Contact Project: Muse

Contact Project: Muse

Published by on 2022-09-22

It was an incredible music game in a different way! Every note, every voice is
respond to your tap! Game Features: • Rhythm gameplay, innovative real-time
key pronunciation. • Original Independent electronic music producer. •

How to Contact Project: Muse

Project: Muse Contact Information

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Developer: Rinzz Co. Ltd.

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Project Website

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Common Project: Muse Issues

  • By Someone that is trash

    Feels like thievery.

    I’ve loved P.Muse since it’s release and have been playing it ever since. I love the different difficulties, the variety of songs, and the beautiful designs. But with the new VIP update, I’ve started to hate it. I’m honestly broke, so I never can afford to buy anything in games, but while the grind is honestly fun, P.Muse has disappointed me again and again lately. Songs that I’ve worked to Buy And Earn for MONTHS, are suddenly taken away and forced to buy again with each and every new update. This makes it hard to enjoy and makes all my hard work become useless. The songs were pretty much stolen from us and then blocked by a paywall that, guess what, never used to be there before. And permanently locking new songs in an expensive (for cases like mine, who can only be a free-to-play person) VIP blockage? That makes it so unfair. Once again, I’ve worked months to be able to earn enough coins to buy the originals AND new versions of songs, and having them suddenly taken away with a new update angers me to no end. I worked hard to pay for this song, and now you’re forcing me to buy it AGAIN?? That feels like thievery. Not only are the ads a bombardment at this point, but now I’m getting songs taken away. I still play this game because I love it, and I always hope it’ll get better, but this stuff just makes me want to give up and delete it off my phone.

  • By Random Lazy Town fan

    Honestly Disappointed

    I’ve played this app Muse since about 2016 and I loved it. But now it’s not so great. I had payed the five dollars to get the VIP and now with the new updates, it was a waste of money because all of the songs are back to being locked. It’s totally unfair for all of us who paid money to have the full version of the game get taken away. This should be fixed. I’m very tempted to delete this app because with every update, I’m more disappointed. With every update, more songs are released but they are locked. I’ve been playing this game less and less because of the amount of songs that are locked. It makes it not fun to play when I don’t have every song unlocked. I understand having songs locked because it’s motivation to play, but for us who payed to have the songs unlocked, it’s because we wanted to play them without having difficulty. Now it’s impossible to play knowing that my money was wasted because it’s all locked now. What’s the point of me paying the money for the full version with it all locked now? It’s saddening. This should be fixed. It seems like a lot of people are having the same issue as me. I want my vip back. I want to know that this WASN'T A WASTE OF MONEY.

  • By BearyAngry

    Went downhill fast.

    I used to play this app Muse when it first came out. The beats would line up perfectly and the songs were really fun and challenging. Before it mattered when you tapped, since if it was offbeat you would lose a life. When they updated the game to have 3 lives instead of 1 I was happy, because I was able to get farther in all the songs but now you have ‘energy’ that you build up by getting perfects. The problem is it’s not that hard to fill it up completely and then you practically have infinite lives. Also, instead of tapping on the beat, you can spam each lane and get through the song. It only matters if you tap enough times, so this rhythm game doesn’t even require rhythm. And speaking of rhythm, the drums in the background always get off beat so it’s easier to play with the music off. One of their recent songs is actually someone else’s. Great potential for a fun, aesthetically pleasing game, but ruined by making it too boring and easy.

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