Play-Fi Reviews

Play-Fi Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-23

Breakthrough DTS Play-Fi(R) technology powers simple, great-sounding whole-home
wireless audio systems for smartphones and tablets. You can stream your favorite
tunes over Wi-Fi right from the Play-Fi app to speakers from DTS Play-Fi product
partners. It's a huge step up from Bluetooth -...

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Reviews (22)


Almost there!

Delighted to listen to radio through our fine old system. BUT...we have no need to switch between pool, gym. terrace, bedroom, and guest cottage. We would like a MUCH better interface—and while you’re at it—user guide, to get one started. Our preferred stations—college and public radio—are not in your featured packages and were very hard to find and often, to find again. You should devise an easy click where we can stash these, which will pop up immediately when we bring up our system.


Latest Update With The New Interface Software

With the newest update, now when some of the single speakers volume level is changed (lowered or raised), it also changes the master volume level. It’s impossible to make a correction (raise or lower volume to balance a single speaker or stereo speakers) as it also changes the master volume. The new look and feel of PlayFi has had a vast improvement, but the update of the software to all my 9 Definitive Speakers took over 3 hours. It was a constant struggle having to place some the speakers off line, back online, take some off of stereo, erased all my original saved streaming setup, try to recognize speakers that weren’t recognized, had 2 different names speakers that responded to the same test speaker, unplugged numerous speakers and plugged back in to reset, etc. if you have an issue, just start from scratch and that might help. But now everything works ok… until the next update!



PlayFi is horrible. I bought a 600 dollar Paradigm speaker that is the same concept as Sonos and it never works. I currently have 9 sonos speakers in my house and they and PlayFi are bullet proof. Works every time. I bought the Paradigm speaker because the sound quality is better than the Sonos. That is true the quality is a little better but the frustration with PlayFi is not worth it. Every time I open the Play-Fi app is takes a few minutes to connect. Then randomly while listening to music it stops the music and says trying to reconnect.....and trying to reconnect......and again trying to reconnect. Then once it does work for 2 songs every time I get an email or txt it makes the tone through the speaker. Then guess what trying to reconnect. I went as far as buying an iPad mini that was just for playing music through PlayFi and still same things. DO NOT USE PlayFi OR BUY ANYTHING RELATED TO IT. I threw the speaker away and went to Costco and got 2 more sonos play 1.


I’m Fox Mulder, I want to believe...

I’ve been trying to be patient with Play-Fi, truly I have. When it works, WHEN it works, it’s wonderful. However, it works far less than 50% of the time, at best. Sadly. Most recently it will connect and play (via Tidal), then half way through my selected album it quits and tells me to “set up a new device” and can’t see the ONLY Wifi network to which it has EVER BEEN CONNECTED! I’ve done everything an ordinary reasonable person should be expected to do. Updated app. Deleted app. Re-installed app. Turned wifi off. Turned wifi on. And every time there is a Play-Fi update the whole thing craps the bed and I have to set it up, again. So I bought a Bluetooth device to connect my music iPad to my Anthem MRX. Although the sound quality isn’t as high, it works every time. EVERY TIME! Play-Fi, I wanted to believe, truly I did. But you are now dead to me.


Operating the app

I have enjoyed PlayFi and my McIntosh speakers. I’m into it about a week now and have had minor learning difficulties and I stress minor.. I’m not a technical guy and this is my first go and this type of technology. It is different and takes a little to get use to but not frustrating. My only disappointment is that it will not play 100% of my purchases on iTunes. I am happy that I can play the satellite radio as well as local radio stations. Definitely more options than I was aware. I do recommend this and the speakers. I have two RS100 speakers and a self powered subwoofer. The sound is amazing for the investment. I didn’t even unpack my NAD system. Giving that to the less fortunate.. the kids.. 🤪


Constant connection issues

I have a Definitive Tech sound bar with gorgeous sound, but can’t rely on it to work and can only assume it’s due to PlayFi. It simply doesn’t hold a connection, then searches endlessly for a this app device; the sound bar that’s sitting three feet away. I’ve rebooted my router and gone through the new device setup process countless times. I’ve realized my only reliable options are to listen to Pandora through my smart TV and iTunes through Apple TV. Each takes extra steps that wouldn’t be necessary with a reliable app, but it’s where I’ve found myself. I’ve tried support through email, choosing to avoid long hold times, and response times have been awful. I’m talking many days to get an automated response with “read these links.” I can’t recommend PlayFi and wish I had purchased a SONOS or something with its own app.


