RIVS Apply Reviews

RIVS Apply Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-08

The interview process has never been this easy. If the company you have
submitted an application to uses RIVS for their hiring needs you can use this
application to: •Take Written, Voice, and Video interviews. •Receive push
notifications with updates to your application. •Communicate d...

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RIVS Apply Reviews

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    Practice Question

    In the friendliest possible way, may I remind the authors of this software program that many people will be experiencing this digital interview methodology for the very first time and some - certainly myself, will be ill at ease and unfamiliar with this sort of technology. Having the opportunity to practice is very welcome, that is, checking the recording levels and ensuring that one's face is pretty much centered in the frame. However, when the message appeared that "your practice question will appear here" and the question in fact does not appear I found disconcerting and it made me question whether the software was operating correctly. This sudden jolt of doubt or uncertainty, moments before the interview is quite unhelpful when what one needs most is sense of calmness and tranquility. I suppose my interview was 'good enough' but the performance would have been stronger without that unexpected surprise. Then one of my answers got 'stuck' when uploading, caused the program to freeze up and it was necessary to call the helpdesk to get assistance in order to continue (and I used the latest model iPhone, so I don't think the device can be blamed). It's in the nature of interviews that they are unnerving, but formats such as these for use by the general public need to assume zero computing experience on the part of its users.

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    Very poorly coded, will inform future employers I am not Interested in using this program

    I didn’t like anything about this software. I have been doing multiple interviews via apps like this and this one is terrible for multiple reasons. 1st reason, on the iPad the screen wouldn’t rotate to landscape, so I probably look sideways when the job watches the video!! My iPad stand only holds in the landscape position. When clicking through with a link (which doesn’t tell me a password) it doesn’t work, then prompts me for a login that I can’t even create. I had to log onto my computer (with no camera) click through the link to find my randomly assigned password, then go back to my iPad to do the interview. There is no redo like other interview sites I have used. You get one try and that’s it. The questions overlay over you screen in huge ugly yellow letters that is distracting. Their questions are coded wrong and instead of being underlined show <p> and <u/u> all over the place. The user experience is utterly bland and boring. Please go look at HireVue and see how much better it is. I hope I never have to use this again, nothing is more frustrating than having a difficult interface that makes your interview harder.

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    Slow upload speeds and poor practice

    This was my first digital interview. I had allotted the appropriate amount of time for the interview, but did not anticipate the awful upload speeds in the building. I practiced and did not realize that the lack of practice questions left me simply fumbling to talk to myself while recording. Then, I stumbled a few times and re-recorded the first question. It was what it was, but it then proceeded to drain my phone battery while slowly uploading the answer. This necessitated me running back to my desk for a charging cable. I cannot record at my desk. So, during the first chance for the second question, I was looking for a closer room to record in. Needless to say, when I found a room and recorded an answer, I was not at my best. Then the slow upload again! At this point I got kicked out of that room due to a meeting. I was able to get back to my original room and record the last answer to the third question. Again, not at my best. Third question took less time to upload because I was flustered and short with my answer. If I am successful in securing an interview, it will be in spite of this app rather than because of it.

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    First time using this app for an interview. I like that fact that you can re-record as many times as you want. But since the practice video didn’t work and didn’t give me the practice questions I had to do the real one over and over again. I have an iPhone 10. I don’t have a home button. I also didn’t realize that once the timer went off for the question that it started recording. Once I found out I was recording I stopped the video. I had to exit out of the app real quick and to do that I have to swipe up. When I swiped up it hit next question on accident and I was unable to go back and fix it. Which I’m already nervous when it comes to interviews. Not being able to fix it and give an actual answer gave me an anxiety attack. I’m really good with technology but I just feel like y’all should look over a few things and maybe give the option to go back or at least to view all videos at the end and make changes as needed. Especially since you use this for interviews and we want them to be perfect.

