Premier Agent Reviews

Premier Agent Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-08

The lead-management (CRM) platform that helps agents and teams run their
business – anytime, anywhere. The Premier Agent App provides a simple and
effective suite of tools to help you respond to leads quickly, communicate
intelligently and manage your to-do’s efficiently. Intelligent le...

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Reviews (30)



Very disappointed with this marketing service. I received 5-6 texts/direct calls through the premiere app that were for curbside delivery. What the hell? Did Zillow post my phone number somewhere for restaurant curbside delivery? I can’t believe I actually paid for that. Also, Zillow does not vet their “leads” at all— I had somebody call me who was checking on the offer they put in on a home—why they did not call their agent, I have no idea. Most of the phone calls I received were a complete waste of time, money, gasoline, and energy. Furthermore I tried for 2 months to cancel this “service”— for two months they continued to give me the run around telling me 1. I couldn’t cancel because it was a day beyond my contract date, saying “I’m sorry I’ve done all I can” 2. Then they ASSURED me it was cancelled for the next month— I was then charged AGAIN for the next month despite 3 interactions with Chaun Dillard, Edward Cornelius and Agent Care <— these people do not work, I have no idea what they get paid to do because there is ZERO customer service being done. Edward Cornelius who is Chaun’s boss didn’t even email me back, the guy was non responsive (great managing buddy!)


The gaslighting was fun

I recently just canceled my subscription with Zillow. The lead quality was great when they first rolled out their new vetting system. Slowly over time the quality had diminished. Most people calling had already signed paperwork with another agent and were only calling to find out individual property information with no intention to buy. I was in a region with an average price point of $550k. Almost every lead I received would be for properties under $100k with the occasional property just under but never over the average price point. When I would call and report the mobile home leads (which we’re not even supposed to be in the system) they would simply say “thank you for reporting, we will remove the listing but it will still count as a lead”. This would always be followed by a rep stating that I should take more Zillow training courses to better learn how to sell. Just a bit condescending in my opinion considering I had followed their method to convert leads. Over all I would not suggest buying into this as a reliable lead gen. I just barely broke even on my roi.


Contact details not easy to access

When you have a call, the contact info (phone, email) for the new lead are not readily available to see. You typically have to click “edit” on the contact to see the data. Very inconvenient when on a call with them and you are not sitting at a computer. I always like to confirm their phone number when it is a direct connect from Zillow, because leads don’t always have the best phone number entered into their profile.


App is ok

If you are part of premier agent one thing for sure. You will get leads. You will never not be without that. The problem with PremierAgent and not the service is the ability to “pause” for a limited time. This gives the agent the opportunity to pick times when they can accept calls or not and be able provide great service to each and every client. Keep in mind that most agents will want to have control over this instead of the phone ringing every 2 minutes. Like I said it’s a good problem to have but, would love the opportunity to control the flow of calls and be available and ready when they do.


Not thrilled with this product

Zillow seems to be a great company with great people, therefore my comments do not reflect any personal thoughts toward either entity. Having said that, PremierAgent is extremely glitchy. Many of my texts directly to clients through PremierAgent disappear and cannot be referenced when looking back to previous conversations. I change client status’s only to look back a day or two later and the status has reverted automatically. Some texts to clients come through as indiscernible gibberish. On 3 occasions I have received “Zillow Leads” which is my own phone number calling me. Over all, it’s very glitchy and misses the mark, especially for the amount of money that leads cost. It could be really good with some much needed “fixes”


Zillow needs a New CTO and Dev Team

PremierAgent is good because it connects you with the consumer...that’s about it. It’s design is horrible and it’s layout isn’t intuitive. UX for the agent/broker is so bad. If I could upload all the glitches with photos and videos it would be embarrassing. Maybe Zillow should invest in PremierAgent before it keeps investing in Zillow Offers. This company cares deeply for the end user and the consumer online and buys up companies like Trulia to trash them so it can further drive traffic to Zillow cornering the market while not investing in the agents user experience on the mobile app or web app.


Cannot land leads from calls

I cannot physically answer my phone any faster and yet I still never get a connection to a lead. I will answer + 1 sometimes before the first ring is even finished and yet I still don’t get the lead - only to be told “Someone from your team has already connected.” Despite this effort, my answer rate continued fo drop with each failed attempt which makes no sense. Clearly, I am answering the calls so why does my rate go down? Is it an an answer rate % or a connection %? Why is this important?…Because I am less likely to be fed future calls if my answer rate is low. And yet, the fact remains that I answering the calls, just not landing them. All very frustrating.


