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Published by on 2021-05-04

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    Okay, I just wanna start out by saying this app was in my ads almost daily. I thought about downloading it multiple times, but figured I wouldn't have much time to read anyway. Finally, I was convinced & decided i'd try it. I loved it at first, and by "at first", i mean the first 3 minutes. Then, out of no where, the app crashed. I waited a minute & got back on, & was getting into the story(which btw, i think the story was very entertaining & well written), then it crashed again. After 3 more times of that I was done with it. Also, I don't like how you have to wait 15 minutes randomly throughout. What is the point of that? I read for 2 minutes & have to stop in the middle of it for a 15 minute intermission? I'm suppose to stop in the middle of reading to be told that I can buy a 15 dollar subscription if I don't wanna wait 15 minutes every 2 minutes to continue my story? No thanks! Do you even know how long it took me to get to the 15 minute intermission mark without the app crashing a million times!? I get the app has to make money. Which is why not seeing the images dosen't bother me or other little things like that. I mean you could change it to where you have to be a member to write stories, see images, choose your own stories, things like that. Honestly, the stories are so good, people might actually not mind paying! But to stop the story every 2 minutes seems selfish & frankly, annoying. Theres plenty more reading apps, I can just download one of those.

  • By AnimalLover12🐉🐈🐆

    15 Minutes

    I had at first deleted the app about 2-3 years ago since it was boring and I didn’t like how you had to pay to see the pictures. No biggie. I then repeatedly see a bunch of ads specifically about “Trevor and the Virgin” and all the ones about the whole “don’t let mom in” and “grab the mysterious shotgun that you never knew about”. I got curious and decided, “hey. Some of the stories look cool.” So I downloaded it and it asks me if I want to choose between TWO genres of stories: horror or romance. Keep in mind it’s almost 4 am and I really don’t want to be reading horror right now and I’m not in the mood for romance so I HAVE to choose one of them. I decide romance and I was getting ready to pick my story that I was going to read. I get in he app and it instantly puts me in some video. I was watching Trevor and the Virgin. Not the best choice but whatever. Literally 8 seconds in it says “You can either wait 15 minutes or pay $7-8 a month with a thirty day free trial.” I’m not waiting FIFTEEN MINUTES to watch a FIFTEEN MINUTE VIDEO. I don’t see the point in that. I really think that you should be allowed to pick what you want to read and have more options for the different types of genres. Sure, horror and romance probably are the most popular but not EVERYONE likes it. I also think that the whole fifteen minute wait time or pay up is absurd.

  • By iiToXxiCii

    Why the 15 minute break?

    I have several complaints about this app. First of all, you only get to view the story for like 2 minutes. After around two minutes, you have to wait FIFTEEN to be able to read again. Also, to skip the break, you have to purchase a membership. I am NOT such a big fan of that. Please either decrease the duration of the break or just get rid of it as a whole. Secondly, you have to get the full version to view the pictures, and that's around $11. Seriously, $11 just to view pictures? I WILL NOT accept that. Decrease the price of the full version, please, and allow everyone to see the pictures without purchasing the full version. Third and foremost, the text messages appear too slowly. This means that instead of viewing like 2 minutes of texts, I'm looking at around 1:40. Please increase the pace at which the text messages appear. Short summary: I have several complaints. First of all, you only get to view the story for 2 minutes, then it's a 15 minute break. To skip the break, you have to purchase a membership. Secondly, you have to purchase the full version to view pictures, and the full version is around $11, which I WILL NOT accept. Third, the messages appear too slowly, decreasing the amount of messages that I could potentially view.

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Reported Issues: 20 Comments

By Dairyonna Steele
Jan 21 2021

I haven’t used this account in months Nd yaw still take $5 off my card every day literally three times a week U hoes r taking money off my card .... I wld like a full refund or else it’s up lbvs yaw playing with my money Nd I’m on the edge of it LIL scamming ass hoes

By Theresa Reid
Jan 19 2021

I cancelled my subscription back in November yet I'm still being changed for this. I want the 4.99 put back in my account that has been taken. Out ever week for the past few. Months of course u have no way of contacting u all. So maybe it's time to take this to the court system for running a fraud scam here.

By Kristen Reyes
Jan 18 2021

Hi, I tried canceling the subscription but somehow the app is still charging me $4.99. So far within the last month I’ve been charged 3x (3 times) for the subscription even after I thought I canceled it.

By Latoya Mandel
Jan 14 2021

Everyone the are fraudulently taking money out of our accounts m. Call your bank and have them block the charges from this company and dispute it with your bank. They will give your money back. We are doing the same thing.

By Brianna Faessel
Jan 13 2021

I can’t cancel my subscription and I’ve been trying to figure out for weeks how to do it with no results. There’s no way to do it through the app which is weird and it doesn’t even pop up In My subscriptions on my phone. I just want to cancel it.

By Khinalin Johnson
Jan 11 2021

Hi i wanted to stop the payment and i need a refund. I canceled the subscription but im still being charged.

By Tiffani Christensen
Jan 06 2021

I never even signed up for this and I’m being charged. Cancel this now and refund my money. If I see another charge I’m contacting the FTC AND BBB and anyone else I can.

By larenda cade
Jan 05 2021

I no longer want to pay for hooked. It is not what I Expected. I want to end my subscription. NOW

By Zelda Crisler
Jan 04 2021

I have not had this app in over a month and it has charged my card atleast 3 or 4 times for 4.99 and i want my money back..

By Sucely Ramirez
Dec 30 2020

Please refund the $ 5.99 back on to my card for hooked t.v please I cancel it already why am I still getting charge to my card

By Regina Garza
Dec 25 2020

stop the payment I do not want this

By Amanda Pagan
Dec 23 2020

I canceled my membership and I’m still getting money taking off my card !

By Aaliyah Iddeen
Dec 16 2020

I cannot seem to cancel my subscription. I tried to cancel before the trial period ended and its not in my Google play. Its under a third party and I have no idea who it is. I do not want to make a weekly payment on something that I do not use. In addition, I do not want to cancel my bank card just for this hooked tv. You cannot reach out to customer support. No one can belp

By Kanasha Douglas
Dec 14 2020

I want my subscription cancel and my money back on my card i never watched hooked tv

By Sheila Findling
Dec 14 2020

I want my subscription cancelled

By Meagan Chalifoux
Dec 12 2020

I ended my subscription and am still being charged 4.99. I would really wish this to stop.

By Louisha Williams
Dec 07 2020

I need my hookedtv canceled for the weekly subscription! There isn't a way to cancel subscription so it charges me 4.99 a week!! I need this stopped as I do not use the app. I want my money back for two weeks!!

By Sheila Saelee
Dec 02 2020

I eant to cancel my hooked tv account. I tried everything even requested cancellation after a few days of trying it out. I still saw the bill on my card after. Help I never wanna see a another charge.

By Jessica Lache Hester
Nov 30 2020

How do I cancel hookedtv???????????? 4.99 a week is expensive

By Felicity stevens
Nov 27 2020

I ended my subscription so I cannot log back into the tv app but for some reason it still came out of my account. I need my money back or I need to be able to log in. I have kids and due to this virus I don’t make a lot of money so please help me put. Thank you have a great day.

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