BlueJeans Video Conferencing Reviews

BlueJeans Video Conferencing Reviews

Published by on 2023-11-12

About: BlueJeans delivers a premium video conferencing experience that is optimized for
the mobile workforce. With amazing features, like Dolby Voice® audio,
BlueJeans helps make every meeting more productive regardless of where the
participants are located.

About BlueJeans Video Conferencing

What is BlueJeans Video Conferencing?

The BlueJeans app is a video conferencing platform that offers a premium experience optimized for mobile workforces. It allows up to 150 attendees to participate in meetings with HD video and Dolby Voice® audio for the highest fidelity meetings. The app also offers features like content sharing, intuitive controls, and one-touch join to make meetings more productive. Additionally, it has intelligent bandwidth management that optimizes network settings and a safe driving mode for distraction-free meetings.



- Video meetings with up to 150 attendees

- HD video and Dolby Voice® audio

- Content sharing for maximum productivity on-the-go

- Intuitive controls for meeting moderation

- Integration with calendar for one-touch join and easy transition between meetings

- Intelligent bandwidth management to optimize network settings

- Safe driving mode for distraction-free meetings

- Join BlueJeans Events as a view-only participant with the ability to respond to Q&A and polling

- Use the Mobile App as a conference room system controller for launching a meeting on a SIP/H.323 endpoint

- Proximity mode to transfer personal calendar from mobile app to a Dolby Voice Room

- Patient landing experience for BlueJeans Telehealth customers to guide patients through a check-in process ahead of their visit

- Ability for patients to sync their Apple Health data directly into their televisit for providers to view and interact with the shared data.

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

Positive experience


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Key Benefits of BlueJeans Video Conferencing

- Easy to use

- Saves time and money from having to drive to appointments

- Allows multiple people to connect with a patient

- Has worked without glitches

20 BlueJeans Video Conferencing Reviews

4.8 out of 5


Probably the best but needs some work

Love BlueJeansVideoConferencing for work at a large and semi-distributes team, but would like the team to fix two issues, one major and one minor.

Major: BlueJeansVideoConferencing tries to intelligently switch between speakerphone and on-ear talking, and it doesn’t do a good job of it. I think it’s triggered by position and light sensor, and there are many times where it’s completely wrong because I’m juggling phone/keys/bag on my way around town. BlueJeansVideoConferencing stutters with those transitions too, so you can miss conversations with the inconsistency. Would much prefer a manual button (like the native phone app)

Minor: since my company uses sso, and I’m on a managed device, BlueJeansVideoConferencing routinely tries to sign me in via sso. But there’s no benefit to me being signed in, so I get prompted to sign in every time I use BlueJeansVideoConferencing and it’s annoying. Would prefer it didn’t prompt all the time


Feedback feedbackfeedbackfeedback

The sound is terrible (both on phone & computer). Whatever they do with mics or settings causes massive feedback almost all the time. The only solutions are for moderators to forcibly mute all participants. Then it is nearly impossible to manage who can and can’t speak. Since bluejeans doesn’t display regular phone numbers by default then it is hard for people in actual conference rooms to know how to call in - so everyone in the room tries to use their computer - which makes the feedback problem worse. The default mute settings and the real dial in number display and usage both really need improvement. Now our meeting moderators spend 1/3 of every meeting fiddling with bluejeans trying to get sound to work reliably with groups. We never had these kinds of problems with the systems we used before switching to bluejeans.


Why can’t you see yourself before joining call?

I have very good internet and BlueJeansVideoConferencing has worked without glitches but the iPad app seems to be lacking very basic features. Why is there not the ability to see yourself before joint a meeting so you can make sure your framing and lighting is ok? Furthermore, even after joining a meeting, the camera view of yourself is so tiny and there is no way to make it larger, so again, at least then, you can actually see yourself and adjust your framing. These obvious omissions are terrible, and they warrant me rating BlueJeansVideoConferencing with just 1 star. On another note, before using BlueJeansVideoConferencing , I sent an email to BlueJeans asking if this functionality existed and no one ever even bothered to answer me. What they did do, however, was almost immediately start flooding my inbox with spam! Ridiculously bad service.


Helps me to stay connected on the go!

The BlueJeans mobile app is easy to use and intuitive! As long as you’re wearing headphones (preferred) or not using speakerphone, the audio quality is good and the meeting controls are simple. As with any kind of streaming video, your experience is only as good as the connection on which you’re sitting, so if you’re not on wifi or in a bad service area, use low-bandwidth mode to make sure you (and everyone else on the call who might have to listen to you) have the best experience.


