Wild: Hook Up, Meet & Dating Reviews

Wild: Hook Up, Meet & Dating Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-20

WILD - The Fastest way to meet & date with hot singles in New York, Los Angeles,
Houston, Chicago, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Phoenix, Philadelphia and
other cities in US! Forget other dating apps, Wild is the only free dating app
you'll ever need! We have included all of your fa...

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Wild: Hook Up, Meet & Dating Reviews

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    Best FREE dating app so far!

    Yes, actually Wild is a free dating app as what it advertised. I just downloaded the new version, and now I can chat with my matches for free, without having to pay. Great update which saves time and money, and makes it much faster to send messages out to the ones you're interested. Really user friendly!!! After using the new version, I got so many messages from real people with verified photos. Their photo verification feature is great, and much better than other dating apps like Tinder, OKC and Zoosk: you just need to send them the selfie photo with thumb-up gesture, proving that you look like the profile photo. Very simple but creative useful feature. I've tried many other dating apps, most of them even do not ask their members to verify photos. They should feel shamed not to even try anything to filter out the fakes and scams. This makes me feel very unsecured on their apps. WILD is trustworthy! love it! Try it out and you will not be disappointed.

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    WILD is gonna to be wild!!!

    Seems like it's a free app, really cool and easy to use! I can chat with matches for free after I verified my photo: I took a selfie with the thumb up gesture as required and they verified the photo for me very fast. The reviews which said WILD is a scam are totally malignant slander and libel. If Wild is a scam app, every dating app is a scam!!! Surely WILD is not perfect, some features need to be improved...But it is definitely not a scam app. People are very real with verified photos, it is the safest and most trustworthy app I ever used, don't like other apps, photos are not verified, and with lots of scams and fakes. It provides a great platform to meet like minded people in a very fast way and can search by so many different categories. I have met several nice guys. People are friendly, I like simple openminded people. Got me a coffee date pretty fast so I'm not complaining. This app is exactly what I am looking for! The super great one, I trust it!

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    Niiiiiiiiiiice......try lol

    Stop! Do not download. It's all a scam. It's true the allow "real people" but only for the first 3 hours of having the app which is obviously no where near the amount of time needed to designate a proper profile suitable to your liking after you have skimmed through the users and have gotten the hang of it. Tease. Once you get the hang of it, you are asked to write a review. It's an app only interested in draining you of your time and money...once you actually do start to pay for it, you will quickly realize that you have made a HUGE MISTAKE 😭I've had to find out the hard way. There are other users in your area....probably 1 or 2 girls, that are obviously lying about the profile they have created and fooled the low tech "verification process" I honestly hope mankind isn't this desperate to throw money away this easily..I have since found actual apps that do what this app promises...sorry to be a Debbie downer..just don't wanna see another hurting soul searching for bliss get screwed over..

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    WILD changed my life 🤪

    After a heart-broken breakup with my ex-boyfriend whom I have been dating with for 2 years, I needed to move on and decided to meet other people. My friends asked me to try online dating apps. It's easy and fast. Downloading WILD was honestly the best decision I ever made. Used it for several weeks, matched with several guys, but never met up with anyone in the real world. Then as I was messaging some of my matches to see if anyone would travel with me so that I could forget the past and start a new life, luckily an amazing guy replied back, saying he would date with me and we traveled to a lot of places together: France, Italy, Japan, Macao... - half an year later - we’re happily married and I am pregnant and expecting our son now!  I feel I am the happiest woman in the world. Life is so beautiful! Thank you, WILD! 💖

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    We were engaged

    Finding the right one takes times. You won’t find the right person the 1st swipe, the 2nd swipe, or even the 100th swipe... At the beginning I thought WILD was a pure hookup app where you can only find someone for short-term relationship and I was about to give up, but suddenly a cool guy liked my profike and I liked on his at the same time. Then we began talking and now we’ve been together for almost 1 year and we were engaged in September. Thanks WILD for making things work. For anyone out there don’t feel ashamed you’re on WILD. We’re in a world where dating online is normal. 5 out of my 8 good friends found their matches in online dating apps. Don’t give up and keep seeking because great things can happen.

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    Why be exactly like the rest?

    Basically the same as Tinder and Bumble. Limited number of swipes unless you pay. Can’t see who likes you unless you match or pay to see. Can’t use advanced filters unless you pay. On the bright side I do like that you can have private photos to share and that you can list exactly what you’re looking for whether that be a hookup or relationship. But the search radius needs to be fixed. You can only search in increments of 50mi. So I can look for matches in a 50mi radius, 100mi radius, 150mi radius, etc. 50 is kind of small but 100 is way too far! Let me do 60 or 65. Needs more publicity as well. Only found about 15 people in my area on the 50mi radius and had to expand to 100mi to find more. But I doubt I’ll ever meet up with someone that is 93 miles away -_- Just needs some work to distinguish itself instead of being a tinder clone.

