HappyLighting-Life with smart Reviews

HappyLighting-Life with smart Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-23

1) Lights can recognize your usual color choices as you operate; 2) Lights can
change color with beautiful music rhythm; 3) With timers switch, can be setting
lights turn on off on time; 4) Selection of scenario modes with multiple
colors; 5) A shake of the mobile phone can change the co...

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HappyLighting-Life with smart Reviews

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    Awesome Light AND App too!

    I don’t understand what everybody is griping about?! Most reviewers appreciate the quality of of the lights. However, the majority claim the app is crap. On the contrary, it does a awesome!! Perhaps, problems arise because of the IPhone model. I own a iPhone 7Plus and the Happy Lighting app works seamlessly with my iPhone. Another major complaint o ran across is that you cannot turn off the light unit. You’d have to be a bonehead not to notice the circular icon in the top-center of the app This is the on/off switch. Green = On, Gray = Off. Tap the darn icon to see for yourself. Another reviewer claims the light randomly turns on by itself! I never had this problem, but, common sense tells me, after you turn the light off with your app, pull the plug. If it still turns on, quit smoking so much weed or consider the possibility a playful ghost resides in your house. Suggestion for the Developer: Your instructions manual is MUCH TOO VAGUE. You’ll receive stellar reviews if you update your manual to an in-depth booklet which includes an extensive troubleshooting guide.

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    It would be really amazing if you did what other apps do as far as being able to customize my own light show as in a strobe or a pulsating color way if I could choose the colors that look best underneath my truck or in my opinion and pair them together like a few of the other apps to do that would make this app 100 times better hands down. Also if I would be able to choose to do different music apps to play music that would be phenomenal like SoundCloud Pandora or any other music app like that instead of only just my Apple Music that would be phenomenal I really hope y’all listen and read these and try to make some of these changes because if you do this app would be amazing

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    It’s okay, I suppose.

    My biggest gripe/complaint is the fact that you can’t access your (downloaded) music library to select the songs/playlist you want to utilize for processing. Not just whatever the app has deemed worthy. Why not have the capability to access Apple Music/Spotify, etc, to process the music that has already been downloaded on to the phone itself? (And I know for a fact that is NOT what is happening, otherwise I wouldn’t have a bunch of stuff showing up in the app to use for light shows. There’s nothing exciting about lights flashing to spoken words/yoga nidra). Otherwise, I’m enjoying its current capabilities. Product being used with this app: 2x 4’ LED UTV whips mounted on the back of my side by side.

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    Big improvements needed

    The app is really good but there are some big things that need to be fixed. One is I had a problem connecting to only one light strip. There’s needs to be a way to block or forget a device on the app so that I can only connect to one since we have to in separate rooms. Also the color wheel doesn’t show the right colors when it’s yellow it’s purple and when it’s purple it’s yellow. Thank you for your time please get back to me.

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    Lights work but had problems

    The lights can’t operate far apart when using a blue tooth device. Had a problem with one of the devices connecting so sent it back for replacement. The timing function doesn’t work although it says it will. I selected the device I wanted in timing mode but the timing button was disabled. Overall this is a good device in white green or red mode if you don’t have street lights. Other colors are too dim to over power a street light. It works well inside but proximity to the device is still important. If you like controlling lights in or outside your home or facility purchase the upgraded version. If you want to have party light for your child’s party inside or on the back patio these will work fine.

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    Color and brightness

    It Does not do the color yellow. Or white particularly well. And although it is An interesting option to have a picture and click on there picture to get samples for colors there is a wide range it doesn’t seem to do like browns or grays. Even pinks although I could pick up the variation can’t duplicate them. It’s a great lightbulb for ambience but not particularly good if you actually want something to brighten up the room. I wouldn’t recommend it if you need something to read by or see your keyboard by. Also there needs to be an easy toggle button that allows a person to switch the speed of the Flickr

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    Not a Bad investment

    Purchase these to set back side my tv in the family room- just in time for the holiday. My only complaint is that I was under the impression of lights being a bit brighter- but other then that these are great. The App works for every function I have tried. Transitions with music seem to work just fine colors are nice and solid, app works for what I need and for the price of the lights these are great and will work just fine. No bad at all I like the app (it works) and the lights are cool and fun.

