animal restaurant Reviews

animal restaurant Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-14

This heartwarming management simulation game all starts with a stray cat in the
forest. You're the owner of Animal Restaurant. Will you take in this clumsy,
dirty kitty and let him work at your restaurant? You can learn all kinds of
recipes, like taiyaki, strawberry pancakes, shaved ice...

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animal restaurant Reviews

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    Cute and Surprisingly Addictive!

    I saw this on an ad and didn’t think that the game I thought was going to be silly and boring would be such an addictive app easily accessible on my phone. The characters,staff, and all the things that you can unlock gives you a sense of challenge in trying to bring up your restaurant’s ratings as well as upgrade the basics that were given to you at the start of the game. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a cute art style and is easily drawn in by tycoon type games. However, this game should probably be played when you have a high percentage unless you don’t care about your phone dying. But I don’t think that’s something the app can control and is instead my phone model, but saying that just in case it happens to you and you’re surprised by the drainage in battery. Other than that, I would say there’s nothing that’s really negative about the game. I am reading the reviews and yes there is a bit of lag but it happens only once for 1 second every day or at least for me,and it’s only when I have a lot of customers. So if your game is glitching badly then I suggest looking at the data or something. Also when I joined it did not ask me for personal information so I would like to warn people about that because another review mentioned it and although I did not have such a notification, I think there might be others who did or will.

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    Very relaxing

    This is such an adorable game. Very addicting and the design is just the cutest. My only 2 problems would be 1) As you upgrade the promote button though you unlock new characters and can increase the prices of your dishes. I don’t like the fact that it increases the amount of times you need to press the promote button to actually get a customer. As you progress in the game you probably have more than likely already bought the cheaper items meaning you need to make more money to buy the much more expensive items. Serving customers is the main source of income you get in this game so to make it harder to gain money from customers it takes forever to get expensive items. A solution to this would be to start off with it being hard to gain an income because you have quests at the beginning of t he game and then as you continue you can lower the amount of taps needed to promote. The second thing was the inconsistency in the fishing pond. The fish bait is way over priced so I am thankful that you can watch an add for 4 free bait, but when catching fish I wish there was some method you could master to have a higher chance of getting fish. These are just small opinions of mine overall this is still a great game with lots of potential.

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    Cute But Expensive

    This game is adorable and honestly keeps me very busy, and the ads are optional which is something I really like. The designs for the facilities are so nice and it's so satisfying to see your restaurant all decorated and all the cute hats you can give your employees, which are also adorable. I really do enjoy playing it, but there are a few things I don't really understand or enjoy. The items are way too expensive for my liking. The cod tasks were added, but you have to pay for subscriptions you wouldn't even need or pay hundreds of dollars for and item you probably won't even use to get a good amount of cod. And how do you know if you'll even receive the cod after completing the task? What if you just waste your money and not get the cod as promised? It's kind of weird to be honest. I really think the cod prices should be lowered on the higher up recipes and facilities because it's just ridiculously high, and the cellphone promo honestly feels like a downgrade rather than and upgrade since you have to tap 32 times, it makes me wish I never upgraded. Cod prices definitely have to be adjusted, because there is no way I can reach those amounts. One more thing, customers asking for recipes you don't have, like why would you order something that isn't on a menu when you go to a restaurant? It doesn't really make sense to me. So yeah, cute game, but there are definitely quite a few flaws.

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    I love this game so much but it definitely needs a little help.

    This game has absolutely stolen my heart and it relaxes me so much. I can feel my stress just going away when I’m playing it. While i love this game there’s definitely things that need a little help. The amount of tapping you have to do later in the game is honestly ridiculous, especially if it’s supposed to be an upgraded promotion. You would think that for an upgrade you’d have to tap less and would get more customers, but instead you have to tap a ton more and still only receive one customer. I think that the amount of tapping should be switched around to 32 taps for the flier and then 8 taps for the cellphone because it just doesn’t feel like an upgrade in promoting. It feels like a downgrade. Also the amount of ads you have to watch just to keep a steady pace of getting more customers, cod, and stars is crazy too. While I’m patient enough to do it, it shouldn’t be a necessity to get ahead. I felt like I was able to upgrade my restaurant so quickly and now I’m stuck with trying to get enough cod just to buy one thing because it takes so long now to get customers in. If the tapping could be reworked, or even give us something other than an ad to watch to put out the 15x ad, it would be amazing. This game has a lot of potential, it just needs a few tweaks here and there.

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    I LOVE THIS GAME! (but plz work on the tapping)

    I absolutely adore this cute lil game. The art, the food, the goals, etc. It’s so fun to have different dishes, characters, upgrades and facilities! However, the only thing I absolutely dislike in the repetitive tapping to get new customers. It’s quite annoying if I must say. You should be able to slowly increase how many customers free willingly show up given how popular your restaurant is. Tapping 32 times just for one customer is beyond annoying. You should start with 32 and when upgraded to phone ad have it lowered to 8 since you won’t have to work as hard for the upgraded versions. Definitely should just have a constant flow of customers who don’t need a ad invite since there’s also random animals who could be visiting and are hungry, people who are regulars, people who recommend the restaurant etc why focus on tapping and ads when I could be focusing on other fun things in the game. I also recommend that you give us an option to visit the highest restaurants around the town! Also, it would be neat if you expanded the game and not only went into the restraunt we have but go into neighbors stores, homes, etc Thank you for making such an amazing game!