Not working for iOS devices

This morning BJ pushed an update to iOS APP. my iPhone and iPad are new and running latest iOS as is doctors APP. there is no connectivity from doctor portal into BJ. Have cleared cache, deleted app, restated device, reloaded APP and nothing. Cannot start teleHealth from link or by typing meeting number. The BJ entry screen freezes, never connects and eventually times out. Have plenty of bandwidth. Have had no problems since March 25. In fact right after APP updated this morning can no longer do test call with Jean. Get same result. Please fix this. Doc visits require video to be effective. PS setting for set for Mic and camera to be used are on


Meeting with my doctor

So easy to use, but screen where you wait for your doc, (where your face is while you wait for your doc), is a little confusing. There’s a link there and it says “share info”, it seems like you have to click that link and click “share info”, but you don’t.


Good app when it’s working

It’s a good app when it’s working. Been having a major issue with this version on iOS. Regular “Meetings” work without a problem, but the pricier “Events” freezes whenever I switch to another app or lock the screen. (Expected behavior is to have the audio on and video off) I’m sure it’ll get sorted out soon though...

Hope to see the live closed captioning feature on iOS version as well. It’s helpful from time to time.


BlueJeans program

Love this system! Sure beats driving all the way into Philly for my doctors appointments, and I have alot of doctors that I have to be in contact with in one way or another. This is one of the few good things that has come out of COVID, so many doctors now use this program. I hope they continue to use it…Thanks so much


Hospitals and covid

So my mom suffered a stroke and we weren’t allowed to have more then one person see her. My brother set up BlueJeans and we were all able to talk to her twice a day. Really added some well being to us as my mom struggled with recovery. It was amazing to see her open her eyes and respond to our voices. Has been a true blessing.


Has really improved over the years

A good conferencing app should have a joyous UX with uncluttered controls and intuitive features. I hadn’t used BlueJeans for years and was pleasantly surprised at how far it has come. I think this could be a contender again. I especially like the “low-bandwidth mode” relevant for most users.


Great. A few improvements needed

Love blue-jeans. Much lose user friendly than any other solutions. Two missing features
- virtual backgrounds built into the iOS app. This is standard on zoom and always helpful
- ability to see more participants on a grid in IOS. Again this is a great feature on zoom.
Thanks for listening !


Great for traveling or as a test tool!

Super easy to use! We use BJN exclusively for video calls and deploy BlueJeansVideoConferencing to our iOS users for on the go. Provided they are connected to WiFi, their meeting and call experience is great! I use it to test call quality and connectivity at least once a week. Support is fantastic as well.


WARNING! Mic keeps recording when phone is turned off!

This is a major privacy issue that needs to be changed immediately. When you click the power button on your iPhone it should close down BlueJeansVideoConferencing , stop the mic from picking up audio and pause on turn off your connection right? WRONG!!
BlueJeansVideoConferencing continues to pick up and share the audio from your phone after you click the power button.
This is a major privacy violation and they do not give you any clear warning about this.



Our institution uses it for patient visits. I’m glad it’s HIPAA compliant, but I’m afraid that after me spending a massive amount of time coaching the patients in how to use something with inconsistent audio and video and with very unintuitive on-screen help/control functions, we’ll switch to something else that works better and I’ll have to start over. I never seem to have so much echo, delayed audio or no audio with other teleconferencing apps. And if there is a problem, the patients have no idea what they need to do to fix it.


Closed Captioning?

The audio on BlueJeansVideoConferencing is excellent and I no problems with connectivity or audio delay. BlueJeansVideoConferencing gets only 3 stars because the iPad version doesn’t have closed captioning. I’m lucky enough that my hearing loss is not so profound that I couldn’t follow the meeting. However, others may not and the lack of cc is a huge oversight. If it is in BlueJeansVideoConferencing then you need to make it easier to access. I couldn’t find it.


Good, but could be better

I use BlueJeansVideoConferencing constantly and it has improved dramatically since I first used it. Really my only issue is that there isn’t an accompanying app for the appleTV. I would love the ability to join calls from my appleTV directly to just see video or screen shares from people (and call in separate for audio) without having to use screen mirroring from my phone.



We’ve been holding weekly meetings for awhile now using this program, it has been a wonderful experience. To be able to see each other clearly and hear one another. Whom ever came up with this program and made it affordable, MANY BLESSINGS to you and your LOVED ones.


Crashing repeatedly

It was all working and was fabulous until today when I tried to open BlueJeansVideoConferencing ; just to know that I can't. BlueJeansVideoConferencing is failing to start and I can't open it. It crashes just to load my meeting list. Can someone look into this?


