Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari Reviews

Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-10

Saddle up and get ready to wrassle with the stampede-iest critters this side of
the Savannah. Lions and Tigers and Bears are no match for this rodeo star. Armed
with a lasso and a ten gallon hat, swing from the backs of stampeding buffalo,
elephants, ostrich and more. Hold tight atop the...

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Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari Reviews

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    To many ads kill a 5 star game

    I recently wanted to come back to this game and wondered why I stopped playing it awhile back. It didn’t take long for me to understand why I stopped. Ads. Look I understand developers need to get paid and ads are the best way. When this game was first released, it had a big following and it was because of how amazingly fun and addicting the gameplay is and still is. It had little to no payment features so the grind was the only way to improve with a few ad watches the player could help their improvements in little ways. Now there are a few payment features which are fine, I see no problem with them and the developers deserve to get payed for this amazing game. The annoying part is now everytime I die I get a 30 sec ad then another 5 sec promo card until I can race in the savannah again. This makes the game unplayable sometimes my runs last 10 seconds and now have a huge ad I’m forced to watch. Other times it’s a good long run where I get to 8,000 meters. Either way I immediately want to click retry and run again, but now wait I can’t have to watch an ad. It’s basically unplayable. Would fortnite be as big if everytime you died you had to watch a random ad before u played again? No. It makes u want to turn of the game. Otherwise if this over abundance of ads was gone this would be a five star game one of the best in the AppStore. I hope someone reads this.

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    The best game ever

    This game is the best game ever I’ve got my cousin and my sister into playing it I am a hacker at it but sort of a noob because I have so many animals but I am not very far into the map I have only unlocked the savanna and the jungle and the mountain But I would like it if there was a variant of wild boar called Peppa Pig for yummy deliciousness for my Tyrannosaurus rex! Also can we please have the in Dominus Rex in this game because that would be very helpful to eat all the wild boar in my path because to be honest they sort of are very annoying because they’re everywhere so you have to be very careful because there’s a good chance that you might run into one! Also I might be lying but one last thing can you add Anaconda to the jungle that eat stuff but not reset my progress for the jungle because I already finished it and I do not want to start the jungle all over again can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase add anacondas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????? Turns out I was lying like some other guy said I think there’s too many ads way too many to be exact

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    Please Fix

    I love this game and it’s concept. The animation and the whole collect them thing is really cute. But that victory feeling of finally catching rare ones (after spending exhausting run after run to find one you don’t have) my game crashes. It’s no doubt that their are constant ads on here. Not just for rewards or double coins or whatever. On top of that every three deaths or whatever an ad pops up. I spend so much time watching an ad and then once it’s done so I can get my rewards the game crashes and I lose everything. It is not my device as I don’t have issues with anything else and other games and apps run smoothly. I love this game, but it turns into a rage game when I’ve done everything I need to and catch and play only to lose everything because of the constant ads!!! Please fix this. I understand why you have ads and everything but having them all the time whether you like it or not ruins the experience for players. I think already having a built in reward system if you watch ads is good enough. That in itself racks up a lot of time but it’s on us cuz it helps us. But the fact that whenever I open up for business or play everything rounds or upgrade something an ad plays and ruins the game for me. I’ll continue playing but I might just not and I’ll complain to others so they’ll know and probably won’t play this game cuz no one wants a wasted unfun time man.

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    Stressful to tame volcanorilla

    It’s amazing and fun but when you tame the volcanorilla is why I’m here. I bought the recovery bird but it doesn’t work for the volcanorilla. It should be there because taming this frickin thing is so stressful. I still haven’t tamed it and it’s been 4 weeks since I had the chance. It’s to difficult to control when you jump over objects so you could be sent flying into the wall. And if you miss the tree by the slightest bit you don’t get to jump over then you have to restart. I’m not a brat but I was seconds from getting then missed the tree by the slightest bit then was eaten by crocodiles, I was so stressed by this that I broke down CRYING and keep in mind that I don’t cry in front of my family. This was so stressful I was SO close to throwing my phone out the window! This game level thing is so annoying, young KIDS play this game and if they can’t handle stress then they might break or hurt something or themselves. I’m only 13 and I broke down crying because of it!! I love this game but this is just marking me hate it slowly. Please, PLEASE, make this easier to do for me and everyone else playing this game, I’m so close to getting rid of it but I love the game to much to do that! Just make it EASIER!!!!!!

