Sky: Children of the Light Reviews

Sky: Children of the Light Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-16

From the award-winning creators behind Journey (2013 Game of The Year) and the
highly-acclaimed Flower, comes a ground-breaking social adventure that is set to
warm your hearts. Welcome to the enchanting world of Sky, a
beautifully-animated kingdom waiting to be explored by you and your...

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Sky: Children of the Light Reviews

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    I’m can’t sum up the game in one sentence (so I wrote this sentence).

    I love everything about this game, even things that make it not professional. That sounds weird at first, but let me explain. I love finding glitches or exploits, which all games have. The thing is you gotta look really hard for them in this game (which something you get better at the more you play). The thing is, When I find myself outside the map, or past certain borders, I find secrets of past thoughts or beautiful sights, which can be found no matter where you go. And I love how they let some thing look simple, and mix it with such detailed worlds. The controls may be weird at first, but I personally have become a pretty skilled flyer. I also love how it’s online, and you can meet people (even though you can’t talk to them unless you unlock that or sit on a bench). I love how the more you explore, the more you earn ways to express your self, either by first impression outfits, or emotes which are upgradable (all outfits and emotes are accessible with each spirit you find). The way you can upgrade your wings also comes with exploration, finding winged lights (I forget if that’s what they’re really called). They help upgrade your cape/wings. They also refill your energy instantly (which is used to fly). If I could leave you dear reader with one thing to focus on, this game is a beautiful exploration game, with wonders and dangers alike (get the game, you’ll love it)

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    Actually really good, would definitely recommended!

    This game is actually pretty fun with an actual story. The gameplay is nice and it controls pretty well (besides from a few bugs but what do you expect?). This has to be one of the greatest free games here on the market. This has more story in it than 60% of the games on here. and the best part? no. freaking. ADs. or cringy ads that clickbait you. It’s amazing. Speaking of amazing, I LOVE the animation and characters! They’re all so unique and interesting. This game is just amazing all around and I can’t praise it enough. Though, sadly, I do have a small complaint. I do kinda wish that some sections weren’t multiplayer. Ok so what I’m saying is not to get rid of multiplayer, but have it so people can progress at their own pace instead of going at the pace of whoever is going ahead. It’s annoying sometimes as you’re just exploring an area when all of a sudden it’s like “A PLAYER HAS COMPLETE THIS CERTAIN THING, HERE’S THE CUTSCENES AND WE’RE PROGRESSING EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S HAPPENING!” It’s annoying but it doesn’t take too much away from the experience since you can go back whenever you want. The other thing is some animations are pretty choppy, but only for 1 character. The big flying stingray in that one level was very noticeably choppy, but that’s about it. Other than that everything is just perfect. Anyway, that concludes my thoughts on this game. 11/10 freaking amazing and very enjoyable.

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    Best game

    At first I thought it would be bad but it turned out good come but I have one suggestion make a update and add new hairstyles in the new cloak but can I please not cost that much because I do not have that much money for the rest of them I only got one hairstyle so can you probably add update and can you make it to win like you can do a voice thing so that you can talk and they can hear your voice in and they can and you can hear their voice and can you please add like shorts and stuff and different attachments and stuff and like a lot like I’m like I’m talking about like a different lobby like a lobby that you can talk to people in there and you can just run around practice and stuff and can you also add it to when we can fight because that would be fun like super fun I’m not saying it’s not fun i’m just saying that like we wanna fight some of the monsters because we always lose hearts hearts hearts and hearts and it’s kind of getting annoying because on one level these black things they can just hit you and you can’t hit them back only does one way like you have to jump on them and like add some swords and stuff and we can buy different swords like a power sword and you can add different powers like like a power for your sword or nunchucks and stuff or make it when you can punch monsters and like there’s a power fist or something and add power ups and stuff because that’s gonna be fun

