Add Music To Video Editor Reviews

Add Music To Video Editor Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-05

Get more likes and views on Instagram, Youtube & Tiktok by adding background
music or your own voice recording to your video! But don’t just take our
word for it: "Thank you so much! I really needed a great app like this (as I am
a YouTuber) Keep being great :)" - I gift "This app is...

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Add Music To Video Editor Reviews

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    Cool app but...

    I really enjoy using this app, it has filters, music, and a bunch of other editing options. As much as I love using this easy-to-use app, It has its flaws. Especially when you have to pay to use other tracks. Kinda not so awesome when you are limited to certain tracks. Not to mention the amount of ads in this. If you aren’t really patient to wait for 20 seconds or so to just edit a video then maybe I wouldn’t consider this app. I haven’t paid for the Premium or whatever but, it did get a lot of bad reviews and leaves this app a bad reputation. One question though, why not make all of your tracks/music free to use? Not to be rude or anything but, isn’t it the whole point of the app? Add music to videos, right? You shouldn’t really pay for music that is probably not made or created by the creators aka Kite. It bugs me that there are A LOT of apps that promised something for the consumer and it does but, you have to pay for it. I honestly don’t think it is worth to pay every penny for some music/tracks. Some of the tracks are good, corny, or distasteful. It just depends. If you are willing to pay, then go ahead. You might regret it or not. I really love the app but, please give us more options in music! Or make all of the tracks free! I’m still going to use this app, since it is the only app that can provide music and add in your voice. Oh, and you don’t really have that option to put two tracks at a time, you have to pay for that too. :)

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    I still getting ads

    Buyers be aware. Initially I bough this app a few months ago with a lifetime purchase offered by the developers. Then a few weeks ago I see that the app was having issues loading the music and putting ads. I wrote a review and the developer responded that That the issue was fixed and that I should not have any problems. The apps worked fine for one day. Next day I started to see more ads and when I tried to close them it asks me to subscribe to the new membership format. What is my point? The app is fantastic and I like it, but there is one problem. I bought this application prior to having subscription a few months ago and paid for the one time lifetime access and these developers charged for that and transitioned to the new format without even explaining or honoring the people who bough the lifetime access. I took some screen shots on my phone to show. The point in discussion here is not the greatness of the app but the lack of honor of the developers to abide on their promises. It is a dishonorable practice. BEWARE!

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    Crashes when you try and save

    I hate this app, I can’t go a minute without it crashing or lagging extremely badly!! And then if it stops crashing for a bit, it will crash when your trying to save your video, and it’s pretty rare that you even have time to edit a video before it crashes! Please don’t get this app, you would just get disappointed, I thought it would be a great app based on its reviews, but it’s not. I was very disappointed. If you fix this problem, I will consider redownloading. Also it seems that you have to pay for most of the songs, even though the whole point of this app is to add music to videos!! Sorry if I’m being negative, I usually only write positive reviews, but this was just too infuriating to not say anything about. Thank you for listening/reading.

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    It's incredibly user friendly, and although every time you open it, it prompts you to upgrade to premium, it doesn't hinder you when it comes to making your videos! You just have to watch an add to use the majority of its music library, and it allows you to control the volume of your music, record your voice, and edit the length of both the video and your voice recording! It doesn't even make you wait that long to save, and it keeps track of all your projects!

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    The songs that I add to my videos have no sound. When I play the finished product, it has no sound at all. Yes, I have turned up my volume but nothing has happened. I figured that it was the app itself and that it did add the audio. I tried to save the video, but it said it was unable to and to try again. I did this multiple times with different songs. (I only used songs from my phone.) I am not sure if this is only for IOS 11, but please update this app and work hard to improve it. This would have been very helpful for me because I am planning to make a special video for someone’s birthday which is in three days. I have failed to find any apps that have worked. Maybe I am incorrect, but this has not worked for me.

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    Great but only Free Version!

    The ONLY reason this gets Any Stars At All is the Selection of FREE music is Pretty good, Adding Different Tracks is A cool option, IF u have patience For A 20 second Ad! It Works pretty Well For What it’s Designed for, It Would B Wonderful to Use 1000 Different Songs, But The “Free” 3 day trial isn’t Quite Free I’ve Heard! And 9.99$ Is A little High For even A One time Buy, But A MONTH?😱 I’m Not Paying 120$ A year even with The huge Selection of songs And extra options! This is a BAD buy, WAY TOO OVERPRICED! And I don’t want A Reply from The Developer, They should B glad they’re getting Any Stars AT ALL! If The Price Was 1 time only, I Would Definitely Upgrade AND Give 5 Stars Review, But it’s Not, So Until it is, I will NOT upgrade! I only Hope I don’t Accidentally Press The Button For free 3 Day Trial!

