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About: Takl connects users with on-demand services that will change the way you get things done.
Headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee, United States.


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1. o Small businesses use Takl to find last minute help with labor, office cleaning, tree limb removal services and small office repairs.

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Product Details and Description of Takl - Home Services On Demand

Find fast help for lawn care, cleaning, delivery, courier, moving, furniture assembly, and handyman chores plus Build Your Own Job.


Pick a chore

See instant pricing

Place an order

Pick your provider

Get it done

Pay in the app

Enter your zip in-app to see pricing. Over 60,000 approved providers in 130 metro areas across America.

To become a provider, visit takl.com/provider.

NEW Takl Royalties! Share your own personal in-app code with everyone you know. They get a discount and you earn some side hustle cash for every job they complete through Takl for two years. Restrictions apply. See terms.


o 100% upfront pricing - Pre-priced jobs. No waiting for estimates

o YOU choose day & time - Find same-day help 7 days a week

o YOU choose provider - After you order, the app quickly returns available background-checked providers

o Find Recurring help on cleaning, lawn care & pet waste removal

o Backed by the Takl Guarantee - if you are not satisfied, we'll work with you to make it right.

o Customer Support - Easily available through the app 7 days a week.

o No cash needed - Pay directly through the app, including tips.

o Message confirmed providers any details

o Earn Rewards with every job

o +Add Work to get even more done


o House & apartment cleaning

o Lawn Mowing

o Furniture delivery

o Courier services

o Moving Services

o Painting

o Mount a flat screen TV

o Haul away empty boxes

o Furniture assembly

o Shrub/Hedge Trimming

o Gutter repair & clean out

o Replace light fixtures, fans & curtains

o Decluttering junk

o Power washing

o Standing in Line


Create nearly any small job you need for a pre-priced amount with Build Your Own Job. Used for everything from painting walls to home maintenance to bundling several handyman chores.


o Home-sharing & vacation rental managers use Takl for remote cleaning, trash removal, landscaping & home repairs.

o Interior designers use Takl for installation day services & home decorating help like moving furniture & hanging pictures.

o Realtors use Takl to help homeowners quickly prepare a house for sale.

o Small businesses use Takl to find last minute help with labor, office cleaning, tree limb removal services and small office repairs.

Home owners can benefit from this handy service. Your go-to task app whenever you need local help for housekeeping, small renovation projects, home improvements & other residential services.


Assembly: Furniture assembly, bike assembly, basketball goal assembly or Build Your Own

Auto/Boat: mobile car detailing, washing, replace windshield wipers, or Build Your Own

Cleaning: maid service, house cleaning, clean kitchen/bathroom, scrub microwave, dust furniture, window washing, office cleaning

Delivery & Courier: Build Your Own furniture delivery, appliance pick up, courier service

Handyman & Small Repairs: assemble furniture, change filters, paint a wall, swing set assembly, install dishwasher

Junk Removal: shed removal, remove boxes & junk, tree limbs, furniture disposal, appliance removal

Lawn & Yard: grass cutting, planting, leaf raking, weeding, clean grill, patio cleaning, fertilize lawn, clean pool

Moving: short distance and small load moving, load or unload a vehicle, move heavy furniture around a room or up/down a set of stairs

Organization: organize a closet, pantry, attic, basement, garage or shed or Build Your Own

Painting: Paint deck/porch, french, door, window shutters, or Build Your Own painting job

Pets: pet waste removal, install dog door, pet sitting, build cat tree, or Build Your Own

TV Mount & Electronics: mount flat screen TV, set up wireless router, sound bar installation, set up a printer

Not all services available in all areas.

Note: This app uses your GPS location. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Denying the app access to GPS location will prevent you from using the app as a provider.

Top Takl - Home Services On Demand Reviews

  • By ecjz64

    Great new app!

    This is a great new app that I took a chance on. Yes, I kept seeing the commercials & I decided to give Takl a try. I’m so glad I did! I’ll be honest, I’m not the most tech savvy person out there & once I downloaded the app I had questions. I went on their chat room & every question was answered for me. I requested a job to get done & within minutes had the person who was going to do it locked in. I could even see his picture, his profile and after picking Scott I was able to text him directly to leave information since I wouldn’t be home when he was here doing the outside work. I included “before” pictures on my job request & he sent me “after” pictures. I was notified when he was on his way, when he got to my home & when the job was complete. Perfect! I waited until I got home, loved his work & hit complete & just like that Scott gets paid & I'm a very satisfied customer. I will definitely be using Takl again. Thank you.

  • By Dgiffaa

    Moving a 200 pound rock table!

    Faced with the task of moving a 200 pound rock table from the back of my SUV and into my house, what could I do? It took 3 people to load it into the car from the store. I called moving companies and none would do this simple task without charging a minimum of 2 hours labor plus other fees. Moving an object this heavy was just too much an imposition on friends. Then I remembered seeing the TAKL ads and thought this was the perfect job. I downloaded the app, followed the simple instructions for describing my task (included a few pictures) and submitted the job. Instantly, I had 5 people responding and I selected one based on their proximity to me and their bio. It turned out just great for us and we are sold on TAKL. The job was completed for much less than the cost of a moving company.

  • By michael in massachusetts

    I am a takl provider

    I like using Takl because I can earn money doing thing I like to do and things I’m good at doing. I have had a few issues using this app but I think that this is the way of the future. I urge the customers to use care when choosing a provider. Also when they show up try to engage the provider to determine if they are comfortable with the chore. Ask if they have done that type of work before. You have the ultimate choice in refusing a provider you think may be less than qualified to perform the task. The customer service with takl is very responsive. Please rate your provider honesty as the ratings are the best way to weed out those providers that will do anything for a buck, even if they have no skills or ability to complete the task to your satisfaction

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