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    Love it all! ❤️❤️❤️

    I love everything about this game! 😍 The graphics are stunning, the music is peaceful, the flight is... 😶takes getting used to but fun🙃. I have literally only have one err two drawbacks. You don’t choose your own nickname..😱.. bummer! It’s kinda annoying when you friend someone and name them but can’t name yourself🙄! I wanna be Yue, but I guess I gotta live with 3 mystery nicknames that I’ll never know😒... I also recommended this game to a friend. When she asked if we could play together, I had to tell her we couldn’t cause we’d never know it was each other due to the lack of constant nicknames😬. So yeah, so much for playing with family and friends! 😒You also start out with only the clothes on your back and have to unlock other options right away😭. I kinda wish there were more default clothes/hair options. Like maybe instead of defaulting to girl hair and unlock boy hair later, you can start with both options already available. Same with skirt vs. pants. I’m a girl, so this default gender didn’t bother me. But, I think it’d be nice to consider the fact that boys may not wanna spend the first 10-30 minutes playing as a girl. 😊 So yeah. Take this rant- I mean review into consideration and potentially add the ability to just name yourself and keep it visible constantly and add a few more default options for clothing! Thanks! 😁

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    Ideas for the next update!

    SO, people in there reviews have been saying “it doesn’t really direct people of what to do.” Well, if they did that then it wouldn’t be that Adventurous and fun. Plus it directs a little bit not a lot so can’t say they didn’t. Next, I have had this game for a long time for about a year, so I know what to do most of the time and I’m used to the controls. When I first saw it I was like “oooohhh I wanna see this” cause it looked fun, so I tried it. For the past couple of days every time I woke up I got on the game cause it was so fun and cool, now since I have had it for a long time I love it more. However, I think that it would be awesome for in the game there should be more temples like after eye of eden, and in that temple there’s gonna be like clothes you can pick and other cool new things in that temple because you went into eye of eden and that’s a really hard level so those clothes and instruments are basically a prize for going threw eye of eden. And the temple is going to have like clouds that are white and like a big castle that’s white and gold and when you go into the castle there’s gonna be a spirit and she’s gonna let you pick only 3 prizes for free. Then every time you go to eye of eden and after your done with eye of eden you fly to the temple I told you about. So, I think it would be great :).

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    Surprisingly Good

    This game is pretty good, I haven’t noticed any real flaws. The game controls really well, and is just as good if it was on pc or console. The graphics blew me away, I love the art style, and how clean and fresh everything looked, which is amazing for a mobile game. It’s such a simplistic yet detailed art style. The game play itself is something I really enjoy, there isn’t a combat element, but instead you explore vast open areas, and discover things places to proceed. Though some areas require two people to access, causing you to make friends using candles, kind of forcing you to interact and cooperate with others, which kinda feels like what this game’s about. Working and making friends with strangers in order to make progress. You can unlock things like talking to them without the use of two chairs and a lot candle, and the ability to hug them, high five, and more. The only issue I have with this game is that you need candles to do a lot of things, mainly with other players. Other than that the only other issue I have is how some gameplay things can interrupt cutscenes, like a call out from another player nearby, or two people chatting’s text box. But those are minute things that can be easily over looked for just how truly good this game is. 9/10, would recommend.

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    Many Bugs/Issues + Very Difficult to Earn Hearts

    This game is addicting and beautiful and I’ve been playing for about a month now. But over that time, I’ve experienced so many issues and bugs. It seems like there’s so many bugs yet nothing is being done about it. For example, I work hard to get to a certain point in the game and get screwed over because of a bug and need to basically start over at a certain point or exit out of the app and redo everything in order to avoid the bug. This should not be happening in a game that has so much potential. Additionally, earning hearts in this game is very hard especially if you don’t have reliable friends to trade with. Even then, earning hearts is too difficult. I guess the difficulty of earning them would not matter as much if the cosmetics didn’t cost so much. For example, the black cape from Golden Wasteland is worth 50 hearts. Are you kidding me? For many of us solo players who rarely play with friends, that’s impossible to achieve unless you want to spend an absurd amount of time on it. And that’s just for ONE item in the game. If you’re going to make an item very hard to earn, you can’t make the respective cosmetics expensive as well. No one is going to want to spend over half a year working towards unlocking one item they want. There needs to be more balance TGC. I mean come on, 50 hearts is ridiculous especially considering how hard it is to get one single heart as a solo player. It’s honestly really frustrating.

