inRoute - Intelligent Routing Reviews

inRoute - Intelligent Routing Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-30

Plan optimal routes or chart your own course using weather, elevation, curves
and more. Then navigate safely with voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions that
automatically check your route for severe weather. ***Featured as a Best New
App on the US App Store for Navigation*** ***As seen...

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inRoute - Intelligent Routing Reviews

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    Planning Motorcycle Rides

    Have been looking for a Route Planner, this works pretty well. Took some time to become familiar with the features, I use it for Motorcycle rides and its been fun planning out the Routes. After mapping out the trips, they can be titled and saved and can be shared. The app allows you to map out a desired route using what they call waypoints, the only problems I have found is, if you're not careful where you drop the way points, it will direct you off route, once you pass that way point, the app tries to redirect you back to that point . Would be cool if there were a skip button that directed you to the next waypoint on your programmed Route allowing you to continue the trip with out confusion, other than that, as I said before, it works Pretty well. 2/18 update Apparently they listen well, there is a skip button if you want to proceed past a! Now I wish there were a version for a desk top, if I could map out a route on my IMac and transfer the route to my phone or a flash drive, that would be awesome, Great updates so far, loving the app!!

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    The best routing app out there!

    Like many other motorcyclists, I have looked for and tried many map routing programs and apps. But none compare to the succwss I have had using inRoute. The fact that I can design my own back roads route is worth a lot, since I stay off Interstates whenever possible. Most other apps force you to map out the shorest and/or fastest route, which is usually not my objectvei at all. Add to that the funcaitonality that this app connects with my iPhone and iPad at the same time, allowing me to develop the route on iPad with the larger screen and then use that route via bliue tooth from my iPhone to my headset while ion the road makes this app totally usable and functional for the serious rider. Topping it all off is the quick responsiviness of the Help desk when you have a question. They helped me understand the various commands and functions in a short period of time and ocntinue to support me long after the app was purchased. I've actually talked with the developer himself! I would give this app 10 stars if allowed!

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    Great app

    I purchased the enhanced version with 100 waypoint capability. I use the app on an IPAD (with larger screen) to locate good twisty roads for motorcycle rides. When I finish a route, the app shows the distance and time required to ride it. I can adjust the route to get a good ride time (for me-about 4 hours). I export the route to Dropbox as a .gpx file and import it onto the InRoute app on my IPHONE. I mount the IPHONE on my handlebars, connect my SENA Bluetooth and ride. The voice instructions work great. The IPHONE display is good enough to see the upcoming turns. For my Harley, I load the .gpx file on a thumb drive and upload it to the NAV system. Works well on the Harley if you remember to go into IPAD settings and set not to export unused pins. If you let the unused pins export, your Harley NAV system will take you home first then start the ride. When you start a new route 100 miles from home, that feature does not work out well. I share .gpx files back and forth with several friends who ride. We have built up quite a library for Tennessee.

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    Great Route Planning Tool

    I started using inRoute a year ago when I routed and rode a motorcycle on a 17 day, 6,000 mile ride. At the time I purchased the lower pin drop app (25), which was enough. Now, I upgraded my purchase to give me 150 pin drops, because I’m planning two rides. I’ve got both loaded and ready to go, complete with gas, lunch and hotel stops. The first trip is a 5,200 mile ride and later this year a 6,200 mile ride. There was a glitch in finding gas stations and hotels along the route two weeks ago. Rob with customer service (via email) was very prompt to reply and discovered it was an Apple issue with Apple Maps, which I guess is the base of what inRoute is built on. Rob stayed with it, stayed in communication and offered suggestions while we were waiting for Apple to fix their problem, which they finally did. Thanks Rob for staying with it and for your very prompt attention and replies, even late at night. Bottomline, I highly recommend the inRoute app.

