CBS Sports Fantasy Reviews

CBS Sports Fantasy Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-25

Manage, track and get the best advice for your fantasy teams all in one place.
Whether it’s football, baseball, basketball or hockey, the CBS Sports Fantasy
App has you covered. MANAGE YOUR TEAM: -Draft from anywhere with support for
auction, snake, and mock drafts. -Set your lineup, ad...

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CBS Sports Fantasy Reviews

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    How does this have 4+ stars?

    It’s better than nothing, but it’s still a steaming pile of dog feces. The interface is just not good. When a player gets put on the IL and you add a player, you don’t really know for sure if you’re dropping the injured player or putting him on IL until submit the transaction because the interface is so confusing. You have to flip to a separate tab to view your pitchers for some reason. I don’t know why they can’t just put them under the batters like espn does. There are also only the league stats categories available. If you want to know how many times your players have walked, you have to click on each individual player. But the biggest issue is the waiver wire. You can’t search for players based on stats categories, which is really the only way to actually find players. They have limited time periods to search (last 7 days, last 14 days, last 21 days, last 28 days). And there is no way to qualify players based on how much they play. If you’re looking for a guy who has a good era, you have to sift through 50 relievers before you can find a starter, and you can only find a starter based on your own pre existing knowledge or guessing by how many inning and strikeouts he has. It’s practically impossible to use the app to pick up pitchers. It seems like they desperately want you to just follow their projections, even though most of the “experts” projecting aren’t very good at it.

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    This app blows

    This app is so horrible I had to somehow figure out how to get the full site so I could get accurate scores/updates. The app would consistently give me illegal lineup messages when it was never illegal. Take points away when I set my lineup for the next day, the analysis of players always have statistic and grammar mistakes like they have a intern running it. Been using cbs for 14 years and it was so much better then, than it is now. The app will give you very little info, won’t even show you what that player has gotten on a weekly basis without you having to navigate and click 200 different links to search it when you immediately get it at the full site. I don’t see why it’s so complicated to have the same or roughly the same user interface than what you would get with the full site. It’s completely night and day if you were to compare the two. On top of that their mobile site is so difficult to find the full site (cause it’s trash too) it takes a blood sacrifice and my first borns social security number in order to find it. They have never heard the saying “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” because they constantly want to tinker with things and I can’t think of one thing they’ve done to better their service in 5-10 years. Whoever you have in charge of all this obviously has no idea what they’re doing. Just like I wouldn’t want a fry cook doing my open heart surgery.

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    Get Real

    CBS wants to charge $150 for you to use their fantasy football app. I have used all of the other FREE systems, which are all better by the way. They do offer a free fantasy league for 8-10 team, standard, snake draft systems, which is what I set up. Unknowingly, I was in the pay for league. I invited the teams, set up the draft etc. then after the draft I see “step 4, pay for your league” $150. Anybody who’s run a fantasy league knows what a pain it can be to organize a league and set it up. I knew at that point I just wasted a lot of everybody’s time. I did inquire the “help center” hoping it just default to s free league. After the first week of the season, it locked up the app for all the teams handcuffing us for the $150 which I refuse to pay. After 3 inquiries to the help center and no response, I am going to move us back to NFL fantasy. CBS is trying to be like typical modern business. Trick you into paying for something they claim is superior and not provide any support for it. Forcing you to ask for help through email systems they never intend to respond to. I expect more from a name like CBS. On top of it, the app sucked. I thought it was clumsy to navigate, there is absolutely nothing special about it. Run like hell and use ANY of the other good apps that are FREE! Don’t waste your time like I did. What a joke.

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    Could use a major upgrade

    Needs some updates and a bit of a new overhaul compared to some of the other apps, and fyi unlike Yahoo and other sites they don't give you your winnings till a month after when other sites fantasy games award you 7-10 days after the championship is over it could take longer they said because of how they work, so it's a bit of buyer beware for CBS pay leagues it's sad because I really enjoy CBS paired with Yahoo for some extra fun or a different style, look if you will it's 12 team league verse ten in some cases, but the outdated app where you can watch live scores only your players as it happens in the app, is unlike Yahoo and ESPN where you can stream live coverage of the game on your phone seeing real time stats as they occur, that lineup settings are a bit dull and have been the same for almost the last 5 years. So i give it a solid 3 stars still because it's still the next best to those 3 and you won't find another app like them other then going with the better To for home leagues which is Yahoo or Espn.

