SmartLine Second Phone Number Reviews

SmartLine Second Phone Number Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-08

Get a second phone number for your business calls & texts. When you receive a
call through SmartLine, you know it’s for business so you can answer
professionally. When you call or text through SmartLine, customers see your new
business phone number so your personal number stays private....

Table of Contents:
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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
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SmartLine Second Phone Number Reviews

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    Good but needs work

    The app works good but could be better. There are a lot of bugs that could still be fixed. First I’ll start with calls are very delayed. By the time the call gets forwarded it’s about 2 rings before it’s a missed call. 2nd this one bugs me the most. Recent calls, texts or voicemails disappear or will not show up on recent call screen. I use this line for my business and When I’m working I don’t hear my phone so when I check it my phone will say I’ve had 2 missed calls and a voicemail but when I go into the app they are not there. Now if I open it thru my notifications screen on my iPhone it will sometimes take me there. Next when I click on some of my customers text threads a different customer thread will show and I have to close the app and reopen it for it to work right again. As of this very moment my app shows 10 notifications but I can NOT view them. They are missed calls, voicemails or texts that I cannot see. I also notice that a lot of times I have missed calls or voicemails and my phone never even rang. And my final issue is voicemails should ALL go into a separate folder. It’s shouldn’t be in the call thread because after a call or text from that number it makes it hard to find your voicemails so that is something the developers should change. Other then these issues the app and idea is great. Hopefully they get these bugs fixed soon and this will become a very good app.

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    What a nightmare

    I very recently bought this to use as a business line on my personal phone. The texting feature works great - shows business colleagues and clients my new business number . But as soon as I started using the app to make calls, it changes my business phone number to a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT number! Different City and State than my personal or business phone number. And the worst part is - the number it shows on people’s caller ID’s is one that’s blacklisted on the web for being a scammer phone number. This is so horrible! I now have business cards with my new number. And I can’t even return calls to my clients without a DIFFERENT NUMBER showing up - a junk solicitors phone number FROM A DIFFERENT STATE showing up on their caller ID?!. Spent over an hour on the phone with tech support, they can’t figure it out? Now I am waiting to see if someone else can fix the problem. They told me to give them 72 hours. I will update this post if the problem gets fixed. I NEED it to get fixed. This is a big and costly glitch. NOTE:::: This app is through ITunes which apparently isn’t affiliated with Godaddy directly. Which could be a problem for people. Esp when something goes wrong and Godaddy can’t even help you- they’re left emailing iTunes support. Just keep that in mind. Also, you cannot link this to your regular Godaddy billing. Very inconvenient.

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    Version 4.20.0 does not work at all!

    After reinstalling twice I still continue to get the same error message, “Error, no cellular connection. Please make sure you are in an area with coverage.” I have checked. Cellular works for all other apps, my actual cellular connection is great. Cellular is turned on for the SmartLine app in settings. Wifi has been tinted on and off, off and on, I’ve tried it each and every single possible way I could think of and still no outgoing calls work. Incoming calls work though, as does text messaging. But outgoing is a bust. This app is useless as it now stands, and I’ve just gone past my 7 day free trial period so I also had to pay GoDaddy $10 for an app that doesn’t work. I tried calling for support to no avail. Customer rep was nice but just as clueless as I now am, and when our call got disconnected after troubleshooting for 20 minutes, and then being put on hold while my rep went to try and find a resolution, I received no call back. So app gets 1 Star and support gets 1 Star. I pray that the reason my app is not working is that I’m simply doing something wrong but after troubleshooting by myself and with tech support for a while, I fear that this app is a buggy waste of money. Maybe 4.20.1 will fix it? Maybe 4.21.0? Can I wait that long to not be able to make calls though? Probably not.

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    Below is my first update. But since a few days ago I could no longer text and recover text. My clients were calling me saying that when they text me it was telling them that I My Number was a “land line” 😭. It was horrible and scary. When I first got the app it was very clear that it was a SmartLine call and I loved it, more recently I miss phone calls, doesn’t ring or I didn’t know it was a a SmartLine call at time. I ended up porting my number out to a prepaid phone and I’m back to 2 phones again! I’m very thankful that go daddy allows us to port in and out phone numbers that’s. Plus! So that’s where my 3 star ⭐️ rating is at, it was a 5 star rating when I first got the app. ——————- I’ve used other apps like this. But this one is by far the best I’ve used. I like the fact that it stores phone calls, text and voicemail in one place. I also like that you can set do not disturb and business hours and that you know when it’s a call from SmartLine. Other apps I used it just rings as a regular call so I didn’t know if it was personal or business. Easy to use and understand!

