Dil Mil - South Asian dating Reviews

Dil Mil - South Asian dating Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-18

** FEATURED BY FORBES, TECHCRUNCH & MORE** One relationship per hour & one
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Dil Mil - South Asian dating Reviews

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    From great, to ok, to pay for play.

    When this app first came out it was a little buggy but it was still a great niche app to find a partner and a good communication platform for matches that were far away. Over the years I’ve seen this app fall into the money making trap and has basically become a pay for matches platform. I’m honestly looking at this app from a professional stand point and am a little disappointed and more over disgusted. As a UX/UI Designer I’m a pretty critical of apps in general but usually just mind my own projects. This app though, had me fuming enough to the point of actually analyzing it like I would an app I’m helping improve. So to whom ever that is in-charge of the User Experience I just want to say as a professional in the same industry my advice is you go to the finance sector. This app has become impersonal as well as a money grab. Have 8 matches that already liked you? We’re not gonna show them in your swipes till you pay our monthly fee. Pay the monthly fee and get those matches but then 3 weeks later we’ll stop showing the ones that have. Subscription ran out? Oh here’s the other ten you can’t access but already had in your likes you section. This app should be called PaiseDo MatchesLo not DilMil. Because yep app meh Dil hai he nahi.

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    A failed attempt

    It’s a good idea but needs lot of tweaks. The developers are focusing on the wrong things in my opinion. First of all, the resolution of the images and the image requirements are completely stupid. They are too focused on not letting you upload pictures with sunglasses but not able to recognize the 100’s of fake accounts of horny teenagers. I matched with 5 accounts and they all were from 16-18 years of age even though their profile said 22-26 I had like 30+ matches that were hidden. I never got a chance to swipe on them and this is just a trick to make you pay more money. IMO just bring in some ads and help the small communities to meet each other without paying. Even with my 30+ matches my female friends who started some new account told me that my profile only showed up to them after months of swiping. I feel like they my profile was ranked low because I swiped left a lot. Anyway I got out. Hope the developers make the necessary changes and optimize this app.

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    Not thrilled

    This app is solid in theory and clearly someone put the thought into the unique needs of dating in the South Asian community. I wanted to try since a close friend met his now fiancé on the app. This is where the trouble starts. Let me start by saying the picture upload process is a joke. Why the hell would pictures be in that resolution, size and shape. This make no sense and makes finding suitable pictures a nightmare, if at all possible. Then there is the geographic drill down. The options are 500 miles, my country (the US) or Any. There is a checked box to show “more” results in my home city. Once you start swiping you quickly realize, every single match is at least a couple 100 miles away. I live in NYC. I can’t imagine there is a shortage of Indians. Which only leads me to assume there is a deep shortage in user base. Totally useless. Finally, the entire app is fully designed to get you to pay for their multiple tiers of paid service. The cost is particular high when compared to the other apps out there and other reviews on here seem to imply that is a bit of a scam too. Ona free level the app never seems to show results. I’m not sure if it is the forced unflattering pictures I’ve had to upload, the fact that seemingly the only people using it are in Guam and on the moon if I have to pay to play. Either way, a pretty poor experience. I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer for a quality South Asian dating app.

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    Frustrated / proceed with caution

    I’ve used Dil Mil off and on for a few years. There’s legitimate thought behind the way it works and it’s user experience, but it’s also really buggy. This is particularly frustrating because I personally do know friends and acquaintances who have met meaningful people on here. So it can work, and the optimist in me wants to believe in it. My recent experience has been that I get notifications via email that I am getting “Notes” from users, but when I go to the Matches/Notes tab in the app, I see nothing. In the space where I presumably should see these notes/messages, I see a promotional space for VIP and VIP Elite. THIS despite the fact that I am subscribed as VIP Elite already. So, that makes no sense and also doesn’t seem to work as intended. And, I can’t see my supposed Notes either. I did use the app’s help/support feature in hopes of resolving the issue, and received in timely fashion (3-4 days, as promised) the suggestion to delete the app, restart my device, reinstall the most recent version, and hopefully that will fix it. But it hasn’t. I’ve tried it a number of times, and the issue clearly isn’t that I have an old buggier version of the same app. Further inquiries to help/support have led to responsive messages back, but no further meaningful suggestions. I’m at a loss as to what to do. I’d love to have more faith in the product, but I feel like I’m locked out of a better and meaningful experience.

