Weight Loss Running by Verv Reviews

Weight Loss Running by Verv Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-02

SLIM DOWN IN 4 WEEKS. The first running app on the App Store designed specially
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Weight Loss Running by Verv Reviews

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    Overall a great app

    I’ve been using the app for a few weeks now and Im so far very pleased with it. I use to be an avid runner but life gets busy and its a lot harder to stay in shape in my 30’s now. So I wanted an app just to help keep me motivated to get in shape again, workout just isn’t as fun as it use to be. I enjoy the coaches that you can select from (Bobs my favorite), the music play lists are actually pretty good, and i enjoy the various walk, run, sprint intervals. It even tells me when Im half way so I know when to turn around and head back to were I started. My only complaint is the estimated burnt calories is totally bizarre sometimes. I have a Garmin watch with a chest heart rate monitor that I use simultaneously to record and the distance recordings between that and this app are usually the same, however this app will have almost double the estimated burnt calories (on my last run, my watch said I burnt 390 calories while this app said 609 calories). I trust my Garmin more since it has a more accurate reading of my pace along with my heart rate. Other wise Im happy with the app and feel its worth the money so far.

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    I’ve Always Hated Running

    I have never ever in my life been a fan of running or cardio, period. I recently got into spinning and that opened up an appreciation for cardio because I was able to lose a lot of fat. It wasn’t until I saw how expensive memberships for various classes were that I thought “it looks like I’ll just have to get my cardio in on my own”. I found this app and downloaded it and explored through the work outs and such and was pretty impressed. I took it to the gym with me and ran on the track with it and it was awesome! You can customize just about every aspect and I love that you can do indoor vs outdoor work outs with it. I’m now in week 3 of running with this app and I’m considering the “premium membership”. I also like that this app notifies me when to drink water throughout the day because I’m TERRIBLE at drinking water. I’d rather have wine, milk or beer. Since using this app, I’ve lost roughly 9lbs and can’t wait to continue losing more. I’m super happy that I found this app!

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    Needs Work

    This app is a nice concept in theory but execution is poor and intrusive. You won’t hear the cues from the coach to run/Walk etc. if your lock screen is up. I’m not sure if that’s Bc my phone is set to silent or what but other apps don’t struggle w this. So good luck keeping the app open while you run. It didn’t properly track distance- wasn’t trying to get totally accurate but it was pretty off. Also, the ads and prompts to subscribe for the “premium” service are just too much. You can barely tap a few things on the app without getting a prompt or ad each time. This is a workout app! You are likely in the zone each time a giant ad appears. And I would be fine paying for a helpful app but the $10 a month subscription model just yields 0 value IMO. What am I paying for that’s on par with Netflix or my streaming music service pricing? There just aren’t enough features to justify $10 a month! I have my own playlists and there are other apps that provide what you’re offering without a subscription. Developers: some of us would actually like to pay for your app but your payment models need work...

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    Don’t Pay for the Subscription

    App Review When I first started using this app I loved it. It helped me get back into the routine of running. I noticed I was losing weight and getting stronger. I decided to sign up for the subscription and that’s where my trouble began. The app freezes in the middle of workouts and sometimes right when it ends. It no longer tracks your workouts instead it will delete after one or two days of activity. It has the option for gps for running outside but it only tracked my path twice and the other times I would receive an error message saying it did not know where I was. I reached out to tech support and they were not helpful. I’m just one person who used this app without success but there are others who may have had a better experience. I’m sharing my experience to my FB community just in case someone was considering this app to help them with their New Year’s resolution. I recommend the free version or not at all.

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    The App that Keeps on Giving!

    This app for runners has been my saving grace! For the last few years, my workout regimen has taken a major hit! Treadmill workouts used to be a mainstay. However, after a few years of “starting and stopping,” and no “consistent” routine...my ability to stay on a treadmill to stay committed to a run/ walk of any sort became difficult and frankly annoying. I simply lost motivation and interest. After deciding to give the treadmill a try once more...I was encouraged to seek out apps that assist in getting “wanna be” runners started! Well...nearly 3 months later, I’m actually enjoying my runs, have gained sustenance, more energy and weight loss on top of it all! I have never enjoyed a run on a treadmill more than I do now! The ability to select various genres of music only adds to the fun! I was a skeptic at first...but, investing time and a few dollars a month on this app has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself in quite awhile!