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    The very best I have found for motorcycle routing

    This app is the best I have found routing to a specific address. The ability to enter an address and have it drop a pin on the route is priceless. Makes planning so much easier. Planning a bucket list trip to Sturgis 2019 for a small group, some camping and some in hotels. This app and google are the only tools I have needed, besides the phone to call, to get accommodations for both groups Following the route on the map I have found hotels along the way, googled those hotels, entered address for those in the search bar of the app and it has dropped a pin on that address. Same procedure for camp grounds, searching for campgrounds around hotels on google, entering that address and dropping a pin. Also from google you can get the phone number to make reservations. Information on tags for all pins can be changed to say anything you wish.

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    InRoute Rocks

    I’ve used this program for quite a while now and have to say it is my go to for motorcycle routing. I’ve got a garmin on my motorcycle as well, but find route planning, especially on the fly, to be much easier with inRoute. Planning routes on my iPad and then using them to navigate with my iPhone while on the bike is ideal. The progress this app has made from the start is great, but there is room for improvement. I would like to see the controls onscreen bigger and more prominent while navigating a route. On the smaller screen of an iPhone it is sometimes difficult to see the information at a glance. An easier way to zoom out the route while riding would also be appreciated. Update to Review: Thanks for the reply on how to zoom in and out. I did not know that, but have now tried it and it works great! 5th star added 👍

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    New feature request

    I love the app. This summer I have used it for the planning and execution of an extended RV vacation covering camping at some 30 state parks in Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan. I've also used it to keep track of scores of sightseeing points. One feature I'd like to see in the app would be a calendar that illustrates the dates that I reach my route's points. You already allow me to designate the starting date for my trip and because I can designate the number of full layover days, the app can calculate when I will arrive and leave a place. If I could only view all that information in a calendar I could better visualize my entire trip. If I like what I saw in the calendar within the app, I would then like to be able to export the dates into my Apple calendar so that I could share it with others.

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    I wish it worked for cyclists

    This app is remarkable because of its ability to import AND export GPX files in iOS. As a cyclist, I use these to import them to my head unit, which is a gps unit (I use the wahoo ELEMNT bolt) that can then provide turn by turn directions, which is great for 30 + mile rides in unfamiliar territory. The unit also records power, speed, heart rate, pedal cadence and so on. So this app seemed like the perfect companion for that--because google has great cycling directions, but no waypoints and therefore no GPX export. Unfortunately, the app was thrown by my attempts to use a bike path that stretches for miles through a state park--and routed me out and back around the park to the other side via roadways. Such a bummer, because it is such a great app. Maybe the developer could add a feature to force connect two waypoints? Or add more off road info? I do appreciate the free trial--and would gladly pay for it if it was more cyclist friendly.

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    Enables YOU to force the route YOU want to drive

    I have used the Pro version now for three years. Like everything, it takes some getting used to in order to learn how to use it efficiently. I use it to drop pins along a particular route of my choosing as opposed to using other apps which automatically generate routes for you based on travel time or whatever considerations those other apps use. Once the route is planned by you, the app will give you audio directions (as well as a visual map). So, you can enjoy your drive while getting verbal directions to keep you on the route you planned and wanted to take in order to see whatever you want to see or drive whatever roads you chose. I find it is helpful to drop pins directly onto the map side of the road which you are planning to drive along as if you are “running over“ those pins along the route as you drive the route. I have also learned it can be helpful to place “extra“ pins around road intersections if you want to be sure you take an exact route because this takes away the app’s ability to choose particular routes/turns between any 2 pins you have dropped. The app works fine with iTunes playing and Waze running simultaneously. Happy motoring!

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    Useful, easy to use, full featured

    I use this to plan a variety of trips. Waypoints can be added, deleted and resorted to explore route options and see travel times. Being able to see temperature and wind predictions for the route helps plan my motorcycle trips. As they've made this app compatible with both iPads and iPhones it's easy to plan a route on the large screen of the iPad and then sync to the iPhone for route guidance which you can either use another app for or use their in-app voice guided navigation. This app is well thought out and they keep making improvements. I highly recommend it. My only complaint is with the in-app navigation. When using the app the map rotates awkwardly and once out of cell range the map disappears and you’re left with the route and a line grid. There needs to be a feature to download maps for off-line use.