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    The app itself is fine, but the people are jerks

    I think the app is good. I like that you can do the photo verified, but I don't like other qualities about it. For one you can send pic through the app so if a person didn't verify their photo and you want to make sure it's them you have to go to a different app. Also, it automatically tell the person that you liked them. It was a confusing app at first, but I soon liked the ease of it. But then the get to the other people on it. Most of them are jerks. All they want is sex now and since I work 4 jobs I don't get on much. They just sit there and the same person will nonstop message you and the moment you tell them no they blow up. If you are not ready to deal with inconsiderate people then don't get this app. This didn't just happen once but it happens with 9 out of 10 people that message you.

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    This app advertises itself as a free easy to use and find partners for intimate purposes. However, upon further use of the app you start to notice that the women are way too good looking (model status). So you swipe, you get messaged and then you have to pay to reply to a message ($30 plan). Moreover, it’s awfully obvious that a very minimal amount of the people are real the rest are scam bots. And they still want me to pay to message a bot?? I live in a very big city, and it says “There’s no one nearby” common what a load of bs. I would stick to something else (ie tinder/okcupid) or just go out and talk to someone you wont lose anything nor will you see them again. I’m not against online dating, I’m against apps like wild that advertise themselves as free but make you pay $30 a month to answer or send a “How are you” please don’t waste your time with this joke.

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    It’s a pretty well built app

    I find that the interface is easy to navigate than a lot of other apps, and especially for a dating app Wild provides a lot more detail about other users that someone who’s interested in dating or hookups could hope for. One has to be careful which 4 images to use, because after that you will have to match to see more photos (which is a bit disappointing to be honest). Food for thought for the developers: users like me love to communicate. But adding the message button to a member we haven’t matched with gives users the impression they can talk to anybody if the preferences are broad enough. That’s not the case, since we have to pay VIP to do so. So it contradicts the purpose of having a messaging option on users we haven’t matched with unless we as users decide to pay VIP. I would say go back to the coding and have it removed. Other than that, keep tapping on hearts and hope to get lucky.

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    Best hookup app

    As a lady, my experience has been very fruitful and I haven’t spent a penny. I’ve used the app for less that a week and I’ve received multiple offers and taken a few up on their offers. As with any of these apps, it’s about how you market yourself. Some men put up only one image and that’s less appealing than a man that gives me more to go on. The goal with this app is to get people to “like” you so that you can chat. If you both like each other, then you chat for free. So men, show women images of yourself that will persuade them to click the like button.

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    Real people, real hookup

    For these years, I have been on several similar dating Apps, but I have the best experience on this one and I really am enjoying it! Some of other App are full of robots, scammers, fake photos, this one is much better. It is very likely that you will find some REAL people to have some fun with or even more. BTW, I like the UI of this App, it is quite easy to use, simple but really works. So I would like to recommend this App, if you are just looking some people for fun, not serious relationship, you should definitely try this one, you will not be disappointed.

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    Clearly fake

    I have no idea where these 5 star reviews are coming from. This app is terrible. I've had it for 2 days and one single match has shown up. Nobody ever appears to be online and once you scroll through the first list of people nearby and decide whether or not you like them, that's it. 2 days and not a single new face has shown up. Only one person has liked me back and it's a fake profile lol. So basically the devs are pretending this is a free to chat app but it isn't. You can only speak to people that have liked you as well....unless you pay -_-. So what they do is keep your match list empty so you're tempted to buy the ability to message others. It's an absolute joke and there are several better REAL apps out there. Don't fall for this pathetic scam.

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    Great dating app!

    I tried online dating in 2018 after many years of being single. I’m a single mother and in my early-30s. At first I was very reluctant to use WILD because I viewed it as a “hook up” app. But after I tried other apps (Tinder, OKC, Badoo etc.), I found that WILD is simplest to use and works well for me. The men on the app are openminded, friendly and very respectful to women. I can use the Filter to match with high quality men. Through the app I met some nice men, had some fun and good times. Though I am still seeking the one, I am optimistic and would recommend WILD to anyone. 

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    I at first found out about this app through Refinery29 that it is one of the best hookup dating apps. Long story but in short, I was single and thought why not join so I did and a few days later, I got a match with a girl who texted me and so we started talking and dating. We are finally a couple now and we are very happy and thankful to this app. Without it, we can not meet each other and will spend much time to find people which may not fit us.. So thank you to the group who made this app, it's awesome.

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    We’ve all seen the obviously fake reviews for apps like these. I was skeptical of this one too, but it’s honestly not that bad. Get photo verified in about a day, set up your profile in five minutes and start searching. This app has a way to go, but it’s not a scam. One idea I have is for the range increments to be smaller so it doesn’t go from 100 all the way to 200 miles. There might not be hundreds of options in your immediate area, but that’s just because it isn’t as old or popular as tinder..yet. Just give it some time and write an real review so more people join. Just wanted to give honest feedback from not a machine.

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Is Wild: Hook Up, Meet & Dating Safe?

Yes. Wild: Hook Up, Meet & Dating is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 37,245 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Wild: Hook Up, Meet & Dating Is 51.8/100.

Is Wild: Hook Up, Meet & Dating Legit?

Yes. Wild: Hook Up, Meet & Dating is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 37,245 Wild: Hook Up, Meet & Dating User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Wild: Hook Up, Meet & Dating Is 51.8/100.

Is Wild: Hook Up, Meet & Dating not working?

Wild: Hook Up, Meet & Dating works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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