Tattoodo - Your Next Tattoo Reviews

Tattoodo - Your Next Tattoo Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-31

Join the world’s largest tattoo community! Get inspired by tattoo designs from
600,000+ tattoo artists and 25,000+ tattoo studios from around the globe. With
the Tattoodo app, you can book your next tattoo appointment in a few easy swipes
and get inked by your favorite tattoo artist. Or,...

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Tattoodo - Your Next Tattoo Reviews

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    It’s an okay app

    Two small things that are kind of bothersome: 1) the locations services are terrible. When I search my city, it doesn’t show it as Richmond, Va. It shows as Richmond, US making it so I have to filter through tons of results and even then none of them are for Richmond, VA? 2) none of the tattoos I like show up in my liked section and when I was registering, if I selected one tattoo I liked it selected all the ones in similar style even if I didn’t like them. Couldn’t unlike them without unliking the original one. Real frustrating. Won’t be using this app because the location services are out of wack so I can’t find tattoo artists’ work in my city anyway

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    Crazy Big potential

    Feels like this app is still in its growing stage, but has huge potential. Couple of things I noticed: 1. Biography? I don’t know if anyone else can see my full Bio but I can only see a limited portion of it. I would recommend either creating a word count on it or fixing it. Great concept though! 2. Artist Artwork Style. I’m a person looking to get my next Horror & Surrealism tattoo, I wanna know which artists specialize in that! And the pics to prove it! There should be a feature to look up artists that specialize in a certain style or even a certain topic! That’s all I’ve noticed so far.

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    Pretty good, but it’s in Spanish?

    I got this app a few months ago to plan out my tattoos. It’s got a clean interface, a pretty good search system, and a really cool daily tattoo showcase. But sometimes.. the language goes into automatic mode, and for me that makes the app into Spanish. I’m not sure how it chooses what language is automatic, but they were right since I do speak Spanish. Still weird though. Nice app, 9/10, will continue to use

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    Liked photos & Filtering

    There should be a section where you can see the tattoos you liked before. Also, add option to filter when you’re searching such as colored tattoos or minimalist and such. When users add their tattoos they’ll specify whether it’s just a black tattoo or whether it’s greek, mythological, religous etc. or they can just leave those options blank.

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    Cool App, could use some work.

    The app is cool! My only two complaints is that for some reason, the menu buttons at the bottom of the screen are half way cut off. At first glance I wasn’t sure which button did what until I tapped them and found it. Another complaint I have is that if I am browsing the images and switch to a different app for a short period of time and return back to the Tattoodo app, it refreshes me back to the home screen. Kind of a pain, other than that, it’s dope 👍🏼

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    Hidden Gem

    As a lifelong tattoo enthusiast, I love Tattoodo. It’s my favorite place to look for inspiration and amazingly talented artists. My only complaint is that it can feel like a smaller pool than some other major social media tattoo posts. That being said though, the app is very easy to use and has beyond incredible content, definitely my favorite spot for tattoo content.

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    Stuck until INSPIRED!

    I honestly was stuck trying to find a new tattoo idea until I came across this app. I used to use Pinterest to get my ideas but never really felt comfortable with it but now my stressed is lifted because I can finally choose from all these tattoos to get inspired. Thank you very much!

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    Great app, miss the old search system

    The app is amazing, I use it a lot to get ideas and there are a lot of great ones here. But the new search system makes it a bit harder to find. Before you used to be able to actually choose what body part to too look for but that feature was removed, I think they should bring it back, it would be 10x better!

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    My favorite new app!

    I love this app! I’ve had it less than a day and have already found multiple tattoo shops near me and found many ideas! It’s a must have if you love tattoos or have a tattoo craving but are unsure of what you want, this app is for you!

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    Kinda makes you feel your desperate for clientele..

    Some user that may seem like they are looking to get a tattoo are actually spammers. As they state the reasoning budget . You reach out and they sent a message they found a better artist with a better quote and still have the same post asking the same picture since weeks later . Clientele are marketers for this app to make you believe these are customers looking to get Tattooed. This is just my review.

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    I’m not sold.

    I tried it out and found that 99% of people are just cheap, don’t understand tattooing at all and are getting a poor representation of how we do business, and most of all, they’re all price shopping. It’s not good for tattooers... it’s not good for the industry or the General public coming into the tattoo world for the first time. If there ever was an overproduced systemic hybridized version of consulting with tattooers that completely dumbed down and removed the integrity that accompanies showing face, this app is it. It’s another avenue for non tattooers to profit off this industry. it’s more catered to the clientele side and doesn’t really help people understand how we as tattooers do business, rather enables them to completely side-step that process and take the entitlement approach.

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    Why is my app opening in spanish?

    Not really writing a bad review but can one of the app admins or developers help me understand, why on a browser its english but the app is spanish? Like... i even deleted to redownload it but its still in spanish.

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    Auction style tattoos

    I listened to an interview with Ami James stating that he got rid of the likes to make this app less like instagram but there are likes and comments very similar to instagram. The worst thing ive noticed from this app is the bidding style tattoos that customers ask for. They put up cheap quotes on tattoos that they have no basis for understanding the price and rates of and theyre gonna get cheap artists or scratchers responding to them. Seems like it just is a place for cheap tattoos to be auctioned and found 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    Not happy

    As an artist on here the tattoo inquiries are somewhat of a joke. They send pictures with out descriptions and among those pictures I’ve received completely non tattoo-able images, pictures of men in their underwear(no tattoos) and even a picture of what looked like someone’s dinner. Among inquiries that seemed serious and I replied to, there have been no client responses. The problem here is that there are barely, if any at all, serious clients. All the serious clients are on Instagram.

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    App is great. Especially the concept on it. It’s like a dream tattoo social media. Just wish it wasn’t so laggy and more streamlined. Also wish more people and artists knew about it. It would be cool if it had a timeline style

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Is Tattoodo - Your Next Tattoo Safe?

Yes. Tattoodo - Your Next Tattoo is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,305 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Tattoodo - Your Next Tattoo Is 73.7/100.

Is Tattoodo - Your Next Tattoo Legit?

Yes. Tattoodo - Your Next Tattoo is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,305 Tattoodo - Your Next Tattoo User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Tattoodo - Your Next Tattoo Is 73.7/100.

Is Tattoodo - Your Next Tattoo not working?

Tattoodo - Your Next Tattoo works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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