PocketSuite Booking & Payments Reviews

PocketSuite Booking & Payments Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-05

The App for anyone with clients. Get booked and paid - your way - with
appointment scheduling, payments, invoices, POS, subscription/membership
payments, appointment reminders, client messaging, online marketing, crm
database - all from your phone. PocketSuite makes it easy for your cli...

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PocketSuite Booking & Payments Reviews

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    Essential for small businesses with limited staffing

    Simply put- THIS APP IS AMAZING! I’m a traveling makeup artist with a growing clientele, full time job and 2 kids. (whew!) This app has been a staple in my business for things that I consistently forgot to do (like send appointment reminders😩) or for timely tasks that require much more of my attention (like blast texting each client current promotions, birthdays, class info etc😰). It allows you to engage with your clients via a shadow business number that comes right to your phone when they call/text. You’re able to send quotes, invoice and take payments right from your phone!!! I can’t put into words how much of a game changer it’s been running my business through pocket suite while always on the go. The customer service is spot on and the app is extremely user friendly (trust me I had tons of questions which they answered with ease) the tech team is always launching new updates that will continue to blow you out of this world and allow you to run smoother as a business owner. So have I sold you yet? If not here’s another round for the people on the back... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP! This will not only triple your current income, but help you engage with your clients on a whole new level of professionalism. Thank you Pocket Suite! Awesome staff, awesome app, awesome price. Yours in beauty, -Val Dora- Colour Wheel Artistry LLC

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    Business ESSENTIAL!!!!

    I have worked with desktop client management software for years. When I did a career change and started working from my home. I spent more time on the go and really struggling finding a system that would flow. Nothing seemed to be ALL INCLUSIVE. SO I scheduled here and synced calendars there and invoiced here and took payments there (because the fees were super high and took forever to get my funds) and then... I found PocketSuite! Wow! It was everything I was doing(and poorly because it was so many steps) and in one place. I’m a professional Organizer and I was struggling myself to organize my business and keep up with everything but now it’s in ONE LOCATION! Client not paying the invoice, I don’t have to remind them, PocketSuite does automatically!! One very easy to use, user friendly, video guided, all inclusive location. I didn’t even talk about their customer service. ON POINT! Super friendly, incredibly patient, and prompt. Thank you pocket suite. You have simplified my processes, saved me time and reduced tedious business frustrations.

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    Game changer!

    Having a pet sitting business means I am always on the go and don’t get a lot of time to sit in front of a computer at a desk to take care of admin tasks and scheduling. When I learned about PocketSuite two years ago I was using a software that was desktop computer dependent and had no mobile companion for on the go tasks. Thanks to PocketSuite my business has continued to grow and I have been able to easily keep up with my existing clients and new leads, as well as staff and track all the jobs that are coming in daily. My pet biz grew by more than 50% in the past year and PocketSuite has been my “office in a pocket”! The support team is always there to help when I have a question or find a bug. They fix issues quickly and they listen to user feedback and implement updates to include improvements that we suggest. They are awesome!!! Highly recommend to anyone with a service-oriented business!!!

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    Great all in one app

    Love this app. It keeps my small business very organized and easier to run. I use PS mostly for invoicing and taking payments but plan to use all the other features on the paid subscription soon. Love the business phone number you get with the paid plan also. Highly recommend for any service based business. The one issue I have is when I want to instantly transfer my balance to my bank account and I have to wait for it to get reviewed before I can. But most of the time if I send a message to support they’ll speed up the review process for me and becomes available within few hours. Also I wish they had a desktop version with some more features and made the estimate feature a little better. Besides that I am very happy with PocketSuite

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    Constant issues

    My coworkers and I use this app to schedule spa clients and book memberships. We are constantly having issues with the app. We are always having to monitor the app and how it stores and tracks packages/memberships. We have to be on top of the app all the time which is completely counterproductive to what we are using this app for. The app is supposed to do the work for us - we shouldn’t have to babysit it. Sometimes the app doesn’t open (yes we have deleted the app, reinstalled, signed in and out) causing serious issues when we have to check guests out. Client group texting has failed us many times. Customer support is EXTREMELY slow to respond and when they do they are little help to us. Honestly, this app gives us such a headache and because we have so many issues with it, it’s taking up a lot of our time as we try to figure out the puzzle that is Pocketsh**. After over a year of issues upon issues, we’ve finally had it and are looking into a more reliable booking app.

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    Truly Improved Customer Service and Work Flow

    We have been using pocketsuite for 3 years now. It has made life much easier for our field service. Our customers love it. The developers constantly update the app with features that enhance how we do business and (with he automation) is almost like having an additional staff person for customer communication, collecting payments, and coordinating team. The app is simple enough for a non-techie to be able to quickly do all the basics for customer intake, quotes, scheduling, messaging, payment collection, etc. At the same time, there are many premium features for a person interested in advanced options. For the most part, we run our business from our iPhones at this point...as a result of this app.