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    Adventure Pass Issues. AGAIN.

    I love sky, but adventure pass is becoming increasingly more valuable, and not everyone can pay for it or ask someone else to pay for it. And not all of us can participate in giveaways either. This is also my second time reviewing a season because the adventure pass isn’t good. Yeah, yeah, it’s pandemic times and everyone needs money. That still doesn’t make it okay to deprive people of over half of the seasonal cosmetics. Sure, we get spells, but those aren’t nearly as nice. You also took away the pants, which was what I was really looking forward to. Okay, so you added another cape, that was nice, but there’s still only two spirits with two free cosmetics. The beta version had it set out so you got six other items if you purchased the adventure pass, including the ultimate reward. I decided not to purchase the adventure pass when I saw the beta version because I knew I could live with what I could get, especially with the new pants. I also didn’t want to ask my mom if I could purchase the pass again because it’s potentially embarrassing and annoying. I’m STILL not purchasing the pass because I’m just not ready mentally to try and get the pass again, because it feels really soon after my last pass purchase. My point is, why can’t you just be chill with the adventure pass and quit disappointing people who can’t get it.

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    Highly recommended, amazing game.

    This game is absolutely gorgeous. I recommend getting this game so much. It has helped me feel less lonely as well, and even gotten me better interaction skills with new people. The game at first is especially great, and you have such fun exploring and finding spirits. When you have played for a while however, it can get repetitive as you go through the same places everyday, but the seasons add new content that help refresh it. The best thing, in my opinion, is meeting with people all around the world, from different countries, genders, ages, and personalities. I have had amazing experiences with them, that I might always remember. These people are usually friendly, and if you feel uncomfortable you can always leave the bench you chat on, report them, or block them. If you do not want you child using this feature, you can disable chat in the settings. This is being said by someone who has been playing this game since the world launch everyday, and still loves it. You might have to take a few breaks here and there so you don’t get sick if it, however I seriously recommend getting it, and if it is not for you, remember you never spent money. The talented people at ThatGameCompany did a stunning job that you need to see.

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    Really fun but short lived

    I really like this game, especially since I can play it on my iPhone. But- BUT. It’s really entertaining for a few months, mostly because of the interactions between players. You can emote and talk to each other, which is cool. In general, there’s not much plot OR direction. A fellow player taught me the ropes, which I definitely would not have been able to figure out by myself. The game is pretty subtle with a “go explore” type of feel, but then you get to the wasteland after exploring 4 other areas and suddenly you’re dying at every turn (I’m talking ‘bout the wasteland). Basically it’s deceptively easy and fun... until it throws you into the deep end like a terrible uncle and then you have a personal vendetta to beat it. From what I’ve looked up- there is no completing this game. Spoiler, but eventually you’re supposed to try and go up a mountain that’s really hard to get to and then get up, and then you die. I guess you’re never meant to make it up? And trust me- I went super hard up that mountain. It just left me confused. Like did I beat it? Idk. Not really sure what the experience is supposed to be other than pretty and frustrating. Not a forgiving game, not an easy game, doesn’t give clear direction, and a game that tricks you into a false sense of security. That being said, the physical mechanics are amazing. Very responsive. Play it a little if only for experiencing the cool flying mechanics

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    Gorgeous, but...

    I played this game for two days after I downloaded it. It was beautiful, interesting, and even a bit addictive. I found myself spending as much time as I could looking for secrets and more constellation spirits, but there was a problem. In my opinion, the controls in this game aren’t that great. I felt it the moment I had to try moving the camera, but I thought I’d get used to it so I kept going. However, they somehow only got more frustrating for me... A lot of times, especially while flying, I feel I have no control over where I’m going, and the camera does help. For example, I once found a cave with a cliff inside. I looked down and there were clouds at the bottom, so I tried jumping down to see if there was anything hidden. It turns out, there wasn’t. Instead I got stuck for about 5 minutes, trying to get my character to fly back up and out, but nothing worked. It was super frustrating, and by the time I got out, I’ll admit I was pretty motion sick. In fact, the motion sickness is the deciding factor of deleting this app. Imo there are too many similar controls in this game, which creates moments where you can just mix everything up. The camera is especially affected by this, as it seems to like to fight for control, making you lose control. Idk, I really hate to give such a creative game a low rating, but when you can’t play it, what’s the point of it being a game?

