Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Reviews

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-09

Find furniture you like and design a campsite that suits your style! Tents,
hammocks, fireplaces, a stuffed-animal sofa...mix and match to your heart's
content! Make a trendy open-air café, or line up some microphones and guitars
to create an outdoor music festival! In the mood for a li...

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Reviews

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    my FAVORITE game

    i’ve never written a review before for any game but i figure my favorite app is the best place to start! i’ve been playing animal crossing for over a year now and let me say it is a pleasure to play this game! there’s daily rewards to keep you motivated to check in on your animal buddies, cute dialogue between characters, and engaging/new events that occur monthly (fishing tourneys are my favorite because of the weird collectible fish you can get). the music, aesthetics, and design are really pleasant and i’ve only had one glitch occur before in the whole time i’ve played it. the designers of this game keep up with what needs to be fixed and make sure that the game runs smoothly. i love being able to connect with other players without a chat room or anything like that because that can lead to harassment and just ugly stuff. my ONLY edits would be that i wish this app would lean into the “cute” aesthetic a bit more. recently they did a “rock and roll” theme event and it was so dark and didn’t fit my vision of animal crossing at all. i would love some more light, cute things that i can obtain! secondly, in the original animal crossing there’s a museum where you can keep rare animals you’ve collected. i think this would be a great idea so that way you don’t just look in your catalogue to see rare things you’ve caught. i want a place to keep them and put them on display so i can know my accomplishments! that’s all though i love this game keep up the amazing work!

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    Awesome!! Honest feedback

    I LOVE this game. It brings me back to the days of my childhood playing animal crossing on my gamecube. I think there are many aspects of the game that are excellent but I wanted to give my feedback because this is a game I want to continue to enjoy, rather than something I get sick of. First, I think the game needs to continue updating and expanding. I think more locations and the map overall should expand so there is more to do. The game sort of feels like a loop - the animals move, I do their requests, then I wait for them to move again. I think an expanded map would be a huge thing and would make the game much better. I also think there should be more challenges to complete - I am almost done with my stretch goals and would like more goals to focus on. And one more thing - I think we should be able to go inside of our tents and decorate them. We should have the amenities for the animals, but I literally never go inside my camper or even pay attention to it. If we could have a personal tent for our character that we could decorate, similar to designing your own house in the original game, I would seriously LOVE that. So overall, an expanded map with more locations and more to do (even if they are locations like shovel strike quarry where we don't meet animals but rather do other tasks), more challenging tasks (more of them more frequently), and a personal tent for us to design and decorate. Other than that, the game is great!!

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    Childhood memories!

    So I LOVE this game, I found it on the App Store and immediately downloaded it. Now with that being said I expected the original version or something close to it. It is different however I appreciate the new scenery and characters. BUT. I miss the og animals like peanut and the actions from the first game. I’m leaving a review in hopes that some of the things I know and love might be incorporated in order to bring back some childhood nostalgia for everyone. I think sending mail/letters should be brought back, I used to love buying stationary and sending my sister and brother mail with gifts inside. I also miss being able to pay my bills with Polly. Oh and how can I forget furniture falling out of trees or the dump?! Haha of course all this cannot be in the new game but maybe just a few things. I miss actually walking to places instead of transitioning from screen to screen. I’ve read other reviews and I really like the idea of decorating the entire camp site I feel there is so much wasted space which could be filled with furniture and activities for the animals. Another idea I have is to bring small aspects of every version of animal crossings together here. For instance going swimming from the DS version as well as the Museum and fossils collections. I would also really like to see more in the town square such as the hair salon from the Wii version and the store fronts it had. Overall happy with the game but wanting more to keep busy.

