ZEE5 Movies, Web Series, Shows Reviews

ZEE5 Movies, Web Series, Shows Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-07

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About ZEE5 Movies Web Series Shows

What is ZEE5 Movies Web Series Shows?

ZEE5 is a streaming app that offers a vast collection of movies, TV shows, originals, and live news in various languages. With over 3800 movies, 2000+ TV shows, and 480+ originals, users can enjoy ad-free content, regional content, and personalized recommendations. The app also offers offline viewing, live TV guide, and access to 90+ live news channels.



- 3800+ movies in various languages

- 2000+ TV shows from ZEE network in multiple languages

- 480+ originals and web series

- Ad-free content

- Video content dubbed in 7 languages

- 11 display languages & 12 content languages

- Download and watch offline

- Live TV guide for channel programming

- 90+ Live News channels

- Catch up with your favourite ZEE network shows

- Smart search including voice search

- Personalised recommendation

- Seamless video playback

- Kids section with curated content

- Music videos library

- Best of international series from Korea, Pakistan, Turkey, and Spain

- Popular TV shows like Kumkum Bhagya, Kundali Bhagya, and more.

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Key Benefits of ZEE5 Movies Web Series Shows

- The app offers a variety of content to watch.

- Full screen issue seems to have been resolved after restarting the device.

- The app offers live news channels.

20 ZEE5 Movies Web Series Shows Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Nice content and provides movie-in-movie experience.

ZEE5 Team, first of all thanks for so nice content. But wait, how do I watch them? Your app is crap. So many issues that it’s difficult to write down what’s wrong. May be ask your developer team to use some other streaming apps and figure out, what users expect from a streaming app? A basic example, when trying to find something new to watch the video quality is so poor that it feels like those pirated CDs made by recording in some movie theater screen. Before you ask about my network bandwidth, I’ve 1GBPS up/down and almost all other streaming apps deliver 4K and higher so nicely. You app experience feels like you are serving food on the floor instead of a plate.


Update: I was watching a movie. Once finished I went to search something.

Movie-1 trailer was loading
I selected Movie-2 to play

For few seconds I was confused, may be the movie has something going in the screen, with low audio and something else just in the audio. After few seconds I found both don’t match. Turns out 2 movies we’re playing together.

5 STARS for such a movie-in-movie experience.


(Updated comment)+A note for your Roku app

I am noticing that the only live channels available are news channels. I cannot find live Zee Tv or &Tv please return them back. In addition please organize ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows a bit more to easily find the live channels and shows associated to those channels. Ive also noticed that compared to other streaming apps Zee5 programming tends to load much more slowly and takes more time to get to good quality. I have a 400mbps connection with good devices to use Zee5.

Please recall that not all viewers use phones please allow live tv to be accessible on Roku as it is in the iOS app. That way we can turn it on and leave it on for extended periods of time.



I like ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows and I think it serves its purpose so far as I am concerned a little buffering here and there but is ok, however, since is catering for viewers in the United States I think all programs should have subtitles. Jodha Akbar series clearly stated English version but it is in Hindi and the once that that have English subs only has 96 episodes or so and the whole series is about 500+ episodes and so do you doli armaano ki which clearly started has English sub but when you play the video itself it does not have english sub I think it’s not fair I came here for this to two series and I am really thinking of ending my subscription since I can’t speak or understand Hindi. Thanks


So many issues

Firstly after 25 episodes ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows doesn’t work properly on iPhone Atleast. From 26th episode onwards as soon as the episode ends it starts with 1st episode again.
Secondly this happened very often that episodes don’t start it just shows the message something went wrong. I tried reinstalling ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows again but it still doesn’t work.
Also it doesn’t start with last episode you watched. Continue watching always starts with some random episode. There’s no continuity.
Lastly if you need to find the episode whether it’s on tv or phone you need to scroll through the entire library. If I need to watch 100th episode I have to scroll all the way from last episode to get to it.
So inconvenient. Wouldn’t be renewing my subscription.


Poor design - Need improvements

I am a new subscriber from USA. Current app design gives feeling that ZEE5 platform has very limited content ! I didn’t know that “Bhabhi Ghar Par Hai” show was available. I found it only after seeing it in the search result. Hundreds and thousands of episodes are grouped in one season and arranged such that if you need to watch an older episode then you have to keep scrolling all the way down until desired episode comes ! That’s a pain. Frustrating UI experience! Also, Home Screen should be customizable as per user preference/profile (filtered by preferred language etc.) .



