty, used bandaid inside the back cover! Had I not checked beforehand my 3 year old could have gotten ahold of a strangers old bandaid, complete with dried blood and all. I reached out to the company, horrified, and I got some generic response about how they were sorry I wasn’t satisfied and I would get my money back. They didn’t even address the issue of the disgusting used bandaid and have since sent emails asking me to rate them. Thanks for the reminder ThriftBooks! Here’s the rating, and I hope no one else gets something as disgusting with your zero quality, non-checked books that are being sent out! RETHINK BEFORE YOU PLACE AN ORDER!

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    I absolutely love this app and site!

    Not only do you get books for cheap (they are used. Other than the ones labeled as new), but there are so many extra perks as well. First off, when buying a book, you have a number of choices of their quality rating new to poor. You also have choices of hardback, paperback, library binding, etc. Obviously the better the quality, the more they cost. I usually get great or good which are about $4-$5. The new books are usually a little about $10 but that’s still a lot cheaper than you would get it anywhere else. I can’t remember if you need to make a profile to buy anything but I don’t think you do. If you do make one though, your purchases give you points, the more you buy the more points you get. Once you hit a certain number of points, you get awarded with a free book. Also, when it is your birthday month, they will email you a notification telling you you can get a free book then too! It’s absolutely amazing! On my latest purchase I bought nine books for only about $25 dollars! Which reminds me, if you buy (if I remember correctly) $10 worth of books, you get free shipping and tax! You may get free tax no matter what but I wouldn’t know bc I always buy at least a few books at a time. Even if you’re just looking for one book, I would say it’s definitely worth spending an extra buck or two on another book that you’re eyeing just to get free shipping and tax. I love this app/site!!

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    Like New... I think not!

    First let me say the app is wonderful. Haven’t had any problems. Ordered on Monday received on Saturday. I live in Arizona so most of facilities are not that far from me. So I made my first purchase... I bought 8 different types of books. The thing with this is you can’t see the books or SMELL them!!! I bought hard cover books. I also bought a variety of books so that I can see what condition each of the books were in by their standards. I bought 2 like new books. Only one of them was like new. The other one had highlights throughout the book. Now the one that really bothered me was the fact that they would ship a book that smells like Mold. It smells like it was stored in wet moldy basement. This was the very good condition book. Very disappointed. My other very good condition book looks like some spilled something on the front cover of the book. Finally the good condition book was in better condition than the like new book, despite the highlights in the book. I’m a serious book collector. If I pick a book that’s like new. I would think that’s what I would receive. I’m scared to pay anything more than $4.99 for the books they have. I have books that’s $79 in my wish list... but I would refuse to pay that much for a book and get anything less than new. Don’t like markings in my books. Dust jacket needs to look like it was stored on a bookshelf and not a garage. Very disappointed with first purchase.

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    Read More. Spend Less.

    That’s the motto, and I’ve been able to get books I’ve been wanting to read at a huge fraction of the cost. Even books that are posted as “Like New” are less than $5. Hardcover, too. I recently got a $50 gift certificate and was able to buy 12 hardcover books, whereas if I had bought them new, in paperback, I would’ve been able to get maybe 5. I’ve recently ordered 2 “Acceptable” books, and have yet to receive them, but there’s a list of what each rating means, so you’ll have an idea of what you’re purchasing. The app, itself, is basically a shortcut to the website, which is fine because with the app, you get 100 points towards a free book with your first app purchase. I’ve already redeemed one free book and looking forward to redeeming more. Thanks you, ThriftBooks.

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    Love it!

    I LOVE thriftbooks! They have almost every book. I’m an avid reader and especially love the Fear Street series by RL Stine that was written from the late 80’s into the late 90’s, and are not sold in book stores. Thriftbooks had every single book in the series and now I have all 64! Another great thing is that, in the event that they ship you an incorrect item, you can keep it AND they’ll send you your missing item free of charge. My only complaints are that 1. Sometimes a book cover you received will be different from the book cover you selected while ordering and 2. ‘Acceptable’ condition ($3.79) is sometimes poor condition, with torn covers and ripped pages. ‘Good’ condition is only 20¢ more expensive, at $3.99. Overall though, I’d pick Thriftbooks over any other book retail store (:

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    I don’t think I could recommend a better way of buying books! Especially new books that have just come out and are WAY over priced! Thriftbooks will sell them in New, Like New, Very Good, Good and Acceptable conditions. They also sell some DVDs or audio versions of the books you love! And after your shopping cart hits $10 your shipping is free! That must be a crime!? And after you buy a certain amount of books, you get a free book! It only took me about 2 orders from Thriftbooks and then on my second order I was able to get a free book! It was awesome! 10/10 would recommend this app a thousand times over! I got all of my favorite books that I’ve been wanting over the years in just 2 orders! And I intend to get more.

