Remixlive - Make Music & Beats Reviews

Remixlive - Make Music & Beats Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-21

Remixlive is a simple, intuitive music composition and performance
application. The app includes loops and sequences automatically synchronized to
the tempo on a 8x6 grid. With over 180 sound packs that include 48 loops, 48
samples, 48 sequences and a pre-made track, the app offers a wi...

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Remixlive - Make Music & Beats Reviews

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    So I really, really like this app. I am an aspiring singer, and I love creating tracks on this app and singing along. It’s a wonderful app, but I have a few suggestions. One: lets say i record a track on the future beat pack, and then i record a different sounding track on the same pack, the tracks end up sounding exactly the same, which means that if i want to record a track using sounds from a pack I’ve already recorded in, i have to create a new pack and add those songs, which gets really annoying because i have to keep creating new packs with the same sounds in it. Please fix this!!! Another suggestion I have is maybe a couple times a week can we maybe watch a video to get a new pack? Right now the app is very limited, especially because of my recording problem. I think if you fix this the app will be PERFECT!

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    Someone finally got a GarageBand alternative right!

    Just downloaded this tonight and have played with it for the last few hours. I’ve been super impressed with the sounds, how easy it is and how well it works. I’ve always loved the sounds from GarageBand but the app has always been a mess, hard to save the files and always having tracks disappear. GB is also Mac only so I’ve had to use it solely on the iPhone which has been a bit of a pain. This app makes it really easy to create beats that work really well for a vlog. I plan on buying several of the store packs. Some of them really good. Hope they have a much larger selection in the future. Get this app!

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    Great App!( for all levels)

    This company and app never cease to disappoint. No exceptions on this app. So much more than a loop based grid system. Also has a single shot page in which you can manually play samples. Each sound pack comes with the genre based loop page as well as a an entire page of single shot samples. You can then play record and make you own loops in the set! Great export options and company support. Link, Audiobus, and IAA enabled. One last thing that would make this app beyond perfect is native support for Launchpad Pro / MIDI support. Email company and request if you want Launchpad support to use with this app too.

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    2019 where’s the MIDI????

    This is an excellent app works seamlessly great quantization and the features keep getting better! I have one Complaint or should I word it request! This request would set you aside from any other app and blow the competition out and give us (the users) so .’’’’’much more ease of use professional Application as well as the hobbyist READY.’’’’’’ It’s simple and Four letters! MIDI !!! Ridiculous at this point in the game you guys do not have Midi (MIDI learn particularly to map RemixLive to our controllers) ...ESP Now that Link has been added This would hands-down make you on top of any other app is this genre is the number one go to app for everybody if you would just set it up so we could use external controllers. I know this is something a lot of people of been asking and I do not understand why this request has been falling on deaf ears? Even if the clip launching grid and the Respective volume sliders were the only thing you map available for midi learn that would still be greatly useful and a game changer!!!!! Looking forward to hearing back from you DjHABITAT

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    Needs some work done but I’m fascinated

    Super large I like the different beats and drums that you can do for my my friend Jenna to explore because she really likes music and she’s a super DJ fan and that’s what she wants to be when she grows up and it just makes me feel really good about myself and sometimes when I’m mad or my friends are mad I just plus them if I’m at my house to play on my iPad and I say play this game and it’s called Remixlive and it’s super fun and you get to DJ and it’s really valuable to play on and asked me on a seven-year-old and I can I probably should like it because it just helps me express my feelings

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    Greatest Remix App On Google Store

    I am self taught on Ableton Live. Been mixing for about five years or more now. You can look me up on Sounclod Joel Stolarski. Remix live is just great. I want to learn how to create drum and bass. I just can’t sit in front of a mix station all day long. I use it on my IPad and can load samples record audio clips and experiment with mixes, then upload them to cloud and fine tune them in Ableton. Thank you guys for the worlds greatest remixing app. It is just a lot of fun to mess around with too.