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    Amazing but could use some improvements<3

    I’ve been playing Animal Crossing for yearssssss. I’ve only ever played on my DS so when I saw that there was a mobile game I obviously freaked. I am currently on level 46 so you can tell that I put a lot of time and effort into this game. I never seem to get bored especially because of all the events (which are amazing and so much fun). Through my countless hours playing this game I have figured out some aspects that could use some work, and some minor details that annoy me a little. I would LOVE it if when you’re at the campsite if you want to squeeze by an animal they will physically move out of your way(you push them) instead of having to maneuver around them yourself which just ends up being very frustrating for me. I also think that you should be able to expand your campsite and have a larger space so you can actually fit all of the furniture in the space that you’re given. The last thing that I think should absolutely be updated is the amenities. I’m amazed that you can’t interact with any of them. I have a fully upgraded Carousel and I can’t even ride on it and it makes me so frustrated because it’s so beautiful. I also think that you should be able to decorate and go inside of the tents as well, what’s the point of upgrading them if you can’t even interact with them at all? Thanks again Nintendo, this game is great and I know that you’re listening to us Animal Crossing lovers. 💖

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    Charming, with only minor drawbacks

    Let me start by saying this game is beautifully designed, relaxing, and keeps me entertained enough to look forward to my MANY logins each day. I almost gave it 4 stars because of the few drawbacks which I'll mention in my review, but the overall charm of the Animal Crossing series and the additional content in the game (like the new holiday themed goals and furniture) helped push this to a 5 for me. The clothing and furniture to collect as well as the short and long term goals give me plenty of things to accomplish, and make the game a continually rewarding experience. There are the drawbacks that any Animal Crossing fan is used to such as the slow pace, which in this game is set by timers, as well as repetitive dialog and interactions with the campers. The steep increase in crafting time on newly unlocked items is also a con. I wouldn't necessarily take these things out of the game, and I'm not surprised or disappointed at the micro transactions either. But for some people I can see how these things could be frustrating. If you play at a slower pace the way traditional Animal Crossing is designed for then it likely won't be much of an issue, but the impatient folks like myself may be tempted into buying more leaf tickets to speed things up. That being said, the game can still be thoroughly enjoyed without spending a penny. It's without a doubt the best mobile game I've ever played, and one of the only mobile games worth your time.

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    I love this game I just wanted to give ideas

    I’m not a game developer and I don’t want the mobile vs of acpc (animals crossing pocket camp) to be like the new game that just came out but I just wanted to give some ideas. I’m only level 35 so I don’t know if these things exist yet. Maybe we could have our own clothing like we can make our own designs like in the new game because I love the outfits that come out from the cookies but I just want to be able to make my own. Next thing is to able to give away items to our friends rather than selling them, because I have a bunch of duplicates of clothing and items that I don’t want but I can’t get rid of them and can only have a my villagers wear them I think being able to give them your friends only would be a great idea! And also more islands to explore and to expand our camp site because there’s a lot of talent people making great creations with the game but the limited space is kinda difficult to work with, like when we level up to certain level we can expand our campsite and add in more people. And more interactions with the people at our camp/cabin I like the idea of finding things for them I would be so happy if we could get more quests like that. Again I’m only level 35 so I don’t know if any of this exist or if you can even do it without it being so close to the new game (idk if that bad) I just wanted to share some thoughts love this game💕🥰

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    Love it, but I’ll admit it’s not perfect

    I got it the day it came out and am currently at level 26, so obviously I’m a pretty big fan. Obviously it’s not without its flaws, the biggest one being the connection issues, but I was kind of expecting that from a brand new game-Animal Crossing is already a well loved series, but bringing it to mobile puts it in the hands of a lot more people that weren’t previously fans of it, so it probably has been more popular than expected. Whatever, it’ll clear up eventually. There are two main things (involving the Market Boxes) that I would like to see changed: (1) as someone who now has 10 slots available, I would very much like to see more than 4 of my friend’s slots without having to go to their campsite and (2) I would honestly like to be able to buy the stuff my friends put up for sale without having to visit their campsite. The connection issues already make navigating the friends list and the visiting of campsites take too long, but having to go back and forth just to find out my friend isn’t selling what I’m looking for is time consuming and tedious. Other than that, I’d also kind of like to see a return of the emotions and letter writing from previous games, and maybe possibly even a multiplayer mode where you can visit your friends and hang out in real time. I also look forward to the addition of more villagers along the line!

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    Great Game Whether A Previous Fan Or Newcomer!