This has got to be the worst app I have ever tried to use. I had Hotstar which was great but has gone on to Disney and I will not support that. The shows are hard to find- no english titles for the shows. I get it if there is no subtitles but at least put the names in English. Airplay is horrible. It shuts off in the middle and no, it is not the speed of the internet. It does not track shows you have checked out so I cannot start from where I left off. I have to search the title then pick where I was. Very disappointing and would never recommend to friends or family. If I cannot get the shows I got the channel for then I am dropping it for sure. The layout is horrendous


Don’t download this app

So i’ve download ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows to watch K dramas and when I downloaded it I looked at the pictures like four like that comes with the thing and so then I looked at the pictures and it has like the search button and like all of that but when I went into it it didn’t have all that it didn’t have the search thing like where you have to click on it to search the thing you want they didn’t have that so I’m very disappointed because of how they did me but if you want to download ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows then you can download ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows but I’m just telling you girlie that it you can’t search anything you have to click on the things that are free


Please fix your search UI

1. Allow us to list the shows, either as a option off the Home Screen or when searching for the show name.

2. When selecting a show, this is important.. pay attention: list the FULL EPISODES in the order of the date. DON’T mix up the list with previews, trailers or individual performances for reality shows.

3. List all the other stuff AFTER the full episodes.


Pathetic App

The ZEE5 content library is amazing. However, the Pathetic App makes searching and using the content very difficult. Here are some recommendations:

1) The search capabilities have to be improved with features around searching content by language since several shows are available in the multiple Indian languages

2) The continuous playback features for shows needs a lot of work. For example, I was watching Rangbaaz 1st season and the continuous playback would switch me to a different episode of the follow-up season 2nd season (Rangbaaz Phir se) instead of the next episode of the 1st season (Rangbaaz). It’s likely ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows is not storing user preferences and state correctly.


Worst App

This is the worst app. Navigation is very very poor. Added a TV show to watchlist and then from watchlist can not able navigate back to home page and later I can not find that. I had to kill ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows and reopen ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows to watch another show or movie. This is one example. Also added another TV show to watchlist from one device and can’t see that show when I logged in from different device. Sometimes search button won’t work. I see that many are complaining on ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows and developer answer is to contact them offline. Why can’t you fix all the issues globally so every user will benefits.


Ok app, can be very good

Content is great, but app doesn’t do justice to it. No option to add and maintain ur favorite list. Not easy access to continue watching from where u left last. Chrome cast support is there but video plays at both places and once app goes background it never shows casted content, so u can not forward; needs recasting. So all in all lot of scope for improvement. Also please make app available on Samsung store so that it can be played on Samsung smart tv!


Functionality broken

I was watching a series and after couple of episodes, instead of going to the next episode it went to the episode-1.
So to continue watching I had to manual select the episode from the list which is painful, so not to go through this, I just cancelled the subscription so that I can rewatch later once whole app is fixed.

Also, it would be great if you provide what was fixed in particular version instead of just putting a generic message, which is awful to see and makes no sense whether to update ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows .


The App needs improvement

ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows has issues and does not load all of the content always. The content is great, but not very user friendly. After choosing a show, it takes time to load, and not all episodes and preview clips load under the show. It is very difficult to navigate to wanted episodes when the information does not load. Definitely needs improvement for a paid app.


Full screen started working after restarting my iphone

Full screen started working after restarting my iphone 12 pro max. For some reason the video was not working in full screen but I’m not facing such problems now so I guess it is fixed or maybe my iphone was stuck.


Fraudulent app and company

Fraudulent app and company..ZEE5 charges you for premium subscription, I paid for 12 months subscription however it does not recognise the same and is not allowing me to view any premium subscription and is forcing me to pay again for premium subscription. It has been 2 weeks since I paid however I still cannot watch any premium content. Worse is ZEE5 company does not have any customer support and there is no way to explain your problem or dispute the payment. This is really really bad.


Good content ridiculous application

This application is an example of where ux and developer team fails to deliver a quality product and content team become a victim of user’s anger. I installed both - iPhone & Apple tv app. UI is a faliure, experience is too bad. Zee is one of the biggest media company of India and one the oldest, I was expecting a lot better from the ott team which failed miserably on all fronts. Zee need to look into the design and user experience. Going on with what you currently offers will make the brand suffer. Hoping to get a better version soon.


Worst app

Great content, worst app. It is consistently bad on all platforms. The one in Roku drops resolution, to workaround if you think of using Airplay and use ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows , you are out of luck. You frequently get disconnected and when the phone automatically locks, your streaming stops. Resuming an episode is a pain, it messes up between seasons and randomly starts any episode. Do creators actually test the product before they launch? After so many reviews and people complaining on similar issues how are these issues still not resolved?


Buggy app and cast doesn’t not work

I recently got the subscription and I was a bit unhappy that the ZEE5 app was not available on the Samsung TV. I read that there was a cast option from the phone app. I downloaded ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows and spent an hour to find why the cast list always shows empty when all other apps can cast. ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows does not show any of the 4 TVs that are connect to the network.

I even tried casting from the laptop, to no avail.

There is no point of having content if you can’t watch it on a TV. Total Waste of money.


I would give it zero

Don’t bother with ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows, I downloaded it to watch one of my favorite shows. They said I had to subscribe in order to watch so I did. Only to find out that the content was no available and wasn’t working and to try again. So I did, after a few hours, nothing. After a few days still nothing. I thought it was just a certain show but it said the same too all the tv shows and movies. ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows does not work! Don’t subscribe to it! Waste your money!