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    Do not use the provided battery

    I bought a pair of lights from China that connect with this app. They worked fine when testing them on a wall outlet. However when using the included battery that takes 4 AA batteries, the app no longer connected to them and I got a constant red/green flickering light. I recommend you buy a separate power bank or other source of power because it’s not the lights that have issues, it’s the battery it comes with

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    This interface and technology on the app is terrible and pathetic compared to major companies like LIFX and HUE lighting. They really need to step up their game if they want to compete with the big dogs. Slow interface looks god awful and outdated. Needs a more modern sleek look with faster interface and reliability. I hate that this is not dependent on WIFI but Bluetooth and at that it has to be enabled in order to control features that just drains battery life. Not to mention it’s old technology. I could go on and on but the most disappointing things would be that there no widget no quick access it’s so slow...

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    Great colors and patterns

    However as everyone has been saying you can’t play your downloaded music buuuuuut, I have two iPhones both linked same apps, same song downloads, everything. then out of nowhere I open the music portion of the app and all of my music from the *spinrilla app* somehow appeared so my lights work with those songs like the three pre loaded, but I can’t figure out how it happen or how to do it on my main phone lol

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    The quality of the lights is perfection but the fact that they literally come on whenever they want to is by far the most annoying thing ever! Even after turning them “off” and disconnecting them on the app the lights STILL manage to give me a mini heart attack by randomly coming on while I’m sleeping. The settings is trash, doesn’t explain anything about turning them off permanently. They even come on as soon as I turn the tv on but I don’t have my settings set up for that. Just ridiculous!

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    Doesn't shut off

    It's weird I can stand from 10 or 15 feet away and change colors no problem . But turning the bulb off doesn't turn off . It turns off when I turn the truck off but not from the app . The only way it turns off for me is if I close out the app ( and that doesn't always work ) or if I get a foot from the Bluetooth thing on the lights . But makes no sense cause from 15 feet away it will switch to the colors I pick . Other than that or if it was fixed it would be great

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    It works when it works.

    The app works really well when it actually wants to. My fog lights will show up on the Bluetooth but then it just stops out of no where and it won’t show up and then I have to open my hood and unplug it and re-plug it in again and delete then reinstall the app and start up my phone again it’s a really annoying process I don’t wanna keep dealing with so I hope someone can fix this.

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    Poor settings

    I set a timer for the lights to go on at a certain time and off at the later time as a night light for my son. However, the timer keeps resetting over and over again randomly, so it is constantly on all day long. The lights are going to wear out way earlier than it should because of this glitch. I like everything else about them, it’s just frustrating because I don’t want to have to replace them sooner than I should have to. Please fix this asap!

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    (Tape) option doesn’t work right

    The Tape option which allows my interior lights to change colors with the music doesn’t work right. When selected, it interferes with the music being played throw the car and makes it muffled. Please fix this as soon as possible because it is very disappointing that a feature this “cool” doesn’t work right.

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Is HappyLighting-Life with smart Safe?

Yes. HappyLighting-Life with smart is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,901 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for HappyLighting-Life with smart Is 67.6/100.

Is HappyLighting-Life with smart Legit?

Yes. HappyLighting-Life with smart is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,901 HappyLighting-Life with smart User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for HappyLighting-Life with smart Is 67.6/100.

Is HappyLighting-Life with smart not working?

HappyLighting-Life with smart works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 5 Comments

By Glen Ibbotson
Mar 23 2021

I downloaded the android version of the app and one light would not connect to Bluetooth and the other light would connect. So I had one spot that could change colour. Got a replacement set from the manufactures and still the same!!!!! So I downloaded the app on a iPhone and both lights perfect, connecting changing colour. The problem is the manufacture of the lights have a good product but poor performance due to the app, which is the only way you can access the functions of the lights. App needs some urgent upgrades

By John Montuori
Mar 20 2021

I can not figure out how to add music to app so can have lights go with music does it link to pandora, Spotify Apple Music if not where do I download to get them on the app I have iPhone 12

By Malcolm Nash
Mar 06 2021

App is not seeing lamps. I have iPhonex and have downloaded the Happylighting app. Thanks

By Byron
Feb 20 2021

When i go to the timer screen it says select device but theres nothing to choose from even though the lights are connected

By Chooch
Jan 14 2021

How to set the timer and not have it reset daily?

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