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    Absolutely AWEsome!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️💛💚💚💜

    This game is great for anything!! You can adjust your steering, sensitivity, and I’m pretty sure there’s a control button for just about everything! I’ve only been playing this game since Feb. but I’m already on the third island. This game uses up pretty much all of my time (by choice of course I just go on it because, oh I don’t know, maybe because it’s Awesome 👏🏻!!!) The only problem I have is the (1)missions and the (2) ship. (1) when I got to the third island everything was still “clinging” on to the jungle. So I was trying do stuff in the mountains, but I still have all these jungle missions. This isn’t major, but it’s just something that would be cool to fixed. (2) this isn’t really a problem, just a suggestion. It would’ve really cool to be able to customize our ships. Like we go to the store and buy stuff (with coins! From the game! Not real!) like banners or we can change the color of the ship. Once again this isn’t a problem, it would just be cool to have! But still this game is AWESOME 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 A faithful fan

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    Great game! Although needs some fixes...

    This game is great! I would highly recommend this to anyone that likes animals and comedy. Rodeo Stampede is a game were you can find exotic animals for your zoo. The game is fun to begin with, but as you go on it gets harder because there is no checkpoint function and the missions are very limited due to the long wait of 24 HOURS?! This is one of my least favorite parts of this game along with the lack of advice. Example of this: the game starts you off with a Buffalo to ride on and Tarzan your way across the savanna. This is all that they help you with rather than having a tutorial option that stays in the pause menu after you complete the main tutorial. This would feature selections for beating common situations throughout the game, like when you reach around 2700 score, there is a two-way path and most of the time it’s filled with Buffalo and zebra. The tutorial would tell you to try and ride an elephant there and swing across the crowd onto another animal, except with multiple opitions. The good sides of this game is that it’s very addictive and fun. It’s so funny to see the animals spiral across the map when you steer a little towards their direction!

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    It's almost perfect.

    I've recently come back to this game as I deleted a long time ago, and for the most part it's great! The designs are awesome to look at, the weird combination of blocky and curvy make for an interesting style that's specific to the game. The game's concept of being an endless runner while having to hop between animals is really creative! However, there is an issue when it comes to ads and other bugs. Ads can be annoying in general but when they malfunction is where my problem comes in. Sometimes when you press the ad button to get a boost or a mission, the ad either won't show up at all or will appear and then never load an ad. Rarely, the ad will randomly pop up later in the run. Also this game tends to break, for me at least. I crash into something and the run ends, but the menu never pops up and it's just the game with animals continuously running and leaving the game screen. My only choice is to refresh the game and lose any coins or progress on a mission I gained from that run, but the animals I tamed at least appear on my zoo later. Other than the bugs, this game is pretty good.

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    What’s with the new update?

    *UPDATE* It seems to have gone back to not having to use coins for everything and being able to watch an ad to double your money. I’m changing my rating to 5 stars now, because I really do love this game! I love this game, but now I have to use 1,000 coins to revive once when I used to be able to watch an ad! I don’t revive myself very often, but it was nice to not have to use my coins to do so. That combined with the fact that I can no longer watch an add for a new mission more than one time per 6 hours, and I can’t watch an add to double my mission coins anymore makes me think you just want everyone to buy the cash cow or whatever else does all those things automatically. I really wish you hadn’t gotten rid of the ad options! Like I said, I love this game, but now it is going to take me forever to get to a new level because I have to spend so long getting coins. I guess it’s all for the best since I waste too much time playing this game anyway. Maybe this will help me not play as much.

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    It WAS an awesome game.

    Rodeo Stampede is one of my favorite games ever. It has been ever since I started playing it last year. The graphics are awesome and I love that this game is ad-free, unless you want to double up your coins or get more missions, which is fine with me. I love how the missions vary; Some are challenging and others are easy as can be! The animals are so unique; Each one has it’s own “power” to help you in your ride. Now, here is what makes me give the game one star: Lately, I cannot play the game anymore without it lagging, freezing, or glitching. (Just to put out there, I am in the tundra area, in the third section.) The game continuously glitches and works soooooo slow. Very, very slow. 99% of the time it is lagging and I cannot play the game in peace anymore. The game also freezes and it prevents me from completing missions or doing anything of that matter. I can’t play because it freezes but there is the background sound of my animal still running and bumping into stuff. Sometimes the game even takes me out of the app. It is ridiculous how much it has lagged. Now I don’t even want to play anymore because I know I can’t. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Trust me, I don’t hate Rodeo Stampede. It is so fun and entertaining, but lately it is losing me with all that lagging...

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    This game is fun, but the glitches are not.