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    innovative solution to scheduling video interviews

    In order to avoid meeting a prospective employer in "selfie-pose" with my arm outstretched, I had to fashion a stand of sorts and delicately balance my phone on it for best camera effect. Not the app's fault, for sure, but definitely something that should be considered when designing an app is how the user will use it. There was one technical glitch when using the app ... after finishing my first question, the app shut down and I had to restart it. I'm not certain whether the answer to my first question was recorded and there is no feature to review your answers/recordings. The primary benefit offered by the Rivs product is its convenience: the candidate can answer questions any time of day/night, and the employer is freed from having to coordinate a videoconference. But for a system that uses both audio and video, the process is quite cold and impersonal. I'd suggest that they find a way to make the process more interactive. Perhaps the employer could video record themselves asking each question. Perhaps the person who's asking the question could vary from one question to the next. Maybe the employer could assemble a panel for the purposes of recording the questions the candidate will answer. My harshest criticism is that the Rivs product does not allow the interview to go both ways. The candidate is deprived the opportunity to interview the organization.

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    Satisfied, easy to use and non intimidating!

    I was a little skeptical and nervous to go into this recorded video not necessarily having an office in my home where I could record it in a super professional setting- but I found a neutral spot in my home and I just decided to be me, talk about all the questions genuinely that they had asked and give them my Feedback in the best way possible. I feel like this software is very modernized and I think it’s a wonderful idea especially saving people time and hassle to be able to have the privilege to do it on their own time in their own environment! I think the questions were perfect I think the amount of time taken to do the interview was perfect it was not overdrawn and all in all I believe that it was very professional! I enjoyed this!

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    Not a good first Impression for candidates

    So, the website said an hour is plenty of time to do this. The interviewer in this app said 6-8 minutes. I was able to answer the questions in 6-8 minutes but to upload each short video took upwards of 10 minutes. It took 13 minutes to upload a video that was under 2 minutes long. I tried putting my device near the router to make it faster. But then I had no time to prepare for the next question. I was just flustered the whole time. What’s more, I applied for 3 similar positions, each of which requires a separate interview. This will take closer to 2-3 hours. My house is not a quiet house. I had to shoo the cat out of the room each time I went to put the device closer to the router. I think I’ll have to check out a study room at the library but I can only have it for an hour at a time so, then what? I’m also not a fan of the quick turn around and not knowing what is involved.

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    Use this with Caution

    As we embrace technology we try to use gadgets to make our lives easier and more efficient. My company has decided to eliminate the middle (person) and in the process removed the personal touch. If the intention was to test a persons ability to handle a strange system(s) this interview process did just that. The HR people are now hundreds of miles away, sorting applicants without knowing who they really are. Now this Digital interview can qualify (or Disqualify) souls based on how the camera sees them. Luckily the hiring manager knows me (may not be really to my benefit ) but now a manager can discriminate based on gender, race, and age and claim the applicant did not interview well. Then the recruiter can claim the manager selected the best candidates from a large pool, while the manager says nearly the same exact words (yes this happens), while hiring a pretty 20-something for a job.

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    Not a big fan honestly

    Watching the timer, and knowing that the answers you are giving can’t exactly turn into a conversation is a little embarrassing. Getting 2 minutes to describe your biggest successes seems like a rush. I ended up barely saying anything coherent at all in my opinion because that timer is ticking away and I’m in a silent room talking to myself. Onsite in person interviews go so much better for me, I think I was actually more nervous for this than I was in a room with 5 executives because like I said, at least then it’s conversational and not just me trying to fill an empty void with my words. I don’t feel my answers were very good at all in this situation but they are usually full of detail and I can provide multiple answers rather than trying to think of something that will fit in a 2 minute window or trying to think of which of your examples you want to cut from the conversation. Totally not my style.

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    Uncomfortable to look at yourself

    I had to use my cellphone as my computer wasn’t working well with their settings and recorded question couldn’t be uploaded for whatever reason. I wrote to help desk and to assigned recruiter, however, I haven’t received any response back. Time was running out and I had to do interview over the phone app. Digital interview was very uncomfortable for me as I am a technical professional and wasn’t really applying to be an actor. It appears not to be so easy to look at yourself and answer questions. I do much better in real interviews where human interaction is possible. I am glad I practiced a lot and went through with all questions but I rather prefer interview over the phone or in person. It felt robotic and not personal to talk to myself on the screen. However, questions were standard and using the app was very easy.

