Family Feud® Live! Reviews

Family Feud® Live! Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-01

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Family Feud® Live! Reviews

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    The bad far outweighs the good

    Too many duplicate answers. It only gives you 5 tickets at a time, and they take an hour each to regenerate. Sometimes ill say a vague answer and it tells me it’s wrong when they wanted a more specific answer, or vice versa, I think the game should say “be more specific” just like on the show, or recognize when answers are similar enough. It always defaults to 1,500 coins per game even when I choose 50 each turn, and sometimes I’m not paying attention and I don’t wanna lose that many coins especially when we hardly get any tickets. Also sometimes the questions aren’t specific enough. And finally, it gives you 50 seconds to guess every answer to a question, but the question doesn’t appear until 2 seconds after the clock starts, and that 2 seconds is valuable time. You also have to type at least 2 letters before it gives you suggestions, but it should be after only one letter because I spend a lot of time typing answers it doesn’t suggest. I also think it would be more fun if each person took a turn guessing an answer rather than having each of you guess all, it’s not fair that the other person gets points for an answer you guessed first. The answer should appear on the game board when one person guesses it.

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    Fun game, but needs a new direction...

    I love Family Feud, and I watch it on T.V all the time. So when I download the game, I was exited. Upon playing, I realized that you have to pay “tickets” for a round, and the game only gives you 5 tickets. To get more tickets, you have to wait for the timer, or pay money, which is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Some of the questions are good, some don’t make sense, and some of the answers are kinda repetitive and not what you would think. Some of the questions repeat themselves too, and if you play for a long time you’ll end up getting the exact same question, which is unfair to the other people you’re playing against who haven’t seen that question yet. The Fast Money Tournaments are fun to play, and I love playing classic all the time. I would definitely rate 4/5 stars if they would fix the ticket issue. The coin system is alright, but fix the ticket issue and the repetitiveness. Also the keyboard is horrible. I go to type and I’m consistently wasting time backspacing because it’s so different then iOS keyboard. Why doesn’t the game allow you to use your own keyboard, or at lease dictation? Huge opportunity for improvements. Hope to see better updates in the future.

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    Fun, but Not Worth It

    This game has those dumb tickets that you have to wait a certain amount of time for them to refill. I probably wouldn’t mind it as much if it let you have more than five at a time and you didn’t have to wait an hour for it to refill ONE ticket. To play a round of any type in the game you have to spend one ticket and have the right amount of coins to “wager”. In my opinion I think as long as you have the right amount of coins you should be able to play and not even bother with the tickets. The only way to get more tickets is to pay $5 for the VIP pass, which is another thing. Sometimes when you click the button to play a round it pops up a thing trying to get you to buy the VIP package and you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can say no. Another thing with this game is that even when you type the correct answer, if it’s not the exact words or something really really close, then you get it wrong. For example, when I was playing a round one time the category was “things a doctor might ask you to do” and for my answer I typed “take off clothing” and it said I was wrong. Then at the end of the round the number one answer was “undress”. It’s a fun game but it needs work and rethinking.

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    Addicting but annoying

    This game is very fun and addicting. But there are a couple things that need improvement: It is really slow, I'll submit an answer and it will not tell me if it's right or wrong for sometimes 10 seconds. The clock still runs and it is a big issue when there is a time constraint. Also it takes a very long time to switch rounds. Another thing would be the placement of the backspace button. It is not where one would be on a typical keyboard and I think that it would be helpful if it was. Last but least concerning improvement is I often get repeated questions

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    Fun but glitches and ticket regeneration is a pain

    I have thoroughly enjoyed playing family feud and the first couple days was great. Unfortunately tickets take forever to regenerate and there is no way to get more tickets besides waiting and purchasing. Coins are almost always given and can be earned in different ways I.e. watching advertisement videos. Another issue I have with the game is that recently I have been having tons of glitches. The app will crash after it takes my ticket and coins and then there is no way to get it back or continue the game. It has now happened to me a total of 6 times in the course of 2 hours of play time. It seems to only occur with tournaments, however it is extremely frustrating. I have tried emailing support to get help with this with no response. The game is a lot of fun, so I think if this can be fixed and ticket regeneration had different avenues such as videos, or winning live matches it would improve the game so much.

