Withings Thermo Reviews

Withings Thermo Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-17

The Thermo app helps you take care of your whole family’s health. Created for
use with Thermo, the Withings smart temporal thermometer, the app automatically
syncs temperature readings for each user via WiFi or Bluetooth. Each user can
then view a complete history of temperature readings...

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Withings Thermo Reviews

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    Apparently does not support iOS 14 and health integration

    The thermometer itself is fine. Seems accurate and reproducible. It’s fifddly to connect to Wi-Fi and could be much easier with just a little more attention I think. Two ridiculous pain points; as many others point out, it does not at all integrate with the rest of the withings stuff. There is no reason this needs to have its own separate app. If you open the Thermo app, it will eventually load data and make it visible in the primary withings app, but you have to open the Thermo app each time first. That’s been going long enough it’s now inexcusable. Unlike in the primary app, where you can explore the data a little bit, graphics etc., you clumsily can just look at a list of temperature measurements. Not very helpful at all, and so much more potential. As others have pointed out, since around November, the data no longer integrates with Apple health. I suspect they just havent updated it for iOS 14, as the option to turn permissions for data sharing on and off does not exist for the Thermo app, and the instructions in the app refer to the old way of doing that. Again, probably the same issue as the other big problem: good thermometer, but they need to step up and integrate the Thermo app with the rest of the withings experience which would make it just about perfect. The app is lame.

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    Good device and app but needs one critical update

    I’m using this device to keep track of a group of people. It took a while to master the application but once I did it is very powerful. I am also using it with more than one thermometer. It actually works very well. However, even though my personal data actually links with the health app on my iPhone and allows me to see a graphical plot with data for temps over time, I cannot see a graphical output of a trend plotted against time for each of the other people that I am keeping track of in the Thermo app itself. I can only get that for the one of several profiles that I am following because that one profile is my personal profile, and I am only seeing that because it is linking to my Health app. There is nothing in the native Thermo app that is providing that kind of graphical output. In addition to a simple list of temperatures which the application provides, since all the data is collected, it would be a very simple thing, and unbelievably useful, if it also had the ability with the tap of a setting to give you graphical output over time with the temperatures plotted on a graph instead of just listed as a numerical data. That would make this a five star application.

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    Ok I guess

    I purchased this item today at an Apple Store and I am dissatisfied thus far. Definitely more than a few bugs that need to be fixed within the app. Had a hard time just adding a picture to my family’s individual profiles which is highly concerning as this has absolutely nothing to do with how good this product is or may be. What I’m saying is that, after taking my temperature as a “trial” the reading popped up on the app and every time I go to attempt to try and add the reading to my profile the app just closes itself. I have erased the app and reinstalled, hard reset my device checked WiFi/Bluetooth settings and made sure the thermometer itself is up to date and cannot get past this. The technology used to read the temperature is great and I appreciate the way it works However the full experience is ruined with the horrible app! 3 stars for the hardware but ZERO stars for the app. As much money you pay for this you should definitely consider another alternative for a combination that works. Returning mine tomorrow. Very happy Apple has 14 day returns policy.

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    Makes temperature tracking easy/painless

    I love Thermo because it holds data for the whole family and sends the results to the app. I also like that my phone doesn’t need to be on me to take a reading and the Thermo thermometer is readable in the dark. Note that you need to set up profiles before it works (fever varies by age and you need the profiles to get the correct color-coded feedback on the device). So don’t delay setting up Thermo when you get it/wait for a bad fever. My kids are now old enough to operate it and even if I’m traveling I’ll see their results come to my phone. I also like ability to add pics and symptoms in the app because then when I go to the doc I don’t need to try and remember what happened during the night or a stressful time.

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    This is an excellent product. The ability to track temperature readings is critical and the thermometer makes it easy to gather that information. Withings has put out multiple great products too. The problem is that Withings has appeared to abandon this app and the users while still selling the thermometer - including in Apple’s store. There are known gaps all over the Withings support message boards and multiple stories of not receiving any useful response from the company to address the problems. The thermometer reads the temperature but Thermo doesn’t update. Logging out and back in temporarily pulls the info in but you’ll have to do that every time and remove readings that have already been imported. The app itself has not been updated in 2 years. Overall shameful that Withings and Apple allow a medical product which fails in its most important function. For a medical device and tracking, it’s critical that it be accurate and work every time. This will not do that for you. I would avoid this thermometer and the app until the company decides to support it. You’re better off with a $3 thermometer and pen/paper.

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    Updated - good device/app now

    Original review: It works for a few hours and then the app stops synching and just get spinning wheel. Oddly, the temp alerts show up fine on my associated Apple Watch, and show up fine on the web, so the issue is definitely the app. Restarting the app and the phone do nothing. And Nokia, instead of replying to everyone’s bad review with the same answer to file a report, how about fixing this VERY easy to recreate bug! Thanks. ——————- Update 5/4 - after escalating my bug report, I finally got an answer that didn’t blame me for misuse! Here it is: My name is <name removed> and your case has been escalated to me. I apologize for the issue you have been experiencing with your Thermo app. There is a known issue regarding the Thermo App affecting the installation on some iPhones. This issue has been corrected on a beta build we are currently testing. Once that has been proven to be stable, we will send out it as an update to everyone. ——————— Update 9/11 - happy to report that after a few long awaited app updates, I’m now have consistently good results with this. With the app working, this is really a great device now.