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    I love this ap

    I have downloaded all... quite literally all... of the running aps that take you from couch to 5k, or some variant of that. This one is by far the best. There are SO many options as far as type of programming, for example, the running for weight loss program. That one not only increases your running from minimal to a 5k of all running, but includes sprints to increase weight loss, endurance, and speed. If you're not to the point where you are comfortable running, there is a walking program that will build you up to that. I paid for the full ap and I do not regret it one bit. Definitely worth the money and makes running enjoyable. I'm also able to play my own music in the background, but the music that comes with it is really awesome and pumps you up with tons of options and genres.

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    Love the concept

    The concept of this app is great. I love that you get a plan according to your skill level and it pushes you harder as the days go. You can start the app as a beginner or start at advanced and get a proper running plan. I like that there’s a coach helping you along and cheering you on! The music is also really nice to run to! There are some great playlists on here for motivation. The only downfall I found so far was compatibility with AirPods. Which sadly I can’t get over.. anytime the phone does anything else outside of the running app the AirPod drops Bluetooth. So my music starts playing from the phone speakers and I have to unpair the AirPods and pair them again. This happens if I get a notification, call, text, activity alert from my watch or if the AirPods sense my hands in the vicinity of my ears... like to wipe sweat off my brow. Also today the alerts stopped working in the last 10 minutes of my run. So it didn’t tell me when to speed up, walk or start running again. Hopefully this gets fixed at some point and I can use this app again.

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    Love it so much!

    I love this app. Let me tell you why: 1. Interval training-you burn more calories with interval training. This app has you doing it for 30+ minutes & you almost always burn 500 calories or more. 2. It increases intensity of the workouts each day at a comfortable pace. Each day it gets a little bit harder, but it seems like I always find the energy to push through. 3. The different levels of fitness offers beginners, intermediate, & advanced runners different training plans. This is super important considering there ARE different types of runners. 4. The little parts where the trainer tells you "good job" & reminds you that you're halfway there helps. It makes you feel that you've accomplished a lot so it encourages you to keep going. 5. Aesthetically appealing. Who would I recommend this app to: anyone. I believe this would suit anyone's fitness goals because it is so versatile. Overall, great app. Combine this with a well-balanced diet and you should see significant results in 1 week! I know I have. Great job to the developers! Update: I only have 2 issues with this app. There have been a few times the announcements to run, walk, or sprint. didn’t work. It kind of throws off your workout to have to look at the screen and see when it’s time to do either of those. Also, the lady announces your miles ran/calories burned back to back which is pointless. It’s really distracting. Other than that, awesome app.

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    Kinda works?

    I am half way through week 4 now- few issues with the app- why do I want to sign up for a year long program that is designed for 8 weeks? I just cannot justify $10 a month for music, meal plans and other trainer voices. There are wayyy too many adds. It asks me 10x a day to pay for the app- which again- I don’t see worth it. Another issue- when you read into the program it says to allow days in between workouts for rest and to prevent injuries- but the program is 3 times a week- so if you start Sunday, (rest 2) Wednesday, (rest 2) Saturday... then you have to start back again Sunday in order to get 3 workouts in again the following week- which isn’t a rest between Saturday and Sunday. If you did as directed, week 2 would only have 2 workouts (Tuesday and Friday), and then week 3 (Monday, Thursday) and then start the cycle back over again week 4. The app does not recognize rest days as intended. Also have issues with the app not recognizing miles on inside workouts.

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    Helped me get started

    I actually love this app. I hate running. Scared of it (injury, asthma, etc). But this app helped to break it down in easy steps. And with a slow but sure progression. Each one makes me more assured that I can do it. The ads are really annoying in the free app- they are EVERYWHERE all the time. But after my first run I bought the paid app anyway. Developers: I would like a way to review the program while I'm running, to be able to see what's next. Like the info button you have in the day screens. Thanks! Addendum: thanks for adding what's coming next! Can you also add how long that next segment is? And please can you make the GPS "only when using" rather than "always"? Thanks! Second addendum: things get really glitchy if you pause it. Also if ai am looking at my phone sometimes the voice cue won’t happen, just a little buzz. Is it possible to fix that? Thanks!