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    Jacked up rules

    If you have the correct answer or number one answer don’t plan it counting, especially if you’re competing against someone else. In regular rounds you earn less points for guessing the same answer if the other person gets it right, and during fast money if you guess the same answer as your opponent you can’t use it even though you can’t see your opponents answers, so it doesn’t matter if you have it or not, you can’t play making it almost impossible to win if you take your time to think about the question before answering. Also, even if you are quick about answering it doesn’t matter because during fast money the questions are asked in a different order than you and your opponent so even if you start typing immediately if your opponent answered the question as the first question and you got that question as your first question you don’t even get a chance. Completely unfair and a waste of coins when wagering. I don’t even bother doing more than the minimum anymore. Not worth it and nothing like the actual game.

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    Too bad this is the only Family Feud game now

    This is the second time I’ve downloaded, and now have deleted this app. It’s pretty bad. The biggest issue I have is the keyboard is harder to type on than the normal phone keyboard so I constantly have to correct spelling and waste time. The other major issue is ill type in an answer that is on the board but won’t get the points because it’s not a letter for letter match. IE; “name something that make you tear up.” I type movies and I get a strike, the top answer: watch a movie 🤨. This has happened so many times it makes it not worth playing. The last one I played I literally got ALL STRIKES but every answer I put was on the board! “Name something a bad kisser does” I put Too wet, answer: Wet kisses. I put too messy, answer “sloppy kisses”. I mean come on. This is not an issue with the actual show, sometimes to the point where they flip answers that are really pushing it whether it’s the same thing. They really need to fix the programming that synonyms for certain words are recognized.

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    It’s You vs. Computer and the Computer will win.....

    I never play games. However, I’ve always loved watching Family Feud so I decided to download the mobile version. I easily got addicted. To the point that after I ran out of tickets I would play on my boyfriends phone. But, when I was playing on my boyfriends acct I ended up vs. myself??? Which is impossible considering I was literally playing on my boyfriends account. It was a computer and not a real person and I lost. Thats funny. I don’t think all the matches are computer generated, but I’m beginning to wonder how many are.. The last couple of games I’ve played I would lose at the last second. All of a sudden they get number one within the last second? The last three games I’ve played? Moreover, I’ve entered in an answer and got it right. Then, see my opponent put the exact same answer and get it wrong. Acts like a bot, must be a bot. No fun when they are in control of how much you win.

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    Garbage! Get ready for this longgg review.

    THEY ASK THE SAME QUESTIONS! I have personally never seen any 2 family feud episodes with the same questions (and i have pretty much seen all of them). So there should be no way I have seen the same questions and i only had the app for a week. Another thing most of the questions are so stupid. Like name a weapon on the game clue. Fist of all how tf can you assume everybody has played clue to even ask such a specific question. Nevertheless, I still tried with answers like gun & knife. They said no to knife and at the end of course knife was one of the answers. That type of stuff is so annoying, basically giving away coins. You also need the fingers of a mouse to type on the keyboard. Lastly on fast money you should be able to answer a question with the same answer as your opponent. We are not on the same team like on the real feud so those rules should not apply. I feel like the people who made this didn’t even base it off of the real family feud and have never seen the show in their lives. The End

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    The tickets take way to long to regenerate so you can’t sit down and just play. Giving answers is difficult at best, the keyboard is difficult to use as it presses a letter 3x and then won’t register another. It offers suggested answers but this doesn’t help if you can’t type part of the word in correctly which is made harder with the fact the backspace button is separated from the keyboard. Additionally if there is a loss in service and you’re in a game, you lose the money and tickets and this happens a lot. The free spin is nice and helps get money built back up. You can also pay a monthly subscription to be apart of the VIP group. Overall, I played for about a week and though I love the game it has too many frustrations to keep playing. Additionally I’d love to play fast money after regular rounds but that isn’t an option and instead has to be played separately. Maybe if they get some bugs worked out it’d be better but for now it’s not that fun.