New App call feature

While I like the new ability to see the listing that the caller is calling about in PremierAgent I am annoyed with the apps inability to connect a call by voice command. EVERY time I have provided the the voice command “Connect” the system ignores and the message options gets repeated. This is causing too much wait time for the customers and often times they have dropped by the time I am able to hit buttons on the phone to connect the call. Please fix the voice recognition feature in PremierAgent! I typically receive calls while driving and can’t keep fumbling the phone to connect calls


Great Features

PremierAgent is great! So many things to help you with clients. Texting from PremierAgent is great and it automatically tells the system that you sent a text and what date you sent it on. Same with the call from PremierAgent . Easy to add notes to clients and keep on top of everything. Thank you Zillow!


Zillow premiere app

App is helpful when you are on the go like most agents area. Information at your fingertips is really handy. I would love for agents to be able to toggle between leads on/leads off by day and time. There are times when agents are unavailable (vacation, training sessions, open houses, client showings, etc...). It would be helpful to toggle off leads. This ultimately would create a better user experience for the agent and buyer. Leads would only be sent to agents that are available. Better timing, creates a better user experience and more connections for the buyers.


Taking away past sales and reviews for realtors.

Absolutely appalled by the low tactics of taking away past sales for realtors and rumors about all of our reviews going away too. I manually added all of mine back a few days ago and they are gone again. When I try to add past sales now it will not allow it. Lowball, dirty strategy to filter leads directly through Zillow by not allowing the public to automatically see how successful an agent is or how experienced they are. I’m glad I have a solid sphere of influence, but this is a new low for the strangers that are moving hundreds of miles away. I’d love to be a part of a class action law suit from NAR which I hope is likely soon. 😊


System is broken!!!!

Your system is broken. I’ve mentioned this countless times. It asked for updates every single day on every single customer and labels them as overdue even though they just came in. When I complete the tasks it immediately asked me again for the same ones. This is absurd! Continually telling me that customers that are under contract are past their closing date when they are not. This is why agents don’t update your contacts, because the system is broken and it’s a waste of time. Let’s work together to right the ship please so we can all do this more effectively!


Doesn’t work

This is the worst app ever. Zillow used to call you directly on your phone. Now they use this stupid Zillow connect app which does not work well. I will get a sorry we missed you notification when my phone never rang or attempted to contact me thru PremierAgent . If I do manage to get connected the quality of the call is garbage I end up getting the phone number and just calling the person back directly as neither one of us is able to hear correctly. Once I call them back using the tried and tested cell phone directly the client invariably says “oh wow that’s better I can hear you now”. Go back to using the phone zillow


Over priced for quality of the leads.

Zillow charges exorbitant fees for their service and has listings based on old and inaccurate data. I continually have to add my closings manually. They are quick to add a property but there is a disconnect on UC and Sold properties. Many of my leads are generated on UC properties. I also don’t think their database is not current when it comes to agents. There are agents on their list that are either inactive or dead (literally!). I can’t say that the investment is totally negative. However, the leads are inconsistent (like real estate in general) but the ROI is OK, just not what they portray it to be.


You get leads

My first lead was great, showed the home and we went under contract now for every 5 leads they send me I can put someone under contract. They don’t scrub well I have gotten on the phone and hear well we are working with an agent but they can’t get ahold of the other agent. I have had a lot of people just not show up to their appointment. I get dinged for that and I think I am going to try something else here soon. Nothing more discouraging than my Work With score.


Unethical Business

I’m fine with the changes presented by the world as technology advances and consumer needs change; but Zillow has consistently went against their own word in their business endeavors and always end up screwing over agents... The leads are not vetted at all currently, and I have had more than 60% of my leads already having a Realtor. There is no easy way to report such issues; and Zillow seemingly could care less... I would recommend every agent to steer clear, you’re only paying for your own professional demise in the long run.


Terrible Upgrade Rollout

The agent app does not truly broadcast to all agents but instead sends the calls repeatedly to the top agent. The upgrade is terrible in that the enhanced connection call feature does not change anything or add any value whether turned on or off. Some agents have a more simplified way of answering lead calls by simply pressing a “Connection” button while other agents do not have this option but instead a two-step process to answer a call. Bad development! This software clearly was not tested enough before deployment!


Could be much much better

When trying to add my sold properties to my account it says it was already claimed. Claimed by who? It was my sale. When the leads costs more than most people mortgage you’d expect high quality and qualified leads. 60% of the leads don’t answer. The rest are either agents trying to reach the listing agent or people who already have agents. I even had people looking for homes outside my designated area ACROSS THE COUNTRY. Literally a joke. Had their lead service for 5 months and not a single closed deal from them. Absolute garbage.


