Habitify: Habit Tracker Reviews

Habitify: Habit Tracker Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-03

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Habitify: Habit Tracker Reviews

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    Best App For Habit Tracking

    I love this app. I’ve tried numerous habit tracker apps and by far this one takes the win in my opinion. It’s about forming small positive habits that won’t overwhelm you daily. Those small positive habits with improve your life drastically and your production will natural increase in life just as a byproduct alone of those habits. This app helps you stay on track daily to make sure that your turn your goals into reality by tracking your daily habits so that they become just a natural part of your routine. Even if that small habit is just simply drinking a glass of water at the moment of wake up in the morning. When you track it and get your returns and reports about your habits it makes it easy to stay in track. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking to build positive daily habits. This will not help you break old bad habits because that is awhile separate topic on its own, but amazing for building new ones. Hope this review helps!

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    The best so far

    I bought the lifetime premium because I really don’t like the subscription model, so I’m rating this app based on the price of $40. The development team seems to idealize productivity and it shows through the app. The simplicity, design, colors, and layout puts the task in the forefront of the app. The stats the show progress are pretty extensive and I love it a lot. What seems odd though is the Completion Rate chart. The 100% tick moves up and down when you add or remove a habit. Meaning although I completed all my habits this week from Monday through Sunday, if I add a new habit on Wednesday, the Completion Rate chart wouldn’t show it at a 100%. I’d expect the Completion Rate chart to display 100% when I’ve ticked all my habits that week, even if I started a new one halfway through the week. I was hoping for multiple checkins for a habit as well. For example, I want to brush my teeth three times a day: morning, after lunch at work, and at night before bed. I would like to have a single habit “Brush teeth” that is only marked completed if I’ve checked it off three times. Instead I currently have three habits that say the same thing except at different times. It’s nit picky but some people pay $6 a month for this app, they should be able to have that expectation. Besides those points, the app does a lot right as a habit tracker. Keep up the great job!

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    Great app - not subscription based

    Tried others however i was not willing to go the subscription way. I tried this and other apps and eventually came back to this one. Gladly paid the one time in app purchase. The app itself is clean and simplistic (in a good way). Great companion Apple Watch app too!! Only suggestion is to be able to go into a habit and edit it for just one day or a couple of days. For example, I have one habit to do morning back stretches after waking up in the morning and I have a Habitify reminder set at 6:45 am every weekday. I would like to change it to 7:30 am on the weekends but unless I missed something, there is no way to edit the current habit to accomplish this. It seems that you would have to creat a new habit (for weekend days only) and set the reminder for a later time.

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    Clean, appealing UI

    I've been useing this app for a few years now and have loved it. It's a straightforword habbit tracker, its easy to use and has a clean UI, which has always been a big deal for me. Lots of other apps either look like they come from the early 2000's or there's too much foucus on astehtic and funcitionality falls though. With this you literaly just check off each item thoughout the day and thats that. Cusotmizaion of habbits is also really good with time, date, frequencey etc etc. You can also check your progress from a monthly overview, and there's a streek counter which is a great motivator. There's also a nightmode which I LOVE, and the customer service is great too, and the people behind this have been constatnly improveing the app over time. All around good app, would recomend.

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    Good, but desperately missing numerical inputs (rather than just checks)

    The app is easy to use, beautiful and slick. The execution of this app was better than each competitor, which is why i keep coming back to it. The reason I keep ditching it, though, is that competing apps allow you to set up habits which input a number, rather than just a check box. This simple feature is extremely versatile. With it, you can track your daily time on something, the number of X you did and much more. It would fit perfectly with all the beautiful visualizations that Habitify has. I wish Habitify would just implement this, so I could finally setting on an app that both did everything I wanted and worked smoothly.

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    Best Habit app period.

    I’ve tried them all and Habitify is the best one. It gives you all the flexibility you would want in features and gets out of your way. I have been transforming my habits this past few months thanks to relying on this app. It is very forgiving to give you options to record and go back if you’ve forgotten or archive a habit that isn’t relevant anymore. Love that they have a Mac app and the watch app is super handy to have. Complications could be better / more useful. Like: on the infograph complication maybe give me the option to just show the count for the part of the day only (morning/afternoon/evening)? Or maybe just the app icon, no number. Thank would be so much better.

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    Great but needs a few tweaks

    Loving this app quite a lot lately. Best I’ve found so far. However, I found it very odd though that after you hit your goal for let’s say 3 times a week, it no longer is an option to complete more... So if my goal was to practice piano 3 times a week and I wanted to mark down my 4th day, I can’t record that. So therefore I must change it to repeat for 7 days a week to even mark it as completed, but then my goal is gone. So essentially I can’t reward myself for going above and beyond. To combat this I’ve set all my goals to 7 days a week, but there is no sense of hitting a goal when that’s in place. But at least it tracks them very we in a clean UI. Looking forward to your future updates

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    Excellent app! But...