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    Good Concept, Poor Execution

    This game drives me nuts because you have to be very specific in your answers with very little forgiveness. For instance, I wrote “cook breakfast” for an answer and got an X, then “eat breakfast” was on the board! Another example was my opponent put “fall asleep” and got an X (because it shows you while you’re playing) and “sleep” was the answer on the board. You only have a very limited time to type in an answer and the keyboard is sensitive so I find myself having to backspace a lot which also cuts down on the window for answering. It’s also frustrating that you lose 5 points for a wrong answer. Again, the window of time is small for each round, thus you have to type quickly and try lots of random answers. The word choice for each category varies as well, especially in regards to x-rated answers (i.e. “knocking boots”, “sexy time”, and “family jewels”), thus it would be nice if a broad answer were consistently accepted for these questions.

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    Repeat questions, can’t earn tickets

    Three major complaints. 1. The questions repeat often. If you’re playing against someone who has been playing longer they have a huge advantage. I’ve only been playing for a few days (level 4) and I see the same questions constantly. It gives me a huge unfair advantage to get a perfect score on a level because I already know the answers. 2. You need tickets to play and it takes forever to get tickets. You get a new ticket every HOUR. (Much longer compared to other games I play.) There is nothing to speed this up unless you buy a MONTHLY membership. No ads you can watch or things you can do. So I basically just play once a day. There is the option to invite people on a list to play but it’s rare that they respond to the request and you don’t really win anything when you play against them. Each round costs 12 coins to play and you may only win 10 coins that round. And if you match with someone who has been playing much longer than you, then you’re wasting your coins because they will get perfect scores on all the repeat questions. 3. It randomly does or does not recognize your answer. I wrote “moon bounce” when they were looking for “bounce house” and was rejected. I wrote “clothes” when they wanted “suit” and it was accepted. There are times what I write isn’t even close to the answer they’ll use it for. Other times they reject answers that mean the exact thing on the list.

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    Just bad

    I really love family feud so I was excited to see there was a game for it. But I was quickly disappointed. After playing one game, all of my games from then on out would crash and when I would log back onto the game my money that I had spent play would be gone. So the game was taking my coins and I wasn’t even getting to play. On top of that there are a lot of repeat questions, which makes the game sort of unfair. After playing it for a while you’ll know the answers to every question so when you were playing against players that are higher level, they will always win because they are used to those questions. I also don’t like the tickets. You never get more than three and they run out so quickly and take so long to refill. I think it would be much better if you only lost a ticket if you lost the game, that way you can play longer than five minutes. Over all too buggy and to repetitive to enjoy

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    Fun game but could be better

    I have been enjoying this game, especially the special events. But the last two events have had a glitch in them and they crash every single time I try to play. At the perfect time too: after I have used coins for a new round and before I get to even see a question. Very frustrating! I don’t like that this game wants me to connect with Facebook. Why do all games push that now? I also wish the format was closer to the actual game show instead of having to choose between a question round and fast money. Only being able to play 5 games at most and then waiting for 5 hours for the tickets to refresh is annoying. I’m not going to spend money on more games. Other than that, I do like the game. I will continue to play because it’s the best option, just think it needs some improvements.

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    just like other games no just no

    you know what this crap really just gets on my nerves I have a bunch of problems I can't even count number one this game is not accessible have you ever thought about blind people wanting to play such as me ha ha of course not a problem to actually there is only one problem but you could've been one of them actually thinks about other people like this this this is this this right here this is what I hate none of the developers actually think about blind people except for the ones that make audio games so until further notice I'm going to delete this app and other blind people after I encourage you not to download this app unless you can see a little bit because this is not helpful to blind people this app is not accessible I cannot stand when people do this these developers don't think about The whole community and I wish I didn't have to give it any stars because if I didn't have to give it zero stars

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Is Family Feud® Live! Safe?

Yes. Family Feud® Live! is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 37,957 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Family Feud® Live! Is 39.4/100.

Is Family Feud® Live! Legit?

Yes. Family Feud® Live! is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 37,957 Family Feud® Live! User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Family Feud® Live! Is 39.4/100.

Is Family Feud® Live! not working?

Family Feud® Live! works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Gangela
Mar 13 2021

St patricks feud took atleast 800 points from me. Everytime I try to play it gets all the way to picking the opponent then cuts back off WHILE it takes my points. Once today and three times yesterday morning. Please fix this issue.

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