    The game has too many glitches that need to be fixed. Countless thing have happened to me. First, after I revive or start I spawn inside an animal causing me to die immediately. Then the limits on the iPhone causes me to only be able to play in half the trail. Then the worst glitch, this glitch is when you watch an ad then the game freezes and is not able to load until this is fixed. Therefore, I give this four stars. I like the art style, the controls are simple, the objective is easy, ads aren’t an issue, and much more. The game is about collecting animals for your zoo for more business, get as far as you can, compete against friends, and unlock as many ship upgrades as possible. Ads pop-up only if you choose to watch a video to revive, to change your challenge, and to double the families and profit of your zoo. Therefore, this game is fun. Finally, I think this game is great for all ages and you should get this game. Glitches is not an issue most of the time. What game doesn’t have glitches? These are reasons why you should have this game.

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    Great Game

    This is one amazing game. It takes a lot of time and effort to try to complete this game, including finishing all of the lands, getting all of the animals, and their babies, plus with the spaceship. It is a nice game that toy don’t have to pay money for. There is a really frustrating glitch though. Sometimes when you find a match, they don’t save. It’s very frustrating because you might find a rare match, but it turns up missing. This has happened to me a couple times. It would also be amazing if you could possibly add a greater chance of finding rare spaceship animals. It’s very hard to get 1, let alone all 8 to 9 of them! I know a lot of people say this too, but the ads are getting a little bit annoying. I know that you need to earn money from the ads, but maybe lower how much you add them please. I love this game, it takes time and patience to learn the ways to very hard challenges, and how to earn a lot of money for your animals. And I definitely look forward to anything new coming out!

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    Best Mobile Game

    I’m really not the type to write reviews on apps and games but for this game I had to. I usually don’t play mobile games and if I do, I would just find them being advertised on instagram, download and play it for a minute, then uninstall. Although for this game, i’m highly impressed. This is the first game that i’ve ever kept on my phone and I don’t plan on ever deleting this. This game is amazing in every way, not only is it highly addictive but theres also a leveling system that you have to grind through. I love games like these where you work your way to the top while still having fun. What makes this game ever better is that there isn’t ads being shoved into your face every time you play and instead you have the option to watch a short video in exchange of getting more loot. On top of that, this game works perfectly fine and I haven’t ran into a single issue while playing this game. 5/5 amazing game, I'm halfway through the mountains stage and can’t wait to reach the next stages!

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    Great game, but one annoying problem

    This game is tons of fun. There’s so much in it, it is great. My only problem with it is that if I tame an animal, there’s around a 90% chance my game crashes when I take the picture. I still have the animal but the picture I took doesn’t save. (Which doesn’t really bother me) However, the game also crashes randomly sometimes, mid run and post run the game sometimes just crashes and it’s decently annoying. I have played the game before, and this never happened so I’m thinking this will be fixed (hopefully.) Otherwise it’s overall amazing. Edit: Okay I don’t know what happened to the game, but for the past week or two I go on the game and it crashes within maybe 30 seconds. I can’t even get the tour because the game crashes before I can claim the money. I can’t start a run because it crashes as I travel to the area, and I recently unlocked the picnic area (or whatever it’s called with the bugs) and I was able to run through it once before this started happening and even then it crashed mid run and the ant I tamed didn’t save. I don’t know what is happening but until I can actually play I have to drop what was a 4 star review to a 1 Star. Please fix this, I can’t even play the game.

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    The game is amazing but there’s some drawbacks.

    Starters the ads are ridiculous I can’t even play the game without seeing an AD. The wait time is too long 5 hours just for the mission to appear again or an AD. That’s very annoying most of my time spent is in the ADS. Takes around 5 hours for the visitors to come back in order to make your actual money. The prices for unlimited missions are too much. I can understand revive and double money but 5 dollars for each one. Make a deal where I can buy all of them for the price of two. Add new things not just animals for example stopping poaching by jumping on the poacher or riding on wounded animals to take to your zoo to help them recover. Add more content so we can play and please less ADs. I really hate ads and make more maps with animals. Make a underwater zoo separated from the land animals. Compete against other zoos and have enough variety of animals to be able to trade one another. Have a rarity list from let’s say gold to common. Make a friends list type of system to see how other zoos are doing. The game is a great an fun game just add more content please.

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    Very interesting read description

    So I only decided to Download it because of my dad’s ex-girlfriend well her son had itCan I play on his iPad he’s younger than me and it was honestly kind of fun and I think for the producers to keeping us a free game because if it was it I’ve been really bummed so please if you’re hating on this just think about the positivity and yeah because you’re just the weird people if you think this is a bad game So please read this review in tickets directions but what did you think is hard is first of all of course the missions missions missions in missions I swear so what do you go to tap on it and then like it freezes up sometimes but most the time it doesn’t which is good it only freezes it when I don’t answer the Internet outside anyway so yeah that’s cool so thank you for reading my review I supposed have a good day and this is for the creators keep making great things like this I believe in you and I think that y’all just don’t read the negativity because you don’t need to talk to you no negativity in your life because you’re Games are awesome

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