Project: Muse Reviews

Project: Muse Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

It was an incredible music game in a different way! Every note, every voice is
respond to your tap! Game Features: • Rhythm gameplay, innovative real-time
key pronunciation. • Original Independent electronic music producer. •
Innovative multi track music games. • Different styles of ele...

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Reviews (20)


Feels like thievery.

I’ve loved P.Muse since it’s release and have been playing it ever since. I love the different difficulties, the variety of songs, and the beautiful designs. But with the new VIP update, I’ve started to hate it. I’m honestly broke, so I never can afford to buy anything in games, but while the grind is honestly fun, P.Muse has disappointed me again and again lately. Songs that I’ve worked to Buy And Earn for MONTHS, are suddenly taken away and forced to buy again with each and every new update. This makes it hard to enjoy and makes all my hard work become useless. The songs were pretty much stolen from us and then blocked by a paywall that, guess what, never used to be there before. And permanently locking new songs in an expensive (for cases like mine, who can only be a free-to-play person) VIP blockage? That makes it so unfair. Once again, I’ve worked months to be able to earn enough coins to buy the originals AND new versions of songs, and having them suddenly taken away with a new update angers me to no end. I worked hard to pay for this song, and now you’re forcing me to buy it AGAIN?? That feels like thievery. Not only are the ads a bombardment at this point, but now I’m getting songs taken away. I still play this game because I love it, and I always hope it’ll get better, but this stuff just makes me want to give up and delete it off my phone.


Honestly Disappointed

I’ve played this app Muse since about 2016 and I loved it. But now it’s not so great. I had payed the five dollars to get the VIP and now with the new updates, it was a waste of money because all of the songs are back to being locked. It’s totally unfair for all of us who paid money to have the full version of the game get taken away. This should be fixed. I’m very tempted to delete Project because with every update, I’m more disappointed. With every update, more songs are released but they are locked. I’ve been playing this game less and less because of the amount of songs that are locked. It makes it not fun to play when I don’t have every song unlocked. I understand having songs locked because it’s motivation to play, but for us who payed to have the songs unlocked, it’s because we wanted to play them without having difficulty. Now it’s impossible to play knowing that my money was wasted because it’s all locked now. What’s the point of me paying the money for the full version with it all locked now? It’s saddening. This should be fixed. It seems like a lot of people are having the same issue as me. I want my vip back. I want to know that this WASN'T A WASTE OF MONEY.


I loved this game before

I used to love this game and play it constantly. Even if the songs were at times slightly out of sync I still found the difficulty fun and the length of the songs to be very satisfying as an experience when I mastered them. In addition to the added safety net of the recovery system wherein you can recover just by getting perfects and hitting certain nodes, which makes the game nearly impossible to lose at, and the other safety net that just takes care of the next few notes whenever you miss one, it also feels like they shortened the songs from what they were originally. I'm not sure but I know that the song for my favorite, Yulia, ends before it gets to a segment that was once like 75% of the way through, and that part was my favorite. I just wish there were a hard mode or an original mode where you can revert things back to how they were, with fixes on the desync and bugs, but not make it a feature you have to pay monthly for, because that's a ridiculous thing to do for an iPhone rhythm game. It's still fairly fun, but it feels like a lot of good things were taken from this game :/


Went downhill fast.

I used to play this app Muse when it first came out. The beats would line up perfectly and the songs were really fun and challenging. Before it mattered when you tapped, since if it was offbeat you would lose a life. When they updated the game to have 3 lives instead of 1 I was happy, because I was able to get farther in all the songs but now you have ‘energy’ that you build up by getting perfects. The problem is it’s not that hard to fill it up completely and then you practically have infinite lives. Also, instead of tapping on the beat, you can spam each lane and get through the song. It only matters if you tap enough times, so this rhythm game doesn’t even require rhythm. And speaking of rhythm, the drums in the background always get off beat so it’s easier to play with the music off. One of their recent songs is actually someone else’s. Great potential for a fun, aesthetically pleasing game, but ruined by making it too boring and easy.