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    Waste of Time and Doesn’t Work

    A friend recommended this app to me because she got a match. I was excited because I might actually find someone here. But it went downhill from there. There is genuine thought behind this app but if you decide to use it for free and not get VIP, it will not work for you. I’ve been using this app for free for the past month and have swiped right on countless people but haven’t heard back from anyone! I thought that I would have to wait but now I know that it just doesn’t like free users. It also frustrates me that I got matched with someone who’s profile I have never seen and swiped. And adding on to that, I had unmatched that user that I got randomly matched with but I keep getting matched with them the day after. This has happened more than 5 times. At first I thought it was a bug, but even after updating, it keeps happening. So in all honesty, this app is a complete waste of time if you don’t pay for it.

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    Unsafe for Women Users

    Multiple times I have reported the same user, along with multiple other women, that have matched with this man that has been verbally and physically abusive, threatened blackmail with revenge porn if the women stop seeing him, and conned women out of tens of thousands of dollars. On several occasions I have reported this user to Dil Mil with little to no response. When I finally did get a response by contacting through their Twitter account, I was promised the user had been banned, only to find him to have another account shortly thereafter. After reporting the second account, I was assured the user was removed from the app. AGAIN, his profile is up on the app and I have received no response to my reporting him again - despite offering the contact information of everyone that has been affected by this person. Dil Mil is continuing to risk the wellbeing of its female users although it has already been notified multiple times of the same user that has been targeting women specifically on its app.

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    Does DIl Mil even read these reviews?

    Does DIl Mil even read these reviews? Either they do and just don’t care or they don’t and do not care enough what their users thinks. They are obviously pushing out updates for the app, but I doesn’t seem the be answering any of the questions or issues users have with this app. It’s very unfortunate that the person doing the decision making for this app is attempting to look for the most financial gain in the wrong areas. This could have had have possibility to be a scalable app, but the way the business model is set up/ux, it’s destined to fail. Why not generate income based on add revenue inseam of trying to nickel and dime your users every possible way you can? There are some very shady business practices going on here that leads the user to perceive that this app has more user activity than it actually is, and what is the justification for giving free users only 10 swipes a day?? That’s the stupidest business model I’ve seen on a dating app. Whoever came up with that should be fired.

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    Take the leap of faith!

    There is a lot of pressure from family in the South Asian community when you get certain age and haven't found that special someone. To take away that stress we have Dil Mil to the rescue! Dil Mil has created the perfect platform to meet South Asians near you. There are many filters options, to ensure you meet your Perfect Match. I was very skeptical when I first signed up for Dil Mil but little did I know this is where I would meet my now Fiancé and soon to be Husband. Like any relationship it does require work we did long distance for 3+ plus years till today we don't how we did but with the right person it doesn't matter even if it's long distance or not. Take the leap of faith and try Dil Mil you won't regret!

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    Disabled, Deleted people show up. Don’t fall in trap.

    If you’re thinking to install or upgrade your account, please go through this. I installed the app and I was told that I got 10 matches and I have to upgrade to see who liked me. I never got them to swipe organically. DILMIL WONT LET YOU GET MATCHES WITH FREE SUBSCRIPTION. I upgraded my account only to realize that 7 out of those 10 matches have disabled their accounts and the active ones are either living on the other coast of USA or in India. I have my friend who used dilmil long back and later uninstalled after finding it not working for her. HER ACCOUNT STILL SHOWS UP THOUGH SHE DEACTIVATED. And most of the matches or people you are swiping have deactivated. Crazy. And here is the topping on the cake, I get the same people to swipe every day as dilmil is completely out of new users. 😂 Basically, they are out of people. I recommend other dating apps than this as they constantly bombard with disabled and deactivated accounts.

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    Why do we have to have a spyware software application to use dil mil. Facebook

    If you are worried about fake accounts, facebook verification is the dumbest way to ensure users are real. Facebook has millions of fake users, they sell data, and they are negligent in their security protocols. Does dil mil sell user data to facebook and receive back door benefits?! I have a feeling that facebook analytics has access to our matches and messages on dil mil. If not than why not create a simple phone or email verification instead of making facebook the only way to create account. It is poor business practice, and you are unknowingly promoting their spyware. Is dil mil not worried about the 150 million users affected by the data breach which would include information such as this app. It’s sad people have to download spyware to meet people. Terrible actually...Make it accessible for people who don’t use facebook please. Bring back the phone and text verification.