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    I think this game is absolutely adorable. I just got it today and I’ve played for an hour straight!😅 I love the cute little reminders to take a rest when playing to long 🥺 I know a lot of people wouldn’t agree but I think the amount of adds is fine because it’s never a necessity! You don’t HAVE to watch the adds. Obviously it speeds it up but if the game went by quick there would be no experience and you'd unlock everything right away. Then what’s the point? Everyone’s just complaining about the tapping but if there was a constant flow of customers you’d never get a break to buy new things and expand and all that. You can either watch an add for a constant flow, or tap. Tapping gives you moderation to how many people will come in and the ad makes tons come in in a short amount of time. I don’t think people realize the point of adds. They explain how much they love it but say no adds. Most apps don’t give you the option. This one DOES!! And if there’s no adds these amazing artists and creators wouldn’t make any money! It’s a free app! They’ve got to promote themselves guys🥺🥺 It’s just so relaxing and the animation is adorable and I can’t even express my love enough for this game :,)

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    This is officially my favorite game on my phone

    I've played this game for about a month now, and even after a month I haven't lost an ounce of interest. Before I talk about the gameplay can I just compliment how great everything looks? All the characters look really cute (especially the staff) and every little asset looks like something you'd only find in this game. All the colors give off a very calm feeling and suit the game very well. Now since I'm done telling how awesome the art is, let me get on to the gameplay. I think there is a problem with having to tap the screen constantly but it's not as bad when you hire some staff, but I don't think that take away from the whole gameplay. I really like that this game doesn't give me stress, great for playing when you need to calm down. Another thing is that it keeps me hooked, I constantly want to keep growing my restaurant. One more thing I want to mention is that if you find yourself playing the game for an hour straight, a little reminder will pop up suggesting you should take a break because you've been playing for an hour straight. I think this little feature is just amazing and more games should have it. Anyways great game 5/5

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    Amazing game but recently getting lag

    This game is adorable!! I’ve put at least an hour or so a day into it over the last 4 months. My only complaint is that recently I started getting really bad lag spikes that last 5-10 seconds and stop the music that’s playing in game. After the lag is over, the music doesn’t play again until after I turn it off and back on. If this issue were fixed this would go to 5 stars! One suggestion I might make is to let you access the billboards in other player’s courtyards to get to your own. Going back to my restaurant and then to another restaurant is tedious when I’m doing the treasure hunt, especially when it’s repeated 20+ times. Another fix could be to add a button on the top like the courtyard button that lets you access the friends list. Overall I would 100% recommend this game. You don’t have any ads forced onto you, the gameplay is slow-paced and adorable, there’s plenty to do throughout the day to keep you playing, the events are adorable and fun, there’s constantly new things to buy and grown your restaurant with, and it hasn’t gotten stale after 100+ hours in it. One of the best games on the app store for sure. This game has become a staple of my daily routine and a great time killer at work.

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    I love it! But a few flaws.

    Hello! I will be your narrator for this review (lol). Now, the good things: Cute, relaxing, giving-you-that-little-dance-dance-feeling and it keeps you busy! And, the stories of each character are just so cool and full of character (maybe that’s because they ARE one-). Overall, these things are great! Oh, I forgot to mention the staff that help you. Anyways, here are ideas for future updates that I (and maybe the community, but I won’t speak for everyone) would really like. One, make the items, staff and other things LESS EXPENSIVE (please). Two, let the player move purchased furniture around. This is because the game just chooses where to put them, and it takes away some of the creative freedom with designing our restaurant. Three, the items and staff that cannot be unlocked because of an account. Now, for me, I tried signing in with Apple, but I couldn’t. And then I had a choice of doing it with Facebook or another “company”, but I could not because I can’t have a Facebook account at my age, so please, PLEASE “remove” this. Anyways, over these things, this is a ⭐️𝕘𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕥⭐️ game. Keep up the good work and thank you for wasting your time on this review. SHEEEESH-

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    GREAT! 🤩👍🏾

    This game is awesome! This game has major details! There are all types of animals including, rabbits, pandas, badgers, deer, mice, and etc. They also use cod as money! (Cod is a type of fish because the manager is a cat) You can also earn the cod very easily. You can even earn stars! Stars are what you earn. I’m pretty sure they are like rating. You can use the cod to buy tables, windows, stoves, ovens, and more stuff for your restaurant! My favorite animal is the panda but his name is “Rich Kid” because he gives out FREE cod if you just easily tap on him! 😱 Cool, right? I think so too! Also, there are NO ads! There are only ads if you want free fish and more! This game is so addicting AND caring! Believe it or not but if you have been on the game for 1 hour+ you will get a pop up screen along he lines of “You have been playing the game for more than an hour! Make sure to get some rest!” Isn’t that cute and sweet? This game is amazing! If your reading this and you don’t have the game, you should download it! Don’t you see that number that says it has 4.9 stars? Yeah, that means the game could be pretty good! Download it for FREE! I recommend it. I know this sounds like an advertisement lol! 😂