Getting consistently more disappointed

I had this game for over four years and i loved playing it with my friend everyday , but now i can barley enjoy it like i used to. Im sure many other players are getting upset and disappointed by all the purchases, paywalls and ads you keep adding every update. At this point id rather not play it anymore with the ads and in app purchases because thats one thing i loved about this, is that it had like none. Before the new update (as of 5,1,20) i was able to play all the alternate songs for multiple characters by working for it and now i cant without paying you your stupid money. Just make the game like $2 at this point, and get rid of all the in app purchases and ads, and im sure everyone will be a lot more happier. I dont think i’ll try playing this anymore.. i just cant


Just kept getting worse

I’ve been playing this game since it came out and love it. I’ve played this game on two phones, an iPhone SE and now an iPhone XR, the iPhone se had problems with sound and I could only play without sound, even with headphones, so because of that I deleted the game because of frustration. Now I have my iPhone XR, it is up to date and I thought there wouldn’t be any problems, but oh how wrong I was. I had problems with the three taps and four taps in songs and I couldn’t play any songs that had more that 2 tapping features because when I would press the dots they would come in really laggy and make me get a good score or even say I missed it. Now I can’t even finish any hard mode songs without lagging and getting a D grade. How do I stop the lagging.



While I really enjoyed his game in the past, recent updates have made it unplayable. The visual bugs like lane-splits that don’t show up correctly are bearable but finishing the song and not finishing the game? There’s no end screen, and I can’t earn experience or anything of that sort for playing a song. Also, if you don’t hit a lane-split JUST right, the background parts and player parts don’t line up, which is confusing on top of annoying. I mentioned visual bugs, and while they are annoying, they don’t affect the playability of the game. I can ignore lanes not splitting right or not showing entirely and constantly “pressed” pet icons. Doesn’t impact the actual game, but worth fixing. Please, please make this game playable again. I love it to bits but it’s not worth playing if I can’t even finish a song. Thank you!


It’s went downhill fast

I remember when the game first came out I used to play it all the time and would spend hours trying to beat a level. I also remember the community tab I met a lot of good people on it and it really got me into other community apps and really into drawing. I decided redownload the game and to my disappointment the community tab was taken away and I was so excited to log back into my old account. The game went from difficult and fun to easy and completely boring. I love a good challenge when it comes to rhythm games but it’s become so easy with the basically infinite lives that there’s no challenge anymore. It’s also frustrating that some of the songs I want to play I have to be vip to get. I can barely afford gas let alone by a vip membership for a game barely worth my time anymore


A little disappointed but loving it overall

I’ve downloaded the game recently and it’s safe to say I love it so far. It’s a nice game to play when I’m just chilling, the songs are nice, the visuals are pleasing to the eye, everything you’d want in a simple rhythm game. My only issue is that, on several occasions, there are times where 3 (or maybe more, I’m not quite sure) notes will occur all at the same time. While this may not be an issue in most cases it can be very difficult for people on smaller devices that are used to playing with just two fingers. While some people are okay with that, it’s just not my cup of tea.


Fun! But...

I really love and enjoy playing this game; it's a great way to pass the time and I have a lot of fun playing it on long drives or flights or when I need something to keep my hands busy. But since the most recent update, I've been unable to progress past level 26 in the tour performance mode, even despite meeting the requirements every time I've played it! I'd love to be able to progress and keep playing, but it's so frustrating to do the same level three times in a row without ever being able to move on to the next. ):



So, I was doing the little challenge things and had over 1,000 points, I got all points possible for unlocking music, some points for getting SSS rank in hard mode, and I’m on the 30th little quest thing,, but I was suddenly reset to bronze?? And now only have around 300 points! Yet when I click on the “get points” thing it says I still have those points. And I’m still on the 30th task despite only having 300 points, did anyone else have this issue?? Otherwise really cool game! Just wish this little thing didn’t happen...


