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Published by on 2019-12-23

Love decorating and designing? Join our creative community of over 4 million users and start using the DecorMatters app powered by AR & AI technology as a home design game, design and shopping tool for house flipping or freelance projects, and relaxi...

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  • By Review Worth Reading

    So much potential

    The first design I did was tedious to put together and very frustrating. I kept with it though, and I'm improving my skills for using the tools provided. If you are used to design programs like Photoshop, you'll be frustrated too. You are very limited on what you can put in a room because you have to find pieces that are the right angle for the room. There are a few options to edit what you choose, but not enough to make it perfect. You can change the perspective, but it Doesn't let you change the shape so you can get the right shape/perspective. There should be some paint brush options so we can add shadows where things should be darker, to help make the rooms look so flat and fake. I also wish that there were more filter options so I could search by style of room to only choose from the theme I'm going for. It would save me a lot of time looking through items. I really hope they add these things in the future. I love seeing the creative things people come up with, and I love the idea of these challenges to make you design a room for a specific purpose. The graphic designer in me needs these editing changes to happen for me to give a 5 star rating. I can already see that this app is going to be very addicting and fun!!

  • By Tortuevert

    Best one out there!

    I love the fact that there are so many options to choose from and I’ve noticed that almost every three days or so there are new furnishing added to the collections so you end up with even more endless options. There are a couple things I wish that could be fixed though. When trying to be selective of the color of the furniture the color slider to choose your color isn’t very exact. It doesn’t have options like “red” but “rust red” and when you aren’t selective of this filter after swiping down for a long time you are able to find truly red furnishings. Also the scaling of small objects, I sometimes work a big room and I’d like to put stuff on shelves in the very back wall but the size of these accessories can’t go further and end up being too big. Maybe if you added a toggle slider to adjust the size to the smallest it can get. I wish you would be able to paint walls too. Or add a specific wall paper or texture. And lastly, I think it’s best to make sure that all the furnishings have all the angles so one can use them without being stuck with just 2-3 angles that might not work for our design. Above anything else I adore this app and would never stop using it if new spaces are added every once in a while.

  • By Mrs J 15

    Love the app! A few things need fixed

    I am in love with this app. Love all the choice and the fact that it's free, unlike another one I tried. It does have a few issues though. One issue I've encountered is that I worked really long and hard a room. I clicked the save button, message popped up that said saved, exited the app but came back to make sure my room was saved. I was so frustrated and upset that my room vanished, along with all the time and hard work I put in for it. That needs to be fixed. Another issue is the fact when you try to use the masking tool to take out unwanted areas, it is really not the easiest thing to use. Since there are really no instructions on how to use this tool, you have use trial and error. Sometime you get the results you want and many times you don't. One suggestion would be to employ a system similar to Microsoft Word's program where you use lines and various shapes by snapping lines. Also, there needs to be a help button with a few answers on how to use some of the tools and buttons. These a few of the most frustrating problems I've seen. I hope this helps. I do love the game, just wish there were less frustrating moments. Would love yo hear your response. Thank you.