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    Handy device but needs improvement

    I have an iPhone 7 and the SmartLine ap worked great up to a point. All of a sudden it would show I have a message or call by marking the ap icon with a number. After I viewed the messages the number would not go away. I would have to delete all my calls to get the number off the ap icon. I uninstalled the ap restarted my phone installed the ap and it made no difference. Then it wouldn’t show any of my incoming calls. It would spin and spin as if it was downloading them. Finally I let it spin and about 20 minutes later it showed my calls and all my issues have gone away thus far. When it works I like it. My only other “wish” for this app would be if you could have multiple voice mail messages. Like one for when your busy and can’t answer the phone and one for when your business is closed, you could turn them on and off as your work schedule reflected.

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    We could love this App but it has issues!

    We could love this App but we can’t resolve major issues even after talking with Customer support and trying options listed under Trouble Shooting. If my phone is active meaning I am looking at it, the App works fine... the phone rings when calls come in and if I don’t answer it then it goes to my Smartline voicemail as expected. However, if my Iphone is at rest and I don’t mean do not disturb, I mean I’m just not looking at it and the screen is not active... then the calls do not ring and it always goes into my personal mailbox not my SmartLine mailbox. I have reinstalled this app four times and tried all suggestions given from customer support. So if this isn’t resolved it defeats the purpose of the app for my company’s use. How could this not be throughly tested before GoDaddy started selling the app? 🤨

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    I’m losing business

    I’ve had this app for about four months now and besides all the incoming call for the wrong person/number and robot calls, I’ve lost so much business due to the many features missing from this app. There’s so badge notifications to even let me know that I even have a text message waiting for me, there’s absolutely no way for me to set a distinctive sound for my messages or a way to raise the volume. My clients count on me to respond to their text messages in a timely and professional fashion, I just checked the app and I’ve already missed 4 new clients from yesterday, I shouldn’t have to check this app every five minutes out of fear that I’ve missed a clients message. The voicemail greeting feature on this app is a joke, I recorded a greeting but it never saved and it won’t save. What’s the point of having that feature if it won’t save the recording?? I have had it with this app!! If there are no changes made soon I’ll have to take my business somewhere else.

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    Work in progress

    I’ve had SmartLine for a couple years already. when they first offered it i purchased it. So I I thought it was a good idea to use for my business so I would know when a customer was calling for my business. My option It’s not the best, I’ve had problems where there’s been texts or calls from customers are just not in my call log, as a small business with competition you just can’t afford to miss any customers. Not only that most of my customers go to my voicemail 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ so I end up missing the customers they end up not needing me because they contacted the next business they found. The support keeps you on hold (most times) to long, so I don’t call them and the call log does show up at later time, but if I could rewind I wouldn’t use them I would find a better company so do your research. These guys gonna do research nobody has time for.

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    Does the job but not what it’s cracked up to be

    Me and 3 staff use this service and even when we are logged out, some of us still receive calls, but aren’t able to answer them, and others of us, even when logged in, cannot see or accept calls. Some voicemails go to my personal inbox and others are transcribed to the SmartLine app, so I miss some voicemails because I can’t open and listen to the ones that go to my personal VM for some reason. There is usually a very poor connection and a delay, so it is hard to hear the client, and we talk over each other due to the audio delay. Also, before I agreed to purchase this service for a year I asked if I would be able to send mass texts and the GoDaddy rep answered “yes.” But that is not true. I can only send one text at a time. And only one image at a time as well.