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    Good but needs some work.

    I like this company! And I would recommend it to many people. I have purchased most of my books from here, and it has helped me out a lot when it comes to saving money. I would’ve given this a 5/5 but I don’t agree with being sold items that are severely damaged. I think it’s unethical and shouldn’t be given to someone else. I understand that there are different conditions to choose from. Such as new, like new, good, and acceptable. What’s acceptable or good to someone else might not fit my expectation(s) or others. So whenever you guys order something please be sure to pay attention to the conditions. Other than that happy shopping (:

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    Share with all the readers I know!

    My 7 year old and myself love to read. It can be a costly joy. This app has allowed us to purchase and read all sorts of books. I’ve bought a bunch of books over the last few months or so without compliant. I’m not too picky on the condition of the books as I pass most on or donate them when I’m done. As long as they’re not tore up and readable, I’m happy. I’ve not gotten any books that are greatly different than the description however. My only gripe is the shipping can be slow, it is free with 10$ purchase, but it sometimes takes well over a week/week and a half to get our books. But it won’t stop me from using the app.

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    Issue resolved by customer support

    I purchased over $30 of books that were listed as being in "good" condition. 3 out of 5 books were in terrible condition. There was writing on every page of one book, a second book had most of its pages taped back in, and a third belonged to a public library. (I know libraries sometimes sell old books, but this book was quite new and popular so I doubt it was sold by the library) I was pretty upset about the whole situation so I called customer support. The lady who assisted me was so kind and understanding, it changed my attitude about the situation! She offered two solutions: a full refund or replacements. I chose replacements. They arrived in a timely manner and were in excellent condition. I think I'll give thriftbooks another shot.

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    Awesome but....

    So thriftbooks is amazing. No argument. But I had an issue with one of the 25 books I’ve ordered in the past two years. All brand new looking and had no problems. I was so excited to read my new dean koontz book and I was getting to the best part and 20 pages were RIPPED out. And then I get to the end and another 20 pages were ripped. Clean. It was done purposely. I don’t complain much about this app. But I asked for a brand new copy of it. And the pages were ripped out.

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    Thriftbooks is a modern legend

    Thriftbooks itself is superb and this app is fast improving. Their free shipping for orders over $10, points system with frequent free books, and on the ball, no-nonsense shipping times makes shopping with ThriftBooks pleasure. The visual interface and clearly demarcated hierarchies for book editions and conditions in this app is good and only continues to be further polished. Search function seems to slip some results through the cracks at times, and there are still moments where I revert to their site. Regardless: thriftbooks are leading the charge and carving a niche for used-bookstores of the future. Rave on, my thrifty, bookish domain darling. I’m a fan.

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    Best place to buy books!

    I love buying used books, but sometimes I have a hard time finding what I want! Thriftbooks has great prices, and everything I’ve received has been in awesome shape! Recently There was a slight mistake on my order (I received one book as paperback, and I had ordered all hardbacks). I emailed them and asked if I could get an exchange. They quickly replied and said they would just ship a hardback version free of charge and not to worry about exchanging it! All in all I’m very impressed, and am so happy I have a place to get all my books at low cost!

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    Why is this even necessary?

    This app has the exact same features the website does and is designed so similarly you cannot even tell the difference. The only difference between the app and the website is that the app keeps signing me out.😡😡😡 I was hoping that I would be able to see my orders more clearly instead of having to click five different links to get to one shipment. I wanted to see all the books I've ordered on one page and maybe notifications from the app for when my order ships would be nice but it doesn't seem to do that either. I don't really see a reason why I should keep this app on my phone when the website has the same exact features and even works better.

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    ThriftBooks has been amazing so far! I use it to get a head start on all of my required English books. I swear I have too many of them. I especially love the free shipping on orders over $10! I’ve only had one problem with a book, but they responded to my email the same day and offered a full refund. I also really like the textbooks that they offer here, I was able to get all my textbooks for my high school senior year for under $30! I don’t think I could find a better place to get hardcover books in good condition for under $5

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Is ThriftBooks: New & Used Books Safe?

Yes. ThriftBooks: New & Used Books is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 554 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ThriftBooks: New & Used Books Is 45.2/100.

Is ThriftBooks: New & Used Books Legit?

Yes. ThriftBooks: New & Used Books is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 554 ThriftBooks: New & Used Books User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ThriftBooks: New & Used Books Is 45.2/100.

Is ThriftBooks: New & Used Books not working?

ThriftBooks: New & Used Books works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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