    I’d like to say that I don’t leave reviews often, but this app has been an essential part of my daily routine, and it’s definitely one of the best habit tracking apps I’ve come across. The developers are constantly making updates based on user feedback, and it’s easy to tell how much care they put into the app. The only thing that is stopping me from giving the full 5 stars, however, is the lack of a few key functions I’d like to see: a) The ability to sort habits. It’d be great to be able to categorize habits by color and keep them better organized, and I know many other habit tracking apps come with this feature. b) More options for recurring habits. At the moment, it is only possible to set habits to repeat on certain days of the week, or set them to x number of times per week. I’d appreciate the option to set habits to occur every x days, or multiple times a day, for example. I understand that the app is always being updated, so if these options are one day added, I will update my rating to 5 stars. With a bit of work, I can easily see this app become one of the best of its kind.

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    Good start

    This app is very good if one is building habits under no or little time constraints. I need to see my day at a glance but the app only shows chunks of time by morning, afternoon, evening, anytime. Also there is a limit to the number of tasks for each chunk of time EVEN WITH A PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP. Is there an option to have completed tasks fall off automatically? And future dates? How can we build habits in a vacuum? There aren’t any future dates to rearrange tasks for unforeseen events which would enable us to continue the particular habit at a different time of day. Maybe you could offer these services at another membership level with a slight increase in price. I am disappointed at being so constrained in using the app.

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    Best UI of any habit tracker

    This app is so great because it knows it’s an iOS app. All the other popular habit apps do some combination of non-standard interactions. I also like how with this app, only one day is shown on a screen. I’ve seen a trend where some apps show an entire week at once, please don’t do this! I went for the one-time purchase and am very happy. My only problem is that the text is a little too low contrast, I’d prefer using the default iOS text color options. Also, I hope the icon gets redesigned, but that’s minor. Neither are enough to stop it from being 5 stars.

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    The best way to stay accountable to your goals

    I’m a huge fan of Habitify’s gorgeous interface and easy way to focus on what’s next. I love how you can separate your tasks by morning, afternoon, and evening — to keep yourself on track with your routines! You can also schedule habits to repeat only on certain days such as if you go to the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and want to track that. Finally, you can review your progress with the detailed analytics! It’s important for me to be accountable and the fear of missing a day keeps me on top of my habits. Thank you for creating this awesome app 😄🤙🏻

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    Only one thing from making it perfect

    I have only one complaint, other than that I love everything about Habitify. I love the fact that you can see your all time completion rate for each task. But there is no way to see an overall completion rate for all of your tasks. However, you can see an overall rate for the last month. But sure would like to see how I have been doing all-time with all of my tasks. As of now I am having to average them altogether manually. And a bit of a hassle. Add that feature and this would be the perfect habit tracker app. I would scream it from the mountaintop!!!

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    Excellent and intuitive

    As a “true habits” (i.e., things you can or should do, but not necessarily, as opposed to tasks or to-dos) tracker, Habitify shines. However, I’ve started using it beyond that domain, to make sure I don’t forget other important things for which a full-fledged task manager would be overkill, such as taking my medicines or taking the trash out. Highly intuitive and effective, I recommend Habitify highly. My only wish, already being a premium user, would be that they supress the annoying popups for other apps. Excellent job otherwise.

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    From $ to $$$$$$

    This is an okay habits app that I’ve been playing around with for a couple of weeks (free trial mode: three habits, MAX). I was considering paying the $10 one-time fee to unlock a “lifetime membership” to use the full version (FOUR OR MORE habits, yippeee!). But just now, all of a sudden, the $10 “lifetime” option has vanished and been replaced with a subscription scheme in which the same $10 would last not for a “lifetime”, but for two or three MONTHS. And then you get to pay it again, and again, and again, ad infinitum. I *might* be willing to pay a dollar a month on a continuing basis for this app, but I’m sorry, it ain’t worth sixty bucks a year. Buh-bye!

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    This is the best, wish I’ve found this sooner!

    I know many people tend to exaggerate in reviews, but I promise you, I’m not. I’ve been looking for a clean, focused, non subscription model habit tracker, that has both iPad and Apple Watch apps that sync seamlessly since 2015. I’ve tried over 9 of them and this is the best one. Almost all are subscription models now, are either cluttered, have unpleasant interfaces, confusing dashboards, poor UI/UX, missing either the iPad or Apple Watch app, have syncing issues or missing simple features like being able to change the start date of your habits in case you want to start over fresh (birthday, new year etc) some don’t even have a calendar for each habit just streaks. 😪😑😓 I’m so happy I stumbled across this app in yet another one of my searches 👽 Finally the last bits of my intense work flow are coming together! 😫😄 Thank you for this app guys 🤓

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Is Habitify: Habit Tracker Safe?

Yes. Habitify: Habit Tracker is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,872 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Habitify: Habit Tracker Is 76.6/100.

Is Habitify: Habit Tracker Legit?

Yes. Habitify: Habit Tracker is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,872 Habitify: Habit Tracker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Habitify: Habit Tracker Is 76.6/100.

Is Habitify: Habit Tracker not working?

Habitify: Habit Tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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