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    OK at best

    Where do I start? The CBS sports fantasy app is very frustrating for leagues that aren’t cookie-cutter. The worst thing is that you can not pick up a free agent and move a player to the IL or Minors. Instead, it can only be done with a computer or, most often, your phone’s browser. Another thing is that the trade screen is not helpful in that you can only view own/ start % and salary- cool story bro, might be better if you could view stats and rankings to compare players. Also, my league utilizes OPS instead of AVG or OBP. OPS is not listed on a player page, free agent list or anything except the live scoring tracker. The only way to view it is on the player page- view stats and you add up OBP + SLG to get an idea. Less than ideal huh? Displaying your league’s stats shouldn’t be a lot to ask. It would also be helpful to know how many Innings Pitched you’re on pace for as many owners become mindful of the league’s IP minimum. I generally like the layout and format of the app, but the negatives are enough that we’re considering alternatives for 2020.

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    Would give it a half or zero if I could

    ESPN is much better, easier to see and navigate. Just one example. Please research their app CBS. When my brother convinced us to switch our league here I thought it would be more customizable, have a better interface and be easier to use and navigate because you pay to have a fantasy league hosted on CBS. I was wrong. Not only does it cost 150 compared to free on ESPN, but it is lacking in every aspect, at best. It’s really a ripoff, as I can’t see what value is added for the money. Free apps are better. If you want IR, anyone can pickup a healthy player and put immediately on IR. You have to police it which defeats the purpose of having an app. Curious about the details of your matchup? Good luck. You have to tap multiple times during matchups to see your players stats. All you can see is their points. ESPN gives a quick overview on the matchup screen without having to leave. And it’s barely visible. Oh, and league scoreboard will display one score, but the individual matchup screen is a few points off. All game long. Nothing is intuitive or organized as you’d think it would be. Info is everywhere and at times doesn’t make sense where something may be nested. So I don’t think they put the money towards UI/UX. Oh, and even though you’ve paid to use the league, you are still served ads in app. Why? So, what did we pay for? Why is this app inferior to Free apps elsewhere?

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    This is absolutely the WORST fantasy site I’ve ever been a part of. I’ve used ESPN, NFL and probably one or two others in the past. CBS’ is completely user UN-friendly. I tried to add a player. It said I had to drop someone because that would give me too many (other sites let you drop someone contingent on you getting the player you’re trying to add). So I dropped a player. I was outbid on the player I tried to add. Now it says I have an “illegal lineup” because I’m short one player ON MY BENCH. Not my starters. I have a full lineup of starters, but I’m short a player on my bench because of their stupid rules. It appears as though I will get zero points this week because of my “illegal lineup.” Not only that, but it’s just inefficient and odd to use, the way it’s set up. Hard to find players. Not even simple to find your game for that week. Unwieldy. Awkward. Awful. If my league uses this site again next year, I’m out. Oh, and I gave it one star only because ZERO STARS is not an option.

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    Trading Block

    Adding that to the app would be a HUGE upgrade. It’s too difficult to access the cbs site from the internet explorer of a smart phone. Help make this app better it hasn’t seen many upgrades in the past few years. Considering my league spends the $150+ twice a year for the commissioners leagues, and has done it for over a decade, I hope our plight is seriously considered! Not to mention.... if we’re paying for a commissioners league, we should be allowed to access all these sportsline articles that we need to pay extra for. Just bonkers what we pay out for such a small amount of extra functionality.

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    You changed your web site so we get an hour glass blocked by an employers firewall for roster trends, depth charts, etc. and for the draft. This is the first year. I work for a civil service agency that employs 45,000+ employees. We all generally use CBS Sports for our fantasy football because yours is the one not blocked by our employers firewall. Next year I foresee you losing tons of business as we all switch to the free NFL, Yahoo leagues, since the only reason we were going with you, and paying $160 to you bypassing the free leagues, was because we could access it at work. If that’s not the case any more, adieu . You have time for your programmers to correct the design problem. For right now, we can still set our starters (only) but who wants a 40% functional web site...?

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    What is going on at CBS?