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    Very buggy

    I’ve about had it with the Withings Thermo and the associated app. First, the thermometer seems to be relatively accurate but it doesn’t reliably communicate with the app/phone and I constantly have to refresh or enter temperatures manually. Second, when I try to correct the thermometer’s erratic behavior by resetting it, the app is unable to find the device. I’ve tried just about everything including resetting my iPhone (which worked initially I might add but now it is not communicating with the app again). No, it is not the end of the world to have to enter temperatures manually but at 3 times the cost of other radar thermometers it is unacceptable that the Thermo doesn’t work as it should. I suspect it has something to do with the app not being updated for over a year—which is suspect considering iOS has moved to version 14 and nearly every other app on my phone has had multiple updates to ensure compatibility.

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    Onrom Blood Pressure Syncing Fixed

    Thank you for fixing the Omron blood pressure monitor syncing feature. About a couple of months ago, I gave a review sting that they feature was not working due to a recent update to the Health Mate app and I got a response saying that should work to enable various options in my app. The problem was ALL those options were ALREADY ON and this stopped working due to a recent Health Mate app update which points to HEALTH MATE. Anyhow, yesterday (January 17, 2021) Health Mate update seems to have fixed the Omron blood pressure monitor syncing with NO changes to my iPhone settings. Thank you.

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    Thermometer Great (when it works), App not so much

    First and foremost, if you are in a crummy 2.4 GHz WiFi area, activating is a nightmare. And you can not even begin to use the thermometer until it is paired with a device. If and when you get past that hurdle, the app is ok to use. As long as nothing goes wrong. This winter is a serious sick season for us, with a 6th grader and a kindergartener - seems we have had every single sickness going through their school. Sometime in early November, we lost our first Withing Thermo. After a week of looking, we bought another. We do like the quick reading and no need to hold anything in the mouth to get the reading. After another drama trying to activate the new Thermo, we were set again. Yesterday my older daughter found the first Thermo that had dropped behind her bed as she tried to keep it close one night. So, I tried to use the first one - only to find that the Thermo had reset itself. SIGH. Ok, time to try the activation again. I went into the Thermo app, went through activation, only to find that the second Thermo never appeared in my Thermo app. What the heck? Seems like a lot of money to invest in a way-to-use thermometer, only to be foiled by wonky software.

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    Very Disappointed

    The device itself works fine, but so do thermometers sold for a fraction of the price. The tracking ability that sets this one apart is useless because the app doesn’t work. And if you look at other reviews here and online, it’s clear that they’ve been ignoring the problems and complaints for YEARS. The thermometer and app won’t sync. The company’s only answer to that is to reinstall everything, but then you lose half your data that was synced. Once it’s reinstalled, the data that wouldn’t sync shows up, but then nothing logged after that does and you’re back at square one. It’s not worth the price without a functional app, and they clearly don’t care about changing that, as again, they’ve received complaints for years. I won’t be purchasing anything from them again, and Apple should seriously reconsider selling their products.

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    Don’t waste your money or time!!!!!!!

    The Thermo thermometer is a great device. However, it WILL NOT WORK with iOS 11!!!!!!! You can waste the time deleting the app, resetting the thermo, reinstalling the app. IT WONT WORK!!!!!!!!!. You can even call Nokia and complain. They will transfer you to a special department. Then they will tell you to reset the device. Then reset the app. Delete the app. Reinstall the app. Re-sync the device. Basically go through all the usual troubleshooting steps. And guess what, IT WONT WORK!!!!! Then, after you talk to the first level technical support person for over half an hour, they will conclude there is nothing they can do and they have to advance you to the next level of support. Here is the problem, they have to email you, A WEEK LATER! All in all the Thermo is a great thermometer with terrible iOS integration. And horrendous customer service!!!!!!!

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    I had to create two accounts.

    I use both a withings scale and the Thermo thermometer and I ran into a strange glitch where my new thermometer would only log temperature to my withings healthmate application and not the Thermo app. I would actually have preferred it this way however the healthmate app does not seem to support logging body temperature into Apple’s HealthKit (HealthKit support is really the only reason I chose to go with the Thermo). To get around this I had to create a separate account to use with the Thermo app which fragmented my scale and thermometer data. It doesn’t bother me too much but it would be a lot nicer to have everything in one application tied to one account.

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    If you like taking your temperature this app is for you !

    This app works great with my thermometer. I take my temperature multiple times a day. Sometimes for fun, I will take my temperature, then do an activity and take it again! The temperature remains constant before and after the activity and I have not found any activities that let me trick the thermometer. The app also lets me log that I did an activity before the measurement. If you like taking your temperature this app is for you !

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    Works well, but...

    When I first got this I thought it was amazing. Especially great if you have young kids. The downsides are: (1) there’s a separate app for the Thermo compared to the other Withings products which all use a single app—why a separate app? (2) since Covid-19, I now see many, many touchless thermometers, and they’re mostly more convenient (with Thermo, you have to scan across a specific area of the forehead, compared to others that are simply point-and-measure. Overall, it’s still a great product though. The WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, and app features are all very nice.

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    Too much personal info needs to be provided for just checking your temperature

    You can’t use this thermometer without downloading the app & creating an account. The first time you turn on this thermometer it forces you to go to its website to create an account. It simply does not work otherwise. You are then forced to allow this company to access & use your private health data before it will let you create an account. You then have to link it to your Bluetooth & WiFi. It then requires you to create a profile along with height & weight. Why? Why? Why can’t I just turn on this thermometer and take my temperature without sacrificing my personal data? $99 for this? I only purchased this as I couldn’t get hold of a Braun temporal thermometer due to Covid related shortage.

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Is Withings Thermo Safe?

Yes. Withings Thermo is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,828 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Withings Thermo Is 68.9/100.

Is Withings Thermo Legit?

Yes. Withings Thermo is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,828 Withings Thermo User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Withings Thermo Is 68.9/100.

Is Withings Thermo not working?

Withings Thermo works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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