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    Most responsive Dev I’ve ever encountered!

    Once again I’ve increased my ⭐️ rating because this Dev is simply the most responsive one I’ve ever come across. Not only did he take the time to contact me a second time and explain what I had obviously misunderstood about the difference between the app’s subscription service and one-time in-app upgrade purchase. He also he also explained why there are two levels and how they appeal to different users. I highly recommend this DEV no matter what app of his you may be using. And I will be looking at what else he has developed. Increased ⭐️ rating because Dev responded to my email inquiry literally within minutes. However I still feel verbal turn by turn navigation is a basic necessity & should be included in the Premium level subscription.

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    Versatile and practical

    I have been using the app with all its in-app add ons and could not be more pleased. I ride a 2014 Harley Ultra Limited with the built in gps. I have pre-planned coast to coast rides for groups and being able to calculate stop durations and overnight stays makes planning "kick stands up" a breeze. I can also import the daily routes right into the Harley NAV. But here is what is really cool. I have stopped and re-routed my own personal rides to avoid storms. I plan the route in InRoute with waypoints to direct the path, export the route from my iPhone to a flash drive through the lighting port, and then import the route to the Harley NAV and I am on the road. This can easily be done in a rest area or a local cafe or gas station just using your phone. That is convenient!

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    Good but needs more features

    I like using this app to make deliveries but wish there was an option to prioritize stops by entering a time by which they need to be delivered. Also wish there was some way to add a certain amount of time each stop should take to have a more accurate representation of the time of arrival after all stops are made. I have now been using this application for about 6 months time and decided to give it a 4 star rating as opposed to my 3 star rating prior. It works quite well for my job as a delivery driver, sometimes it crashes like any application but it gets me through the work day nonetheless. I would recommend to others if you're looking for a route planner that gives you a fairly accurate timeframe between stops and very accurate directions.

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    Not as good as it seems

    I have been looking for a way to customize maps and routes fo awhile, specifically for motorcycle travel. I will create maps on google maps, save the maps to icloud and import the .kml with this app into its interface, thats where it starts do go downhill. Too many little isues to mention here but for a 3000 mile trip (891 miles there, 891 miles back and the remainder split into 5 different rides) I fought the app the entire time. You need to be able to pause navigation if you go off route...but if you do go off cant seem to figure out where you are and even get you back to where you were going. I ended up finding a way to use google maps and sometimes iOS maps and ended up with a better experience, definately not worth a subscription in my opnion. too many things made it "not for me"

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    IMPROVED Full Featured Trip Planner

    I've upped this app to 5 stars based upon the last round of improvements. The added utility of colored pins is GREAT! Using the search map feature, I've pinned Nat'l Parks brown, hot springs magneta, etc.... Now on our long camping journeys, we have our places of interest at a glance to tempt us into detours. This planner has almost every feature that I've been seeking in an easy to use app. The weather and elevation plots will be very important to us as we tow our travel trailer in winter months. This will likely become my 'go to' app for our more complex trips with lots of detours and stopovers. Sent a note to the developer, got a quick response, and I look forward to enhancements. I'll give it 5 then!

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Is inRoute - Intelligent Routing Safe?

Yes. inRoute - Intelligent Routing is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,774 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for inRoute - Intelligent Routing Is 61.7/100.

Is inRoute - Intelligent Routing Legit?

Yes. inRoute - Intelligent Routing is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,774 inRoute - Intelligent Routing User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for inRoute - Intelligent Routing Is 61.7/100.

Is inRoute - Intelligent Routing not working?

inRoute - Intelligent Routing works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By RoadDog61
Feb 12 2021

Just starting to use the app and I really like it. It has something I've not been able to find in any other route planning app which is the route VIA option. Google Maps is the worst at constantly telling you to make a u-turn to go back to a stop that was just entered for the sake of routing. I love the fact that I can drop a pin right on the road, mark it as via and just ride on through with out my turn by turn directions getting confused. Thank you, Thank you,Thank you!

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