I like this game a ton, but it keeps crashing..

I first got it and made a good amount of progress by beating hard mode levels, until it crashed and wouldn’t open again. It wasn’t working for a while and I eventually deleted, and reinstalled it with everything in working order. The problem was that my data reset when I deleted it and I was starting from scratch. It sure was irritating but I kept playing the game and got triple S Ranks on most levels since I had practice from my last round of playing this, and the same thing happened! Please help because I really like this game and can’t find anything online that helps!



i absolutely love this game so much and i play it all the time, but i noticed some bugs or glitches that happen frequently. Just recently, i used an SOS and all of the note key things gave me the missed sound? like, it said they were all missing and i wasn’t hitting them but it was an sos. also, sometimes it doesn’t register my taps so i’ll tap the note key and it’ll say i didn’t tap it when i did. those are the only things i’ve noticed, but i love the game so much- especially fernie.


Returning Player

This game has always been amazing but as a returning player there seems to be a few issues, namely with synchronization. Some of the songs (Phillys, Kate, Emily, Dorthy, and more) are completely off synch on easy and/or normal modes, making it pretty difficult to play and rather unsatisfying to complete a song. Also, The SOS mechanic doesn’t always work when pressed, leading to a few annoying losses. Otherwise, the game is pretty cool, but I’d love to see it improve with some tiny fixes to performance and quality.


Not the same

I really loved this game and I’ve been playing it for quite a while. It was very near and dear to my heart just because it felt special. The songs were great and it was easy to play and the character designs were really cute. More recently though as I keep coming back to it it seems like everything has changed, from the backgrounds being your choice to the lives being different to the game having a bunch of paywalls. It feels like the creators are just doing it for the money now. It was honestly really fun before but it’s not now. I don’t think I’ll be playing it anymore anytime soon. I’m sure they won’t change it back.


Great, but needs bug fixes

I’ve been a fan of Project since we were awaiting the release of Dorothy. It wasn’t until the last month or so that I’ve been struggling with it crashing very frequently, to the point that Project won’t open. Aside from that, it’s a very good game that I highly recommend if you enjoy music of many genres (mostly electronic) and rhythm games. My personal favorites are Emily and Choco, though all of the characters are worth checking out.


Love this game!!

such a fun and quick to learn mobile rhythm game. Fun songs, pretty colors, dope mechanics, good stuff. Only critique of mine is - hear me out - i used to have an iphone 8, but just upgraded to iphone 11, and upon doing so, found that the bit of the screen where the camera is obscures the progress bar at the top. So with my new phone, for majority of the song i dont know how far thru i am. thats all, keep up the good work!!


Why it’s not 5/5 stars

The age requirement says 4+ but there are many levels where a 4 y/o would simply throw a tantrum. (Also why would you give a 4 y/o an expensive device?) Overall though it’s a really beautiful game with fun little songs. Some a little questionable but still seems to go with the “personality” of the girl once you unlock a story. Super cute game and I’m always impressed with the updates.


Fantastic Game!

This game is so much fun, I love the challenge of it no matter how hard the levels get (even tho I’ve never successfully completed a hard level T^T). I love the little character stories you unlock each time you complete a level! It adds a little incentive to keep playing. One thing that got me confused is if there is a log in system to save my progress cuz i always lose my progress if I install the game again 😞.


fantastic game, but...

i was searching through my phone settings for no reason today, and came across the fact that p.muse has the ability to access your location :/ in the location services thing i saw it right under there, so why would you need our location? this is supposed to be a fun rhythm game, not a tracking app. make sure to change this to “Never” on your phone p.muse players! but other than that, pretty chill game ig. love it, but please don’t track us thanks :)

Is Project Safe?

Yes. Project: Muse is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 720 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Project: Muse Is 62.8/100.

Is Project Legit?

Yes. Project: Muse is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 720 Project: Muse User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Project: Muse Is 62.8/100.

Is Project: Muse not working?

Project: Muse works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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