I can longer adjust volume using cell’s Volume buttons

I want to make you aware that the updated Play-Fi app(s) that has been installed on my iPhone no longer allows me to adjust the volume when playing sound wirelessly through properly setup capable speakers. This has never been an issue since initially installing PlayFi some time ago so I believe that this inability is related to a bug in the software update(s) recently. The work around requires clicking backwards a couple of clicks to the Play-Fi transmitting device’s music source to reveal the volume slider at the bottom of the display to slide left or right. This requires repeating if different music source or song selection requires sound level adjustment. Can you help?


Better than its predecessors, so far

I’ve been sorely disappointed in earlier versions - disconnecting for no apparent reason from wi-fi, one channel or the other cutting out - very maddening. This version, however, seems more reliable so far. This version is the first to live up to my expectations, but I’ve only been using it for a few weeks - hence my reluctance to hand out a 5-star review just yet. But if it continues as it has started out, it has 5-star potential. I felt burned too much to feel super confident just yet. But right now, I’m enjoying my McIntosh RS1’s the way I though I would. So I’m happy right now…


Simple yet sophisticated

It’s an awesome app that makes it very easy for you to get into audio without the need to do any searches or follow through with instructions. Just download PlayFi follow the simple instruction to find your device and you are set.


7.0 firmware has bricked my 2 Polk SB1+ sound bars - neither are usable

I have been using Play-Fi products for at least 5 years. I have 6 Polk Play-fi speakers and they have all worked great until the recent firmware update required by the 7.0 iPhone app. After running the corresponding firmware update and my two Polk SB1+ sound bars are bricked and unusable. Both unit are continuously in a reboot cycle; sound bar turns on, does some sort of boot up, then becomes unresponsive after about a minute, then turns off and reboots. There is no way, to my knowledge, to stop this cycle. There seems to be a big problem with the latest firmware update. This is very frustrating. One of these units were paired with 2 surround speakers in my entertainment room. I’m very upset.


Garbage App & Support is Worse

My W7 speakers were paired with the old Definitive App. Then they weren’t. Then they were...The new Play-Fi app is worse. Won’t update over WiFi nor does their internet download update download. Over the past 10 days I’ve spent 4+ hrs with Tech Support, most on hold listening to interminable looped music, responding over and over again to prompts, and getting no help addressing the problem. Last call lasted 43 minutes and I was transferred to4 different people. Not even their online email support form works. Mike from Tech Support says the issue is with my network. That’s nonsense. I routinely download huge multimedia files. The issue is this companies App is Garbage & Support is worse.


Volume control is terrible

After upgrading to IOS15, the phone volume buttons no longer work while using PlayFi . The sliders on different screens also do not work. Only one slider works, and it’s hard to get to. Any interruption like a phone call or text require re-connecting to the speaker, picking the music app and restarting the music. It doesn’t automatically go back to playing music. App was serviceable before, but now is basically garbage. It’s been so bad, I thought an update can’t be that far in the future, but here we are several months later with the alpha version. I don’t know how this version of PlayFi ever made to the public.


When it works it's great. And update spoils things

It seems that every time I get all my speakers working on PlayFi , this app comes up with an update, then I have to connect my speakers individually taking about 40 minutes to set up my six speaker music network. Often my Polk speaker can't connect to the main network, so I have to reboot my iPhone and after messing with connection for 15 to 20 minutes it still might not be set up correctly. It is frustrating to say the least, but when I get it set up it is a great system.



Great when it works, but most of the time it doesn’t as it frequently drops WiFi connection to the device. Following is a new issue since my last post above, which started with the latest app update. Now Sirius XM (tried different channels, makes no difference) has been acting up as often as 2/3 times in an hour with a warning message that says, “Playback has encountered an error. Please try after some time.” I’m using a McIntosh MB50 for streaming. Reported the issue to both Phorus and McIntosh a while back. Still no resolution.


