Minion Rush Reviews

Minion Rush Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-13

RUNNING WITH THE MINIONS! Illumination, Universal & Gameloft have teamed up to
create Minion Rush, an innovative and highly addictive running game for
everyone! Ready to test your skills? Then run and jump into th...

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Minion Rush Reviews

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    Best game some suggestions

    This is a very cool game. My suggestions are optional for the creators of minion Rush you do not have to use my suggestions they are just suggestions. I have four suggestions. My first one is you can create your own run for other players to play. You can add bosses, add more obstacles, What the goal is, and how to pass it. My second suggestion to you have characters from the movies. We need a Gru minion. We could have a Lucy minion. But we could have a Lucy human in a Gru human. My third suggestion is we can create our own minions. We could have a minion that looks like a unicorn or a minion that looks like us. My fourth suggestion is that on Christmas all characters are free. No paying coins no trying to earn them they’re all free. I mean Christmas is around the corner. Is it my suggestions creators of minions read them you don’t have to use any of them I would love if used one of them and I love this game. Just realized I want to add another suggestion that we can actually run in the Arctic and one more that the power ups last until we hit something and that the rocket turns into a jet pack in the shield stays on until we get something freeze gun runs out of ice. So power ups last longer.

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    Bring back online play, thanos ads and AVLs

    I love this game a lot. I played this game like two years ago, but I notice a lot changed. Most for the better, but a few for worse. 1. What happened to online racing??? I loved it! It was going great! I don’t know what happened. Minion rush could just make so that in a certain chapter of despicable ops you unlock online races. Speaking of which... 2. AVLs. Now you have to wait to complete missions. This is supposed to be a action-packed fast-paced infinite runner, but when you take away the ability to run whenever, you suddenly get a period where there’s nothing to do. Also, you added this to limited time missions too. That’s less time people are playing your game. Bad move bro 👎 3. Ads. No, I’m ok with using ads to revive and get loot and all that, just those ads after completing a run. Especially the unskippable ones. If you can’t completely remove them mid-run, just make them skippable. When you take an action game and insert ads every time you finish a run, it kills the momentum and adrenaline. I still love the game, so it deserves 5 stars. It’s still bearable to play with this, but “just bearable” means it isn’t fun, and it’s becoming more like a chore. That contradicts the entire reason we got the game then. So that means players are suddenly not going to play as much anymore, and that leads to deletion. Just remember, this doesn’t just benefit the millions of players, it benefits you, too.

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    Gets boring after a while

    Even though I never get a response from any games ima leave a review for the newbies, in this game you are a minion and you run collect bananas,powers,and skins! Try to doge the obstacles and get to the Finnish line! This reminds me of something *cough* Subway *cough* surfers *cough* sorry must have had a little bit of repetitive bore in my throat.. seriously there are like hundreds of games with the same objectives! Doge the bad guys and obstacles, collect some specific item all the way the can be used to buy skins, and make sure to collect the power ups, they will help you on your journey! Oooooooohhhh sooooo exciting! Honestly Subway surfers gave me anxiety that the bad guy would get me which left me thinking when I go on a walk “Is there anyone following me? Do I need to run for life life?” And good god this game does the exact opposite! I personally haven’t played this in a while but this is the exact same thing as all the other thousands of games! If you made it to the end of this long review than look out for me! I will put #CocoMelon_Vs_Pewdsipie at the end of them so you know it is me the FNAF,Undertale,DDLC fan girl who really only writes negative reviews. Trust me my reviews will make you laugh, Sincerely, your TruestRedditMemer

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    Deleting Minion rush as result of the new 5 year celebration update

    I am deleting this game because of the new update as well, I loved this game. It’s the only game on my whole phone I play & all the other games are for my kids. I have had this app. religiously for the past 5 years & now I am ready to move on as my progress, time & energy put into this game has been completely destroyed & I don’t feel like wasting anymore of my life’s precious time on this game. I had wanted to go on and play a few games of minion rush this week & it’s just not even appealing to me anymore. Also for those of you who like to spend your hard earned cash on games to be able to have certain things, I’m sorry that the creators of minion rush basically thought it was okay to rob anyone who payed for anything through this game. I understand updates and all but to completely destroy someone’s game work and steal the money they’ve spent to have some of the things they have been able to have that they no longer have anymore is stealing (this was bringing money into the “games pocket” (time for me to find a new game or just not play one anymore.) I’m not suing myself personally because I didn’t spend any of my own money on the game, but those of you who actually did have a law suit if you want one just putting that out there. Good Day Minion Rush!