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    Interviewing process

    So I had a digital interview for a position within my company. When I started the practice question, all it said was that the question would be displayed here. I was expecting a practice question and it started recording for what ever reason. So I decided that best thing to do is just go ahead and do the interview. When I started my interview, I listened to my recording and decided to re-record to make sure I did it right. When I started, the video recording before was playing over my recording. So when I tried to listen to it again. It messed up my question all together. I also couldn’t re-record because the app only allowed for one more recording. This doesn’t help anyone that needs to do the interview because it’s unprofessional to have hiccups in recording the interview. I don’t like using this app for this reason.

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    Pretty good but slow

    This was my first experience with an online interview of this type, and I would say it was pretty good, although the upload speed was painfully slow. I was sitting right next to my router, but it still took at least 5 to 10 minutes to upload each video. What I expected to take about 30 minutes Took me about an hour and a half. One video upload got stuck at 93% for several minutes, so I finally turned off Wi-Fi and used my cellular data, and the subsequent uploads seemed to go faster. The print on the screen is extremely tiny, and the fact that it is in yellow print on the recording screen made it even worse. Please make it larger and in a better color that will be more legible.

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    New experience but no bad at all.

    This was my first digital interview and while I was stressing it, I was pretty relaxed as we went along and I became more comfortable with it. I guess if I could change anything it would be to allow us to see our video responses before moving to the next question. However, maybe that could be construed as the candidate not really being him/herself so I guess I get it. There was one question that had misspellings and weird characters within the sentence but I was able to make out the jist of the question and respond. This was a positive experience and I’m sure it will get better over time.

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    Subpar experience

    I was only able to record my answer 3 times. Not knowing what they were going to ask me I was forced to load the question in order to see what they were asking me, then canceling it so that I had time to formulate my response. This is unlike a normal face to face interview where you have time to discuss different things with your interviewer and you’re not restricted to 90 seconds to formulate and present your response in a clear and concise manner. I felt like I was forced to waste one attempt every time I answered a question because there would be a 10 second timer counting down for me to begin my response and I had no time to really get my thoughts together. I would have much rather had a face to face interview or at least time to present my response since it is limited to at most 3 minute responses.

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    User Friendly

    I just used this app for the first time to complete a preliminary interview. It was fun and interesting. I screwed up the first two questions because I didn't realize that the timer that starts when the question is asked is allowing you time to prepare your answer, LIKE IT CLEARLY SAYS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN! In any case I hope that's not held against me. What I would recommend is that in the opening instructions, it spells out the practice timer. Yes, even though it says "prepare your answer" in green at the bottom. Sheesh! In any case it was fun and if I'm not invited for a face to face, at least I have a new recruiting weapon to offer my current employer!

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Is RIVS Apply Safe?

Yes. RIVS Apply is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,522 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for RIVS Apply Is 49.0/100.

Is RIVS Apply Legit?

Yes. RIVS Apply is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,522 RIVS Apply User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for RIVS Apply Is 49.0/100.

Is RIVS Apply not working?

RIVS Apply works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Leisha
Jun 30 2021

RIVS app destroyed my interview yesterday. I used my iPhone to download the APP. I thought the video quality of my phone will be better than the camera of my desktop. The interview display is simple, with just three buttons (practice, real, cancel). I press the practice button. See nothing on the display when it said microphone and camera were tested. When it said the camera was tested I did not see my face was recorded until the last step that said "start to record".
I just want to check my position and background so I just murmur something that was recorded. I press the practice button again then the error happened and the interview completed. I don't even have a chance to touch the real button. I sent a reset request and then nobody answered me. In the whole procedure, I was very cautious. If not, I will directly press the real button. This opportunity is extremely precious to me: close to my home, good match, and I can take care of my kid. As a single mom, this job is great for me. But I lose this opportunity. All the time I blame myself why I did not directly press the "real" button to directly record instead of practicing. This APP destroys my life.

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