DigitalPour - Pocket Beer Menu Reviews

DigitalPour - Pocket Beer Menu Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-07

About: You've seen DigitalPour menus at your favorite bar, brewery, taproom and growler
shop. Now your phone can too! Want to see what your local DigitalPour hangout
has on tap? Just look them up on DigitalPour.

About DigitalPour

You'll never miss your favorite pour again! You can even mark your favorites for easy reference across all DigitalPour locations.

Search for your favorite beverage across any DigitalPour location by typing a few characters into the Search box.

You've seen DigitalPour menus at your favorite bar, brewery, taproom and growler shop.

Personal rating and reviewing too! Mark beverages that you want to try or keep track of.

Mark your favorite beverage and see all locations that are currently pouring it.

DigitalPour - A personal beer menu in your pocket.

Want to see what your local DigitalPour hangout has on tap? Just look them up on DigitalPour.

Get at-a-glance ABV percentages (alcohol by volume), bitterness (IBU) rankings, and keg type.

You can see what’s on tap, what's in bottles & cans, how full the keg is serving sizes and prices.

Quickly find a Happy Hour or Event from the Map View or List View.

You can also get a glimpse of what is going to be tapped in the near future.

Group beverages by Style.

Build your own Flight.


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Key Benefits of DigitalPour

- Provides accurate and updated information on local growler shops' offerings.

- Useful tool for beer enthusiasts to explore thousands of craft brews.

- Includes happy hour prices and other relevant information.

- Works well and does what it says it will do.

20 DigitalPour Reviews

3.6 out of 5


DigitalPour review

It’s a great app. I read the previous review asking for prices along with abv and IBU, possible but unlikely you have to remember there are happy hour prices let alone the other things on DigitalPour. You want to know what beers are expensive? Belgians, triples, doubles, and imperials will be more expensive. When you start to add malt which is one of the requirements for the above mentioned it increases the price.
That being said I like DigitalPour it works and does what it says it will do.


Fix it

Loved it until it stopped working yesterday. Please fix it🙏🏻


Awesome app that shows you what’s on tap!

I use this to check out my local growler shop’s offerings. Updated daily and super accurate. Highly recommend for beer enthusiasts!


Love this app!

Works great for me. Wish more venue participants would join. Valuable tool in the land of thousands of craft brews.


Good App, but please help

Good app, but is there a way to sort by price? For the love of god, add the ability to sort by price (pint, not sherry glass) Some beers are getting ridiculously expensive. Would like to sort by price “and” abv at the same time


Update not working properly

The update no longer allows me to mark on deck beers as favorites or vote for them to be put on tap. I also had several of my favorite beers cleared when this updated.


Must have app for beer geeks

DigitalPour primarily replicates current draft beer menus of bars, taprooms, restaurants, and growler stations that use this app's inventory management system. Real-time data allows you to see what's on tap and available at any given time. The user-friendly interface displays basic info about each beer, such as name, style, brewery location, ABV, and IBU, as well as percentage of beer left in keg. Map and list view displays various locations with phone, address and directions. I travel a lot for work and use it to find the local craft beer spots and discover new beers. I would love to see push notifications added so I can be alerted when "favorites" go on tap at a location near me. Would also like to have the ability to add locations to a "frequently visited" list so I don't have to navigate the map/list to find them each time I open DigitalPour . Final improvement I'd like to see is deeper integration with Untappd so I can see my beer ratings when looking at a menu (so I know if I've tried a given beer and whether or not I liked it). Overall solid concept and nicely executed.


No notifications...

Needs to allow one to set up notifications (push and/or email) when a new keg is tapped.


Discovered in Austin

Discovered DigitalPour at Draught House in Austin, TX. Love finding it at bars in other cities.



I don't want to create an account just to add a beer to my favorites list. This is new and it blows!

I'll reconsider my 1 star review when I don't have to create an account. Fake or valid I don't want to create an account.


No longer works

Loved DigitalPour , but now for some reason it says that I lack internet connection (which I have a very strong one). Boooo


Waste of time

A whole lot to do about nothing! ☹️


love it!!

thanks for the reviews!! it will help me track those 1 stars!


Tap House Owner

This is a great app. Because it's real time it allows for our customers to see what's on tap in real time. The only thing I'd like to see change is on the view you can't see the growler fills, only the pints or glasses. The window ratio needs to be adjusted, but otherwise very good app and very easy to use.


Good start

App looks good and functions well. However it is missing some features that seem like they should have been pretty obvious for DigitalPour initial release. Like the ability to search for a beer to find out where it is pouring nearby. Or maybe a little more info about the taproom, like hours or if they serve food, or even just a link to their website so users can find that info on their own.


Looks promising

Only have looked thru DigitalPour and not gone to any locations to verify yet. Would be great if you could look up the taps by brand/type/etc to see what locations have it vs looking at each location.


Just what I need

DigitalPour is exactly what I have needed but never before realized. Keep up the good work. Request for future iterations: could there be a favorites tab of some sort? I'd like to get a short list of the taps at my favorite local joints.


Cool, but depends upon where you are.

DigitalPour kicks butt when I’m traveling! Great way to ensure you find the best in town. However, it’s useless here in Phoenix. Just one pub uses it.



It would be nice if when you open DigitalPour Google Earth would take you to beers in your area


Cool app!

Cool app, have you guys thought of linking up with Untappd?


No notifications...

Needs to allow one to set up notifications (push and/or email) when a new keg is tapped.

Is DigitalPour Safe?

Yes. DigitalPour - Pocket Beer Menu is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 31 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for DigitalPour Is 63.8/100.

Is DigitalPour Legit?

Yes. DigitalPour - Pocket Beer Menu is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 31 DigitalPour - Pocket Beer Menu User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for DigitalPour Is 78.3/100..

Is DigitalPour - Pocket Beer Menu not working?

DigitalPour - Pocket Beer Menu works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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