The Voice Official App on NBC Reviews

The Voice Official App on NBC Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-14

BE A COACH while you watch live performances on The Voice! VOTE, PLAY ALONG and
SAVE your favorite artists! Watch The Voice LIVE on NBC and vote with coaches
Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, John Legend and Blake Shelton. Suggest songs you
want to hear, get to know the artists, tweet the...

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The Voice Official App on NBC Reviews

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    I have watched the Voice since season 1, with the exception of last season. I got tired of watching the truly talented singers, getting the lowest votes. It’s become a popularity contest, rather than a singing contest. I decided, to give this season a chance, forming my team, based on the talented singers. The cross battles, are new this year, and I disagree with this method of, eliminating contestants, leaving one coach with 8 still standing, and another coach with 2. Once again, I find the truly talented, being sent home, at the cut down to 13. My top 3 picks remained, but, in the cut to 8, I lost all but 1. As I watched the results on 5/7/19, it proved to me, why I stopped watching last season. As the last 3 stood, fighting for the last spot in the top 8, yet again, the truly talented went home. I enjoy being able to vote, but I feel there are so many voting, that wouldn’t know talent if it hit them in the face. This will be the last season I watch, because just like American Idol, it’s popularity vs. talent. I’m disappointed, because this was the only reality show I watched, because it wasn’t that way, at least for many years.

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    Unfair competition

    I have watched the voices regularly since it’s inception and have touted its superiority over idol due to what was up till now a truly fair competition based solely on ones ability to sing and entertain. However, this season the inclusion of the two young ladies that are the duet has introduced a very disappointing element of unfair competition not based on individual ability to vocalize music. Where these two young ladies together are extremely talented and adorable, neither one of them would have or could have been able to hold their own against any of those who lost the battle rounds to them, or any who lost this week to them. I am utterly dismayed and disappointed by this season for this reason only. I have rarely found it necessary to opine in any fashion about the program, but now I have on twitter, Facebook, and here none of which I have accessed in three years or so and none of which who’s apps are even on my phone. It says something very serious for me to have bothered to make my thoughts known. I expect a good , plausible explanation , apology, and commitment to never again allow unfair practices again. Of any sort by the way kid cuteness factor also that’s why there is a child version of the show. Truly you have harmed your own credibility and the other contestants who were displaced by these two young ladies.

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    Show losing appeal—used to really enjoy it

    Sorry to say that some changes to the Voice are causing me to watch fewer shows each season. First—I miss getting to see the coaching. That was a BIG part of the show’s appeal for me and it used to be much bigger part of the show. Also it seems there are so many country artists that it isn’t really so enjoyable anymore. I am glad for their success, they seem like very nice people and I was glad when they initially were more of a presence on the show (I like variety and do enjoy country music in limited doses) but I just don’t enjoy hearing that much country music. I like Blake a lot and think he is a great coach, funny (except for the Adam thing) but I don’t like to see alcohol use by anyone during a family show. I heard Adam is leaving and I think it will be SO nice not to listen to the negativity between him and Blake. It was boring and obnoxious the longer it lasted. When it was lighthearted it was fine but it went too far too often. I love Kelly, enjoyed John Legend and Adam. It is nice to have a variety of singing styles by coaches. I miss Alicia Keys. I hope the show will have more of a balance of singing styles including some Latino music. I like the people from various heritages on the Voice. Thank you for many moments of entertainment.

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    The Voice

    Positive top entertainment and the best two evenings of family TV! We all have our favorites and argue in a friendly way the whole season. It’s so hard because every season the talent gets better and better, you want all of them to win! I hated to see any of the top nine leave this season but I have a feeling because of the Voice, we will be hearing several of them on the radio, a couple maybe on Broadway, but thanks to some great coaching and mentoring they will go far. Blake is pure platinum. He is honest down to earth and An icon on the show. John is on the quite side but when he speaks he is like Yoda spewing words of wisdom. We really respect and enjoy both Blake and John. Gwen has been a good coach this season. What she has done with Rose is amazing! She builds but her team and makes them believe in themselves. Jelly is OK, she talks a little to much and some of her flattery when she is trying to get people to vote for her team members sometimes comes across fake. Anyway best season yet, we can’t wait till next season.