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    truly an amazing game!

    there are so many good things about this game i don't even know when to start. this game has amazing graphics ( especially for a mobile game that’s totally FREE), the movement is fluid, the designs of everything from the player to the spirits and the different areas are so pretty and unique ( i really love the world design in this game , the attention to detail and the overall concepts are so wonderful) , the sounds and music are really great ( i love how walking on different grounds or objects has a different sound) , the feeling you get playing this game is amazing, you really feel like you are the little child of the light going on an adventure and feeling all sorts of different emotions throughout said adventure. getting collectibles is enjoyable and not tedious ( which is always a plus in my opinion). the social component of this game is also really fun, i love how you don’t even need to talk ( you can chat if you want to), there are so many ways to express yourself in the game and you can call out to your companions and just enjoy playing together in a simple way. i absolutely recommend downloading this game, you will not regret it and i’m sure you’ll have a great time playing it. i’ve been obsessed with it ever since i downloaded it a few days ago.

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    i preordered this game the day it came out and i have to say it is absolutely amazing. The graphics, the music, the story line, everything is just breathtaking. I have completed everything in this game (level wise) and every time i play it i alway find new adventures and things i didn’t see before!! Playing with other and making friends is so fun in this game, it really helps when you are doing certain tasks and i have to say it’s very cute too :) When i played this game the graphics really stuck out to me each place is so uniquely beautiful and has so much detail, playing this game gives me a sense of adventure and calmness. I have played many games in my life but i have to say by far this is a favorite! It is done so well and the story’s tell so much even though they are not told through words. The ending is also done So well (i will not give spoilers) but after the eye of eden me and my friend just started crying once we finished. It had such a big impact on us seeing all of the spirits and restoring them that it brought us to tears. I just want to thank the creators for making a game that brings people together and is overall a very fun game that is a fun and entertaining adventure!!! I will never stop playing this game 😁

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    Magnificent game, unfortunate sales strategy

    If your familiar with that game company you know this... that when you sit down to play, you are transported into the lush world of a thinking and feeling artist, swept up on your feet and into the air, carelessly floating about. In the end you sacrifice something and are brought back to the beginning only to start again. The first time through these games are beyond great they elicit such deep feelings and a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the artistry... but here’s the thing about them, the second time through is full of reminiscing and looking for what you missed the first time, but the third time through... the third time comes a year later when you want to show a friend. It’s not like smash bros, or call of duty, or any other fast past type game, it’s closer to a movie, and you can only watch a movie so many times before you go to something else. That game company makes great “Movies” but they don’t lend themselves well to playing through over and over again. They would have been far better charging $3-10 for the base game and going a little lighter on the in game purchases. I’m hopeful for a long run, but I fear lack of replayability might cause financial trouble to That Game Company, and that we’ll see it sooner rather than later. Play it while you can, it truly is wonderful.

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    This game is freaking amazing but could use some slight changes.

    Ok so, I love this game, the graphics are AMAZING, when you fly (it takes some getting used to) it breathtaking! I think the characters are adorable! Although I wish there were more immediate options and I also wish that it was a little easier to get outfits and stuff but I guess it helps you to explore every part of the game. The graphics are awesome! I wish you could have your own name instead of having some random person u become friends with name you, or have your own account cause my one sister tries to play it on my old phone but it’s stuck on my account and you can’t log out like you can on say roblox. If having your own name and account is added I’ll change this to 5 stars. I also wish that it could be used on more devices since my sister can’t download it on her phone. Either way the game all in all is incredibly beautiful and breathtaking in every part and level/world. The ending surprised me at how hard it was which made the game so much better cause I thought it was gonna be easy and that you could never die. Boy was I wrong. I love the mysterious feel to the game and the storyline. The storyline is also a bitter sweet one. All in all it’s a wonderful game.

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