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    Just stupid 😡😡😡

    That’s all I can say. Ads are too long, it glitches way to much, and it is so freaking confusing. When I want to upgrade one of my Minions, I can either spend coins or watch an ad. But the thing is, the Minions are so over priced, that I have to watch an ad. I watch the ad, but it doesn’t even stop! I exit out of the app, and in again, but it just won’t stop! I wait for a few days, it doesn’t stop! 😡😡😡I look for an x, there’s no x! That’s 1 thing. Not only that, it glitches way to much! If I want to jump over an obstacle, it practically always glitches! I have the newest phone (iPhone 11) I have 4 bars of WiFi, and it still glitches!!! So stupid. This doesn’t just happen when I jump. Also when I duck and slide! So crazy! And when it glitches, it not only makes me crazy, it also makes me not do the move, therefore making ME LOSE!!!! 😡😡😡 This app is not only annoying, it’s confusing! There are lots of worlds when I get the app, but I have to download them! And that alone takes up a lot of my storage!!! Shouldn’t the worlds already come with the app? Why not use them? The thing is, they FORCE YOU to download them!!!! 😡😡😡 What the heck!!!!!!!! This app is so freaking stupid I recommend never even bother to even talk about it! 🤬🤬🤬 It’s soooo sad!!!!!!!!

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    I wish Gameloft would undo the whole new update😡

    This game is absolutely awful now that it has been updated. This may be a long paragraph(s) but I’m proving a point. Okay so Gameloft do you ever look at your reviews because your recent reviews have sucked for one apparent reason. Your UPDATE has literally failed every persons expectations. First of all I have just downloaded this app today because earlier I was thinking “Hmmmm maybe I should re-download Minion Rush because it would be a fun game to start playing again. Then about an hour or so ago I go into the App Store and search Minion Rush up. Then I look at the reviews for maybe any exciting things happening in the game, or any events that I maybe missed out on. Then I see about 5+ reviews about how the update sucked and that everyone hates the new game. I downloaded Minion Rush wanting to see what the fuss was about. I go into the app once it downloaded and it immediately said after the video something about “all your old progress will be saved and converted into new cooler coins.” Well game developers should respond to this because it has many reasons why they should undo the update.🤬And also Gameloft just ruined the old and way better version of the game. Thanks for you time. I’m so disappointed😓.

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    Stupid glitch, horrible update !UPDATE!

    I HATE the update. I remember I had so much fun with the old app and decided to redownload it and see how far I can get. To say the least, I was surprised about the new update. Also I hate it. It was so much better as the original app. I can tell even though I got stuck on the tutorial. That’s right, I got stuck on the tutorial and can’t play anymore. Once I got to a certain part of the tutorial, it froze and I couldn’t play anymore. I restarted the app and my phone and still nothing. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, and guess what? Because of the update or something it picked up where I left off. And it was still frozen. Now I can’t even play the app if I wanted to. Good job, you failed. OK UPDATE so I got a response, and it’s been like a day or two so I took their advise and redownloaded. Still frozen. It automatically logs me into my Game Center account, not much I can do on that. If y’all are interested it gets stuck on the bit of the tutorial where you HAVE to tap the ‘my career’(it makes you do it, no choice here ;-;) and Lucy or whatever her name is shows up and says “Keep playing, and soon you will get the main reward: the El Macho’s Lair location”. It then gets frozen and I can’t tap anything

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    This is the second time!!!

    In 2015, minion rush went from an okay, infinite runner, to a super fun, level game with locations from the Despicable Me movies, where you collect bananas to buy and level up characters, and completed different objectives to win different levels. Plus the boss battles. They were always in there. Loved it. I got to level 279, and then in 2019 it updated big again. I lost all my progress and characters I’ve been working towards for years. Now, there are coins, which are new and make bananas almost useless, plus the setup of the game is confusing. Once you get the hang of the game, it’s kinda fun. You play challenges and objectives to work towards ten goals, then get a grand prize, usually a location or rare character. It’s okay, but I liked the old version better. The developers are obviously not gonna bring back the old version of the game, so please make a way to restore your progress. Or maybe let us choose which mode of play we want. Or make it a whole new game. I know it’s a lot to ask, but this was one of my favorite games. Please take the suggestions and maybe I’ll rate five stars.

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    It’s unfun

    I personally would not get this game. I have it and will probably delete it soon. It won’t just let me run, every time I reach a goal it stops me from continuing! I absolutely do not like that. The missions I go on are worthless! In the past there were missions but they didn’t delay you of the game like they do now. Again, every time I complete a mission, it says “target achieved” and makes me stop my run. I just want to play this game to any extent in which I get to keep running. It also deleted all my progress from the past and I had to restart from level 1! The power ups are horrible, and they only last a short period of time. I would not spend money on this game, because I didn’t. This is an old phone in my family so recent people already paid the money to buy it, I just had to reload it to the cloud. The family member did NOT get their money’s worth and I certainly am not going to wast the time in playing a game that’s not appealing. I’m sorry but this is a BIG lose on the creator of the game, Gameloft. I would not have gotten this if I had known that it had updated. The update is the problem not the game itself. Gameloft needs to delete the upgrade for this to become the appealing fun game it used to be.