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    Finally a great running app!

    I like running, but get bored easily! So after a week or so, I’m done. This is the 3rd running app I’ve downloaded and I love it!! The others I’ve deleted after a few days because they couldn’t keep my interest. And I just noticed that after my first 8 weeks are done, I can go back and select intermediate and then advanced to get even more running options. The time flies by when interval training with this app too. And I’ve only been using this app for 2 weeks and I’ve gained more stamina. I’m also using the free version and it works great! The pop ups to go premium are a bit annoying, but I get it, that’s how you make money. It doesn’t interrupt the running so it’s all good. I’m excited to update my review after I’m done with my first 8 weeks.

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    Glad I didn’t buy it

    If this app worked correctly it would be great! Unfortunately, it does not and in the most annoying way. Unless the app is open on your phone, the voice will not tell you when to change with “let’s walk!”, “let’s run!”, etc. If your phone goes to the lock screen, you are on your own. If you have time to keep opening your phone back up to check if it’s been 2 minutes, 1.5 minutes....you get the picture. I gave it two stars because it is great, if you have the time to keep reopening your phone while running. Update: Even when you use the lock screen on the app (as the developer suggested), if you minimize the app so that your phone lock screen comes on, the audio feedback will not alert you about when it is time to run, walk, etc. through music. I do not want to run my phone battery down keeping this app on the lock screen the entire time nor do I want to have to keep looking at my phone every couple of minutes. Changed my rating from 2 stars to 1 for this reason.

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    I Guess I’m stuck with it

    I had accidentally purchased the YEAR subscription a few days ago by accidently clicking on the add that popped up, it took me straight to purchase the year subscription and as I was trying to click out of the whole app on my home button, my finger I.D. had submitted it. I love the interval running and the coaching but I’m dissatisfied with how the Apple Watch doesn’t mirror the app on the phone like other fitness apps do. I have to look at my watch and figure out an estimated time remaining of every interval. I tried to start the workout on my phone and watch at the same time so I could keep track that way but it ended up screwing up and crashing mid run. It also double records my runs to which I have to delete manually. Just a lot of manual work for a $50 app. So far I accident paid $50 to get the benefits of different coach voices and meal plan recipes... kinda a huge ripoff especially since the app doesn’t work well with the Apple Watch.

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    Inspired to keep going

    This app has continued to motivate me, I started with the weight loss program, and now I’m training for my first half marathon. It’s amazing how it tracks your route, gives you an average time per mile, calories burned, and even suggested meal plan. I’ve been using the app for almost 3 months, have recommended to friends, and will continue to use it. There are a couple very slight suggestions I would offer to improve it. It would be nice to have an option to switch from miles to kilometers. In the marathon training if the coach could let you know in a supportive or funny matter to pick up the pace of you’re falling behind your goal or designated pace. If you need another voice over gal I’d be happy as pie to help ;)

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    App with issues

    I enjoy this app, however it does have its issues. I only gave the basic plan and it’s not the constant ad pop ups for their paid plans that annoys me. It’s the connectivity issues I am having with the app not being able to sync up with my fitbit. It’s the fact that when I accidentally pressed restart running plan, all of my previous gains/trophies were erased, even though I have created an account and was signed in. It’s the fact that I contacted technical support about it and nothing was done. It’s that I had to run the time again, just to get all my hard worked for achievements back. It’s also that it doesn’t keep track of your mileage or accurate calorie burn if you run indoors, which running outdoors is not for everyone. That’s what annoys me about this app. I do appreciate the app in that it keeps me motivated to run and the water reminders. If they fixed all the issues this app has, then it’d be just about perfect.

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Is Weight Loss Running by Verv Safe?

No. Weight Loss Running by Verv does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 82,254 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Weight Loss Running by Verv Is 18.5/100.

Is Weight Loss Running by Verv Legit?

No. Weight Loss Running by Verv does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 82,254 Weight Loss Running by Verv User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Weight Loss Running by Verv Is 18.5/100.

Is Weight Loss Running by Verv not working?

Weight Loss Running by Verv works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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