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    I have been using PocketSuite since 2014 & for me it was the BEST app for my business & they have grown has the years progress. All the features & capabilities within the app is AMAZING. It definitely helps my business run MUCH smoother. The BEST part is if there is an issue (which is rare) I can just text them within the app and their response time is swift. I’ve even had the founder call me a couple years ago about an issue I had that was resolved in a timely manner. I love that they REALLY listen & take our feedback making the app even better. I never leave reviews (I know you’ve heard that before) lol but as a faithful user since 2014 I think I know what I’m talking about when I say it’s one of the BEST apps out, if not THE BEST for your business.

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    This is the way to go!

    It makes it so much easier on the client and you, we have a moving company so all my crew have access to their phone and this app not only makes it efficient but as well it can convert leads into actual clients. With technology any client would rather just press a button to confirm and that is EXACTLY what this app allows them to do among many other things like quick payments and deposits (if you require any to book their appointment), re schedule appointments and everything is through text. It makes it easier on you if you are not tech savvy they have tutorials that explain you how to use it. If you run a business with a crew on the go? Or running appointments on daily basis this is the way to go.

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    Convenient, Dependable, & Great Service

    I’ve been using PocketSuite now for almost 2 years. It’s the most convenient payment provider I’ve used since you can do everything right from the app. From customer relationship management all the way to point of sale. The app is dependable and has never crashed or had any issues at the point of sale. Payment deposit into the bank is always timely and predictable which helps me manage cash flow. Lastly, customer service is second to none. In the days of mobile technology, PocketSuite has a built in message system for any questions that I have. It’s perfect and much more preferred than a phone call. Highly recommend!

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    Reliable! And Amazing Customer Support!

    I’ll keep this short and sweet! I have been using PS since I started my Personal Training business in 2016. First - I love all of the features, especially the ability to send training session reminders to my clients. Second - The customer support is excellent. I am on the East coast and PS is on the West coast so I worried there might be a delay in responsiveness given the time difference but they have always been there if I have a question. Lastly - The peace of mind that I have knowing that I have a reliable scheduling, payment, and record keeping system right on my phone has been amazing. I can do business anytime from any location. This app is definitely worth using!!!

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    Simple Fast Effect

    For anyone looking for a simple yet very effective, easy way to run your small business and get paid fast, PS is the app for you. Extremely affordable and incredible customer service! If your on a budget download now! Their simple “text message platform” is so easy to use requiring little set up and learning curve! I was one of their very first customers/clients and now I’m one of their “Pros” and can’t tell you how far this company has come! If your looking to get paid fast and easy without the hassle of software PS will exceed your expectations. And your clients will love the easy simple text based platform too since they don’t have to download any software (unless they want too)

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    I had been a MINDBODY user for seven years. I got tired of the prices continually going up. My business changed a I couldn’t justify the price as a single personal trainer anymore. I was searching for something that offered similar features but at a lower price point. I’m in love! It’s everything I hoped it could be and more. Not only is the overall price lower but I have all the features that I could want along with some extras that I am utilizing as well. I actually love the customer service and the fact that help is just a text away if I have any problems. Highly recommend trying them out if you have an appointment based business and take credit cards.

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    Great Team

    I made a complaint regarding my clients not receiving my texts. I thought it was a coding mistake but was more of an outside issue. Long story short, they solved the issue in a timely fashion and I am very happy that my complaints and feedback are answered and taken into consideration. This is a great app that makes my workload a lot easier because of the features it provides. One feature request I would like to see in the future is for them to have a website or downloadable software to use on desktop, would make scheduling and other tasks easier and the work process will flow more efficiently if I could use computer with app. Great job, keep it up!

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    Rockstar 🎸App

    We use Pocket Suite here at Loud House Studios, one of Atlanta’s largest major-label recording studios, and we love it. The interface has a clean simple design and the app is functional and easy to use. We are open 24/7 and have four rooms, most of which are booked every day, so it’s great to have an app that helps us easily keep track of so many session times and payments. Just as importantly, Pocket Suite has great customer service with a very fast response time. We always get help with our concerns within a day. It also integrates seamlessly into our own website, which is perfect because we do all of our booking online. We’ll definitely continue to use Pocket Suite as Loud House grows.

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    I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND using this app. As a licensed professional cosmetologist ( over 10yrs) this booking app has helped me in ways the others did not. I can take deposits for appointments and I also have the option for my money to be sent same day within mins at a low cost. If I could give it more stars I most definitely would. I was using a booking app paying $35 a month for nothing. This app is very affordable and comes with OUTSTANDING features. Not to mention the support team. They are superb af💯‼️ I’m never using another app EVER‼️ I could go on and on 😂 if you’re thinking about using it don’t think too long and hard. This is thee BEST one ☝🏾 out hands down💯‼️

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Is PocketSuite Booking & Payments Safe?

Yes. PocketSuite Booking & Payments is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 709 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for PocketSuite Booking & Payments Is 29.6/100.

Is PocketSuite Booking & Payments Legit?

Yes. PocketSuite Booking & Payments is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 709 PocketSuite Booking & Payments User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for PocketSuite Booking & Payments Is 29.6/100.

Is PocketSuite Booking & Payments not working?

PocketSuite Booking & Payments works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of PocketSuite Booking & Payments to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a PocketSuite Booking & Payments customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using PocketSuite Booking & Payments.

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