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    Not what I expected

    I have a number of services with Go Daddy. From hosting to email service and have been pleased with all of the services until now. From the first day I I started using this service calls were dropping. I would answer the phone when the app pops up and then the call will drop. I would get a message that I missed a call in the phone never rang. There were other times when I would answer the phone say hello couldn’t hear the other person and I’m guessing you couldn’t hear me and then all of a sudden the call dropped. This is been going on for over a week. When I called Go Daddy one of the representatives even told me that he has a service and he has the same problem with dropped calls. I’m a business owner I do not have the luxury of dropping or missing calls. This is my business and I am not pleased with the service cannot recommend Go Daddy for this particular service.

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    About to switch

    Everyone else’s complaints I am also experiencing. But what is also frustrating is that I will have a notification and I will click on my app and in the app it will show nothing, so I’m having to sign out re-sign back in and sometimes the notification will be there and sometimes I have to sit there and restart my phone entirely for it to completely work. And sometimes after a restart my phone and I walked back into the app sometimes it just my load for another 15 or 20 minutes and I just have to let it sit there. And in the meantime I have clients calling and other people that are not waiting for me to respond back and I am unable to use it because of a app. Save your time and money and just get a second phone line with an actual phone because at the rate they’ll be losing calls and responses you’re losing money as well. And for most of us time is money....

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    Great App with minor set backs

    I love this app, very easy to use and convenient. What I love most about the app? A couple of weeks ago my phone was damaged beyond repair and unfortunately I haven’t backed my phone up in months. After getting my new phone and realizing that I lost about 30% of my apps including this guy here. I thought for sure all of my previous messages from clients were gone which would prove detrimental to my company. Long story short and to my very surprise all of the conversations were still there! A huge save for my company and a huge lesson for me when it comes to monthly back ups. Downfall? Picture messaging- only allows you to send one photo at a time which seems minor but still an inconvenience. Contacts- unless you want to store your clients info to your personal phone book there isn’t a way for you to store their numbers to be app which can cause confusion with random numbers flying around. ( I solved this by simply addressing my client each time I message them so I see their name in the previous message.) Overall- Great app, again super user friendly but can be improved. Great job GoDaddy! This is not a paid review.

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    Everything is not so great.

    While I do love that I no longer have to carry around two phones, I do regret getting the app because plenty of times and I mean plenty, I receive text notifications and then go to the app and nothing shows. I refresh the screen and nothing, I shut the app down and open back up and nothing. I use this for my business. This is unacceptable. I have no idea who has texted or what they’ve texted. A lot of other times the voicemails show up on the app but they don’t play. Sometimes the voicemails are on my regular phone, (where I hardly check because of spams, so I don’t get to respond to my clients in a timely manner) it’s never consistent. Then the last few times my calls have been absolutely distorted. My voice sounds super staticky so the receiver cannot understand me. I cannot recommend this app.

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    I love it, but one improvement is necessary

    So this is a great bargain from Go Daddy. It has allowed me to let people contact me regarding business without having aces to my personal phone. This way, I can set what hours I allow these phone calls and texts to come through. I can maintain a weekend! Plus, you get to pick out your own phone number, which allowed me to pick one that is easy to remember. But there is one blunder to address. Often, I need to text my contact info, or the contact info of other people to my business clients. The only way for me to do this is through my regular cell phone number, and not through this app. That defeats the purpose of having a separate business phone number.

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    Don’t use for business!! Texting doesn’t work

    I use this app strictly for business. The text feature does not and has not worked properly from the time I signed up. I’ve been told to uninstall and reinstall the app to take care of issues I’ve had and that doesn’t seem to work. Messages will show as Sent and I’ll come to find out from the client later on that they were actually never sent. On the flip side, messages will also sometimes show that they failed to send, but the client responds back instantly showing that they actually did receive the message. I have no idea how much business I’ve lost during the last 6 months of using this app due to the fact that I have no idea which of my messages were actually delivered and which ones weren’t. I strongly suggest you look into another company for your 2nd Phone Line needs!!

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Is SmartLine Second Phone Number Safe?

No. SmartLine Second Phone Number does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 38,005 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for SmartLine Second Phone Number Is 13.9/100.

Is SmartLine Second Phone Number Legit?

No. SmartLine Second Phone Number does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 38,005 SmartLine Second Phone Number User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for SmartLine Second Phone Number Is 13.9/100.

Is SmartLine Second Phone Number not working?

SmartLine Second Phone Number works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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