Play-fi is almost done it’s catch up phase

On iPad at work so it’ll be short. Play-Fi is so amazing for its openness with other integrations, it almost led to its downfall. I applaud the company for taking on many different manufacturers and not being pigeonholed into a one stream audio option. Reading reviews from 3 years ago is beneficial to see where the company came from but certainly not how it is today. My one suggestion is that Play-Fi offer a hub that can be hardwired via Ethernet to a modem. Offer, not require. So that someone like myself can set up an entire system with many Play-Fi devices at one location and move the equipment to another. Otherwise you guys are doing great. Tried to keep it as short as possible.


Anthem in the Mancave

Bought a Anthem 720 and wanted to be able to manage my music from my Apple devices. Downloaded Play-Fi and have spent hours trying to get it to connect. Don’t know why it’s so hard and when it does connect I don’t have a clue why. It will randomly connect and sometimes it won’t connect at all. When it is connected it’s wonderful. Hopefully it’ll remember the connection this time and I can enjoy my Anthem via Play-Fi in the cave.


Very poorly constructed app

I’m starting to regret buying the audiolab 6000N streamer because of being forced to use this horrible app. Search is useless compared with the native search within Qobuz. It’s rare that I can find what I am looking for at the first attempt. Even when my search results look as though they’ve got what I was looking for, the music shown don’t match the title of the result. Likewise the Play-Fi “discover” feature is third-rate compared with Qobuz’s own. I feel very frustrated and not impressed at all.


Inconsistent as to whether it will stay connected

Even with the most recent update, and updating all three of my Definitive Technology devices , (W9 , W7 speakers & W amp ), it often drops the connected device after 8 seconds of playing a track, and either pauses playback or tells me i need to go back and pick a device. When it works it’s great, with great sound quality, and playback options that work for me.


Would rate lower but I can’t.

Every time the thing updates, every week or two I need to spend somewhere between an hour or two to reconnect the speakers. Spent $800 on speakers and don’t play them for months because I don’t want to spend two frustrating hours trying to get it set up again when I know the whole thing will not work again next week. What a waste, got to see if there are any other apps out there which work. If your looking definitely do not waste your time on this one.


Artists names missing in search on Qobuz

Thus has been an issue for close to a year. Qobuz and DTS need to resolve this issue. When you type in an Artists name. Only albums show up. It’s a simple fix. Can’t understand why this hasn’t been addressed. Plus the transfer function only allows for CD quality not Hi-Res. Would love it if that could be an option.


Wonderful sound quality!!!

The sound quality IS spectacular and the team has has made some great improvements to PlayFi . I complained about many things and at this point they are all fixed.


Cant listen to other stuff while playing music

Wanted to like this. When playing music, if u get a phone call or want to watch anything with sound on your phone (or ipad) the music shuts off. U then have to reopen PlayFi and redo the music selection. The music should play in the background!!!! On apple, you can do that. Play music in background and be able to talk on the phone without the music going away. Same thing with certain websites that have sound files. I use my phone to surf the web a lot and when i do i have music playing in the background When i go to certain sites (i think sites that have videos embedded, like npr or fox or cnn), the music shuts off. I then have to reload the DTs app and restart music. Eeeg Same with using the phone to answer a call. No need to shut off music while I'm on the phone talking.

Is Play Fi Safe?

Yes. Play-Fi is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,645 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Play-Fi Is 61.8/100.

Is Play Fi Legit?

Yes. Play-Fi is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,645 Play-Fi User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Play-Fi Is 61.8/100.

Is Play-Fi not working?

Play-Fi works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By Tanis
Nov 27 2022

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By Ashad Rizvi
Jul 07 2022

I recently bought 6000n and I’m using play fi only one speaker is working . It’s very frustrating I’ve tried both the speakers alternately but the left side speaker doesn’t seem to work hope you can help. Thank you

By Kenneth Smith
Jun 28 2022

Latest update has made my Polk SB1 Soundbar and two S2 speakers unusable. They are stuck in an endless setup loop. They are now paperweights. Absolutely horrible software. Totally disappointed in Polk for using second party software. Will never buy Poly or anything related to Play-fi again.

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