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1. This application contains a guide on WhatsApp Go hich consists of several tricks and tips to simplify lovers of this game to complete each mission in the WhatsApp games.

2. As for some WhatsApp tips and tricks that we can start from various sources and the rest of the experience gained during the WhatsApp application Go We hope that WhatsApp lovers aside the WhatsApp game can be helped to complete each mission.

3. With Guide Tips For WhatsApp Tips & Tutorial & Tricks you will learn to take full advantage of the application.

4. WhatWeb for Whatsapp Web allows you to open two accounts on the same device or the same account on multiple devices by simply scanning the WhatsApp web QR code.

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Product Details and Description of What Web Dual Messenger for WA

This application contains a guide that you can use as a tool for WA, this app consists of several tips to simplify the lovers of said app.

In the guide part you will learn how to get 100% of the application.

Very easy to use tips and tricks.

.: Some things you will find in Guide :.

* Disable automatic image download in WA

* Hide WA Last Seen for your WA

* Recover deleted messages from WA

* Change your Friend's Profile Picture

* Hide Your WA Image

* Phone change number without Losing Messages


- Easy to customize

- WA Web

- Send WA message without saving number

- Ascii Face Creator

- Text repeater

- Status Caption

- Text to Emoji Creator

- Create your own qr code

- Security so that you have your information safe

WhatWeb for WA Web allows you to open two accounts on the same device or the same account on multiple devices simply by scanning the WA web QR code. Too easy

You just have to open WasaWeb and scan the other account's QR code and now you are done to use the dual chat feature with this web cloning app.

All chat from your linked WA. You can view all messages and replay them with the help of Wasa web scan.

Start testing it now:

Follow these three steps and use the dual chat feature.

1) Open WA web scanning app where you get the QR code.

2) Open the WA application on another mobile device and go to the part in WA web settings.

3) Open the WA Web option and point to the previously opened QR code.


Disclaimer: This app is created by us, and it not an official WhatsApp application and not associated with WhatsApp Inc.

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  • By Corita010

    Me gusta


  • By zwickek


    Couldn't understand anything. Can there be an option to change languages?

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