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    I wouldn’t recommend anyone purchase this. 1 month is all they are getting from me!! Here are the Issues I’ve faced: 1. $50 / month with limited times that you can send a note (5 per day). Boost only 1 time in that month. (Did you know that some sites and apps charge Men MORE than women)? Not saying that this app does bit at $50 per month, it’s no discount. 2. Please be aware of the difference between “delete account” and “delete profile”. This app keeps profiles active even if you are not. I can tell by seeing if someone viewed my note (1 check no 2 checks yes). I’ve sent over 40 notes and of that 3 were viewed. 3. Made for South Asian Indians but includes ALL Indians even non Indians. 4. Limited actual/active users makes it VERY difficult to find people that you set your filters for. 5. You cannot adjust your images and this app zooms in to make your images enormous. ***Purchase at your own risk. Do not be fooled by the profiles bc you’ll see that they are NOT active.*** If you are really curious, Use the 7 day free trial to figure this out. Advice, delete all pictures and profile content and send an email to the company to delete your entire profile AND your account or hold them accountable and liable for manipulating their service and for unauthorized use of your images.

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    Decent app!

    I knew about this app before but now downloaded the app. I have been using it on and off for a while. This is one of the best desi dating app. It’s amazing to see amount of people to choose from and you can also narrow it down via filters. I enjoy the way it lets you match with people. Well made app - hats off to the whole team for creating dil mil. Love the name of app too! It’s nice! So far loving the app! Thank you for creating desi dating app! Thank you! Love the customer service support also. I had questions about the app. I emailed my questions and very quickly got the feedback and responses back. Thank you! Keep up the great work that you all do. Thank you so much!

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    It went downhill...

    I never write reviews, but this app needed serious feedback. 1) So MANY glitches....you keep seeing the same profiles over and over and over again. You see your Notes one day and then you don’t see them for the next couple months. 2) For many people the most important filter is community...but now we have to pay for it...seriously...basically all we can control is age, height, and religion, and religion is essentially useless without community. 3) The distance algorithm is terrible...so many people are so annoyed when they find out your aren’t even close to them...fix it!! What I realized after using this is they want/need money...and no offense many people aren’t going to pay those prices for VIP/elite membership. You guys should have left it how it was a year ago (all free filters)...it worked fine. But now you completely ruined it!!!

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    Fueled by Money -Terrible App

    UPDATE: Now you have to pay to set filters. Absolutely ridiculous. It’s obvious that DM’s whole purpose is to now make money. Clearly, they don’t care about how the users feel because no positive changes have been made based on user reviews. The generic response to reviews is also evidence. This app exists to make money and has no other purpose. Y’all I feel like the more upgrades the app makes the more it goes downhill. First off, it is now giving me Tinder vibes with the whole swipe left/right business. Then swipe up/down to see this or that. OH and not allowing pictures cause the resolution is low. Are you serious?! You’re asking people to use more filtered/edited pictures. Also. I ‘x’ somebody, why do they keep showing up. But in turn, when I like someone my number of likes stay the same... Did it not go through... They never reappear, like the ones I ‘x’-ed... What’s the story there? And upgrade to VIP to see the reveal the people that liked you? The rocket ship for some kind of boost? Why must we complicate this. The free version is no bueno so why upgrade? Please just take it back to the simple version -bring back the glimpse tab! The only reason I’m still here is because there customer service is super responsive.

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    Too many problems

    The app has its positives but has too many problems, I got a lot matches the first few days after that barely anything, and if I did it would be with people I know I didn’t swipe right on so it’s a bit random, it’s like you are shown when you first make the app but then after maybe a week you don’t show up at all. Logged into my account one day and everything was deleted and lost all my matches and the people I was wanting to talk to. Emailed support twice and no response. Also wanting to match with people close to me so I chanced setting to the only local setting ( within 500miles) and there was nobody, when I would change back to all of USA it would show me people within a few 100 miles, so there is something definitely glitchy about the app.

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Is Dil Mil - South Asian dating Safe?

Yes. Dil Mil - South Asian dating is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 8,564 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Dil Mil - South Asian dating Is 63.7/100.

Is Dil Mil - South Asian dating Legit?

Yes. Dil Mil - South Asian dating is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 8,564 Dil Mil - South Asian dating User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Dil Mil - South Asian dating Is 63.7/100.

Is Dil Mil - South Asian dating not working?

Dil Mil - South Asian dating works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Dil Mil - South Asian dating customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Dil Mil - South Asian dating.

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