    Animal Crossing Pocket Camp delivers a perfect handheld rendition of the other games in the Animal Crossing series. It takes a different approach to the series while still retaining the essential aspects that make it feel like an Animal Crossing game. It may lack in playability due to timers and overall less activities to partake in. But however, players can’t expect too much given the game has the extremely low price tag of free. The game makes the player feel unique being able to customize several things to their liking including their camper and the camp itself. One gripe I myself have regarding the game is the diversity of the animals themselves. The animals seem to exhibit recycled voice lines across different animals making each animal feel less and less unique. Another thing is the market box access. Players can only access the market box after visiting the camp of their friend instead of being able to purchase off their friends list. I understand that this is to encourage visiting camps and giving incentive to give kudos to other camps but it is a bit inconvenient for those impatient or have poor connection to the internet. Finally, being able to visit friends camps in real time would be a cool feature or even being able to play mini games with them. In conclusion, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a great game capable of delivering hours of fun and spurring player creativity regardless of whether it lacks in minor features.

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    Great game!

    This game is super nice, it brings various mobile game elements and combines them. This great seeing my favorite characters from when i was a little game playing animal crossing. There are little bugs and the game runs very smoothly. There is a minor complaint i have. Something that i kind of question is that when i have over 9 villagers capable of staying at my camp, the same nine stay in the camp and don’t leave. I think it would be nice if the villagers capable of staying at my camp stay and leave on rotations similar to how the villagers do from island to island. I think it would be nice if all the villagers came and went because i wouldn’t have to choose on what villager i like more lol!! Another complaint i have is the big imbalance of drops the villagers give you. There are soooo many villagers this will give you either wood or steel, and yeah those are good for crafting furniture but it’s annoying that there are such little villagers that give out cotton and preserves, especially since cotton is used for a lot of crafting. I never have enough to build what i need and it’s frustrating using up a bunch of request tickets on the same 4 villagers just so i can build one simple thing! I think newly added villagers should drop more of these uncommon materials!! I also wish that through the market box we can sell materials and furniture, i have a lot of unused furniture and it would be nice if i could get it to another villager!! Thanks!!!!

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    Fun game but with flaws

    As many others have said, this is definitely a great game, but I feel like they're missing a big component that made all the past Animal Crossing games so much fun. That missing component is the randomization. In past games there was so much that would be random - the town layout, the characters that arrive, the fruits that are grown, etc. These randomizations were what made it so fun to interact with other players in their unique towns. Don't get me wrong, there are little randomizations here and there in Pocket Camp - like things they sell at the market and where characters are camping out - but for the most part my game is very similar to other players of the same level. Sometimes the order in which characters arrive are a little random, but they always unlock the same items and the character arrival randomizations isn't random enough to make the game feel variable. There's a tip that shows up on loading screens sometimes that says visiting other players' camps might give one inspiration for one's own camp. But I find that I don't care to go to other players' camps because we're all usually around the same level, meaning we've met roughly the same characters and we have roughly the same items at our camps. Like I said, it's still fun to play, but I really think more randomization in the game would've made Pocket Camp a game I could see myself playing for a long time rather than something I'd get tired of after a couple weeks.

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    Enjoyable & Laidback (+ Some Feedback)

    I really enjoy ACPC! It’s very fun & I love its aesthetic. There’s lots of different features and items. I simply love all of it as a whole. The things you’re able to do for friends is really broad compared to some other games! However, there’s some other features I’d like to see. A lot of animals from the same category use the same phrases. It gets repetitive and a little boring. Adding more dialogue would be great! The map is also a bit small, so adding new locations (possibly to unlock) would be great! Here are some suggestions: mountain (to hike, collect shiny stones, & steel?), a farm to plant vegetables in your campsite (or add plots to your garden for this, & an activity center. An activity center could be used to build special amenities. Like a gym, skatepark, and library. Another detail is the fact that your campsite & cabin can only host 8 animals. There’s such a wide variety of animals that this is a very small amount. I think being able to expand your campsite and cabin to host more animals would be amazing! Different buildings to host more animals is the last thing. Maybe like a cruise boat, beach house, or island (an island could be something unlocked after clearing some export islands?) They would have different floors like cabins & campers. That’s all! Overall these are just small details. ACPC is a game that I am very entertained by and deserves these 5 stars 💕

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    Relaxing until the errors start up

