Trippie: The Airport App Reviews

Trippie: The Airport App Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-20

Trippie takes the guesswork and turbulence out of navigating the world's busiest
airports • Explore a detailed interactive airport map and immediately get a
lay of the land • The arrival of Trippie means the departure of your airport

Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
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Trippie: The Airport App Reviews

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    I saw you on shark tank

    I watch you on shark tank and I thought I saw this on imaps on my iPhone so I went to imaps on my iPhone and went to lax and they have what you have but better. On apples imaps it tells you even more than this app and the graphics are way better. It also has a 3D map of each terminal including the walls but this app does not have it. Apple is also doing this with malls where it tells you what is on each level. In about 1 year Apple would of competed every airport In America with a 3D map of the airport and what there is to do and eat so I would go with apple and not this app, sorry. Some thing that you should add to make the app better is, you say where you have to go then the app tells you how long it will take for you to get there then tells you how long the line is then how long to eat there then how long to come back to your gate so the app will calculate that to you and say, if you leave in 3 mins to Starbucks it will take you 20 mins to get there, eat and to come back to your gate and have 10 more minutes until you have to board. So you can put your flight # in and the app will then tell you if you can make it to the restaurant or not .

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    Re-Review: Stable, Fast, More Airports

    Easy UI. Fast and now seems reliable. Thanks for not having to add in my password when signing in with Google or FB account. Still a great concept for something like this and goes well beyond Google Maps. I like seeing the hours of operations and can understand having to do all of this by hand. I look forward to more improvements. I travel a lot and wouldn’t mind helping improve with different airports that aren’t “hubs” for most airlines. Other airports might be small but just as important to know if I have 3 or 7 min walk each way before my flight leaves. Previous 2* review: Cool concept. Continual crashes on iOS 11 on iPhone 7+. Initially tried logging in with Google and then Facebook. There’s no reason this app needs either of my passwords for these log ins. Tried to create a Trippie “account” and tried to sign in, once selecting an airport, app crashed. Tried 3 times and touched 3 different airports, crashed every time even after a phone restart. 2 stars as a start at least for concept and wha to saw on SharkTank.

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    Shark Tank

    Hiii, like a lot of reviewers, I saw you on Shark Tank and wanted to come by to download this app and show my support. It’s very obvious how much time you spent on this dream and that you worked very hard on it. It is also clear that once the Sharks started giving their feedback it was very difficult for you. It’s not that your ideas for your app aren’t good, or that you haven’t put enough effort into it, it’s just that you haven’t been able to fully realize your vision yet. The Sharks are tough sells… they’re Sharks! It was just too early on in your entrepreneurial story to go in there and present this to them. Keep pushing and working hard. Once you get a lot more of that functionality (I love the Waze for airports idea—seeing TSA security line updates would be so useful as a frequent flyer), as well as more airports and specifically partnerships with those airports so you don’t have to manually input everything at the back end, it’ll be at the level where the big time investors can really hop on board. You’ve got this!

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    Hey, can you expand this app for malls aswell

    I think this airport app is great and will definitely use it, just wanted to add, if you could expand it to malls around America, i think it would help a lot. Let’s say I need to go to Nike, Macy’s, Brookstone and Apple. The fastest way to get from A to B is a straight line, so you could map out/route the fastest ways to hit each store consecutively so people get in and out of the mall in no time that way people won’t have to wander around the mall aimlessly wasting hours of their day and getting sidetracked by a bunch of stores they don’t need anything from or harassed by kiosk salespeople who once told me my pours are too big and ugly so I would want to buy their expensive creams. Keep up the great work and thanks for helping me find the best ways to kill time during layovers or delayed flights!

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    You did awesome!

    I just watched you on Shark Tank.. You are such a smart and passionate young man and this WILL happen for you given your commitment, talent and your sweet Mom :) I'm in Dallas so Dfw would be great, international of course (like London) & big hubs. I have to agree it's a bit early to incentivize investors BUT Lori had a genius idea!! Somehow letting people know how bad (or good) security lines are would take your App to a whole other level and you'd be the first (I think) to fill that necessary void!!! Keep on keeping on and don't be sad... it's a setback and you'll get lots of feedback that's helpful from the exposure.... Feedback is invaluable in making your App better. YOU STILL GOT THIS! Just not quite yet ;)

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    Just getting started

    This app has a lot of potential for the future but i don’t feel it’s there yet. First, there are only 12 airports listed, that needs to be increased substantially. Second, when you click on restaurants there needs to be a lot more information. Menus, specials, prices, pictures, reviews, busy times etc. If I wanted to just know what restaurants are at the gate I could just use Google Maps which coincidentally is what this app is using. Furthermore, security line wait times, weather, travel tips/deals, locations/deals at other non food retailers, etc. should be incorporated into this app. And one last thing, PLEASE ADD MCO ORLANDO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT!!!!!! Good luck, you will get there I’m sure. I watched you on Shark Tank. It’s obvious you’re a smart talented person. As Damond John would say, keep grinding.