    I’ve played fantasy baseball for 10 years. It’s something I look forward to when the spring rolls around. To prepare for the year, I listened the Fantasy Baseball Today’s podcast and really enjoyed the content. When our league was looking to switch platforms, I voted CBS over the other providers because it was premium and I wasn’t a fan of ESPN from a few years back. The desktop version isn’t bad, but the app is an epic failure. It’s one of the least user friendly designs I’ve ever used in ANY app. It’s very difficult to tell if your pitcher is going that day or the next. You can’t sort players by categories? Something had to go terribly wrong over there for this to be the final product. The only way to keep your users will be to FIX IT. If people have to use this all summer and it negatively impacts their experience, they won’t be back. Please feel free to reach out if suggestions are needed. I believe in you CBS.

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    CBS FF app rules!

    High quality analysis all at my finger tips. What more can you ask for? Regulator question. A LM accidentally dropped Chris Carson for the Cowboys DST when he meant to drop the KC DST. It feels like it messes up the league balance to let it stand as is and have someone just pick up Carson for free via waivers. But it also doesn’t feel right to just reverse it. Any thoughts on an adequate ruling and/or punishment for his mistake that doesn’t adversely ruin the balance of the league? 12 team PPR. Waivers is reverse order of standings reset each week. Waivers already ran (obviously). The team positioned to claim Carson is arguably the worst team in the league if that matters.

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    I try to access this from home Wifi and it's still SO glitchy and slow I give up before being able to access my team 70% of the time. I couldn't even make a last minute change to my lineup because it took almost 10 minutes to get into my team roster! This is the last year I am using CBS to do my fantasy league unless you take some of your multimillion dollar company and invest it on a decent app! Completely ridiculous to year after year be okay with a 1 Star rating, you obviously don't care about your customers! The website has enough issues as it is (released our waivers early and not in the bidding format we had) we had to finish our waiver wire in person by submitting bids on folded pieces of paper to see who won the waivers, yes seriously. I recommend using ESPN or Yahoo, we will be after the season is over.

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    Could be better with some simple fixes

    Add/scout picture icons in player profiles are inconveniently small. There are too many options on the left-side menu. Also on the iPad app, 1. Numbers in live scoring are way too small and 2. it doesn’t appear there’s a way to minimize the other scores in the league so they don’t take up a third of the screen if I only want to monitor my game’s live scoring. Not related to the app but the website desperately needs an option other than drag/drop when trying to edit pre-draft player rankings. Drop-down menu, the ability to upload/paste a document, or even just allowing us to make type our own list without using one of your existing lists as the basis.

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    Good is the enemy of Great

    This app is good. Probably the best on the market. Unfortunately that means it is unlikely they will ever be Great. There is plenty of room for improvement in this app, but we’ll likely need to wait on a competitor to fill the gaps. My #1 gripe - This site is immensely profitable yet they don’t provide any customer service. You would think during the first few weeks they would provide extended hours of support. But no - as far as I can tell they offer NONE. I’ve used this app for probably 20 years. This year we finally had an issue that required assistance. I sent in my request. No response... NOTHING.

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    CBS the biggest waste of money

    CBS constantly suggests waiver pick ups that went by the 9th round of my 10 team draft. There are constant glitches with the app the sound works about 1/4 of the time on their fantasy analysis. There are more add pop ups than my 𝐅𝐫𝐞𝐞 espn and yahoo leagues. The one thing I enjoy are the weekly game reviews. Richard is only slightly less competent than Eisenburg. Id not recommend learning the other dudes name. I’m a ff hall of famer. My league is fiercely competitive. There’s 2 morons in my league that refuse to switch to a better site because they want their 15 year old titles to stay in tact.

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Is CBS Sports Fantasy Safe?

No. CBS Sports Fantasy does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 182,765 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for CBS Sports Fantasy Is 18.2/100.

Is CBS Sports Fantasy Legit?

No. CBS Sports Fantasy does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 182,765 CBS Sports Fantasy User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for CBS Sports Fantasy Is 18.2/100.

Is CBS Sports Fantasy not working?

CBS Sports Fantasy works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By El presidente
Jan 12 2021

I have been using cbs for fantasy for multiple years now and this year 2021 is the first time I’ve been having alot of problems with thier server. Everyone in my league is constantly complaining that the score constantly keeps showing a prior week instead of the current week we’re in. You have to keep closing and opening the app to hopefully it shows the current score. Definitely leaving cbs app and taking other owners in different leagues woth me if cbs doesnt fix this issue

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