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    The only game I’ve kept up on ❤️

    I love this game! You may be wondering where the four star review then comes from. It is because although the game is fantastic, it is tiring dealing with a couple strong drawbacks that have left me a bit unsatisfied with the game as I’ve played it for the past few months. First, many times after watching an ad the game will crash and freeze and I will be forced to refresh the game and not get the intended prize. It is just obnoxious when the game includes so many ads which help one progress faster in the game. Secondly, there isn’t much gameplay available as I would like there to be in the game. It would be amazing if there were more mini game options that did not have time limits; even if they result in giving the player very little gain. After about five minutes on the app there isn’t much to do except watch ads for the fish pond/restaurant lobby or tap yourself into oblivion for customers. Despite these drawbacks the app still deserves four strong stars because of its amazing options in decor and so many other things. There are many strong features that make the game unique and so fun. I’m lucky I found it, and the art is absolutely amazing, I am continuously in love with it. <3

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    Improvement & Good Reviews

    I have some stuff to say to improve and stuff to say that I like, I give the game five stars because it cheers me up. For some reason, imagining a restaurant run by animals is somewhat sweetening. Besides that, let’s start off with the stuff that I would say to improve. The amount of times you need to watch ads, and click to get customers does get very annoying. It helps to have the promoter in the staff, but the wait time should potentially go down each upgrade. It not, maybe put it in where you can choose to lower the rest time, or add to the customers that come from the promote. As you upgrade your promo, it should be maybe more effective and less taps, like you have to tap more when starting out and as you go up you slowly need less taps. Other than that, let’s get to the good reviews! This game is very VERY calming to my heart, when I’m feeling bad i come to play it. It just warms my heart with the sweet and wacky art style. Overall than the improvement items I said about, the game is one of the best games I’ve encountered on the App Store, and i’m glad I did. I recommend heavily that you download it!

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    This is soooo cute

    I absolutely love this game but one thing I don’t like is it takes sooooo long to get stars and that you have to LiterallyHave to press 13 times to get customers and you have to multitask to get more and more customers you should be able to just wait until more customers, it shouldn’t be this bad you could also just look at some of the other restaurants or buffets gardens because it’s just not fair and you should be able to see how others are doing in the game but I absolutely love the game it’s cute it’s cute but there’s just a few things but overall it’s adorable and I love this game so there’s pretty much nothing wrong with it it’s just a few tiny little things that just really just like that you should do in the game but they don’t allow you to do in the game like it’s just not fair how you can’t see other buffets or restaurantsAnd it’s just not fair honey yeah you can’t see other restaurants and see how many customers laid out and or why you can’t look at them and see how they’re doing it would make more sense but overall this game is cute and adorable so you should buy it will not buy it right download it

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    Best game I ever played

    Before I get into the gameplay, let me just say this..........I am ADDICTED to this game it is SOOOOOOO satisfying!! So what you basically do is upgrade your restaurant, take care of costumers, clean 🧼 you restaurant, and most buttons📍?! So basically when a costumer walks in they go to a table and order their food🍙. The way to cook there food 🍙 is you just click on the bubble ⚪️ and it just automatically cooks their food 🍙. And here is the part you may get confused 🤷‍♀️ on.......when you click ↗️ on the little bubble ⚪️ that shows you what the costumers want, it doesn’t just appear on the table, it goes to the kitchen to be cooked for like a second 🕐.......XD 😹! After the costumer is done with their food 🍙 the drop cod 🐟 for you to pick up(cod 🐟 is a type of fish 🐠 if you where wondering🤔). The cod 🐟 is basically your money 💵 and you use that money 💵 to buy extras for your restaurant and to unlock new recipes 📃! I swear I could play this game all day 🌞 and night 🌝! It is addictive. So what are you waiting for, be the best and download “Animal Restaurant”! -a random 15 year old named UNKNOWN 🤗🤩🥳😇😅😂😁😙

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    Adorable and oddly addicting, but terribly dependent on ads

    I’ve asked myself why I love this game so much and quite honestly have no idea. The art style is REALLY cute and the characters are charming (and sometimes silly/funny). My only complaint is that to play this game and “make the most out of it” is that you MUST watch ads. While it’s technically optional, you’re better off just sucking up the 5-30 seconds. The game’s currency, cod, takes a while to save up for once you’re deeper into the game (not too long though) and you speed up the process of earning cod with ads. To play the mini game, more ads. Promote to customers efficiently, ads. Promote your staff without waiting sometimes DAYS, ads. In short: ads for everything. They’re optional, but recommended. Additionally the prices are WAY to high if you want to buy cod (or the other in-game currency, plates) considering how quick you’ll be able to spend that money, and by now it’s pointless for me because it would only be a fraction of what I need to purchase the next recipe or facility. However if you have the patience to put up with the ads (as I do) then you’ll come to love this game and check on your little animal restaurant daily.

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