    This is the first Animal Crossing game I’ve ever played more than an hour and I love it. Everything is easy and possible to obtain and the freemium stuff isn’t pushed on you or required unless you really want to speed up some 12 hour build time items. I’m level 16 and I have only encountered one favor that requires you to have caught a rare fish so the requests may ramp up in difficulty with your level but by then you’ll probably have fished/caught about 5 of them. It is nice that you can add friends you meet in the world, and it is really handy that you can buy extra items you might need from them if they have them for sale in their personal market boxes. One tip is that they don’t tell you how much camper upgrades are until they already do the work... the first extension is 10k and the second level add on is 30k. However you don’t have to pay right away, there is a loan system like the original games. My one issue with the game is how many connection and “unexpected” errors occur that can leave my game hanging in loading screens or kick me out of the game entirely when all I’m trying to do is receive rewards or talk to the animals. I don’t have bad WiFi so that isn’t the problem. It happens so often it really affects the gameplay and can be really frustrating. Obviously the game is a day old and isn’t ironed out yet so this might just be a problem until the first update fixes it or something.

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    One of the only mobile games possible to play without spending money

    Pocket camp is so fun. While traditional Animal Crossing is more enjoyable when you look at the whole picture (and please please let's get an AC for the switch), Pocket Camp is a great mobile platform version of the game. I started playing at the beginning and was disappointed in the lack of features, leaving me bored and eventually burnt out. However, recently I started playing again and there are tons of new features! My favorite thing is the frequency of events - there's almost always an event going which gives all kinds of fun new goals and such to attain. The game has come so far since day 1 and I greatly look forward to experiencing the game as it continues to grow. Dialogue with campers is repetitive and we need more clothing and furniture, maybe some new locations and things to do but overall I cannot complain enough to drop the review to 4 stars. This is one of the only games in the app store that makes it more than possible to play and have a cool area that's possible to decorate without spending money. Leaf tickets are easy enough to attain that if you're patient you can acquire enough for the cooler campground terrain and the better fortune cookies without paying money, but they're also not SO easy to attain as to destroy any revenue that would keep the app in business. Overall it's a really great game.

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    🌺hi guyz 🌺

    This game is great and all but... I wish there was a place in the levels that could make the avatar go to a different world like there was a suspicious portal that came into you campsite or your cabin and it pulls all of your friends( Goldie, Rosie, etc.) and you go to a hole( puns hehe) new world and there is like many other places to have different camps and you become like, I don’t know a person that can travel through portals or something??? I wish that you could take something from this paragraph and add it to the game( I realllllyyyy want the avatar to travel to a different place not just in the small place in a tiny world) thank you! :3 edit: so.. hi again!! i LOVE the game!!! but i wish that you can actually PLAY with ur friends! like u can go to their world 🌎 and u could see the real them (their character tho) and play with the avatar not just give kudos and buy stuff from them. another thing is THE MONEY (leaf dollars💵) i want them to give us more money they are literally just FORCING us to get the fashion plan. and it costs real life! i’m broke (don’t judge me) i want to get more leaf dollars like idk 20 or 30 a day. or maybe even 10! i need more money. my friends are almost already lvl 157 and i’m just sad ol’ 58 and u know why? CUZ I DONT HAVE THE FUTURE FASION PLAN. plz fix this i don’t wanna pay 15 dollars a month!! (might not be the actual amount but yea) thanks!!

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    Needs some more

    I love this game so much it’s cute, and addicting except I think you guys should add a bit more to the game. So everything is good but like all you do is get people to go to your campsite, cabin, collect money, and do quests. I think it would be really fun if we could adventure more like add new places, towns, city’s, and parks? Maybe even a mall or just any thing that comes to mind, also I think you guys should make it so we can design our clothes. And here’s a really big thing I hate when we buy stuff sometimes we have to wait like 3 hours 10 hours and it’s really long and annoying and I can’t buy anything after I would really appreciate it if you guys just make it either be 20 minutes 50 minutes or just a hour nothing higher maybe if it’s a really expensive item like 20,00 or something you can make it 3 hours if you would like but like don’t make everything 3 or 10 hours because it’s really annoying. And last of all I think it would be really fun if we could actually talk to the other players because when I friend someone we can’t talk they just stand their I would love if I could adventure with others and talk to instead of them seeming like a fake character I thought they where fake but they weren’t and that’s what bugs me I really think you should actually let us talk to other players it’s a online game yet we can’t talk to them? That’s all but if you fix all those I would love love LOVE this game bye ❤️

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