Making progress

PremierAgent does not update in real time. It’s frustrating when I look at PremierAgent after I have missed a phone call, even force update and nothing. Then 5 hours later I check PremierAgent and all of a sudden those 2 calls show as leads! I can’t weed out the junk calls from real calls especially since all the phone number spoofing is going on! I just don’t even know what to do! I’m even on the do not call list!


Created leads to meet quota

Zillow has sent me multiple “contacted you directly” leads and when I have called the number. They said that I called them. Zillow is calling then from our direct number and hanging up so they imitate a direct callback and it counts as paid business. They have clear over saturated the market and they have practically no customer service to help resolve these shady issues! I was told my wait time was 728 minutes when they had two business left for the day! Invest your money elsewhere!


Zillow Premier Agent App👎

Although the issue is more closely related to the staff and their practices and procedures, I must express my concern. When I first started using the Zillow premier agent app, I felt that my leads were of good quality and coming in on a regular basis. Once I finished my diet contract with Zillow and began my second, the quality of my leads dropped significantly. I went from receiving leads on homes between $100k and $200k to only receiving leads on foreclosed and condemned homes that were listed for less than $50k. A few here and there wouldn’t bother me but I haven’t received anything worth while in over 3 months. Now the Zillow “care team” keeps coming up with reasons to bill me and extend my contract. I’ve been trying to cancel this advertisement service for almost 3 months. It’s a scam.

Lowest price range leads

Yep Zillow has decided that they should destroy all the agents in the area that aren’t listing. Not to mention the changes in how they categorize listings. I noticed a new house that came on the market- the next time I looked at the listing it said 14 days. Unethical I’d say. They tell you that they’re going to give you leads and you get the crappiest leads available you know your market and lead price range! It’s time to put your thumb on these folks and Tell them no more!!!!! Not to mention private Conversations that I have had with a rep is being shared with a New companies owner. Sure your company taped it but that doesn’t mean you have the right to share it! The fact is I was told by the owner you are using it against me. I’ve been with your company for 6+ years. Paid a lot and had good success. Even won awords.


Premier Zillow

I use PremierAgent over the website on my computer. I can make calls and texts straight from there without accidentally typing in the wrong number, as well as being able to put notes directly into your clients folders immediately.


Need a snooze feature

I love PremierAgent for getting leads. However, there needs to be a feature that allows an Agent to turn off PremierAgent or turn off lead generation. I have a full time job and I need to turn this off during that time. Also needs to check for pre-approvals.


New Premier Agent

This is my second week as a new premier agent, and so far I have had steady calls and I am working with one lead as the buyers agents and three appointment schedule from the leads. However I believe that being an premier agent will move my business to a higher level. Thank you!


Great App to work with!!!!!

Premier Agent App or Zillow App is one of the most important tools for a Real Estate Agent. I would say necessary. It allows you organize your leads, keep a good follow up with them and manage your portafolio of customers. I recommend it 100% to any Realtor that wants to become successful.


Lacking too many features

Great layout with a user friendly interface but this lacks many features for this to be considered a proper type of CRM. If they could only make this into a proper CRM with various integrations with other systems I would be willing to spend some money on their products. Unfortunately, like many of their products this hasn't been thoughtfully completed for the professional in the field.


Works... sometimes

Zillow talks about speed to respond being sooo important. I’m sometimes embarrassed by how much I spend on leads only to have an app that constantly doesn’t work. I only get push notifications 25% of the time. Many times when I go on it says I’m not able to connect to the server. I have deleted PremierAgent and reinstalled multiple times which usually fixes it for a few days.

PA app is easy to use

PA is a user friendly app to keep track of leads. You can send text messages, emails and call directly from PremierAgent . It records calls if you have it set in the settings. Great for reviewing to increase skills and convert more leads.


Great Program

I am very excited to be in this program to meet different people from all walks of life that I may not of had access to otherwise.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Premier Agent customer service directly
via Email using our new site -

Contact Premier Agent directly

Is Premier Agent Safe?

Yes. Premier Agent is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 17,378 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Premier Agent Is 31.0/100.

Is Premier Agent Legit?

Yes. Premier Agent is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 17,378 Premier Agent User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Premier Agent Is 31.0/100.

Is Premier Agent not working?

Premier Agent works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Premier Agent customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Premier Agent.

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