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    This is the MOST Ridiculous Update ever!!! 😡🤬

    When I downloaded this game a few years back, it was the most enjoyable game I had. There were different maps to play at (AKA Gru’s Lab, Minion Beach, Amusment Park, etc.). Each level would just be part of a map that can be past if you complete all of the levels. (Like Candy Crush). I would be addicted to the game and it would be very hard to get off of. I would still play the game like that if it didn’t have the new update. When that update was put in, it took out everything that was fun about it. The infinite runner turned into an objective based levels. If you got one objective, you would try for the next, next again, then it would just end. That is not what an infinite runner is Gameloft! The layout is very confusing, you have limited energy, and there is absolutely nothing that I can be happy about. They took out the good levels and they just simply didn’t care. I would love if Gameloft undo the new update, but because off the problems they have with their games, it looks like it won’t happen. I am playing to see how bad it is now. Overall, it is a terrible game now and I am now never playing any other game from them. I am going to play Minecraft now...

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    So amazing

    I remember when games had no adds at all and let you have the full experience unbothered. All of the free apps are plastered with adds and some of them even play adds when you’re in the middle of the game. I’ve always loved these temple run games and it’s the only one I’ve seen with actual levels. I like the levels because it gives you a goal and it’s not the same repetitive thing over and over. I also enjoy the little things too like all the maps you can play on and how different characters have different benefits. And don’t even get me started on the fact that you can earn gru coins without paying real money. I can’t think of any app that allows all of their currencies to be earned and not just paid for. I really love and enjoy this app and the developers did a great job with it.

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    Used to be good, new changes stink

    I started playing this app close to the beginning, when it was just an endless runner with some special events. It was decent-I liked being able to switch through the various stages, and the boss fights kept things interesting. Then came the mission mode, and things were still okay. Now I’ve come back after about a year or so, and I’m disappointed. What happened to the Despicable meter? You were rewarded for being a long time player, and you kept playing in order to watch your score rise. The despicable actions aren’t even that satisfactory anymore, especially because you only get about 1,000-2,000 points per action, and they won’t tell you you did it. This app was very pay-to play before, but at least there was stuff to keep you coming back. I’ve been playing for ten minutes and already getting bored again. The game still has good graphics and mechanic, so points for that, but drastically shrinking the timer for the power-ups is depressing.

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    USED to be good

    I remember playing this game when it first came out, it have had to been my favorite at the time. I was so addicted, I played every day. It’s the little things in life that make me happy. ON THE CONTRARY Ok you’ve most likely heard about this in the comments already, YES THIS UPDATE IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!!! Oh boy where do I start? What hasn’t been said already? It’s bad bad bad! You see, when this game first came out it was this AWESOME high score game with gadgets and bosses and it was just so good for a Despicable Me fab such as myself. And then this update came along and now it’s a bunch of mission trash! We wanna play the game consistently and not stop after we complete a mission! That should be like a side thing!! After all these years of love, loyalty, and dedication I made the heart breaking decision to delete it. Sad to let go of something I loved but if you don’t love it anymore why keep it? I’m generously rating this 3 stars because of what it used to be in hope it changes back. Till then, I’ll be waiting.....

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    Used to Love This Game

    I remember when this app first came out it was all about an endless run earning bananas to get any minion. It was a game really worth grinding for. Now that the game has been significantly been updated, I figured I would try it once more and I can’t even get as far as I can without even completing a mission. This game is now over complicated. You need cards to buy upgrades for a minion or to even collect one. I used to like this game when it was simpler much like the Temple Run series and Subway Surfer. If they made a separate game that was related all about missions and solely focused on a simpler aspect back in the day, this would easily have gotten five stars from me. This deserves a two because I thoroughly can’t enjoy the game based off of all these missions that pop up. I’m sorry but this could have been a three if they added a mode dedicated for endless running and no missions involved. It could be better. It’s still a fun game don’t get me wrong but everything added just makes this complicated.

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    I would give the update no stars if possible

    The update basically makes the player start over. It takes forever to level up. 3 stars at a time. My next level up is 800 starts. The missions take forever. For example right now one of my mission is to fly Gru’s rocket 800m. That is for one star. My best costume gives me the rocket for 12 seconds at a time. Each rocket at best is 200m. To get 3 stars I have to get the rocket 10 times. Even at level 220 or whatever on the jelly lab did I have to get any power up 10x to get 3 stars. I read some of the reviews for the update. All the developer responses are the same. They are just copied and pasted. That is terrible customer service. I don’t understand why with the update I have to do all the achievements again. That should have been part of what is saved from the old version. I have played every level. Why is beating vector an achievement ? Not that I have had to beat Vector yet even though I have played enough of the update. Again I am not happy with the update. Copy and pasting developer response is bad customer service.

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No. Minion Rush does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 193,200 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Minion Rush Is 0.4/100.

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No. Minion Rush does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 193,200 Minion Rush User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Minion Rush Is 0.4/100.

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