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    Super definitely a pro application

    This is basically the real thing as far as electronic sample based apps go I have bought or tried basically everything that is offered for iOS and this is by far The most production friendly of the digital apps in category as as far as creating original music , I would of given 5 stars if it was a bit more compatible with midi Controlling devices. It could be Just me but other apps that don’t quite have the same pro sounds seem to be a bit more compatible with a wider range of trigger devices. Get that to par and it would be a strong 5 stars leading the pack.

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    Dig it!

    Very user friendly it comes with a bunch of samples and loops to get a feel for the program...I utilize it to sort of audio doodle my way into making routines...pieces of tracks that I later reproduce and assemble later...lots of in depth fx,controls,etc...wether you use hit mode and generate your own groove or load up loops and braid them together Remix live is bridging between the high end complicated DAWS and a lower end sequencer/drum machine...your only limited by your outlook and perception! KrisSK

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    Fun easy loops app

    An intuitive, great sounding loops-based mix builder. It's easy to quickly build a cool mix with the sample packs included - Bass House is particularly cool. Be sure to get more free & paid sample packs in the store. More packs would be cool, Mixvibes! More packs choices would make this app much more powerful and usable. Can get a bit pricey with paid packs and import/export add-ons, but as-is it's a lot of fun and great sounding! Thank you Mixvibes!!!

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    So far so good.

    Very clever app. Great sounds. Great for starter ideas then build on it. The only issue I have is if you also have the program on your MacBook, the sample packs on the app does not transfer to the MacBook. Actually all the packs available for the app most are not available on the MacBook version. I also can’t transfer my work from my phone app to my MacBook. So it’s a great app on the phones, just no continuity with my MacBook to expand on my idea like if want to use it in conjunction with Reasons using Remix live as a VST.

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    Very nice and easy to use!

    I got this app in hopes to better understand how to put a beat together. I'm a very musical person, however I'm not super tech savvy when it comes to beats and such. I've dabbled with other electronic music apps and mixers but found them confusing. This one is very simple and fun to use. I've already created my first demo and am surprised how well it flows. Thanks !

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    Don’t Miss it

    Best beat maker/ music mixer and all! Love it all the way, no one can beat this, this and One other music Beat maker I love and confidentially pick this and Loop Mixer. Please take time and enjoy this app, does take time getting use too, but loving the new added bonus of new packs to download. I’m really truly great at making beats in this and it’s not just beats, there’s synth, hats, half clocks/ can customize those, and even bass, lost of bass, and drums, tops, and doubled up on Melody and trumpet! Love love love this app, and please enjoy. The creator has a great app for you to try. Thank you so very much for creating such an amazing beat maker app that I can use to personally perform beats and mixes I enjoy. Stay blessed!

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    Intuitive and complete

    Use creative loops and one-shot samples to create your tracks with all kind of genres (from trap and techno to surprisingly good funk, world, ambient music,...). For advanced users import your own sample to use this like you’d use Ableton Live but easier. Import samples within pre-made packs or create yours from scratch with your sounds only. Really love the app, congrats

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    This app is so much fun to play with and explore. I have had competition with my friends with this app to see who could come up with the best beat. Everyone loves to play the game and it never gets old. This app does have packs that you have to buy but you get multiple free packs. The free packs are just as great as the packs that you buy.

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    Love it!

    I was looking for a way to make music with my iPad that wasn’t too difficult to learn. I am happy to find this app! All I need now, is to be able to be able to “sequence patterns, save the patterns, and save them in Song Mode.” Is there a way that I can do that with this app yet? Thank you very much for your great work!

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Is Remixlive - Make Music & Beats Safe?

Yes. Remixlive - Make Music & Beats is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,647 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Remixlive - Make Music & Beats Is 82.0/100.

Is Remixlive - Make Music & Beats Legit?

Yes. Remixlive - Make Music & Beats is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,647 Remixlive - Make Music & Beats User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Remixlive - Make Music & Beats Is 82.0/100.

Is Remixlive - Make Music & Beats not working?

Remixlive - Make Music & Beats works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Remixlive - Make Music & Beats customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Remixlive - Make Music & Beats.

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