Usurps audio volume control

BlueJeansVideoConferencing functions well for video conferencing. Unbelievably, though, BlueJeansVideoConferencing hijacks the iPhone/iPad audio volume controls and disallows muting.

Both the hardware buttons and the on-screen volume slider in control center are subjugated. The onscreen slider can even be pulled down entirely to show a “mute” symbol, yet app audio continues to play at a low and noticeable level.

It is absolutely inexcusable to defy the user by usurping such a basic device function.


Doesn’t work

I would give it 0 stars if I had that option. My company recently started requiring this service for remote workers to check in. I’ve NEVER been able to log on. I have to do that check in TODAY and all I get is that “Safari cannot open the page because the network connection timed out” message since I downloaded it a month ago. No one has been any help. So yeah. BlueJeansVideoConferencing and service are horrible. I wish my company had done more research before using such an unreliable method.


Noise Suppression

I recently downloaded BlueJeansVideoConferencing for my iPhone and had to join a meeting at Starbucks. I forgot to mute myself and apologized for the background noise. To my surprise, nobody heard anything! I love the ability to join meetings wherever I am and not have to keep muting/Unmuting myself


Audio handoff needs major improvement

Transitioning when going from wifi to LATE causes the call to drop and restart. With Airpods, this is dangerous if you are on mute. I have no idea if I get unmuted. Likewise, when I go into BlueJeansVideoConferencing when it is backgrounded, it loses the call. Seriously? Come on. Airpods cause mad echo, which isn't good at all. Your main focus is audio and you can't even do that right? Please work on these bugs because you clearly have a good product.


The app that could

It’s quite impressive what this thing can do even when only 3G is available. Best on wifi, of course however, in all aspects a very solid app!


Terrible since the last update

BlueJeansVideoConferencing used to work seamlessly. Now when i try to open up a bluejeans session directly via BlueJeansVideoConferencing it fails. The only way to get it to work is to open the bluejeans link in safari, then direct it to start audio only via BlueJeansVideoConferencing . From there i can switch to high bandwidth mode and see video streams. All in all a pretty terrible experience.


Great Platform and Service

BlueJeans is a great platform and right now stands as the leading videoconferencing solution that provides a method to seamlessly share videos with remote participants.

This is a great solution for your videoconference and screensharing needs!


App switches back and forth between speaker phone and earphone

BlueJeansVideoConferencing switches back and forth between speaker phone and earphone after I enable speaker as the output device.

This may be an actual iOS issue as I see this behavior with Apple TV and some messenger apps.

The bluejeans apps seems particularly susceptible if it’s and IOS problem and should be escalated as it essentially renders BlueJeansVideoConferencing useless.

The automatic switching of output devices happens when you tilt the phone vertical. It will sometimes stay on speaker phone if you leave the phone flat horizontally on a desk for example. Once you pick up the phone the output is for switched back to your ear.


Two Volume Levels - Both Not Optimal

Today was my first experience using Blue Jeans and I found lack of easily accessed volume control frustrating. My session had two volume levels - mute and way too loud. Definitely something that needs to be repaired for the next update.


Good mobile functionality

I use this as a test for our events. I connect off my phone to double check audio and video, also keeping tabs on the meeting.


Getting there, needs improvements

I've been using BlueJeans for about six years now, so I have seen the product evolve for some time. The service itself is terrific, but the iOS app suffers from comparison to what is available through the desktop app these days.

Dolby sound processing is great (!), but don't look for it in the iOS app.

Image quality? 720p on the desktop (why no 1080?), but max 480p on iOS and only 15 frames per second.

These deficiencies have made BlueJeansVideoConferencing significantly less useful for us. Here's hoping they are addressed soon!


IOS 13

Great service all around, but since IOS 13 we are unable to join calls from a link. BlueJeansVideoConferencing opens, but when given the choice to to join through app or dial in, BlueJeansVideoConferencing option doesn’t respond, forcing us to dial in.

This is an issue on all our IOS 13.2.2 devices so far in the office.

Is BlueJeans Video Conferencing Safe?

Yes. BlueJeans Video Conferencing is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 48,404 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for BlueJeans Video Conferencing Is 76.6/100.

Is BlueJeans Video Conferencing Legit?

Yes. BlueJeans Video Conferencing is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 48,404 BlueJeans Video Conferencing User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for BlueJeans Video Conferencing Is 100/100..

Is BlueJeans Video Conferencing not working?

BlueJeans Video Conferencing works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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