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    Nice App!!

    (Scrap the last review.) This app is amazing. I’ve been able to make my videos interesting. I don’t get why there r so many complaints on adds, cause I’ve created quite a few, and so far, I’ve only gotten 2 adds. I really enjoy being able to add music to my videos and honestly, this app is absolutely amazing. To all the people who read this review, this is an amazing app and u should get it right away!😁😁👍

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    Can’t unsubscribe

    I purchased this app to add music to a video I created. I wanted to use apple musics. The music vender pay a subscription to so that I can have my music available. Well. If you are subscribed then you iPhone does not download the music. So if you don’t pay the bill they can cancel your music. This also makes it impossible for you to add your music to the video. Now my issue is that I want to cancel my subscription, I keep looking for account settings to do so, yet account settings is no were to be found. I sent them an email. I am hopefully going to get a response soon. If not. I’ll have to move on to other sources of social media until they reply.

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    Excellent App

    People complain about the ads on this app, but if you purchase the full app, there’s no reason to not gift this a 5-star review. The songs are great and I hope they add more, the ability to choose what portion of the song you desire, as well as fade, are perfect too! I just need more songs in Cinematic and Trailer- I make book videos with this app. Love it!

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    I love this app but there’s l thing....

    I love this app so much it really helps with me editing and stuff like that but really just don’t like that you have to pay every month. Honestly l understand your trying to make money but if you want money make the app cost money. In my OPINION I think it’s so much easier than paying 10 bucks a month but l really do love this app it really helps with my videos and edits for other stuff great job and keep up with the great work 👍🏼 but also please do consider and if you don’t agree l understand.

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    It’s great but......

    Let me start off by saying this is an amazing app. It has cool transitions, good music, it lets you add your voice to the music and I would definitely recommend this app but there are a few downsides. Like for one, there are way to many adds. Two, why do we have to pay for some of this stuff. Last time I checked, the point of this game was to FREELY make music videos and add music to videos. This is a great app again just a few things in my opinion that should change for future references.

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    New Bug

    Either my phone is just being dumb because internet and signal have not been loading things, but none of the songs but the default ones load. The images for the categories are stuck with a white loading screen, and I can’t play or use any of the songs. Hope this is fixed soon, I love this app! Also, are all the songs royalty free?

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    Need help!

    I edited a 9 second video and then added music to it, but apparently I don’t have enough storage for the edited video. So I looked to see how much I had left. I currently have 118 GB left and it is still saying I do not have enough. Besides that this app is pretty cool I hope I will be able to use more often if this gets fixed.

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    Works, but..

    Here’s one problem I didn’t really like, in the song section, there’s not a lot of options if you don’t want to waste money. And, the songs sound really weird and.. I hope that I can reinstall it and see better and more songs. although, it does really work. It’s just what I’m saying is that it needs more taste to the music. So, that’s why I gave it a 3 star. Don’t get this app if you are wanting more songs. There’s just not a lot of options...

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    Can’t I buy tracks separately?

    Fine, keep the watermark on, but for now can I at least pay to use certain tracks? It could even be cheaper in the long run to subscribe, I plan to do so when I actually have more money to spend on subscription stuff like this. But I’d gladly buy a handful of tracks to use every so often. A lot of the free stuff doesn’t fit the tone of my art and I’m about to go find the others on iTunes or something. Thoughts?

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Is Add Music To Video Editor Safe?

Yes. Add Music To Video Editor is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 44,163 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Add Music To Video Editor Is 24.0/100.

Is Add Music To Video Editor Legit?

Yes. Add Music To Video Editor is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 44,163 Add Music To Video Editor User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Add Music To Video Editor Is 24.0/100.

Is Add Music To Video Editor not working?

Add Music To Video Editor works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Have a Problem with Add Music To Video Editor? Report Issue

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Why should I report an Issue with Add Music To Video Editor?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Add Music To Video Editor to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Add Music To Video Editor customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Add Music To Video Editor.

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