Error :204

Most of the times I see this error I don’t know why ,I got ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows to watch my favorite music show and movies but un fortunately till now after taking subscription I was just able to watch only 2 times without showing error 204 . But most of the time I see 204 errors .After to long time waiting this to be resolved and then still not getting resolved made me to write this review.
Sorry if you guys feel bad about my review,but hope you guys will understand the problem.


Glitchy! And slow

Just got this on my Apple TV, and it’s so glitchy. First of all on the Apple TV subtitles don’t show up, and for tv shows you can only scroll through a certain number of episodes (it doesn’t show all episodes) while on laptop or phone ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows works fine. Connection can be issue sometimes even tho I have good speed internet (other platforms work just fine). And when you first open ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows , it pops back to the login page, and it takes a min to two to become aware that you already are logged in or subscribed, and then takes you to the home page.


Half Baked App

What is the point of launching a separate app if you can’t get all the functions up and running!! ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows doesn’t cast even though it asked for permission to log into the WiFi network. If you try doing a mirror on iPad, it doesn’t cast videos, only sound comes from TV. If you guys are going to take money then you also have to ensure that the services are given full. If you had to take it off sling , then you should have ensured a full functional app.


Buffering and poor video quality issues

Great content. However most titles buffer non stop (like every two seconds for half a minute) and when it works, the quality is like a video shot on a VGA camera.

Not worth the money this time. They removed a prior review i gave with very critical words….i wish they were just as quick and attentive in fixing issues with ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows .


Same response for all users and bad app functionality

It is has been more than 2-3 weeks and all the responses I see is we are in beta testing and will be going live soon.
When will your app be live with all the features, doesn’t make sense charging users when overall functionality is still being tested .. the subtitles have a lag and the UI is bad



Watching the videos and navigating ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows is fine. There’s an issue with the subtitles right now. They appear before anyone says their lines. Makes it difficult to watch. Hope this is fixed soon


Getting there

Big win for consumers and Zee, big loss for Sling. It was only a matter of time before the network went direct to consumer. UX needs some love but I’m overall happy with ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows.


Hey i cant see my subscriptions on my iphone

Hey help i cannot see my subscription in my iphone when i click my subscription its crash ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows in other device its shows my subscription..... again i took annual & same problem only for ios when you guys cant make happen ios then dont keep subscription



Its been 1 month of constant mails and reviews but this people(thieves) have not yet activated my 1 year plan nor have they refunded, this is a nice way of scamming and earning from people during the pandemic, shame on yo guys and before ask g gor proof(screenshots etc) why do t yo scammers just activate everyones account who have payed you the freaking money
P.S I do have the screenshot just FYI


Subtitles not on Apple TV

ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows doesn’t work like all other native Apple TV apps, which is ok, but the weirdest thing is the subtitles work on my iPhone but not on the Apple TV. Have to cancel which seems to be a headache. Weird!!!!


So many errors!

When I try to watch several shows, I get a message that says “oops! Something went wrong!” - please fix this! I’ve subscribed to the service and paid the fee, yet I get this message when I try to watch many of the old shows on ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows such as hasratein, Amanat, gharana, jeena isi ka naam hai


Casting to TV doesn’t work

Works mostly well but nothing shows up in the Cast list. Please look into it!


App is not ready

Downloaded ZEE5MoviesWebSeriesShows few days ago. Bought the membership. First day had bunch of content now only see limited content that too only in Marathi there is no other language available right now.


The best!

Finally I can watch all my favorite shows. Totally worth it.


Unable to cast

I’m unable to cast on my tv from my iphone

Is ZEE5 Movies Web Series Shows Safe?

Yes. ZEE5 Movies, Web Series, Shows is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 14,950 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ZEE5 Movies Web Series Shows Is 60.2/100.

Is ZEE5 Movies Web Series Shows Legit?

Yes. ZEE5 Movies, Web Series, Shows is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 14,950 ZEE5 Movies, Web Series, Shows User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ZEE5 Movies Web Series Shows Is 74.6/100..

Is ZEE5 Movies, Web Series, Shows not working?

ZEE5 Movies, Web Series, Shows works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by Justuseapp.com users..

ZEE5 offers two subscription tiers: Free and Premium.


- Access to 1500+ Blockbuster movies

- Popular TV shows from ZEE network

- Kids content

- Music videos

- Live TV guide for channel programming

- 90+ Live News channels


- All the benefits of Free Subscription

- Ad-free content

- Latest episodes of TV shows before TV telecast

- Video content dubbed in 7 languages

- 11 display languages & 12 content languages

- Download and watch offline

- Personalised recommendation

- Seamless video playback

- Access to 3800+ Blockbuster movies

- Access to 2000+ TV shows

- Access to 480+ Originals

- Smart search including voice search

The Premium Subscription is priced at INR 499 for 1 year, INR 299 for 6 months, and INR 99 for 1 month.

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