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    Many Ideas start one way and end somewhere else

    You have something here. I like most of the other reviewers saw you on Shark Tank! The reason the sharks passed, up front, is due to the fact you weren’t in an invest-able place yet. The idea was there, the product hasn’t caught up yet. THATS NORMAL... Anyhow, Love it! Keep Working, and pushing keep going. Success is what you see in Mark, Lori, Barbara, etc.... what you didn’t see was the same struggles you are feeling right now, that they went through to get to the definition of “Success”..... beautiful UI, great work so far! I will keep using I am frequent flyer (Literally, Plantinum & A List). So keep going! Keep your chin up!

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    Love the concept

    I was traveling two weeks ago wishing there was an app like this! We were in Honolulu airport wondering where a certain beer venue was and we had to ask around a few times to locate it. Honolulu airport needs to be added. I was also in Atlanta the same week looking for Chik-Fil-A and had to wander around until I found it. Great concept for an app! Looking forward to new locations. I agree with others that the Sharks were too harsh. But now you can make all the improvements and prove them wrong. Looking forward to using this app next time I travel!

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    A flight attendants feedback

    Love the layout of the app.. however I find a lot of times the app glitches. It takes a while to load, or I have to click the terminals, go back, then click them again individually for things to even load. A lot of the information isn’t updated—new openings, not showing the correct location, and even places that have been closed down for at least a year or two. This app has so much potential to be great and very useful, it just needs to be updated way more. With my job it’s always nice to know where the closest coffee is and what their opening hours are! Hope to see the kinks fixed soon.

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    Good job!

    I watched you on Shark Tank and I thought your presentation and pitch was phenomenal. I know that putting so much of yourself into something and having it be shot down can be extremely difficult and discouraging. Your product and ideas seem brilliant and very helpful! Good job! Maybe they didn't give you a fair shot... I can tell they misjudged you. I'm so sorry about that... That must've really hurt your feelings. Keep working hard and remember that only positivity, self affirmation, and hard work can make you successful! I wish you all the best and I'll be using your app! :)

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    A necessity for Flight Crew!

    The sharks didn’t get it and missed the boat....! As a flight attendant, this is app is amazing for flight crew! I can’t count how many times I’ve been in an airport wanting to know what food or stores were there. I’m in and out of several airports all throughout the day! IAD-EWR-CLT today alone. I was told the wrong way to a pizza place in CLT and this app would have saved me time that is often limited between flights to grab food. It’s genius! I’ll definitely promote this app amongst my colleagues! Great idea young man...! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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    Pat yourself on the back

    I also downloaded this app after watching you on Shark Tank. I wish you wouldn’t have gotten so down on yourself, but it’s completely understandable. You have accomplished SO much. You should be proud of yourself and you should pat yourself on the back. Keep going, maybe try to add that feature to rest airport security lines & add some more airports in there. I personally am proud of you & hope that you keep moving forward. The world has not seen the last of you, that’s for sure. Congratulations!

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    Horrible Horrible Horrible

    Worst travel app of all time. Just to list a few of many destination airport wasn’t listed. They do allow you to submit a suggestion to include the missing airport, but once you hit “submit”, it kicked me off the app and so you have to start all over again. I couldn’t locate a good tutorial or A tutorial at all. No menu option. No way to save favorite airports. You put a star by the airports you often use, but good luck finding them again and/or figuring out how they are saved because every time you get kicked out of the app (which is often), you have to start all over again. Other issues but too many to list. Bottom line...WORST APP EXPERIENCE IN THE HISTORY OF APPS.

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    Fake reviews

    I was very interested in this app from seeing it on shark tank until I saw the founder have a break down and cried embarrassingly on national TV. I went ahead and downloaded the app after seeing all of the positive reviews. After using the app before my flight at JFK, it’s clear that all of the reviews ARE FAKE. This app can be valued at $100, not $1M. User interface is difficult to use. The app basically just directs me to JFK’s website, which I could do through my web browser. The Waze of airports idea was amazing, if only users could input their real time data and that be aggregated to others, that would be useful but that app doesn’t do that. Someone should do that, maybe Waze or Google does it already?

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    Some ideas

    This would be crazy convenient if you were able to somehow format it like Grubhub - where you could see the restaurants, browse their menus, and even (if you could get the restaurants/airports on board) even pre-order what you want. That combined with the GPS and time estimation to and from said restaurant would be very useful. It would benefit the Airports as well, giving travelers more time to browse other stores while waiting to pick up their food.

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Is Trippie: The Airport App Safe?

Yes. Trippie: The Airport App is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 833 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Trippie: The Airport App Is 46.8/100.

Is Trippie: The Airport App Legit?

Yes. Trippie: The Airport App is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 833 Trippie: The Airport App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Trippie: The Airport App Is 46.8/100.

Is Trippie: The Airport App not working?

Trippie: The Airport App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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