Vegan Pocket - Is it Vegan? Reviews

Vegan Pocket - Is it Vegan? Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-20

Food, cosmetics, clothes: Vegan Pocket works with any barcode. Not finding a
product? Add it yourself and help other users. Join the community! *Your iTunes
account will be charged. Charges will occur upon confirmation of purchase or
after the free trial period, if any, unless auto ren...

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Vegan Pocket - Is it Vegan? Reviews

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    “Looking for your product...”

    Scanned 2 items after pressing the carrot and the app asked me to enter product name and brand plus whether or not I thought it was vegan. Now the app simply states “Looking for your product...” with a small spinning animation when I press the carrot. It no longer allows me to scan anything. No apparent functionality. Also, another reviewer states that this app is to simply add products to their database, but does not tell us which app is meant to tell us which products are vegan or not. Overall, pretty worthless and disappointing that this was on Apple’s app of the day section in the App Store.

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    I like this app.. but I think it needs to be updated. There’s A LOT of thing that’s aren’t on the app and you as the user would have to add and when asked if I think a product is vegan I can’t even get a visual of what you’re talking about and I can’t see the ingredients which is a HUGE PART of knowing whether or not the product is or isn’t vegan. Add these few things and you’ll had one hell of an app that’ll help beginners!

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    Could be improved

    I'm recently vegan and love to use this app because it is very convenient but I feel like it could be improved. As I do also have a food tracker app, those apps have all of the nutritional information available when you scan the barcode, I tried scanning an item with milk products in it and it doesn't give a definite yes or no, just a vote. It's a great idea and the voting is great for products with bar codes not yet logged into the app, but I would most preferably like a definite yes or no if it is vegan or not.

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    OK EVERYONE, this app is to have you HELP the creators by letting them know what's vegan or not. so whenever you scan an item it asks you if it's vegan it's asking so they can put it in their database. there's a completely separate app for scanning items to see if they're vegan for you. please read the description before you leave a review, thank you.

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    It’s convenient but still needs work

    It’s a great idea and it would be very helpful if the products I want to know are vegan were in their database. I think I’ve gotten a definite answer if a product was vegan once or twice and I attempt to use this app often. If it’s not in the database, it then asks you if the product is vegan. How am I supposed to know? I came to this app for clarification. If I’m looking it up to see if it’s vegan anyway, then why do I have this app?

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    This App Did Nothing For Me

    Running an iPhone 7 on iOS 11.2.2, all I got when selecting the “carrot” on the main page was a simple camera app. When held up to a number of product barcodes in my own home, nothing scanned. The only options on the screen were [Done], which took you back to the main screen without scanning the product, and the “flash” option to turn the camera flash on. Otherwise, no other options and no scanning took place as it should. I hope the DEVs fix this soon, because the concept is great. - A QA Analyst

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    App crashes - no use

    My boyfriend and I (who have different phones and different versions of the operating system) both downloaded this app as it was the first one suggested on the App Store for our search for “vegan”, and every time both of us tried to open the camera to scan an item, it crashed. This app could be great, but we won’t ever know. Not worth downloading - there are plenty of great apps out there that don’t have this issue.

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    Free trial wasn’t free

    I started the seven day free trial and when the app didn’t do what I needed, I cancelled the subscription that same day. I then notice I get charged for the app two days later, not even seven. I tried requesting a refund because there shouldn’t have been a charge to begin with. But apparently an error not on my end wasn’t reason enough. So $30 for an app that I used for at most five minutes and cancelled the free trial (I would say) well in advance.

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    If you want to use the free version, don’t bother. The app claims you can use it but in practice it won’t actually let you. It claims to give you a free scan per hour but the app glitches out when you bring up the scanner, kicks you out, and when you bring it back up it tells you that you’ve used your one free scan for the hour - come back in 60 minutes. Basically pay $20 or don’t use it.

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    Not helpful at all!

    I was really hoping this app worked, every product I scan it says not found ! Is so frustrating, I'm just googling the food instead, I was hoping this app can make things easy but instead it's more of an app where you enter the products more than anything, I understand is free but it's still not doing what it says it would. So zero stars for this one, still looking for a decent vegan app. Thanks for your time

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    Scanned an item, app crashed. Scanned a different item and it ASKED me if I thought it was vegan or not... I thought that’s what this app was supposed to do?! So I assumed that item wasn’t in a database yet and was gathering crowd info instead. Gave it another shot and scanned a different item, same question.... went to try again... and I’m locked out for an hour for scanning unless I paid money. Deleted the app within a minute of downloading.

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    Disappointed customer

    For an app with a 4 star rating it’s absolutely horrible, it doesn’t actually tell you if it’s vegan or not it just gives you a check mark and it’s not exactly helpful it also doesn’t know basic food brands like a popular brand of vegan bread. Honestly if you want to use a quick and easy app that tells you if it’s vegan use the app is it vegan? It’s not any better but it’s more useful than this app.

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    Can’t Scan

    I think this app would be very helpful, if only I could figure out how to scan. I know you click the scan button, then hovered over the scan Thing. But I just have her there forever, and it never scans. I put it right in the box, eat even tried seeing if it would only work with the Flashlight on. Still no. If people at your department could tell me how to do this I would give you five stars. Thanks

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    It doesn't scan.

    I can press the "scan" button and it opens the camera but holding a barcode up to it does nothing. I've tried tapping all over the screen, I've made sure the barcode is clear and easy to see, and in good lighting. I've tried different products with different barcodes. It just doesn't scan. Other apps I use are successful at scanning barcodes so I know my phone isn't the problem.

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    As a new vegan this helps out a ton and it prompts me to do my own research when there are no votes. To the developers thank you so much for helping me on my vegan journey.

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Is Vegan Pocket - Is it Vegan? Safe?

Yes. Vegan Pocket - Is it Vegan? is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,901 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Vegan Pocket - Is it Vegan? Is 65.2/100.

Is Vegan Pocket - Is it Vegan? Legit?

Yes. Vegan Pocket - Is it Vegan? is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,901 Vegan Pocket - Is it Vegan? User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Vegan Pocket - Is it Vegan? Is 65.2/100.

Is Vegan Pocket - Is it Vegan? not working?

Vegan Pocket - Is it Vegan? works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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