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    App Shows Eliminations B4 Show!!!

    Anyone who lives on the West Coast or Mtn. time zones knows that we're already getting shafted by 'The Voice' b/c we have to do any instant voting blindly at the end of our workday or while we're commuting, etc. (usu. around 5:45-5:50 pm PT). But to add insult to injury, although I do like many aspects of the app, I was upset to find out that one of my favorite artists on my team had been eliminated on the Tuesday, May 2nd show BEFORE the show was even broadcast here!!! I accidentally opened the app and found that she was already "grayed out!" Geez!!! So much for suspense! So thanks to The Voice for ruining this for me... I'm considering giving up on the show altogether at this point... I live in LA where it's filmed and yet there is so little consideration for the people who live here! Feels awfully familiar (read: 2016 election). I just started watching this show as an escape from politics, but I'm having that déjà vu feelin' all over again... And not at all sure that I trust that votes can be tallied that quickly anyway during the tiny five-minute 'instant save' window. Really? It's a perfect opportunity for producers to rid themselves of artists that aren't as profitable to them or that they don't like for whatever reason despite the artists' popularity...

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    It’s a TV show

    I read a comment here that white girls always win. Last I knew Chris Blue wasn’t a white girl. I agree it’s disappointing to find out that members of my team have been eliminated ahead of time but I don’t really care about all that. It’s a show. They do what they must for the show to go on. What I love are the VOICES! Amazing talent! Wholehearted effort brought to the stage; to us. It’s encouraging to see that there is so much raw talent in the world; so much artistry. Adam Levine has the purest singing voice I’ve ever heard. Love him. I would choose him as my coach if only. Blake, well what can I say. He’s 100% of everything. Hot. Makes me laugh. Talented. Kind. What else is there? Kelly is someone whose every move and word should be filmed. I never get tired of her. Legend is a class act and Miley is a hoot but my favorite guest coach is Alicia Keyes. I saw her in concert ages ago and she had me at the first note. She’s legit. I respect JHud’s success because she was under appreciated on American Idol. So keep the show rolling. It’s a good thing.

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    The VOICE!!

    I just love this app! It helps me remember things I forgot that happened, and it truly makes you feel like your vote counts and your part of the show!! I saw where someone thought there was too much country music, I just don’t agree. I listen to all kinds of music. And I love country, but I think there’s never more than a couple of country singers that are kept for the show. I love the amazing talent that’s out there, and I also love the entertainment part of the show. Without it, it wouldn’t be half the show it is. I don’t think there’s ever been a judge that I didn’t like. When Miley come on, I admit I thought “oh gosh, I don’t wanna have to see her this whole season!” But I fell in Love with who she is as a person, and her voice is just phenomenal!! Now I’m a huge fan!! I sure hope they stay on for many years to come!! And we miss you too Christina!!!

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    The Voice is my favorite show! I’ve watched it since day one and I’ve never missed a show. Blake is my favorite coach, but I also love Kelly. I was very disappointed when you brought Gwen back to the show. She parades around the floor like a drama queen and won’t keep her hands off Blake. It’s obvious that Blake is intimidated by her because he won’t fight for a contestant that he turned his chair for if Gwen has also turned for that contestant. I believe he’s afraid of making her mad. Of course, we all miss Adam with all the funny remarks him and Blake said to each other, but Kelly is doing a great job on keeping the laughs going. Blake has always been a comedian on the show, which everyone loves, but now he’s much more reserved with Gwen being there. It’s all I can do to watch the show with her on there. So many of my friends feel the same way. Tell Gwen to sit down and keep her hands to herself! Lol. Please don’t bring her back next season....or ever. We want our “old” Blake back!!!

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    App needs work

    I couldn’t wait to start adding people to my team immediately! But we can’t watch live. So a few hours later, app updated, I open it and it tells me when the next episode is coming on. That’s it. Today I decide to try, and it’s working! I can add people to my team. But now I can’t remember who I wanted from the first night. So the videos play, but there’s no sound. And nothing I do can make the sound play. Please fix these. Also don’t gray out the people who get sent home so quickly. We WANT to use this app, but when you work while the show is live ... The first season this was a great app. I loved voting during blind auditions. But since I can’t watch live anymore - anyway you can bring that back? Let us click on the ep we are watching, and the singer. Make it interactive for us diehard fans watching at 2am.

