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Published by on 2024-02-04

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Reported Issues: 12 Comments

4.7 out of 5

By kim chicoine

9 months ago

Again today, Caesars Slots is freezing immediately on startup. I can take a screen shot with my Android phone but I can't send it to you because Support is frozen also. If I hit the Wild Howl button very fast, I bypass the "frozen" part and go to Wild Howl. But if I want to play any other game, I must go back to the home screen and then it freezes again. Uninstalling the game and reinstalling, and restarting my phone repeatedly, does't fix the problem. After several days, it seems to resolve itself, but by then, time has run out on the mission I was extremely close to completing.

By Francita Pryor

10 months ago

Frozen for two days Help !!!

By Joseph Rodarte

10 months ago

I'm unable to use funds available on Caesars Slots. Can someone please help fix error message so I can use the funds available from a Google Gift Card.

By Robert T Irish

1 year ago

not loading.

By Paula Park

1 year ago

Hi, seems like the coins I had in my account disappeared and back to the beginning as I just started playing. How can you give me my coins back?

By Paula Park

1 year ago

Hi, seems like the coins I had in my account disappeared and back to the beginning as I just started playing. How can you give me my coins back?

By david fedderman

1 year ago

Microsoft edge stopped working for Caesars Slots. It is now working on my other browser which is very slow. I had about 260 billion. Ever other website is working on Microsoft edge so the problem is with you. Your help restoring it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

By Dr Lee badipour

1 year ago

Frozen out and can't find contact info

By Roy Mast

2 years ago

I have asked for help 3 other times and get no help. When I get winnings it will not add to my total winnings but it does down put my gamble amount. I have had 2 computer specialist to look at my computer to see if they could help correct this problem and both said it was your problem and you would have to fix it. In the past 4 weeks I have been deprived of 100 billion winnings that would not go to my total winnings. Would you please fix this issue now since I do like to play this. I was married for 64 years and my wife passed away and I am alone and this gives me some ttime to help my depression ease up. Please help me get this corrected or let me know why you can't do it. PLEASE ROY MAST

By LIPS!!!!


I've been playing Caesars Casino for several years now and I like the game overall. However, I give it a low rating because I'm not getting paid for all my winning spins. I've bought before but that did not help with hitting or winning. Has a lot of good games & tournaments alike. I guess it 3 stars!! ✨🇺🇸😎🇺🇸✨ I kept trying the app and there have been a lot of things changed based on some of the things that, we the players, were mentioned and needed improvements. Great work guys ‼️ I’m gonna lower my star rating for this app back to 3! It’s sad how I know it’s impossible to get some of the bonuses no matter if I play max bet every spin and start with 500 billion chips. I’m sorry but if you want to have something for a bonus game/incentive for spinning then it’s got to be reasonable for the players. Good Luck keeping the positive things about the game on the app and increasing your number of new players?🤷🏻‍♂️ Nov 10, 2019 🇺🇸⭐️ Newest update ~~ RMueller one star ⭐️ I worked hard for months to build up my chips to over 20 billion chips. It’s not fair to play this app all these years and paying money to play or stay (new) to rank is a joke. Once again I’m over 20 billion and now I’m at 1.56 million chips. Three days later. Sad I didn’t change anything but I did not get greedy. I know it’s a very big trap. I’m not sure if I have any desire to keep trying or call it quits. You’re another NOT FREE APP but you don’t force us to buy!

By Joemacjohn

Games are getting boring

What’s the point of putting these challenges like the great ship chase if no bombs are given. I have already spent about two billion chips and not once have the bombs come out. And while you keep on saying that there are ups and downs I see a lot of people complaining about losing their coins in a matter of minutes don’t you think that this is a little fishy. Come on you are losing more and more people by the day because your payouts are small and you are making it more and more difficult for people to win and continue playing. I guess you really don’t care about what people say about your slots you will just continue to make it harder and harder for people to win and just continue to lose more and more people. Games are getting boring and are no longer paying. I also put a complaint in a couple a weeks ago on a bonus that was not paid and still have not received a response. I have been trying to finish the missions but with no success because the games are no longer paying. I used to play a lot but now I only collect the coins and play for about five minutes and run out and I go and play other slot games because these games are no longer fun and entertaining. It seems that you are becoming like huge and billionaire casino where they just want your money. I have been playing since 2012 and was enjoying the game until recently when it all when down to no more fun.

By Degenerate Gamblen Man

I feel like I’m in a real casino

Never win, always standing there with palms up. But never coming with a payout. I grew up next to the casinos that this app represents. Never ever ever seen a payout. Never one time ever, I’ve never gotten a payout, my friends never have gotten a payout, their parents never gotten a payout. I have never ever ever seen a win over $1000 at one of these casinos, no one I know has ever been paid out, no one I’ve ever talked to has ever seen a payout. Over the years I’ve dumped a ton of money into these places and never once have I walked away a winner. I feel like I’m really there except now I can lose from the comfort of my own home. Hit 0 in less then 10 min today. If I had any money I would feel like a winner. Don’t get me wrong their buffet is good, vip services come ask me if I want something then disappear into the crowd, at least when I hit 0 on the video game I can still like eat and stuff. So yay I can lose from home and feel good. I actually love these places when I’m not getting followed around by some jerk security guard with nothing to do. Wait in all honesty I think I may have won one of their contests like 12 years ago because of some mail I got. Maybe that’s why I show up under 3 different accounts in their system when I go to get a card then get discouraged and play somewhere else.

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