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    Playing Along

    I enjoy being able to pick my team and vote via my app. I really do not understand the whole point system thing and not worried about learning... I am playing for fun.. I just like to see... how far the Team I pick makes it in the competition ... for those complaining about the show being fixed... I would think it is better to make it to the final rounds and not win.. that way you are recognized, known to public, prob have established some contacts/connections and not under contract with anyone. AND MOST IMPORTANT... Blake Shelton will Always be the Sexist Man Alive ... ( maybe the app can add .. voting the on which Coach you think is the Sexist). Sorry Adam... Blake is so down to earth .. by saying great things like ( really good job sis.... it just makes him even more Sexy.

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    Seriously? Not even one word about Adam!

    I have been an avid Voice viewer for years but I am so disappointed in how you have handled the situation with Adam Levine and the two contestants. I will only continue to watch until the end of this Season, I'm invested now, then I will not watch any more seasons. How can you say the show is not rigged or that you are not racist with how this situation was handled. I honestly believe that management, directors, etc., of the Voice set this situation up the way it unfolded since you have not addressed it nor have you brought the young Black man back to perform after Adam embarrassed him. White girls have been the winners of this competition for any number of years, I honestly believe the Voice have thrown their support behind one of these girls, Reagan Strange to be exact. You are delusional if you do not think you will lose viewers over this debacle, because you already have, and will continue to do so if you do not do what is right and address this situation before the end of this Season next week. Thank you.

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    Best season ever of the voice

    This season has been absolutely phenomenal absolutely phenomenal!! The coaches are great it’s a great mix they get along so well the coaches really really did a great job this year I love it I love it I love it! I’ve never missed a season of the voice from season one through the season never miss but by far this group of artist I feel are the best ever! And top 10 top 11 we’re all amazing. One thing I don’t like and haven’t liked I believe that all the singers should sing then vote not vote before they even sing because it does become a popularity contest not a singing contest. It’s call the voice for a reason so we should hear them sing then at the end of the show like The earlier seasons voting is opened for all the artists at the same time

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    A lot of fun!

    It's a really fun app and helps you get even more excited about and involved in the progress of the various contestants. It was really cool last time when I had Chris Blue on my team since the beginning (as did Alicia because how could you let go of Blue?) and he won. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is that you have to do a lot of different things like opening the app every day, tweeting the artists and coaches, etc, to earn the maximum number of points and I just don't really get into doing all that unless there's something unique I can say. But otherwise, it's pretty cool feeling like you have your own team and can feel as though you can strategize to get the strongest team possible. I've greatly enjoyed it.

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    More Team selections longer Time

    I have been watching the Voice for years. I just stated using the app last season and finally figured it all out this season and have some suggestions. Allow us to initially select more on our team and switch out longer. Timing for us using the app for that feels too short and then I become ‘disinterested. Seems like that has effected my desire to watch as much. I Love all the Judges....great job on the selections and all of them bring so much to the show and to the contestants. I would enjoy interacting more w/show through the app but I am not ac’teeeter’. I also like that our daily ‘politics’ are not in the show, how refreshing to have your producers keep this show on point of this being a great show of talent and opportunity to have a career break for that type of talent...AWESOME

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    This voice app is the. Best thing to do because I love music and I can sing and like gospel songs and country romance songs like I have a relationship with friends and family and couples when they have a bad relationship but I can flix in my whole life and I got family violence and it is by polar and in public and it is embarrassed that’s why and she a mom and she has three front her kids doing violence to my mom and youngest sister and me and Dad and my oldest brother and my oldest sister is by polar that’s why I can fix all that problem And I what to join my life. To drink at the bar when I’m 21 and also study my bible about Jesus who believe in Jesus Christ and I just keep on singing country songs and Kelly Clarkson songs and John legend songs and Blake Shelton songs

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